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Neighbours Episode 0626 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0626
Australian airdate: 23/11/87
UK airdate: 04/04/89
UK Gold: 27/03/95
Summary/Images by: Sue Parker/Graham
At the Clarke's:
Harold returns home to Des attempting to cook. He tells him his idea for the holiday was a great success, a date has been set for the wedding. Des is pleased but is still stressed about the problems at the coffee shop. He tells Harold Sally has left and he is now short of a cook. Harold suggests Madge - she is bored silly waiting for the Waterhole to re-open. Des agrees. Mike comes in and asks Harold if they can swap houses again. Despite initial reluctance Harold agrees he'll have to go back to Mrs Mangel's and goes off to pack. Mike chats to Des about the new guy starting at the bank - Pete Baxter. He warns him that he have the teachers hell at school - Des will have to sit on him and show him who's boss. This is all Des needs!
At Paul and Gail's:
Paul is all packed up. Gail asks what is going to happen to her job, does Paul want her to resign? Paul is surprised and says of course not - they have a damn good working relationship, even if they can't get on at home. He gives her the blessing that Mr Udigawa gave them and Gail reflects "If only he'd known how we were lying to him." Paul asks again if she met someone in America, he still can't understand why she wants a divorce. She says she can't switch off her emotions the way he can. He asks if that's the way she sees him -cold and without feeling? She says she knows he has feelings, he's just too scared to show them. Still refusing to give into the way he really feels Paul says he's just being sensible - and he hopes she doesn't regret her decision.
At Mrs Mangel's:
Chaos is breaking loose as Mike and Harold exchange places. Harold asks where Jane is - she's at the gym getting her body in shape. Mrs Mangel thinks she's letting the modelling go to her head. Mike gives her the tape of the lullaby he taped which she fell asleep listening to and leaves. Mrs Mangel reflects on what a nice young man he is before lecturing Harold on the disgraceful display he put on with Madge. He tries to sweet talk her by praising her cooking but she insists he'll have to be pulled back into line by the rules of her house.
Outside Paul and Gail's:
Paul is packing his cases into the car and Mrs Mangel takes a keen interest. Gail says she will be in to work later that day and goes inside, leaving Paul to stare dreamily after her. Gail walks into an empty house and fawns over the blessing present. Not too late to run after him Gail...
At the coffee shop:
Pete Baxter comes in to drop off the lunch orders for the bank. Mike asks how things are going with Des but Pete hasn't met him yet. Mike reminds him to be confident, don't let Des push him around. He agrees and goes off back to the bank. Harold asks what Mike is playing at and Mike says he's getting his own back. Harold points out this isn't a schoolboy prank, it's Pete's career he's playing with. Mike is sure Des will see the funny side.
At the bank:
Pete cockily enters Des's office for his first chat. Des is taken aback by his know-it-all demeanour and tells him to smarten up his attitude or he'll be out on his ear. They quickly get into a row with both standing up saying they've heard a few things about the other. Des - "Oh yeah? Like what?"
At the coffee shop:
Gail is sitting drinking coffee (I thought she was late for work? Not looking forward to going in Gail?) Mike chats about how big a hit Jane was in America and moans that he doesn't want her to go. Gail says it won't be that bad for her, she's got supporters over there. Mike asks if Gail is glad to be home and she replies sadly "Sure, home is where the heart is". They walk outside and bump into Mrs Mangel who is dying to know if Paul is going away somewhere. Gail tells her he isn't and walks into the office. Mike starts collecting pots as Pete walks past. He tries to ask how the morning went but Pete blanks him.
Inside the coffee shop:
Harold is having some sort of seizure on the phone, to the customers confusion. Madge asks Mike what was wrong with Pete but he doesn't know. Harold comes off the phone and says his shares have gone up three cents. He is about to burst with excitement. He boasts to Mike about how much he's going to make, and Mike looks keen himself. Des pops his head round the door to check how things are getting on and Mike asks about Pete. Des - "Oh him? Regular little smart Alec so I fired him. See you later guys!" Mike looks after him in shock.
By the lake:
Mike runs up to Pete who is sitting by the lake. Pete can't understand it, he did everything Mike told him to. Mike apologises and says he set him up as a joke. Pete calls him a creep, he's ruined his career! He lays a guilt trip on Mike about how upset his family will be and how he'll never get another job. Mike promises he'll sort it out, Des is a good guy and can take a joke. Des appears out of the bushes and says "I hope you can mate..." They've set Mike up to pay him back. (Hang on a sec, who's running the bank while Pete and Des are out playing stupid practical jokes?)
In the office:
Mrs Mangel asks Paul if she should report to his wife in his absence - she saw him putting his luggage in the car and assumes he's going away somewhere. Paul tells her to have the managers suite made up for him, but keep it quiet. He and Gail have agreed on a separation. Mrs Mangel, unwilling to let it go at that juicy bit of gossip, asks if she may enquire what the problem is but Paul sends her off to work with a flea in her ear. She bumps into Gail at the door and gives her her deepest sympathy, before leaving. Paul tells Gail that's the hardest bit taken care of - telling everyone. Gail agrees but insists they tell his family themselves. Paul says he isn't looking forward to that. Gail says tough. And they have to do it quickly now Mrs Mangel knows.
At the coffee shop:
Harold's shares appear to have gone up again! (Good job the coffee shop is empty, he hasn't lifted a finger all day!) Mike says he wants to invest himself and Harold says he will double, no triple, his investment. Now Madge is thinking of putting her money in too... Oh dear, I think we can all see where this is going can't we?
At the bank:
Des is on the phone to his mum and manages to talk her into coming to see him at the bank. Mike arrives to try and take $1000 out of his shares. Des tries to talk him out of it, until he hears it's for that dodgy mining company. He's still unsure but agrees to look into it further for Mike. Pete interrupts - there's a gentleman here to see Des, it's his father..... And Eileen is due any minute!
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Harold Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0626
Harold Bishop, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0626
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Mike Young, Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0626
Mike Young, Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0626
Nell Mangel

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0626
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0626
Gail Robinson

Harold Bishop, Pete Baxter, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0626
Harold Bishop, Pete Baxter, Mike Young

Pete Baxter, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0626
Pete Baxter, Des Clarke

Gail Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0626
Gail Robinson, Mike Young

Nell Mangel, Gail Robinson, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0626
Nell Mangel, Gail Robinson, Mike Young

Madge Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0626
Madge Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Mike Young

Pete Baxter in Neighbours Episode 0626
Pete Baxter

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0626
Mike Young

Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0626
Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel

Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0626
Harold Bishop, Madge Ramsay

Mike Young, Pete Baxter in Neighbours Episode 0626
Mike Young, Pete Baxter

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0626
Des Clarke

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