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Neighbours Episode 1375 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1375
Australian airdate: 22/02/91
UK airdate: 25/02/92
UK Gold: 06/02/98
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Donald Henson: John Simpson
Mr Gibbs: Simon Woodward
Glen Donnelly: Richard Huggett
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam wants to go back to work full-time. Doug gets angry and shouts that her place is with her family.
The Office
Caroline is rushing around panicking about stuff when Adam comes in. It's already 7pm, and she's still working on the Henson presentation. Henson is flying in in the morning. Adam is off down the Waterhole for a couple of drinks and invites her to join him if she finishes in time.
Cody and Pam are washing up. Doug has apparently stormed off in a temper over Pam going back to work. Pam is not happy with Doug but she isn't worried - Doug hates sleeping in the car(!) Cody hopes Pam isn't going to back down and Pam assures her she won't - she's looking forward to getting back to nursing. Cody promises that she'll be a model daughter while Pam's at work.
The Office, the following morning
Caroline on the phone trying to get Gaby to come in and type up her presentation. Just then, a man comes in - it's Mr Henson himself and he's looking for Paul!
Caroline reels in shock but quickly recovers and introduces herself. He's not happy that Paul is away and assumes Caroline is the receptionist(!) Caroline explains that she's the manager and she has authority to act on Paul's behalf. Henson isn't impressed and says he'll wait for Paul to arrive - he'll wait in his suite until that time (might be a long wait since Paul is still at sea!)
Doug, Adam and Cody are having breakfast. Cody tells Doug off for being a male chauvinist. He tries to scare them that they'll have to look after themselves when Pam is at work. They say they don't mind though - if that's what it takes.
DOUG: She can do what she blasted well likes. I don't like it and I never will.
He storms off.
Coffee Shop
Pam is on the early shift and Josh comes in looking for Melissa. He explains to Pam about Melissa's vendetta against Mr Gibbs. Just then, Melissa herself comes in and isn't pleased to hear Josh "sticking up" for Mr Gibbs. Josh tells her that she shouldn't believe everything Debbie Langford says, but Melissa insists she'll prove Mr Gibbs is a sleaze.
The Office
Caroline is really mad with Henson for speaking to her like a dog and is venting to Adam about it. Adam wants to go and shout at him(!) but Caroline restrains him. Adam suggests that he could pretend to be Paul, but unfortunately Paul and Mr Henson have already met. Caroline wonders if they could use Jim - he's male and also a member of Paul's family. Jim might be her only chance.
Melissa has now got up a petition to get Mr Gibbs thrown out. Josh and Cody are horrified. They warn Melissa that she'll get into a lot of trouble, but she reckons they'll thanking her one day(!)
The Office
Jim is on the phone to Mr Henson, but it's no go - he'll only discuss the deal with Paul. Henson tells Jim that he won't deal with "underlings"(!) Caroline reluctantly says that she'd better call Paul. In the meantime, there's a problem in the bar - a barman left the cellar door unlocked last night. Jim says he'll sort it out as Caroline is busy.
Coffee Shop
Doug comes in to see Pam. She's not very pleased to see him and doesn't want another argument. They sit at a table and talk the work situation over. Pam says she wants to feel needed again and make something of herself. Doug reckons she's needed at home and says that Cody needs a firm hand. Pam says she wouldn't go back to work if she thought it would hurt the family. She asks Doug if his male pride is at stake. He starts to laugh and apologises for shouting at her last night. Doug admits that he is a bit old-fashioned and felt it was his place to go out to work. If it means so much to Pam, he'll learn to live with it. Pam is very pleased and kisses him on the cheek.
Jim has come in to sort out the cellar door situation. He has a look at the roster to find out who it was. It was Glen himself. Glen realises that he'll have to be sacked. Jim says that nothing was stolen, so they'll overlook it this time. Glen says he doesn't want any special favours and storms off.
(A few minutes later)
Jim tells Glen he's not sacked - if he walks out, he's quitting. Jim assures him that he'd give anyone in his situation a chance and Glen owes it to himself to keep his job. He doesn't owe Jim anything. Glen finally agrees and goes back behind the bar.
Dorothy and Mr Gibbs have heard about Melissa' petition. Dorothy takes the petition off Melissa.
DOROTHY: Silly girls like you can do a great deal of harm to a person's reputation.
Melissa turns to Mr Gibbs and shouts that they're not safe with him around. Dorothy tells Melissa to meet her in her office after school.
The Office
The phone rings and it's Paul, calling from the ship. He's having a great time on his honeymoon, but he's alarmed to hear that Henson has arrived - he wasn't expecting him for at least a couple of weeks. Caroline explains that Henson won't even talk to her because she is "an underling". Paul suggests getting Jim to talk to him, but of course, Caroline has already tried that. He says he'll think of something else - but in the meantime they should try not to upset Henson in any way. Caroline despairs.
Cody and Adam are cooking from a recipe book to prove they'll be able to look after themselves when Pam is at work. Adam is pleasantly surprised and says that cooking is quite easy after all! Doug and Pam chat about Pam's nursing course - which starts next week! She'll have twelve weeks of theory and then practical and exams. Doug isn't sure how Pam will cope with the course and the Coffee Shop as well, but she says she'll manage to fit it all in.
After school, Melissa is crossing the yard and sees Mr Gibbs coming out of the building. He calls out to her and says he thinks they should talk.
MELISSA: Leave me alone!
She starts to run and Mr Gibbs chases after her. He grabs hold of her, saying he only wants to talk to her but she shouts at him not to touch her.
Dorothy is over the other side of the building and sees this little episode in shock.
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