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Neighbours Episode 1437 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1437
Australian airdate: 21/05/91
UK airdate: 21/05/92
UK Gold: 05/05/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen tells Glen and Lucy to sort their problems out.
Glen and Lucy discuss calling a truce.
LUCY: I can if you can.
GLEN: You mean, that for real?
LUCY: Yes.
They shake hands.
GLEN: Friends?
LUCY: Friends.
Josh is playing air-guitar along to some music.
DOROTHY: You said you wanted to play some music.
JOSH: Yeah, this is it.
DOROTHY: That isn't music. It's an exotic form of torture the Americans have the good sense to export!
Dorothy tells him to turn the music off. They chat about Todd catching up at school and she tells Josh that he'd better pull his socks up in English too. She gives him a large tome to read - a dictionary. She tells him to make a note of any unfamiliar words!
Cody calls around to see Josh. She wants him to give a message to Todd for her. She's appalled to hear that Todd told Josh about the "special night" but Josh says that anyone with half a brain could have worked it out(!) She calms down and asks Josh to talk to Todd on her behalf. He doesn't want to get involved, but Cody begs him.
Madge tells Helen about Joe's disastrous date tonight. They also chat about Harold and his trip. Madge suggest that Helen comes over tomorrow night, but she's going out to and art gallery. Helen is busy with the art scholarship meetings too. Madge muses that at least Gemma has found the right bloke in Glen. Helen's more worried about his relationship with Lucy.
Glen and Lucy are chatting. He says that maybe they should talk about his relationship with Gemma. Glen thinks Gemma is a really nice girl. Lucy immediately gets jealous and starts shouting again.
LUCY: You think it's easy for me?
GLEN: No, I don't. But I think carrying on like a spoiled brat makes it worse!
He heads off to bed.
No.30, the following morning
Josh is using his computer while Dorothy hassles him about the dictionary again.
JOSH: Fair go! It'll take years to get through that stuff!
Helen pops round. Dorothy tells her that she's keeping the heat up on Josh hoping that he'll return to live at the Robinsons. Helen asks Dorothy if she'll tutor Todd a bit. She also invites her to an event at the art gallery tonight.
Helen asks Dorothy to keep Josh with her a little longer - things are rather uncomfortable at home.
Cody has come to call for Todd, but he's already left for school. Glen and Lucy are bickering again. Helen comes in and tells them off.
The phone rings and Helen answers it. It's Jim! She tells him that everything is fine.
Coffee Shop
JOsh and Lucy are hanging out. Lucy tells him that Helen has settled out of court and Josh is chuffed. He says he can move back in now - and he'll be glad too because Dorothy is being very strict with him. Madge tells him that Dorothy is just trying to drive him back to the Robinsons and she knows this for a fact! Josh is appalled!
JOSH: So, the old Burke's playing games, is she? Hmmm.
Cody is brooding. Doug comes in and tells Cody to perk up - there's plenty more fish in the sea. Cody starts talking about going to live abroad(!)
DOUG: Sweetheart, I know this is easy to say. But some things have a limited life. When they're over, they're over. You've got to move on to other things.
Coffee Shop
Madge is still hiding from Paul. Madge tells Helen that she's changed her mind about coming to the gallery, she's heard that there will be some bigwig politicians there that she needs to network with. Helen looks conflicted.
Dorothy is playing classical music and Josh asks her to turn it down(!) He reads some words out of the dictionary and tells her how much he's enjoying it(!) He says he's loving staying with her and thinks he'll stay on for quite a while!
Madge has turned up to go to the gallery, but just then Dorothy arrives as well. Helen says that Madge and Dorothy should go to the art gallery together - she'll stay home because her "ankle is hurting".
When they've gone, Helen tackles Lucy about the bickering with Glen.
HELEN: There's only one thing to do. Glen will have to find somewhere else to live.
LUCY: Dad won't like that!
HELEN: Neither will I! But I can see no alternative. You may view this as some sort of victory, but you should be ashamed of yourself!
Josh is hoovering when Cody pops round. Josh tells her that he's doing loads of housework in order to get Dorothy back for trying to get rid of him(!)
Josh says that Todd is still very upset with Cody and doesn't want to get back together. Cody is gutted.
Art Gallery
Dorothy and Madge are arguing. Madge isn't pleased that Dorothy has muscled in on her territory with the politicians.
Glen comes in. Lucy tells him what's happened with Helen. It's made her realise that she's been jealous and hard to live with. She's going to try even harder to get on with him though. They hug. Helen comes in and sees them and is very pleased.
Doug is banging on about his mate's son, Darren. He thinks Cody should go on a date with him! He nags her about it and she eventually agrees.
DOUG: Trust me. You just made the most important step in getting over Todd!
Art Gallery
The art gallery is closing. Madge has left her compact in the powder room and she and Dorothy go back to get it. While they're gone, the security guard locks up(!)
DOROTHY: They must have thrown a switch that locks all the doors! They can't be too careful, some of those paintings are worth a fortune!
MADGE: How do we get out of here?
They start to bang on the door. But no-one comes to find them.
DOROTHY: Thanks to your stupid compact we are trapped in here for the night. Together.
They look at each other.
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