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Neighbours Episode 1405 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1405
Australian airdate: 05/04/91
UK airdate: 07/04/92
UK Gold: 20/03/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Phil: Shane Connor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Caroline is frustrated at not being able to get folders from work. She decides to risk going down there.
MADGE: So you think I'm inclined to over-react, do you?
HAROLD: No, of course not, threatening to machine-gun your customers is a perfectly normal business procedure(!)
Madge is mad about the level of cigarette smoke at the Waterhole - she's decided to ask Paul for a smoke-free zone when he gets back.
Gemma comes in and tells them there's been a fire at Erinsborough High today. Madge tells her that she's going to invite Adam over to thank him about the throat thing and Gemma accuses her of match-making. Harold tells Gemma that Adam's definitely worth considering(!)
HAROLD: Come on! That young man's going to be a doctor one day. Quite a catch for the right girl, I'd say!
GEMMA: For the right girl, sure, but not for me!
Madge insists that she's not match-making.
GEMMA: Alright, Auntie Madge, as long as you realise that I am not interested in Adam Willis. No way!
Madge smiles to herself.
Garden of the Willises
Adam is moaning to Doug about Caroline, but he says he brought it on himself with the "open, mature relationship"(!) Madge comes over to talk to Adam and invites him over for tea to say thank you about the throat advice. He's embarrassed and says he didn't do anything. Doug pipes up and says that Adam would love to come(!)
ADAM: Oh, great. All that church choir talk, vegetarian meals...I'm feeling depressed already!
Dorothy sees Christina and Caroline and asks them if they've seen any students looking guilty.
As they pass by the Waterhole, they bump into a bloke called Phil (who is Joe Scully in a previous life!). He asks Caroline out, but she tells him she's skint. He offer to pay, but Caroline invites him around to dinner instead - how about tonight about 7.30pm? He accepts.
As he walks away, Phil put his sunglasses on and looks suspicious.
Harold tells Madge that being a councillor has sharpened her level of cunning(!) Gemma comes out of her room and tells Madge she's going out for the evening. Madge is shocked and says she needs her at home - Adam needs someone nearer his own age to talk to. Harold backs her up and Gemma finally caves in.
Car Park
Christina worries that they shouldn't have told Phil their address - they're meant to be keeping a low profile. As they walk, a red car pulls out and drives towards them at speed. They jump out of the way - the car was clearly aiming at them.
The twins are very shaken up, but are cooking dinner for Phil anyway. Christina wants to tell the police, but Caroline says they don't even have a number plate - but they can mention it to them in the morning.
Phil draws up outside in a sports car and Caroline lets him in. He's brought a bottle of wine and is wearing a suit. He sits down in the living room.
Dorothy is on the phone to the science teacher grilling him for details about the home-made student distillery (or the remains of it)
Colin comes to the door.
COLIN: Greetings and salutations!
DOROTHY: Oh, it's the first of the plagues of Egypt - what do you want?
He's brought a bottle of French champagne. He wants to make up to her, but she's not impressed. She does let him in though - for five minutes only, and he can forget the champagne.
DOROTHY: As far as I'm concerned, twelve years isn't nearly long enough.
COLIN: You were much more relaxed the last time we spoke, I can't understand why you're so tense now.
DOROTHY: The only tense here is the past tense, now let's get on with it!
Madge and Harold are just serving up the meal when Madge "suddenly" remembers that they have to go and meet Reverend Richards about the fete. Gemma is not impressed.
GEMMA: You can't do this! I hardly know the guy, and he's not my type!
MADGE: Gemma, this is the Church! It's important.
HAROLD: Just relax, Gemma. And remember he's a very nice young man.
Despite Gemma's further protestations, they run off!
GEMMA:(to Adam) I can't believe they just did that. Well, we'd better eat this, I guess.
ADAM: I guess.
He bites into an asparagus.
Dorothy is being very frosty towards Colin and forbids him to open the champagne.
COLIN: Scared to loosen up?
DOROTHY: You still don't listen, do you?
COLIN: Oh, come on. Just a glass. You can do what you like with the rest.
DOROTHY: I'll tip it down the sink.
Dorothy finally relents and allows him to open the bottle.
COLIN: We had our differences, but that was twelve years ago - what's the problem?
DOROTHY: You know very well! You walked out without as much as a by-your-leave.
COLIN: That had nothing to do with you, or the relationship.
DOROTHY: So I gathered when the police knocked on the door!
Dorothy can't understand why Colin is so anxious to make up now. He just pours her a glass of champagne.
COLIN: I wrote to you from prison. Did you get my letters?
COLIN: I cared about you. I still care.
DOROTHY: No, don't even think about it.
COLIN: Think about what? You made a decision, I respect it. Let bygones be bygones, that's what I want.
DOROTHY: All you ever wanted was what you couldn't have.
Dorothy tells him she has to go out and see a neighbours. Colin says he'll wait.
DOROTHY: When I get back I'll be checking the silver!
Phil thinks Caroline and Christina sound jumpy. Christina says it's just because her husband's away. The phone rings and it's Paul himself - Christina goes upstairs to take the call.
Phil asks how long Paul will be away and Caroline tells him it'll just be another week. Phil asks Caroline why she's so on-edge. She ends up confessing that the police are watching the house and they were nearly run down by a car today. Phil is confused and thinks she should go to the police about it.
PHIL: I'm glad I came over. Hope I can take your mind off it.
CAROLINE: Thank you, I appreciate that.
PHIL: Look, if there's anything at all I can do...I just don't want you to feel like you're on your own.
CAROLINE: I'm grateful. At the moment, we're just trying to keep our lives as normal as possible.
Adam and Gemma are just clearing their plates away. Gemma confesses that Madge was trying to match-make, but Adam has already worked it out.
GEMMA: No offence, I think you're lovely, but I think we need to straighten this out.
ADAM: Yeah, I heard you'd only just broken up with Matt.
GEMMA: Yeah, I don't really feel like getting involved with anyone at the moment.
ADAM: Well, Caroline and I are having a bit of a rocky time of it, so I feel the same.
Gemma is really relieved and tells Adam it's nothing personal - they can hang out as friends though and it'll keep Madge off their backs too!
Colin has drunk nearly the whole bottle of champagne and Dorothy is very unimpressed. He stands up and clutches his head. He tells her he can't drive home, so Dorothy suggests calling a taxi. He's not having any of this and threatens to drive anyway(!) Dorothy reluctantly allows him to sleep in Ryan's room.
COLIN: Dorothy, I didn't come here to be a nuisance.
DOROTHY: It's alright. But try anything and I'll break your fingers!
COLIN:(slurring) Thank you very much, Dorothy. I wouldn't dream of trying anything, Scout's honour!
As Dorothy goes off to make up the bed for him, Colin grins to himself.
Phil and Caroline have a pash, but she tells him she can't involve him in her life at the moment.
PHIL: Look, I like you a lot. I don't need to know any more than that.
Christina finally gets off the phone after an hour, and comes into the living room, breaking the mood between Phil and Caroline. Phil decides to make a move. Caroline tells him next time he comes over, she'll tell the police he's a friend so they'll let him in.
As she opens the door, there's a bunch of flowers on the doorstep.
PHIL: Does this mean I should be jealous?
CAROLINE: Chris! They're from her husband.
CHRISTINA: Oh, isn't he the most wonderful, amazing man?!
Phil leaves. But when Christina reads the card on the flowers it says:
You've been warned. Next time it'll be a wreath.
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