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Neighbours Episode 1421 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1421
Australian airdate: 29/04/91
UK airdate: 29/04/92
UK Gold: 13/04/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Todd thinks that Jim should spend his engine money on a swimming pool - most of the neighbours have them and it would improve the value of the house (not to mention Todd's standing with his mates!) Helen says Jim he should spend it on something frivolous - it's not often he gets a windfall.
Paul is gushing over Christina who thinks she might be having a touch of morning sickness. Paul wonders if it'll be a multiple birth - after all, there are twins in the family and Paul himself has fathered triplets (but er...weren't those IVF triplets, Paul?!) Christina hopes it's only one! Paul comments on the sea-change in his mood - he's on top of the world. Christina asks him to hold off telling anyone until her parents get back from holiday. Then they can have a small gethering next week.
PAUL: Listen, darling. You and this baby are more important to me than any old business, and don't you forget it.
Cody is desperate to stay in Ramsay Street - or at least in Erinsborough. Doug says they might have to go to Elliott Park or Anson's Corner. Adam tells Cody to get off Doug's back - he's got a lot on his mind.
Todd pops around to walk with Cody to school. Doug is depressed about the house.
Adam tells Doug that he and Caroline are back together.
Caroline pops around to offer Christina a lift to work - she was woken up early by the air-conditioning installation men. Caroline asks her how Tasmania went and Christina explains about Gail taking the triplets to Europe.
CHRISTINA: So of course, he was a bit upset about it.
CAROLINE: I can imagine! But he seems fine this morning.
CHRISTINA: That's because he now realises that we'll have a family of our own before long.
CAROLINE: Yes...one day you will.
CHRISTINA: No, it might not be that long.
CAROLINE: Do you know something?
CHRISTINA: No, no I don't
CAROLINE: Yes you do!
CHRISTINA: I'm pregnant!
Caroline squeals and hugs Christina. She tells Caroline not to tell Paul, but they can't keep it off their faces when he comes back from the bedroom.
CAROLINE: I'm so happy for you both.
PAUL: Thank you, Aunty Caroline!
Todd wants to know why Cody is in such a foul mood, but she tells him she can't talk about it - she promised Doug and Pam. Cody is annoyed that Josh has forgotten about Melissa so quickly.
TODD: Yeah, well there's no use moping around the place, is there.
CODY:(getting angry) Typical male attitude! What would you do if I went away, would you forget about me as fast as that?
TODD: What?
CODY: I bet you would! I knew it - you men are all the same!
She stomps off, leaving Todd looking very confused.
The Office
Apparently the air conditioning system is now totally fixed. Christina comes in and Paul tells her she hopes that she's taking it easy. She's going to see the doctor this afternoon.
Caroline tells Christina that she's never seen Paul so excited about anything. Caroline has already done Christina's figures for the gift shop - she's finding it boring living at the hotel and she's been missing Christina a lot.
Helen is in a lot of pain with her leg and is looking forward to getting some financial compensation. Apparently she's going to have trouble with it for the rest of her life. Helen and Jim discuss Rosemary's Henson report, and Helen tells Jim that Rosemary has a new boyfriend that she seems very happy about.
Jim tells Helen he might spend his windfall on extensions to the house - he could build a car port or extend Glen's bedroom. Helen thinks it's too sensible - she'd like Jim to spend the money on something he's always wanted.
The Office
Christina tells Paul that Caroline has been working evenings lately. She asks Paul if Caroline can move back in to help her while she's pregnant. Paul isn't averse to this and despite Caroline's protests at Christina putting Paul on the spot, he agrees.
PAUL: I'd do anything for the mother of my child. Besides, ever since you moved into the hotel, Chrissie spends half her time on the telephone to you, so you might as well be there!
Caroline agrees, and goes off to meet Adam for lunch.
The Pub
Caroline comes in and Adam has already got her a drink. They're celebrating getting back together and drink to Gemma's help. Caroline tells Adam that she's moving back to Ramsay Street. Adam says they might be moving out and Caroline tells him she knows about his family's money problems through Paul. Caroline offers her savings to help, but Adam doesn't think it will help.
Doug is on the phone to his suppliers and asking them to wait for a while for payment. He's not having much luck.
Jim pops around to tell Doug that he's got some work for him - making modifications to No.26. Doug is delighted.
No.26, later
Jim tells Helen that he could have taken his plans further with a greenhouse or an art room, but Helen thinks the existing plans are quite enough. Paul pops in and claims he's just calling by. Jim and Helen are suspicious.
PAUL: Does there have to be a reason for me just calling by?
JIM: No...
HELEN: I just have a feeling that there might be some particular reason.
PAUL: No! Not a thing.
They chat about the engine windfall and the home improvements. Paul gets in a few cracks about Glen.
PAUL: Oh, it's no good, I've got to tell you both! We were going to keep it a secret, and announce it at a small party for both families. But seeing Christina's blabbed to Caroline, I think I'm entitled to tell you both.
JIM: What? What happened?
HELEN: ...Christina's pregnant!
PAUL: Got it in one, Gran!
HELEN:(hugging him) Oh, darling, that's wonderful!
JIM: (shaking Paul's hand) Well done, mate.
PAUL: Thanks, Dad. This time I'll be able to have my whole family with me, be able to be a real Dad, just like you, eh? I just hope I can be half as good.
JIM: You'll be fine.
The Office
Christina comes in looking shell-shocked and tells Caroline through tears that she's not pregnant after all - all the stress of the court case must have thrown things out of whack.
CAROLINE: You'll fall pregnant very soon. Maybe I shouldn't move back in, now.
CHRISTINA: Oh, no, don't say that, I need you now more than ever - I need the moral support! Do you have any idea how disappointed Paul's going to be?
Cody and Todd are looking at Cody's baby photos. Cody thinks they should take more photos of them in No.28. She eventually tells Todd that Pam and Doug are thinking about "moving away". She's worried that Todd will forget about her when she's gone, but he reassures her that he won't.
Caroline and Christina arrive home. Christina is working out how to break the news to Paul. But when she enters the house, Jim and Helen are there.
They are all drinking champagne and tells Christina how delighted they all are. Paul apologises for spilling to Helen and Jim, but he couldn't help himself.
PAUL: I would just like to say that this little lady here has made me the happiest man in the world. Just knowing that Chrissie is carrying my child, it's the happiest she could give me. Thank you, darling.
JIM: To Chrissie and the bub!
HELEN: Hear, hear! Chrissie and the bub!
Christina looks upset and doesn't know what to say.
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