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Neighbours Episode 1448 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1448
Australian airdate: 05/06/91
UK airdate: 05/06/92
UK Gold:20/05/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Icarus
At No.24, Madge asks Harold if he has lost his faith in God, which Harold confirms.
No.24 - The Bishop/Ramsay household
In the Lounge room, Harold continues from the recap saying that his doubts began with the death of his daughter Kerry the previous year but he over came them then by telling himself that he was being tested by God. He thought that some good would come out of it. Madge continues to sit in silence. He says that when he was sitting by Tim's (The young boy a who was on a scouting trip with Harold who died off-screen in Episode 1446) bed he prayed but was left with nothing but a feeling of emptiness. Madge Suggests he speak with the minister but Harold disagrees saying the same trite sayings he was told when Mavis died would be used again. Harold mutters that prayer has no effect because Mavis died, Kerry died and now Tim has died.
No. 32 - The Mangel Household
Joe and Toby are in the lounge room and Joe is previewing the magic trick he intends to do at the parent talent night, the coming evening. Unfortunately Toby corrects him that the tied together handkerchiefs come out of your sleeve, not through the front of your shirt. Joe gives up but Tobes suggests that he try out the magic cards he has in his bedroom. Tobes goes to get them as Melanie enters the front door. She corrects Joe about his magic, to which he is annoyed. Joe asks Mel how her night with her sister was. Mel talks about how happy her sister is with her family and house. Joe comments that Mr right will come on eventually. Melanie agrees and mentions her personal ad she put in the paper. Mel inquires about Joe's letter to "Ms 29". Joe hasn't and wallows in self pity which Mel mocks. Joe says his bad mood is because he is worried about embarrassing Tobes with his performance. Mel offers to take his place with her "Fabo dance routine". Joe tries to stop her but undaunted, Mel runs off to her bedroom. Tobes re-enters with his cards. Joe suggests the Melanie option but He's horrified and demands that Joe and Joe alone do it.
Lassiters Complex - exterior set
In front of Hotel reception, the sign now reads "Henson Lassiters Hotel". Paul, Christina and Caroline arrive to checkout the sign. Paul is ecstatic. He believes that it's the beginning of a new era for Lassiters as the competition from Parkside Pacific will now be over. Neither Christina or Caroline are overly enthusiastic and continue to stare silently at Paul. Caroline is upset because she's been demoted because of the Henson deal. Paul is annoyed the subject has been brought up again. While she's now only an assistant manager, Paul yells he still honor all the other terms of her contract and that she still has essentially the same job. Christina tries to defuse the situation but Caroline storms off back to the office. Paul complains that he's had enough from both Jim and Helen without Caroline complaining.
No. 32 - Mangel Household
Joe is lying on the couch as Melanie tap-dances her way into the room. She suddenly stops and asks where Tobes is. Joe sits her down and explains to her that he has to be the one to perform, not her. She sulks and asks Joe what is plan is. Joe says he doesn't know.
Lassiters Complex - Robinson Corporation office
Paul receives a phone call from reception telling him an important client is there. Caroline demands that she go and deal with the client as she has worked with him before. Paul disagrees saying the client asked for the manager and that's him. Caroline is upset about the effect it will have on her credibility. Paul Disagrees. In anger, Caroline resigns.
No.22 - The Robinson/Alessi Household
Chrissie and Caroline are arguing over Paul's methods in the Henson merger. Caroline is annoyed that Paul's credibility won't suffer as hers will. Caroline still wants her resignation to stand and thinks moving out will be a good idea. Chrissie storms off. Caroline goes and dials a number on the phone.
No.32 - The Mangel household
Mel is teaching Joe how to do her tap-dance routine. Joe can't get it right and gives up and goes to sit with Bouncer. Mel suggests he try jokes. Joe starts to tell an x-rated joke when Mel stops him. Joe tries an impression of Bob Hawk which Melanie lets loose her cackle. Joe realizes that Bouncer listens to what he says and does tricks accordingly. Both Mel and Joe agree that Bouncer will be the main attraction of the night!
No.24 - The Bishop/Ramsay Household
Madge tells Harold that Paul has agreed to renew the lease on the coffee shop. Harold is quite pleased as at least he will have a business to sell when the time comes. Madge is shocked tries to cheer him up. Harold says he's done a lot of thinking about why he should work himself into the ground if there is no reward at the end. Harold decides to go for a walk and exits. Gemma enters and asks Madge what the matter is. Madge explains in a nutshell that Harold has lost his faith in God. Gemma simply cannot believe what Madge Is telling her. Gemma also says she is having problems with her confidence with animals
Lassiter's Lake Park
Caroline is sitting alone when Melanie Sits down and talks to her. Caroline tells her she's had a meeting with Parkside Pacific and was offered a Job. Caroline admits to Mel that Henson and Parkside are in cahoots to tie Paul's hands and destroy Lassiters. Mel says Paul will have a heart attack when he finds out. Caroline makes her promise not to tell Paul.
No 32 - Mangel Household.
Joe, Sky, Mel, Tobes and Bouncer all leave for the concert
No. 22 - The Robinson/Alessi Household
Chrissie and Caroline argue over Caroline's determination to leave.
No.24 - The Bishop/Ramsay Household
Harold arrives home from his walk. Madge informs him that he has received a phone call from Tim's parents that the funeral has been postponed and that they would like Harold to deliver a Eulogy. Harold refuses. Gemma and Madge try and convince him but he tells them he won't even attend the funeral because He would just be going through the motions. Harold goes to bed and Gemma says she knows how Harold Feels. Madge yells that she doesn't and that she is trying to shake his faith back into him. Gemma thinks she hasn't given up. Madge tells her she has to grab the situation by the throat. Gemma says she will
Lassiters Complex - Robinson Corporation Offices.
Caroline is packing her things as Paul tries to convince her not to leave. He admits he will miss her. Caroline calls Paul a jerk. He jokingly says she's twisted the knife enough. Caroline says maybe not. She tells Paul they need to talk
Erinsbourough High - Auditorium
As Sky and the crowd clap, Joe takes to the stage. Stuttering, he introduces himself and "Bouncer the wonder dog". The crowd is unimpressed. Joe begins his routine but Bouncer remains still. Joe stars to lose it onstage and talk sarcastically to Bouncer. The crowd thinking its part of the act laugh and cheer Joe on. Tobes and Mel join him onstage.
Lassiters Complex - Robinson Corporation Offices.
Paul can't believe what he's hearing about Parkside and Henson's deal. Caroline reveals that it was carefully organized to cut Paul's powerbase by removing Caroline. It turns out all the changes Henson made were to undermine Lassiters and were destructive rather than constructive. Paul menacingly declares that if they won't fun and games, they've got them. Because nobody messes with Paul Robinson. Nobody.
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Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1448
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1448
Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1448
Melanie Pearson

Caroline Alessi, Paul Robinson, Christina Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1448
Caroline Alessi, Paul Robinson, Christina Robinson

Melanie Pearson, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1448
Melanie Pearson, Joe Mangel

Caroline Alessi, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1448
Caroline Alessi, Paul Robinson

Caroline Alessi, Christina Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1448
Caroline Alessi, Christina Robinson

Joe Mangel, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1448
Joe Mangel, Melanie Pearson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1448
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1448
Gemma Ramsay

Melanie Pearson, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1448
Melanie Pearson, Caroline Alessi

Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1448
Paul Robinson, Caroline Alessi

Sky Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1448
Sky Bishop

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1448
Paul Robinson

<<1447 - 1449>>
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