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Neighbours Episode 1444 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1444
Australian airdate: 30/05/91
UK airdate: 01/06/92
UK Gold: 14/05/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Philip East
Guests: Darren Wood: Troy Beckwith
- "Living In The 70s" by Skyhooks
- "Evolution" by The Models
- "More Than A Girlfriend" by No Justice
Summary/Images by: Luke
Jim and Paul arguing about the will. Jim wants to include Glen in his will and Paul is furious. Paul storms out.
After Paul storms out Helen asks what that was all about. Jim explains. Glen tells Jim that he doesn't need his money and that he should give it all to Paul as he wants it so much. Jim insists that he is still including Glen in his will.
Glen and Gemma are on the couch. Gemma tells Glen that he should be grateful that Jim is including him in his will. They then talk about some other stuff such as how Gemma's day at work went.
Helen walks into Paul's place and has a chat with him about the argument. Paul is saying that he thinks that Glen is getting special treatment and that he is getting pushed out of the picture. Helen says it is not like that at all. Paul says it will take a long time for him to get over it. Helen says he will get over it soon for everyone's sake.
Lucy and Josh are on the couch. Lucy goes off to bed. Jim tells Josh he is sorry that he got caught up in all the mix up and Josh says that is ok. Glen walk in the door and Josh goes off to do the dishes while Glen and Jim have a chat. Jim says he wants to include him in the will but Glen is saying he doesn't need the money. Jim suggests would he be happier if he gave Paul and him equal amounts of money in the will. Glen says he doesn't know about Paul, but he would be a lot more comfortable if that happened.
Josh and Lucy are getting ready before school and music is playing in the background. Jim and Helen are also there. Josh and Lucy are about to start walking to school when Josh says that he is meeting Cody to walk to school with her. Lucy says "great - now I have to walk to school with another year 11."
Bishops' driveway
Gemma and Glen are walking down the driveway talking. Glen gives Gemma a piece of jewellery, a gold clover, saying it came from his Mum. Gemma says she can't take it as it came from his Mum but Glen insists. Gemma thinks it is beautiful and thanks him, kissing him on the cheek.
Willis household
Josh is with Doug while music is playing, waiting for Cody. Cody comes out and they then proceed to walk out the door. Cody asks Josh some questions about Todd and Josh says that he doesn't see him much. Josh tells Cody to hurry up as he wants to see Lucy, and says that they are an item. Cody says something like "lucky you."
Outside Lassiter's
Glen is walking towards his work, The Waterhole. Paul bumps into him and asks if he can have a chat. Paul explains that Glen can no longer work there due to some program that Lassiter's has (a graduate program I think). Glen takes this personally, thinking that Paul is sacking him due to the argument they had about the will. Paul assures Glen it is not about that at all, but Glen doesn't believe him and storms off.
Coffee Shop
Lucy, Todd, and Cody are in the coffee shop. Lucy gets up to go to the counter and while she does this Cody makes some remark to which Josh replies "You're just jealous that I"m going out with Lucy and that you have broken up with Todd." They talk a bit more (from memory).
Lassiter's Office
Paul is trying to justify to Caroline why he sacked Paul, saying it wasn't personal. Suddenly Lucy storms in and abuses Paul for sacking Glen. Paul says that she has known him a lot longer than Glen and that she shouldn't be taking Glen's side. Lucy and Paul argue some more and Lucy is furious and walks out. Caroline says to Paul that was harsh of her and comforts him.
Doug and Helen are talking, about Darren. Doug is unsure about Darren but Helen seems to think he is ok. Helen says she will try and find out some info. Jim walks in and asks Doug what can he do for him. Doug says something and Jim asks if he can come back later. Doug says that is ok and says he will see himself out. As he walks out he says farewell to the kids - Gemma, Glen, Josh and Lucy. Gemma and Glen are getting cosy and Lucy attempts to get Glen jealous by asking Josh if he wants to go roller skating. Jim walks in and Glen tells Jim about his sacking. Jim is furious and walks out the door. Glen tries to stop him but it is too late.
Paul and Caroline are talking about Glen some more. Jim storms in, furious. They have an argument about Glen. Jim thinks Paul is acting childish but Paul says he feels that Glen is trying to turn his family against him. It ends with Paul saying that he doesn't want to get involved in the family any more because of Glenn and Jim storms out. Paul looks stressed and sits on the couch.
Willis household
Doug is asking Cody some questions about Darren, saying that he heard he got in trouble at school. Cody says that everyone gets in trouble at school and it's no big deal. Doug is worried that there is something odd about Darren but Cody says he is fine. Doug questions if Cody really likes Darren. Cody then says that she really likes Darren and that she is completely over Todd, and that she is going to call him right now to arrange a date for tomorrow. She picks up the phone to ring Darren.
Outside - porch
Glen and Gemma are outside on the porch, talking. Glen is asking her how work went today. They talk some more and then they hug, and Gemma tells Glen that she loves him. She then apologizes. Glen says "why apologize, it's how you feel." and they hug again. However, Glen has a worried look on his face.
<<1443 - 1445>>
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