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Neighbours Episode 1442 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1442
Australian airdate: 28/05/91
UK airdate: 28/05/92
UK Gold: 12/05/98
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam is asleep in a chair at the side of Dorothy's bed. She wakes up when Dorothy starts to come around. Dorothy is all bandaged up across the chest.
PAM: How do you feel?
DOROTHY: Like a piece of tenderised steak. I wouldn't say no to a stiff gin and tonic!
Pam gets her a glass of water. Dorothy can't remember anything that's happened, but the doctor will be in shortly.
DOROTHY: I wonder how much they had to remove.
She looks down at her chest.
DOROTHY: Dear God!
She is alarmed to see a huge bandage, but Pam says that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Dorothy says that her Uncle George lost an arm in the war, and now she can imagine what it felt like.
Madge and Joe are playing cards. Melanie answers the phone and it's her Uncle Mort. She talks to him then tells Joe and Madge excitedly that her granddad has left her something in his will. Joe goes off to get a celebratory beer, but Madge is not in the mood after losing her job.
MADGE: There's only one thing that would cheer me up. Paul Robinson's head on a very large dartboard.
MELANIE: I know what you mean!
Dorothy looks gingerly down at her chest and tries not to cry. The doctor comes to see her. He tells her that everything is normal and the operation was very successful. They didn't have to take the entire breast - it was only a partial mastectomy. Dorothy may need some reconstruction surgery later, but the main thing is that they got all of the affected cells. Dorothy will have radiotherapy for a few weeks and then everything will be fine.
Pam reassures Dorothy and suggest some professional counselling.
DOROTHY: Perhaps. You've given me all the support I need for the moment. It's a novel experience for me, having someone to lean on. I'm always the strong one. Thank you.
PAM: I might ask you to return the favour one day.
DOROTHY: Any time.
Pam promises to pop back tomorrow when she's on duty.
No.32, the following morning
Joe is reading Toby's Christmas list.
JOE: Blimey! Santa's going to have to add an extra reindeer to get off the ground this Chrissie!
Joe tells Toby off for expecting presents for Melanie when she gets her inheritance. Melanie comes in and asks if she can borrow the combi to go to the solicitor's.
MELANIE: Life would be so much simpler if I could afford my own car.
JOE: You never know, Mel, after today Paul might not be the only Porsche drive in Ramsay Street!
MELANIE: Mmm, maybe!
Ramsay Street
Doug is cleaning his ute and Pam is heading off the the hospital. Apparently Doug isn't too pleased that she's working on weekends though. Madge asks Pam if she's seen Dorothy - she's been very touchy and snappy lately.
PAM:(crossly) Maybe she doesn't appreciate sticky-beaks gossiping about her every time she sets foot outside her own front door!
Madge is rather taken-aback but blames it on Pam's shift-work schedule(!) Madge invites Doug to join her for breakfast while Pam has gone off to work. He accepts.
Madge is making breakfast for Doug. Doug suggests that they go out for lunch too! She agrees.
Pam tells Dorothy that Madge has been asking about her. Dorothy doesn't want anyone to know about her operation. She doesn't want any visitors, apart from Pam. She reckons she doesn't require counselling either. Pam encourages her to reconsider.
Toby is writing an ad for the Erinsborough News. It's a lonely hearts advert for Joe(!)
JOE:(reading) "Lonely widower would like to meet female. Any age will do. Must like football, fishing and kids. Bush-whackers need not apply!"
TOBY: What is a bush-whacker, anyway?
JOE: It's a dirty, rotten thief, Tobes.
He tells him that he's change his mind about finding a girlfriend - he's got enough to do keeping Toby out of trouble(!)
Melanie comes back from the solicitor's and says she's been left a family heirloom. It turns out of be a chair and Toby looks very disappointed. Melanie explains that it was her grandad's favourite chair and it's worth more than a squillion dollars to her.
Pam has called by to see Dorothy. She's trying to put on a brave face but eventually crumbles and tells Pam that she misses having family around. There's nobody she can turn to. Pam suggests turning to Helen and Madge. Dorothy says she couldn't trust Madge not to gossip. Pam tells her to open up to people - they will be full of neighbourly concern, not gossip.
A lake
Doug and Madge are having a picnic by a lake. They chat about their kids. Doug is worried about Pam being away from the house so much and Madge suggests that he fills in.
DOUG: That'd be the end of it! I'd never get Pam back into the kitchen after that. You know what they say about a woman's place...!
Madge is appalled and tells Doug to take her home. She tells him in no uncertain terms that he's arrogant, self-centred and sexist. Doug reckons he was only joking!
(A few minutes later)
Madge is clearing up the picnic and ranting at Doug. She thinks it's a miracle Pam and Doug are still together! Doug says he's got nothing against Pam going back to work, he just doesn't see enough of her anymore. Madge is not moved and gets into the ute, slamming the door. Doug cows under the onslaught. Madge tells him to start pulling his weight.
Joe is putting Mel's chair in the living room and telling Toby off for being selfish (he wanted a pool instead!) Mel sits on the chair and tells Joe all about her granddad. She tries not cry. There's a letter for her from her granddad. The letter says, "I wanted to leave you something of sentimental value, and something of real value. Dispose of it as you wish". What could this mean?
She has another look in the envelope and finds a small stamp. Joe has a look and wonders if it might be value. It looks rather like a penny black. Joe suggests getting a stamp collector's magazine and seeing if it's worth anything.
JOE: I wouldn't cross that Porsche off the shopping list just yet!
Ramsay Street
Doug and Madge have arrived back. Doug has taken Madge to a movie as an apology and they've made up.
MADGE: Why is it that whenever I see Paul's new car I have an urge to scrape my door-key down it!
Doug reckons Paul will realise what he's done in sacking Madge in time. Madge picks up the empty prawn shells and looks thoughtfully at Paul's car. Then she spots that the window is open and chuckles.
DOUG: The not-so-sweet smell of revenge?
MADGE: Exactly!
Joe is looking through a stamp magazine. Suddenly he spots the stamp - it's going for $2,500! But when Joe looks in the envelope, the stamp has gone. They look at each other in confusion.
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