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Neighbours Episode 1394 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1394
Australian airdate: 21/03/91
UK airdate: 23/03/92
UK Gold: 05/03/98
Writer: David Phillips
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ryan tells Dorothy that he's joined up for the Army.
Dorothy is horrified and almost dumbstruck. Ryan tells her that he's signed up for four years and he's leaving tomorrow(!) Dorothy says his mother will be mortified, but Ryan reckons that his father will go for it. Besides, the Army will set him up for all sorts of careers, even electronics.
DOROTHY: Are you sure it's not just the uniform, you've been rather in to those recently?!
Ryan tells Dorothy that he doesn't want to be a librarian - he's an adult now and can make his own decisions.
DOROTHY:(to herself) Drat!
Pam, Doug and Adam are discussing Helen being in hospital. Over dinner, Doug hints at Adam to go back to medicine and Pam ends up confessing that Helen had gone to the country to look for Todd. Pam tells Cody that they have to face up to the fact that Todd doesn't want to be found. She goes off to her bedroom, upset.
Caroline is fixing the sink while Christina does some darning. They moan about being in at home on a Saturday night. Christina can't wait for Paul to come home tomorrow.
There a knock at the door and it's Adam. He's been missing Caroline. She's a bit frosty with him at first, but then melts and agrees to go out on a date with him tomorrow night.
CAROLINE: Adam? I missed you too.
He smiles.
DOROTHY: Good morning, Field Marshall!
Ryan rolls his eyes. Dorothy says she hopes she hasn't pushed him into the Army by being on his back about getting a job, but Ryan says he applied to the Army months ago.
HAROLD: I simply refuse to pay for a botched job. My azaleas are in shock!
Madge rolls her eyes and continues reading the paper. There's a knock at the door, and it's Dorothy.
MADGE: Morning, Dorothy, what's your star sign?
DOROTHY: Alpha Centauri!
Madge rolls her eyes again, but doesn't say anything. Dorothy has come to apologise to Harold - Ryan won't be taking up the job at the Coffee Shop after all. He's decided to join the Army. Madge and Harold are shocked, but Dorothy is resigned to it now, and says she'll have to support Ryan.
HAROLD: Dear, oh dear. They grow up so quickly, don't they?
Melissa is inexplicably hanging out with Jim, who is making some bread. The front door bangs, and Todd walks in. Melissa and Jim are delighted to see him.
TODD: Well, Uncle Jim?
JIM: Todd. Welcome home, mate.
He gives Todd a big bear hug.
TODD: Thanks. I didn't know what to expect.
JIM: Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a hard time. Yet(!) I just thank God you're home in one piece.
Todd explains that it was Helen that talked him into coming home. He's disappointed to hear that Cody has gone out for the day. He explains to Jim that he already knows about Glen, and he's fine with it. But Jim has bad news - Dorothy thinks Todd has missed too much school and he'll have to repeat Year 10. Todd is gutted, and says he'd better go and talk to Dorothy straight away.
Dorothy is ironing in the kitchen while Ryan packs his stuff up. He tells her off for ironing his underwear(!)
Ryan answers the door to Todd and Jim.
DOROTHY: Well, well, well, there's is a sight for sore eyes!
TODD: Just got back.
DOROTHY: Is this a homecoming, Todd? Or are you just passing through in orbit?
JIM: He's back for good.
DOROTHY: So how was life on the run?
TODD: You can read all about that in my next essay tomorrow. I'll be back at school.
DOROTHY: Nice of you to spare us the time(!)
TODD: I can make it up, I promise.
JIM: Go easy on him, Dorothy.
DOROTHY: Do my ears deceive me, is this Jim Robinson speaking?!
JIM: Well, just leave enough of him intact so I can have a piece of him later!
Dorothy says Todd will need help to catch up and Todd begs her for a chance. He promises faithfully to catch up - he doesn't want to be separated from his mates.
DOROTHY: How can I ignore such a heartfelt cry? Alright, you can start Year 11 with your friends.
TODD:(delighted) Mrs Burke, you're beautiful! I mean...um.,..thanks a lot for the second chance.
Jim tells Dorothy that he's very grateful, and understands that Todd is only on probation.
When they've gone, Ryan pipes up.
RYAN: Sometimes I suspect there is a heart beating away in there somewhere!
DOROTHY: Boom-diddy-boom!
Ramsay Street
Adam has forgotten about his and Caroline's date until she comes over. He goes to get his wallet. Jim tells Ryan that he thinks he'll do well in the Army - there's a lot of opportunities there. Christina is waiting for Paul to come back - he's getting a taxi from the airport. Ryan also says goodbye to Madge and Harold.
Front garden of No.24
Harold discovers the oil that Joe spilt in his flowerbeds and calls Madge over.
Adam and Caroline kiss in the kitchen, and then talk about Adam's career change. Christina is cooking a meal for her and Paul to welcome him home. Just then the phone rings and Christina answers it - it's Paul.
CHRISTINA: Darling! Did the plane come in early? ...Where? When? No, no, no, I understand...
It seems that Paul is still in the USA and won't be home for another week. Christina is very upset.
Pam is worried about Cody's unhappiness at Todd being missing - she's been fed up all day. Pam answers the door and it's Melissa, so Pam calls Cody out of her room.
MELISSA: You'll never believe what happened today.
CODY: What?
CODY: No, just tell me.
MELISSA: Come on, guess.
CODY: No, I'm not in the mood.
MELISSA: Well, if you don't want to know about this tall, dark, hunk who's hanging around asking for you...
CODY: Great April Fool's trick, Melissa.
Melissa calls the mysterious stranger in, and Cody is delighted to see that it's Todd. She flings her arms around him.
CODY: Todd!
Christina is cooking Paul's now-redundant roast dinner while Adam and Caroline rather tactlessly pash on the sofa. Eventually Caroline looks up and tells Adam that they should try to cheer Christina up. But Christina leaves them the meal and goes off to bed. Caroline follows her.
Ryan is closing the lid of his case before they set off for the airport and Dorothy is looking very sad. Ryan opens the door to Jim who's come to give Ryan a gift - it's a compass that went right through Vietnam with him - he considers it a good luck charm. Ryan is chuffed.
RYAN: Keep an eye on my aunt will you? She needs looking after!
She holds out the keys of her car to Ryan. She's allowing him to drive to the airport.
RYAN:(to Jim) *Now* she trusts me!
DOROTHY:(seriously) I do trust you. And I'm proud of you. I'm going to miss you...very much.
She tries not to cry.
DOUG:(to Cody and Todd) We're just going to the Waterhole. We won't be long. Get my meaning?
Pam rolls her eyes and drags him off.
Cody and Todd are left to talk.
TODD: So, did you miss me while I'd gone?
CODY: Well, I ought to break your neck after what you put me through!
Todd says he was going through a bad time, but he's really pleased that he's been given a second chance by everyone - especially Cody. Missing her was the worst part of being away.
TODD: Nothing's going to split us up. Ever.
They kiss.
Harold is inspecting the earth-covered oil, saying it's worse than a plague of locusts. Madge gets quite excited and says there could be oil under their property - she's seen on TV that it sometimes seeps to the surface.
MADGE: Harold, I think we've struck it rich!
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