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Neighbours Episode 1440 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1440
Australian airdate: 24/05/91
UK airdate: 26/05/92
UK Gold: 08/05/98
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Melanie catches Joe's date stealing from his wallet and throws her out of the house.
Joe gets back from the kitchen with the drinks and is surprised to see that his date has departed. Melanie can't bring herself to tell him that he picked up a con-artist, so tells him that she left because Melanie told her some things about Joe, like him having two kids and liking to make his own home brew. Joe is angry and upset with her. Poor Melanie.
Dorothy pops round and asks Pam to recommend a GP to her - she doesn't have one at the moment. She casually mentions that she'd prefer a female doctor.
(The following morning)
Pam has been thinking back to what Dorothy said last night and is wondering if there's anything wrong with Dorothy.
There is a big silence at the breakfast table - Joe and Toby are studiously ignoring Melanie. Poor Melanie talks to herself for a bit and tries not to cry. Toby finally snaps and tells Melanie off over the date. Joe tells Melanie that they'll just stay out of each other's way from now on.
Paul comes in looking for Melanie. He's excited about his forthcoming hotel deal - in fact, he's bought a new car. Melanie goes off to work without any breakfast.
Ramsay Street
Paul shows Melanie his new car which is a black Porsche convertible. She is very impressed. In the background, Pam and Adam laugh to themselves.
ADAM: What'll be next, the company jet or the office helicopter?
PAM: What is it about small men and big cars?
Paul and Melanie drive off.
ADAM: What a jerk.
The Office
Paul keeps making Melanie go out to check on the Porsche(!) A fax comes through and it seems that Mr Henson is coming to sign the contract in person instead of couriering it. Paul is panicked, saying the place is a shambles. Melanie tells him to fix things up here and she'll go and pick Mr Henson up. She suggests she takes the Porsche. Paul is not happy at this and says Melanie can only use his car as a last resort(!)
Melanie reverses the Porsche out of its parking spot and starts to drive off. Paul is appalled.
MELANIE: I have tried everything, even the porter's clapped-out Holden - it's totally clapped-out!
Paul relents and tells her to drive carefully. She screeches away(!)
Pam has popped round to recommend a lady doctor to Dorothy. Pam asks her what's going on. Dorothy finally admits that there is something - there's a lump in her breast. She's had mastitis before and it could just be a reoccurence. Pam encourages her to go to the doctor as soon as possible. Dorothy is feeling rather vulnerable about it and asks Pam to examine her herself, just to make sure that there really is a lump.
Singles Bar
Joe has come back to the bar to look for Susan. She's actually there! Joe apologises for what happened with Melanie and Susan says they can pick up where they left up. Joe is chuffed.
When Susan has popped to the loo, the barman warns Joe that they've had some complaints about Susan being very light-fingered - apparently she works most of the bar in the area. Joe is shocked and realises what happened at the house last night.
The Office
Melanie has returned with Mr Henson.
PAUL: So how was the flight?
MR HENSON: Oh, so-so. The ride from the airport made up for it. This girl knows how to burn rubber!
PAUL: Does she?
MELANIE: Well, you did say you wanted to him to get her early to talk about business and stuff.
MR HENSON: Some clown tried to race us in one of those souped-up Italian jobs. The little lady just blew the sucker away! I haven't laughed so much since I bankrupted the Sullivan Corporation!
Paul looks like her doesn't know whether to laugh or cry, but Mr Henson seems very impressed. He takes Mr Henson off to show him some of the improvements he's made. Before he does so though, he snatches his car keys back off Melanie(!)
Melanie giggles to herself.
Pam has examined Dorothy and says there's a definite lump. Pam's educated opinion is that Dorothy will have to have a biopsy. She must go to the docotr immediately.
Joe is waiting for Melanie to come home. He apologises for the way he spoke to her this morning and gives her a present - it's a pig. He tells her what happened with Susan and thanks her for trying to protect him.
JOE: You were watching my back last night. You're a friend and I treated you like dirt.
MELANIE: I just want us to be friends again.
JOE: Why didn't you tell the truth at breakfast? Kept your mouth shut when we were all dumping on you! I'm so sorry. I owe you one, mate.
Joe hugs her.
The Office
Mr Henson gives Paul a gold pen to sign the contract with. Before he does, he reads some of the clauses and is rather alarmed. One of them involves Henson placing his own staff at Lassiter's, including hotel manager. Paul will just have to get rid of his staff to make way for Henson's staff. Paul says he'll have to think about it, but Mr Henson says it's now or never.
MR HENSON: If you don't sign that contract, you become the competition.
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