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Neighbours Episode 1047 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1047
Australian airdate: 12/09/89
UK airdate: 19/11/90
UK Gold: 05/11/1996
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Gloria Lewis - Beverly Phillips
Summary/Images by: Graham
Rob being pushed on a trolley into a treatment room at the hospital, his head covered in bandages.
A nurse goes to follow the orderlies and Rob into the treatment room. Gail stops her and asks what happened and the nurse explains that it was a car accident. She adds that she'll send someone out to talk to Gail in a minute. Gail tries to follow the nurse, but Paul holds her back. Beverly hobbles up to them suddenly and, seeing the look of anguish on Gail's face, asks what's wrong. Paul explains that Rob's been brought in: he's had a car accident. Beverly says she'll see what she can find out. She hobbles off. Gail tries to follow her, but Paul stops her again and pleads with her to calm down. Gail cries:
GAIL: Calm down. Everyone's telling me to calm down. He could be *dying* in there.
Jim insists that he knows it's hard, but she's got to think of the triplets: Bev will be back as soon as she knows something. Gail pants fearfully:
GAIL: What if he *dies*?
Beverly comes back and says that at this stage it's too early to tell: Rob sustained multiple injuries, but they won't know the full extent until they operate. She adds that he's in the very best of hands. Gail asks how long it'll be before they know anything. Beverly replies that it'll be some hours yet. Gail sits down and says she'll wait there. Beverly, however, insists that she's got to go home and rest. Paul helps Gail to her feet and escorts her out. Left alone with Beverly, Jim asks:
JIM: How is he?
BEVERLY: Not good. They suspect internal bleeding and there are serious head injuries, but we won't know any more for a while.
Beverly then points out in concern:
BEVERLY: Jim... someone has to tell Gloria.
No. 22
The next morning, Paul is hanging up the 'phone when Gail comes downstairs saying she must have dozed off: she's been awake half the night. Paul tells her that he just rang the hospital and Rob's condition has stabilised, so they're preparing to operate. Gail says she'd better get ready: she's got to be there. Paul nods that he'll drop her off on the way to the office. Gail, however, stares at him and says incredulously:
GAIL: You're going to *work*?
PAUL: Gail, I *have* to. I've got a new temp starting this morning; I can't just leave her in *Hilary's* hands.
GAIL (witheringly): No. No, of course you can't. How stupid of me.
Paul tells Gail that he's really sorry - he'll get there as soon as he can this afternoon. Gail, however, snaps at him:
GAIL: No, don't worry about it. I mean, you go; I can drive myself. I mean, you wouldn't want to be late for the office, *would* you?
With that, Gail marches back upstairs, leaving Paul sighing heavily.
No. 26
Beverly hangs up the 'phone and tells Jim that that was Clive, who's at the hospital: Rob's finally stabilised, but he's still in a critical condition - they're taking him into theatre *now*. Jim asks if Gloria's there and Beverly nods that she's apparently been there all night. Jim says he'd better head down there and give her some moral support. He adds that, on the way, he might pop into the police station and see if he can find out exactly what happened. Beverly says she'd better go and see Gail. The doorbell rings suddenly and Jim goes and opens it. Melissa is standing on the step and she asks brightly if Todd's ready. Jim invites her in and Todd emerges from his room. Todd tells Jim and Beverly that he'll see them later. With that, he takes Melissa's bag for her and runs ahead to hold the front door open. When they've gone, Jim smiles:
JIM: Who said chivalry was dead?!
BEVERLY: Don't you wish you were that age again?
JIM: Oh no - not for a moment!
No. 28
Mike emerges from his bedroom and comments that Des - who's sitting at the table with a pile of papers in front of him - has made an early start. Des explains that he's snowed under, having to think about late tax returns. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Mike opens it to Henry, who bursts in and tells Des that he's popped in to let him know that Harold won't be able to make it in today: he and the cubs have been trapped by floodwater. Mike asks if they're all right. Henry tells him:
HENRY: Well, apparently a group of them wanted to inflate Harold with a lilo pump and tackle the rapids, but fortunately Toby talked them out of it!!
Des asks when they're getting out. Henry replies that it could be today or tomorrow, depending on the rain. He goes to head out, but as he does so, Mike looks at the clothes he's wearing and asks him when he's giving up the gardening. Henry tells him that he's made an audition tape for Erinsborough Community Radio. Des comments that radio's a very competitive field: they get hundreds of applicants. Henry's face drops as Mike adds:
MIKE: You know, every man and his dog thinks they can be a DJ, but only some of them make it. Good luck, pal.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Paul walks in from outside and Hilary introduces him straight away to their new temp, Angela Clayton. Paul shakes her hand and asks her if she's had much office experience. Angela runs through the names of her previous employers and Paul remarks that it's a pretty impressive list. He then tells Hilary that he doesn't think he needs her there today. Hilary, however, retorts:
HILARY: You don't get rid of me as easily as *that*, Paul. What this place needs is a firm hand.
PAUL (shrugs): Fine - I'll leave you to it; I've got a mountain of work to get through.
The 'phone starts ringing and Angela takes the call, saying:
ANGELA: Robinson Corporation. ... One moment, please.
She then puts the call through to Paul. When she's done so, Hilary asks her tersely:
HILARY: Is that how they taught you to answer the 'phone at business college? Well, it may be well and good enough for XYZ or whoever, but it certainly isn't good enough for *me*. When a call comes through, find out what it's concerning. Mr. Robinson is a very busy man; for all *you* know, *I* may have been able to deal with that client.
ANGELA: Sorry.
HILARY: The telephone is very often our first line of contact. Please remember that.
ANGELA: Yes, Miss. Robinson.
With that, Hilary walks off. Angela sighs heavily.
Jim joins Gloria in the corridor at the hospital. She thanks him for coming in. He asks her how she is but she just shrugs:
GLORIA: You know.
Clive walks over to them and Jim asks him what's happening. Clive replies that Rob has just gone into theatre. He adds that they're not going to know anything for hours yet, so he thinks it would be a good idea if Gloria went home and got some rest. Gloria, however, replies shakily that she's all right. Clive tells her that he'll see if he can organise somewhere for her to have a lie down. He walks off again. Gloria looks at Jim and asks how *Gail's* coping. Jim explains that Bev's with her - she kept her at home. Gloria mutters that she *hates* hospitals... but it's amazing what they can do these days:
GLORIA: They can just about work miracles, can't they...?
JIM (gently): Yes. Yes they can.
GLORIA (breaking down): Oh Jim, I'm so scared. I don't want to lose him...
Outside the Waterhole
Mike, Des and Clive are sitting at a table outside the Waterhole, Des saying that Jane rang this morning: her gran's still crook. Clive insists that she'll be back in plenty of time for the big day. Angela walks over to them suddenly and says:
ANGELA: Hello Mike.
MIKE (uncomfortably): Oh, g'day. How are you?
ANGELA: Good. And you?
MIKE: Oh, not bad. Er, pretty busy - you know.
ANGELA: Aren't you going to introduce me?
MIKE: Yeah... sure. Des, Clive, this is... Andrea.
ANGELA (corrects tersely): *Angela*.
MIKE (quickly): Angela. Yeah, sorry.
ANGELA (sharply): That's all right. It was only one night after all. I thought you must've gone away - you never returned my calls.
Des and Clive squirm in embarrassment as Mike insists that he's just been really flat out. Mike then suggests to Angela that they go and catch a movie and a bite to eat at the weekend. Angela, though, retorts:
ANGELA: Not for a million dollars.
MIKE: What?
ANGELA: I wouldn't go out with you again if you *paid* me.
With that, she walks off, leaving Mike to mutter:
MIKE: Yeah, well, suit yourself. Talk about stuck-up.
Henry walks over suddenly and tells Des that Bronwyn is three-deep at the counter. Des walks off to help her. Mike heads off as well. Left alone with Henry, Clive asks what's happening. Henry explains about his having made a tape for Erinsborough Community Radio, but they get hundreds of applicants so why waste his time? Clive, however, asks what happened to that old Ramsay optimism. Henry sighs that it's taken a bit of a beating in the job stakes lately. Clive asks him if he's free this arvo. Henry nods that he is.
CLIVE: So am I. We'll go over your tape. I'll give you the benefit of my considerable experience as a radio listener. I'll make *sure* you get this job!
HENRY: You reckon we could?
CLIVE: Henry...!
No. 30
Todd and Melissa are sitting on the couch in Hilary's lounge room. Melissa asks Todd suddenly if it's true that he's staying in Erinsborough because of her. Todd nods that it was the main reason. The two of them start kissing passionately - just as Hilary comes in. She stares at them and demands:
HILARY: What is going on here?
TODD (quickly): Nothing.
HILARY: *Nothing*? Don't give me 'nothing' - I know *exactly* what I saw. What do you two think you're doing in my house?
Todd explains that they came home for lunch with Matt and Sharon, but they've gone down to the shops to get some drinks. Hilary mutters that she'll be speaking to them. Melissa insists that the two of them weren't *doing* anything, but Hilary retorts that she expected *more* from her. She goes on that she shall be speaking to her parents. Melissa's face drops.
Gail walks up to Gloria and the two women hug each other. Gail asks if there's any news, but Gloria replies that Rob's still in theatre. She adds that no one's told her anything: she's starting to feel invisible. Gail smiles that she'll wait with her. Gloria says she can't understand how it happened in the first place: Jim said there weren't any other cars involved - he just went straight off the road.
GAIL (softly): You haven't heard about the argument, then?
GLORIA: *What* argument?
Gail explains about how Paul got stuck into Rob because Rob bought some spare parts for the workshop, but it turned out they were stolen, so Paul, in typical fashion, accused Rob of being a thief; Rob hit the roof and was pretty angry and upset, and that's when *this* happened.
Gloria sits there looking worried.
Office/Reception area of the Robinson Corporation
In the office, Paul shakes Jim's hand and welcomes him to the Corporation. Hilary watches and then asks Jim if they could have a quiet word before he goes. She leaves the room. Jim tells Paul that the workshop won't be bringing in much until they can find a replacement mechanic for Rob. Paul exclaims:
PAUL: I can't believe what *happened*. I mean... the car just ran into the wall?
JIM: That's what the police said.
PAUL: It must have skidded or blown a tyre or something, though?
JIM: There's no evidence. Mind you, it was raining: maybe he just lost control.
With that, Jim leaves Paul to it. He heads out to the reception area where Hilary's waiting. She takes him to one side and tells him:
HILARY: There's really no nice way of saying this, but when I returned home at lunchtime, I discovered Todd and Melissa petting heavily in my living room.
JIM: 'Petting'?
HILARY: That's right. You can imagine how shocked I was.
Jim remarks lightly that he can't imagine it was anything too serious. Hilary, however, snaps:
HILARY: Jim, you have a responsibility to that boy's moral upbringing. What he needs is a jolly good talking-to.
JIM: Hilary, relax! Teenagers are *always* going to neck - and adults are always going to walk in and catch them. Remember when *you* were young?!
HILARY (retorts): Yes, of course I do - but I was never *that* sort of girl!
With that, Jim heads out. Angela lets out a little giggle. Hilary storms over to her and snaps that that's enough out of *her*. She asks her if she's finished the envelopes. Angela hands over a pile of envelopes and Hilary looks at them. She then exclaims:
HILARY: I see: no punctuation.
ANGELA: You don't use punctuation anymore. With the computerised—
HILARY: Yes, yes, yes, I'm well aware of this new trend - but I happen to prefer *traditional* procedures. These will all have to be done again.
ANGELA (tersely): There's nothing *wrong* with them.
HILARY: I'd advise you to do as you're told, Miss. Employers make decisions, employees *follow* them.
Angela stands up suddenly and snaps:
ANGELA: Look, I've had enough of this. I'm good at what I do. I've worked for some crabby bosses, but you're impossible - *and* behind the times. You can find yourself *another* lackey to beat. I quit.
With that, she storms off, leaving Hilary looking most put-out!
No. 24
Clive is listening to Henry's audition tape. Henry says on it in a very stilted voice:
HENRY: "This is Henry Ramsay and you're listening to Erinsborough Community Radio. Don't touch that dial because we have a really interesting show for you today."
Clive turns off the tape and then tells Henry that he's got to sell it more; give it some life; throw in some sound effects and comedy. Henry says he was thinking of doing something like that, but he didn't think anyone would like it - he's lost a couple of other jobs by overdoing things. Clive, however, assures him:
CLIVE: Mate, if we can get the real you onto this tape, we're going to knock their socks off!
No. 24
A short time later, Henry is recording a new tape, speaking enthusiastically and at full pelt! Clive makes the 'phone ring and Henry pretends to pick it up. Clive then puts on an accent and says:
CLIVE: G'day, yeah, this is Ted from Tamworth, and listen: I reckon you blokes should play a bit more country and western music!
Henry then says they're going to cross live to Clive in the ECR helicopter, for the traffic! Clive starts beating his chest to simulate the sound of a helicopter! The recording continues in a madcap way until Clive eventually puts on another record!
No. 26
Melissa kneels down with Todd by the coffee table in the lounge room and asks in concern if Hilary will really tell. Todd sighs that of *course* she will. The two of them start kissing, just as Jim comes in. He asks if Beverly's home and Todd replies that she's in the bedroom. Jim then says:
JIM: Er, Hilary had a word with me today about you two.
TODD (quickly): We weren't *doing* anything - I *promise*. We were just waiting for Matt and Sharon.
MELISSA: That's right, Mr. Robinson - truly.
Jim comments that that's not what *Hilary* said - so he thinks it might be an idea if they didn't hang round there anymore! The 'phone starts ringing and Jim goes to answer it. Melissa tells Todd that she'd better go. The two of them head to the door and Todd tells Melissa that now Hilary has spoken to Jim she probably won't speak to *her* parents. Melissa heads off. Over by the 'phone, Jim calls out to Beverly to ask if she's got Clive's number. Beverly emerges from the bedroom area as Jim heads over to the coffee table and picks up a small book. Jim tells her that he's looking for Clive's number: someone on the 'phone is looking for a doctor and he wanted her address book. Beverly, however, tells her that the book he's holding isn't it - and besides, Clive isn't on this afternoon. Beverly takes the call. Jim looks at the book he's picked up. He stares at the content in what appears to be surprise.
Paul walks up to Gail and Gloria in the hospital corridor and asks if there's any news. An upset-looking Gloria tells him that Rob's just out come out of theatre now and is in intensive care; they say it went well, but it's still touch and go... Paul looks at Gail and asks:
PAUL: Did you tell Gloria about—
GAIL (coldly): How you accused dad of being a thief? Yes, I did.
Paul looks at Gloria sympathetically and tells her gently that he's really sorry; he feels so responsible for all of this. Gloria, however, sobs:
GLORIA: No... no... you shouldn't blame yourself. It's not *your* fault.
A look of relief crosses Paul's face. Gail doesn't look so forgiving, though.
No. 26
Jim is sitting on the couch, looking at the little book he picked up from the coffee table. It's a diary. Beverly hangs up the 'phone and, turning to Jim, asks:
BEVERLY: What *is* that?
JIM: Melissa's diary. She must've left it here.
BEVERLY (exclaims): You shouldn't be reading it!
JIM: I was looking for your address book. I picked it up and read a couple of things that bothered me. Now I've looked further, there are a whole *lot* of things that bother me.
BEVERLY: What about?
JIM: About Todd and Melissa. Their relationship seems to have gone a lot further than we suspected.
Beverly comments that they've always seemed so *innocent* together. Jim points out Todd's love-bite, but Beverly insists that it's a teenage thing; hardly grand passion. Jim reminds her about Hilary catching them, but Beverly retorts that he knows what Hilary's like. Jim, however, suggests that maybe this time she's right; he thinks he'll talk to Todd about it. Beverly warns him that he can't: a diary is a very personal thing, and reading it in the first place was an invasion of Melissa's privacy. Jim, however, retorts that he knows that, but Todd is their responsibility and in this case the means justifies the ends. He calls to Todd, who emerges from his bedroom. He smiles:
TODD: Yeah?
JIM: I want to talk to you about Melissa.
TODD: Yeah? Isn't she great!
JIM: Yeah, she's a nice girl. Tell me: how far has this relationship of yours *gone*?
TODD: What do you mean?
Jim holds up the diary. Todd asks what it is. Jim explains that it's Melissa's diary: she must've left it by accident. Todd exclaims that Jim can't read that: it's private. Jim just retorts:
JIM: It most certainly *is* - that's what *bothers* me. There are some things in here I'd like explained.
Todd stands there looking worried.
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Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Gail Robinson

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Beverly Robinson

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1047
Mike Young, Henry Ramsay

Hilary Robinson, Angela Clayton, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Hilary Robinson, Angela Clayton, Paul Robinson

Angela Clayton in Neighbours Episode 1047
Angela Clayton

Gloria Lewis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Gloria Lewis, Jim Robinson

Angela Clayton in Neighbours Episode 1047
Angela Clayton

Des Clarke, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1047
Des Clarke, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons

Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1047
Melissa Jarrett

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Hilary Robinson

Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Gloria Lewis, Gail Robinson

Hilary Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Hilary Robinson, Jim Robinson

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1047
Clive Gibbons

Henry Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1047
Henry Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1047
Todd Landers, Melissa Jarrett

Gloria Lewis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Gloria Lewis, Paul Robinson

Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1047
Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1047
Todd Landers

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