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Neighbours Episode 0875 from 1988 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0875
Australian airdate: 09/12/88
UK airdate: 21/03/90
Guests: Mark Granger: Colin Handley
Tree Surgeon: John Grundy
Summary/Images by: Jeremai
Coffee Shop
Sharon is helping Harold put up Christmas decorations and Des comes in and puts a Christmas tree on the counter.
HAROLD: Now that's not going to shed pine needles all over the food is it?
DES: It'd be a miracle if it did… it's artificial!
Des has seen Henry down by the lake with a headache and unable to stand bright lights or loud noises. Sharon is horrified, obviously not realising Des is describing a hangover. Madge bursts in and tells them all that Helen has come out of her coma.
Erinsborough Hospital
In the corridor, Paul is certain that Helen is going to be fine, and Todd wonders if all the talking to her helped after all. Beverly comes out of Helen's room and tells them Helen's facial muscles aren't working yet so she can't talk. They will need to see an improvement in the next few days to be sure of a speedy recovery. They all go into the room and tell Helen how much they have missed her.
Coffee Shop
Madge and Harold are decorating the Christmas tree on the counter and plan to go and see Helen tonight. Henry comes in and asks for some very black coffee! Madge tells him the news about Helen but that she'll probably be in hospital for a bit longer. Henry thinks that's where he should be. It's Bronwyn's fault… if she weren't mad at him he would have spent the evening with her instead of the blokes! Madge tells him he's second to none at wriggling out of responsibility. Henry leaves and Sharon comes out of the kitchen, asking how Henry is. Madge says Henry is not a well boy, leaving Sharon clearly concerned.
Daniels Corporation
Gail is glad to see Paul looking happier. Paul thinks everything's going to work out fine now, including the business deal.
GAIL: You are incorrigible. Can't you leave an occasion like your grandmother's recovery without soiling it with business ambitions?
They argue again about the buyout. Gail doesn't want to put themselves at risk of hardship. Paul accuses her of only wanting to be with him because of the lifestyle he provides.
Erinsborough Hospital
Madge and Harold are waiting in the corridor with some flowers when Jim and Todd come out of Helen's room. Todd invites Madge and Harold to their early Christmas party tomorrow. Madge and Harold go in to see Helen.
MADGE: I brought you some flowers, Helen. We'll get a vase before we leave. Hospital rooms can be so dull can't they? Not that you've probably notice…!
Harold tells Helen about his bad back but Madge nudges him so he talks about the coffee shop reopening again which leads him to start moaning about Edith. Madge says he's full of doom and gloom so tells Helen about Henry and Bronwyn splitting up instead!
Daniels Corporation
Gail tells Paul she's not here for an easy ride and she's not averse to taking risk but she thinks he's set his sights too high. They are interrupted by a phone call from Rosemary. After talking about Helen Paul says Gail is as wrapped in the buyout as he is.
Mark comes in with a single red rose for Jane. Jane says she won't say he shouldn't have because she's starting to get used to him. Mark says he's going to have to come up with some more surprises. They hear Gail yelling at Paul in the other room for what he said to Rosemary. Jane says she should be working or they will bite her head off. Mark says he'll collect her at 7:30 for dinner… and a surprise. He wants her to wear the diamonds.
Ramsay Street
Des approaches Henry who is struggling with the gardening and loudly asks him how he's doing. Henry says he'd be better if everyone kept the noise down. Des says it must have been some night but Henry says he didn't even enjoy it because of Bronwyn. Des says she will come round.
Number 28
Jane has come to get some makeup back from Brownwyn as Mark is taking her out for dinner tonight on top of their picnic with the horse and carriage today. Bronwyn says it's so romantic but Jane says it can't last forever; she knows Mark will have to get back to the US and his business. Bronwyn says she's right that nothing lasts forever, clearly referring to Henry. Jane tells her that Henry's just across the road if she wants to make up. Des comes home and tells Brownyn that Henry's in a bad way but Bronwyn refuses to talk to him.
Ramsay Street
The tree surgeon tells Beverly there's about a 30% chance of the tree recovering and he will come back on Monday to see what he can do. He leaves and Henry asks what the verdict was; he feels really bad for spilling the weed killer. Sharon comes up behind them just in time to get the wrong end of the stick again:
BEVERLY: The surgeon's going to operate on Monday.
HENRY: Is it a major operation?
BEVERLY: Afraid so, but there's no alternative. It's a matter of life or death!
HENRY: I suppose it'll cost heaps.
BEVERLY: Well it's not covered by medical benefits!
HENRY: Great. That means I'll have to work all weekend to earn the extra cash. The way I feel, that's the last thing I need.
BEVERLY: Don't worry Henry, we'll work something out. Anyway I'd better go; I've got another patient to see.
HENRY: Better luck with them, eh?
BEVERLY: Keep optimistic. The surgeon said there's a 30% chance of recovery.
SHARON: Henry! Are you alright?
HENRY: Well I wouldn't say that, but I'll survive.
SHARON: How brave!
Number 28
Des answers the door to Sharon who is in a state and tells Bronwyn that Henry is really ill and has to have an operation. Bronwyn thinks she's making it up but Sharon says it's a matter of life and death; he's only got a 30% chance of surviving!
SHARON: Bronnie, you've gotta go and see Henry… he mightn't have long to live!
Number 22
Jim and Todd thank Paul and Gail for the tea and cake. They leave, confirming they will see them for the celebration tomorrow. Paul and Gail get back to arguing. Paul says Rosemary needs an answer. Gail agrees to buying the business because if she doesn't she'll never hear the end of it, but it's without her blessing and it has to be without mortgaging the house. Paul is delighted.
Ramsay Street
A concerned Bronwyn comes over and tells Henry she knows about the operation.
HENRY: It's a shame really… perfect one day and the next day dying!
BRONWYN: Oh no, don't say that! There must be some hope?
HENRY: Well there is a chance. If the surgeon lops off some limbs we may be right.
BRONWYN: Limbs? Oh Henry!
Brownwyn throws her arms around Henry. Madge and Harold pull up in the car and witness the reconciliation. Bronwyn tells Henry she will visit him every day in hospital.
HENRY: Hospital? Why am I going to hospital?
BRONWYN: You'll have to for the operation.
HENRY: What operation?
BRONWYN: I thought… Henry, what have we been talking about?
HENRY: The Robinsons' tree!
Bronwyn is furious; she has been crying her eyes out over a tree! She pushes Henry into a pile of branches and runs back home.
Number 32
Jane comes from the hallway dressed for dinner and wearing the diamonds. She asks Mark if he's going to tell her why he wanted her to wear them or if she has to wait until after dinner. Mark says there's one more diamond he wants her to wear. He pulls out a ring and asks Jane to marry him. Jane looks stunned.
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Des Clarke, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0875
Des Clarke, Harold Bishop

Des Clarke, Harold Bishop, Sharon Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0875
Des Clarke, Harold Bishop, Sharon Davies, Madge Bishop

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Beverly Marshall, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0875
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Beverly Marshall, Todd Landers

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0875
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0875
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0875
Gail Robinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0875
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0875
Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0875
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jane Harris, Mark Granger in Neighbours Episode 0875
Jane Harris, Mark Granger

Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0875
Des Clarke, Henry Ramsay

Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris, Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0875
Bronwyn Davies, Jane Harris, Des Clarke, Jamie Clarke

Tree Surgeon, Beverly Marshall in Neighbours Episode 0875
Tree Surgeon, Beverly Marshall

Beverly Marshall, Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0875
Beverly Marshall, Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0875
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0875
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0875
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0875
Henry Ramsay

Mark Granger, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0875
Mark Granger, Jane Harris

 in Neighbours Episode 0875

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0875
Jane Harris

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