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Neighbours Episode 0540 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0540
Australian airdate: 24/07/1987
UK airdate: 01/12/1988
UK Gold: 25/11/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Outside The Coffee Shop
Jane asks for an explanation but Mike just says the same; he's met a girl and fallen in love with her. Jane doesn't understand how you can fall in love with someone in four days. He tells her he didn't mean for it to happen and says he didn't want to hurt her. Jane wants to know who the girl is but Mike won't tell her. Mrs Mangel comes out of The Coffee Shop and sees there is a problem. She watches as Jane starts to cry and walks away from Mike.
Charlene is preparing for her dinner party. Madge thinks she should be out looking for a job instead of spending the day cooking. Madge doesn't want her to go overboard with the cooking given that she's helping out. Charlene tells Madge that Henry has another date with Melanie tonight. Scott emerges from the bedroom, ready for school. Charlene has made him sandwiches; baked beans and vegemite! Charlene convinces him that they taste great but Scott leaves them behind.
The Office
Jane is crying when Mrs Mangel joins her in the office. She asks her what's wrong but Jane says she doesn't want to worry her about it. Mrs Mangel says she knows they have had a rough patch lately but she's still her Grandmother and she wants to help. She says she knows it's because of Mike as she saw them outside. Jane thinks she was snooping and rants at Mrs Mangel for prying into other peoples business. Mrs Mangel leaves and Jane cries some more.
The Coffee Shop
Gino is talking to Mike about becoming a teacher. He wants to know more about his time in Canberra but Mike is in no mood to talk. Harold hears the raised voices and tells them to work together or they will have him to deal with. He tells them to think positively about the new health menu as then it will sell. Jane arrives but Mike tells her he can't talk to her right now. Jane says she think it would be rude if they don't go to Charlene's dinner party tonight. They agree to go and hold up the pretence that they are still seeing each other. Gino asks Jane if this is the boyfriend he's been hearing about but she informs him Mike is an ex-boyfriend.
After Jane leaves Gino wants to know why Mike split up with her. Again Mike doesn't want to talk and Harold is losing his patience with both of them. Madge arrives with some pies but has left the bulk at home as she can't carry them. Harold asks Gino to go and get them in his car. Mike is pleased to have a break from him.
Beverly has come to check up on Daphne. Beverly tells her things are quiet at the surgery, she wonders if the neighbourhood is ok with having a female doctor. She has a book for Daphne and tells her she feels guilty for forcing her to bed rest but once again insists it's necessary. She tells her if she's still ok in a few days she'll let Des take her on a drive.
Gino is smitten with Charlene but all she can think about is what to cook for the dinner party. Madge arrives and tells Gino to get a move on with the pies. Madge and Scott arrive and Scott makes sure that Gino knows he's Charlene's husband. Charlene gives Scott his sandwiches and he goes back to school.
Outside The Coffee Shop
Beverly is having coffee when Mrs Mangel arrives. She introduces herself and asks when Clive will be back at the surgery. Beverly says she doesn't know and asks if she can help. Mrs Mangel takes a seat and says she's been having trouble sleeping lately. Beverly asks her to come to the surgery but Mrs Mangel is reluctant and says she doesn't have time. Beverly tells her that insomnia is a symptom not an illness and needs to be investigated.
The Coffee Shop
Gino is flirting with the few customers having lunch. Harold is a little dismayed that the lunch crowd has disappeared but assures Mike that things will pick up. Mike doesn't think the new menu will work out and tells Harold he wouldn't want to be in his shoes when Daphne finds out.
Des is trying to cook dinner and failing miserably. Daphne is waiting for Harold to arrive with the takings but Mike tells her not to hold her breath. He explains that The Coffee Shop had a bad day. Des thinks time is needed for people to settle into the new menu. Mike is getting ready for his night out and tells Des and Daphne that he's split up with Jane.
Mike and Jane arrive and the dinner table looks lovely. Jane helps Charlene in the kitchen whilst Scott joins Mike in the living room. Jane asks how the honeymoon was and Charlene tells her she'll get the photos out later. Whilst Scott gets the drinks, Jane joins Mike on the couch and tells him to make more of an effort. He tells her it's hard to pretend and she reminds him that she's the one who's been dumped.
In the kitchen Scott and Charlene think Mike and Jane have had a fight. They take the drinks inside and toast to Scott and Charlene. Scott makes a little speech and says that marriage won't change anything. They've always been the four musketeers of Ramsay Street and they always will be.
Daphne is counting the takings and Harold is making excuses as to why The Coffee Shop has been so quiet. Daphne is having second thoughts about the new menu but Des says it just needs more time. Harold says he got over enthusiastic and over ordered as he thought the new menu would be such a success. He says they can't freeze it as that would defy the point of selling fresh food. Daphne asks what he did with all the food he didn't sell and he says he threw it away. Daphne is annoyed and says the new menu is not working. She says she's giving it one more day and if the takings aren't up then they will go back to the original menu.
Dinner is finished and Charlene isn't too thrilled with how it turned out. Everyone convinces her that dinner was fine and Scott tells Mike he should consider the marriage thing if it means he gets a great cook like Charlene. Mike and Jane sit awkwardly and Mike says that not everyone is cut out for marriage. Jane can't take much more of the pretence and announces that she and Mike have split up. Scott and Charlene are shocked and Jane tells Mike to tell them all about his new girlfriend. Mike tells them her name is Megan and she's on the same course as he is. He says he never thought he could feel this way about anybody and says it's mutual. Megan is trying to get a transfer so that they can be together. Jane tells Charlene she is sorry for ruining the dinner party, Charlene says she hasn't ruined it but Jane says she is about to. She takes Charlene's freshly cooked pavlova and shoves it in Mike's face!
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Mike Young, Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0540
Mike Young, Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0540
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0540
Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0540
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0540
Des Clarke, Harold Bishop

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0540
Daphne Clarke

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0540
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0540
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Mike Young, Jane Harris, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0540
Mike Young, Jane Harris, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

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