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Neighbours Episode 1455 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1455
Australian airdate: 14/06/91
Network Ten repeats: 04/06/03
UK airdate: 11/06/92
UK Gold: 29/05/98
Writer: Chris McCourt
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Yvonne Beckett: Rey Pearce
Roy Beckett: Peter Farago
- "Baby Says" by Shivers
- "Clean This House" by Paul Kelly
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Pam and Doug have collected all the hideous items Faye has given them so they can be on display when she arrives and plan to clean the house thoroughly that evening.
Paul has told Madge about the end of the Henson franchise for Lassiter's and asks her to come back to her job. She's not very conciliatory anyway and says no, she's going to Brisbane to spend a few weeks with Scott and Charlene. She says she won't change her mind, but will think about it.
Harold has forgotten that she's said she's going away so she snaps and says it's been unbearable since he got back.
Chrissie thinks Paul will kill her, despite Caroline's reassurances. Caroline eventually broaches the subject with him and he gets very angry, saying she had no right to drive it.
Pam and Doug have cleaned but it's not yet spotless enough. They slump on the lounge together.
Paul's furious and really gets stuck into Chrissie, who feels she's entitled to drive his car any time.'This is not your dog you're talking to.'
Pam and Doug borrow a mattress from Madge and Harold. While Harold organises this, Madge has answered the phone and agreed that Tim's parents can come round to see Harold. He complains but she coldly says it's fixed and he has to live with it.
Pam has also arranged food Faye will approve of. The kids are staying away and the previous time, Pam got landed with her as everyone else made themselves scarce.
Harold is still anxious about the visit and wishes Madge had lied. He thinks they're going to attack him because they blame him for Tim's death. The Becketts arrive, to a very subdued Harold. They heard about his all-night vigil in the hospital and feel that because Tim thought so much of him, it will help them to talk to him. They present Harold with Tim's scout shirt, moving him to the point of speechlessness.
Paul is still complaining angrily and insulting Chrissie as he fills in the insurance forms. Chrissie tells Caroline she hates him when he's so nasty and she's still feeling very queasy. Caroline feels responsible as they went out to distract her in the first place. At least they've achieved that!
Pam and Doug are wearing hideous outfits Faye bought them. They realise they're already late for her train and race off.
The Becketts tell Madge and Harold they like talking about Tim because it keeps him alive for them and ask him to give the oration at the funeral. When Harold comments on their strength, they answer that God has given them their son for seventeen wonderful years and they can't lose their faith now because Tim died, especially since it has helped them through this time.
Caroline and Chrissie are cooking when Chrissie realises she needs a capsicum. Paul sarcastically comments that it makes a change for her to walk. As soon as she's left Caroline says 'How does it feel being such a creep?'
After the Becketts' visit, Harold is much nicer to Madge and tells her he has talked to Rev Richards as he felt so ashamed that the Becketts suffered just as great a loss as his when Kerry died but didn't lose their faith. He's going to give the oration and goes off to choose an appropriate text.
Pam and Doug couldn't find Faye. Just after they get in, Cyril rings and obviously something has happened. Doug restrains himself from laughing as he tells Pam that Faye tripped on the platform on the way to the train and injured her backside. The doctors advised her to postpone her visit as she can't sit down.
Chrissie's walking home with the shopping when she doubles up in pain. Caroline does the same and tells Paul it's happened before - it's happening to Chrissie and something's wrong with the baby.
<<1454 - 1456>>
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