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Neighbours Episode 1352 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1352
Australian airdate: 22/01/91
UK airdate: 23/01/92
UK Gold: 06/01/98
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ryan has dropped round with some flowers for Gemma. Madge suggests he drops by the hospital and gives the flowers to Gemma in person, but Ryan is working - keeping Joe's business going while he's gone. It comes out in conversation that Ryan is owed $80 from the gardening business so Madge and Harold pay him off.
HAROLD: Oh dear, Joe's made a real muddle of things, hasn't he?
MADGE: I wish at least he'd call...
Harold thinks it's just as well Joe hasn't called - their phone could have been tapped by the police. They just hope Joe will come to his senses soon and bring Sky back.
Dorothy is pleased that Madge and Harold have paid Ryan off. Dorothy is off for a drive in her friend Winnie's sportscar.
A road
Joe is driving his ute along. Sky is playing happily in the back and Toby is in a good mood too, sitting in the passenger seat. They start to pull in to a petrol station, but Joe sees a police car there, so drives on. Joe speaks cheerfully to the kids, but he's clearly worried about how they'll all eat and sleep tonight.
A house
Ryan reads in Joe's records that a household are away and he should get the key from under a plant pot. He lets himself in and immediately sets off the alarm.
Coffee Shop
Jim comes in looking for Paul. He apologises for being so luke-warm about Paul's proposal to Christina, but still thinks he should think things through carefully. Paul says Christina hasn't said no yet.
Caroline comes in with some papers for Paul to sign. Paul invites Jim and Helen over for drinks later tonight.
When Jim has gone, Caroline tells Paul that Christina is avoiding her - Caroline *still* doesn't officially know. She's upset at being kept in the dark. But Caroline has changed her opinion - she thinks Paul and Christina would be a good match and they should just get on with it.
A house
Ryan manages to turn off the alarm, but before he can leave the house, the police come in and drag him off!
A lay-by, the middle of nowhere
Joe pulls in, having run out of petrol.
JOE: What is this, pick on Joe Mangel year or something?!
TOBY: It's OK, Dad.
JOE: Oh, what am I doing, Tobe? Stuck out here in the middle of nowhere, two kids and half the police force after me. I should be in Erinsborough mowing lawns!
TOBY: We can't go back, Dad, they'll take Sky away from us!
JOE: I know, I know!
They resolve to walk into town and get some petrol.
Outside No.30
The police bring Ryan home. He's tried to explain the situation but it seems that Ryan accidentally let himself into the wrong house! Ryan rants at the police when they say they're prepared to "overlook things". He stalks off into the house.
Harold answers the phone.
HAROLD: Joe! Joe, is everything alright?
JOE: Yeah, me and the kids are fine.
HAROLD: Where are you?
JOE: Listen, I haven't got much time, so I gotta be quick. Did Jensen go to the coppers?
HAROLD: Yes, yes he did, but please come home anyway.
JOE: That figures! I thought that old geezer acted strange.
HAROLD: What old geezer?
JOE: The one that picked us up, me and the kids, thumbing a lift. He must have heard something on the news.
HAROLD: What on earth do you think you're doing, hitchhiking with the children?!
JOE: Well, that's torn it. We're going to have to go further than I planned. Interstate, maybe.
HAROLD: Joe, Joe, please come home. The police are very sympathetic, there's every chance they won't even charge you.
JOE: They'll lock me up and throw away the key if Jensen has his way.
HAROLD: Well, you can't go on running indefinitely!
JOE: Don't reckon I've got much choice. Gotta go, mate.
JOE: Love to youse both from the kids. We miss ya!
He puts down the phone.
HAROLD: And we miss you too.
Dorothy and Helen are discussing Joe and also Glen Donnelly. Dorothy says it seems like a very elaborate ploy for the sake of $1,000. She thinks it must be true, despite Jim's protestations.
DOROTHY: Of course. Face it. You are the mother of the woman Jim was married to when he was supposedly dancing this fandango with some nurse in Vietnam. Under the circumstances, it's hardly likely he'd be honest with you.
Helen looks a bit shocked as she takes this in.
Caroline, Paul and Jim are having drinks. Christina is still in the bath. Paul asks Jim about Glen and Jim says there's no truth in his story at all. Helen arrives in the middle of this, and then Christina comes down, wearing a new outfit.
CHRISTINA: This is a special occasion.
HELEN: Oh, we're celebrating?
CHRISTINA: We're engaged! I've thought it over and I've decided to accept.
Paul hugs her fiercely.
Jim and Helen are off since they have a dinner appointment. Helen tells them that the look on Paul and Christina's faces alone is enough to convince her that they're doing the right thing.
Caroline offers to go out, but Paul and Christina invite her to stay for Chinese takeaway. While Paul is on the phone ordering the food, Caroline asks Christina why she didn't tell her about the proposal. Christina explains that she thought Caroline would talk her out of it. They hug.
CAROLINE: Congratulations. I meant that with my whole heart...Mrs Robinson.
Ryan is looking forward to joining the police force and getting out of gardening for a change. He's still steamed up about the attitude of the policeman earlier. Dorothy tells him that the police are not all-seeing, they can't know all the facts by magic.
Madge and Harold are brooding about Joe. Madge is massaging Harold's head.
HAROLD: It's terrible to think we won't see those children again.
MADGE: Don't be silly, Harold, the police are bound to catch up with them eventually.
HAROLD: I hope they never catch up with them.
He reckons if the police catch up with Joe, now, he'll be charged with kidnapping and jailed.
A caravan
Joe is making some cheese sandwiches for their breakfast. He's planning to head up North today - he's thinking about taking them all up to Brisbane. Toby suggests they could live in the country and have chickens - like Mary had when she was staying with them. A look of relief comes over Joe's face - of course, he could take the kids to Mary's place!
Helen is on the phone speaking to someone about a cheque for $1,000 that has been paid out. Jim comes in and Helen confronts him - just why has he paid the bill for Glen's mother's funeral?
HELEN: Jim, I want to know what's going on. Are you Glen Donnelly's father or aren't you?
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