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Neighbours Episode 1392 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1392
Australian airdate: 19/03/91
UK airdate: 19/03/92
UK Gold: 03/03/98
Writer: Dominic Burke
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Matt is sulking around the house - he has no job and no girlfriend. Joe tells him to get on with it before Hilary comes down on him like a ton of bricks. Matt says that Hilary is going overseas for a while.
When Matt has gone to get a coffee, Melanie tells Joe to go easy on Matt - he's going through a romantic crisis. Joe agrees and says rather Matt than him! Melanie asks Joe if he'd consider going on dates - it's about time he started over. It doesn't have to be too serious, but Joe reckons he has enough on his plate just being a dad.
Hospital (not Erinsborough!)
Jim and Glen have arrived (Josh phoned them). She has a concussion and is having some X-rays. Jim is shocked to hear that Helen and Josh were looking for Todd, and isn't very happy about it.
Aiden tells Gemma that they have to talk - he's spoken to his mate Jeff and he can move in with him anytime. He's not sure he wants to hang around Erinsborough - if there's no future for them, he'll go back to Queensland.
GEMMA: Look, I've loved having you here. I guess in a lot of ways I'm more comfortable with you than I am with Matt - we grew up together! You know me better than anyone. I'd never send you away.
AIDEN: Gem, I knew that...
GEMMA: But I *love* Matt. I'll always care about you, Aiden. But, we're friends now. We can't go backwards.
She's going to try to patch things up with Matt.
Outside The Pub
Melanie sees Joe having a drink and sits down to talk to him. She tells him she's invited an old friend over for dinner - Jan Daly. Joe realises she means the wild girl who was hanging around with Paul who by all accounts is "a bit of a goer"(!). Melanie thinks Joe and Jan would have a lot in common. Joe looks at Melanie suspicious and tells her not to match-make. Melanie tells him that she's already organised a babysitter!
JOE: I really don't think she's my speed.
MELANIE: So, she'll slow down. Or she'll speed up. She's good at that.
Hospital (not Erinsborough)
Jim comes back and tell them that the doctors think Helen has a fractured skull. She's been taken to a radiology centre for a CAT scan. If there's bleeding, she'll have to go to a bigger hospital to see a neurosurgeon.
GLEN: So it's pretty serious?
JIM: It certainly could be. We'll just have to wait and see.
Aiden has packed up his things and called a taxi. He thanks Gemma for his stay, and apologises again for the trouble he's caused between her and Matt. Aiden isn't going back to Brisbane, though, he's going to hang around Melbourne for a while. They hug, and then he picks up his bags and leaves.
Hospital (not Erinsborough)
Josh goes to ring his parents and Jim suggests that Glen and Josh head back to Erinsborough together. Jim tells Glen he really appreciates him coming up to the hospital with him.
Just then, a hospital bed containing Helen is wheeled by.
HELEN: What are you two doing here? You're supposed to be working, not holidaying in the country!
JIM: I should throttle you! You gave us a heck of a scare!
Helen explains that she's OK - she's got a bit of a concussion and a sprained ankle. Glen and Jim are very relieved.
Melanie is putting out the good crockery and compliments Joe on his clean shirt and trousers.
MELANIE: Jan won't be able to keep her hands off you!
JOE: Well, you'd better keep a leash on her then!
Matt tells Joe that he's been having a bit of a think and has made a few decisions.
Gemma looks sadly at the necklace Matt gave her.
Glen is back, and Matt comes over to see him. They chat about Helen and then turns the conversation to his car - would Glen like to buy Bertha? Matt doesn't really want to sell, but he needs the money urgently.
Melanie sends Joe to answer the door to Jan. She's wearing a very sexy dress and compliments Joe on his shirt. As soon as Joe shows her in, Melanie excuses herself, saying she's going over to Gemma's to help her with some dress-making(!) She says all they have to do is help themselves to dinner.
Joe awkwardly tells Jan that it's just them tonight - the kids are at their grandparents. He offers Jan a cocktail, but she says she'll join him in a beer - she's sick of girly drinks.
Gemma tells Melanie that she's determined to patch things up with Joe. She's worried that Matt won't forgive her, but Melanie tells her not to worry - Matt loves her "to death".
Hospital (not Erinsborough)
Jim comes to see Helen who is now sitting up in bed, wearing a neck brace. Jim tells Helen he's surprised at her for lying to him, telling him she was going to an exhibition. Helen apologises, but said she felt she had to do something to find Todd.
JIM: We have to face some facts. This is a big country. If Todd doesn't want to be found, the chances are, he won't be. Now, I know it sounds hard, but life goes on.
HELEN:(sadly) Yes, I know. But I love that boy as if he were my own.
Joe and Jan are getting on well - they've had dinner and now are having a chat about their jobs. Joe encourages her to keep trying to get into PR. Joe says he's really enjoyed the evening, and thinks Jan would be a great PR person. Jan is quite impressed with Joe, saying he's a gentleman. They end up having a pash, but Joe breaks away.
JOE: I'm sorry. It's...
JAN: It's OK. I understand.
JOE: It's just that, uh...
JAN: Look, you don't have to explain. I know.
She good-naturedly offers Joe another slice of fruit flan.
Gemma answers the door to Matt. She's pleased to see him, telling him he was right about Aiden, apologising for not behaving you.
MATT: Gemma, Aiden's not the issue.
GEMMA: What is?
MATT: Look, everything's a mess. I'm not sure about where I'm going, certainly not sure about where *we're* going. I've lost my job. I need some time out.
GEMMA: What are you talking about?
MATT: All I'm saying, is that I'm not sure about us anymore. Aiden's just a symptom, you know, you're always telling me I'm too obsessive, and maybe I am. I mean, I lost my job trying to spy on you. I...need some time to think.
GEMMA: I think you're over-reacting, Matt...
MATT: I'm not over-reacting. I'm going back to Adelaide. To mind Mum's house while she's overseas. OK? I'm sorry.
He kisses her on the cheek and walks out, leaving Gemma speechless.
Ramsay Street
Gemma chases Matt into Ramsay Street where he is getting into a taxi.
GEMMA: Matt, wait! Matt! We can work this out, I know we can!
MATT: Gemma, I need to time to work out what's best for both of us, alright? I've got to sort myself out. I've been the problem, I know.
GEMMA: But I love you!
MATT: I love you.
They kiss, passionately.
MATT: Gemma, I've got to go. I've got to go, sorry.
GEMMA: Look, Matt, come on...
But the taxi has driven off with Matt in it, leaving Melanie to comfort poor Gemma.
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