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Neighbours Episode 0538 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0538
Australian airdate: 22/07/1987
UK airdate: 29/11/1988
UK Gold: 23/11/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Paul and Gail's
Paul tells Gail he is fed up with both of them acting like puppets for the sake of a business deal. Gail asks what would happen if she were to say she didn't want out. Paul tells her things would stay as they are. Gail says is they split up they will hurt a lot of people and before she can make the decision she needs time to think. Paul tenderly tells her to take all the time she needs.
Charlene's Room
Scott returns from the shower wearing Charlene's dressing gown. He was scared of wearing just a towel in case Madge saw him! Charlene tells him this is his house as well as hers now and tells him to relax. Madge barges in to the room almost catching Scott in his birthday suit. Scott despairs at the fact they have no privacy and that he has to go to school. Charlene assures him that when he leaves school they can get their own place.
Robinsons Backyard
Jim is hanging out the washing much to the amusement of Helen. She seems to have cottoned n to Operation BB given that Jane and Lucy are tidying the house up and cooking the breakfast. Helen tells Jim she's knows what they are trying to do and Jim tells her not to give up the trip just because she may think they can't cope. Helen says the office concerns her and because of that she can't just take time off for a painting exhibition.
Scott is tucking into a big breakfast as prepared by Madge. Charlene is a bit put out, as she wanted to prepare Scott's breakfast and lunch. Henry arrives and teases Scott about Madge catching him unawares. Henry tells Scott and Charlene about the Liquid Beauty sales, he tells them he will pay them back as soon as the money from the gardening business comes in. Charlene is not convinced and tells Henry she wants her money back.
The Office
Paul arrives to find Helen already at work. She tells him she's hiding from all the good little helpers at home. Paul tells her there is little Home James work to do as Jane has done it all. Helen says she will check the work but doesn't want to upset Jane. Paul tells Helen they can manage fine without her and tells her to go on the painting trip.
Henry is ranting about Charlene wanting her money back. Madge tells him he should have asked Charlene before he went ahead and sold the Liquid Beauty. She also tells Charlene that this is a great opportunity for Henry and thinks she should help him out. Scott says they may need the money in a hurry and says it isn't fair that their money is tied up in Henry's business. Charlene strikes a deal; she'll help out Henry and get 30% of the takings. Henry isn't happy but accepts Charlene's offer.
The Coffee Shop
Harold shows Gail to a table. Helen and Paul join her but feeling that she's not needed Helen makes excuses to leave. Paul tells Gail that Operation BB is not working out very well. Talk turns back to the marriage contract and Gail tells Paul she wants to make the right decision. They are interrupted by Harold announcing the specials. Paul is not happy to find meat off the menu and when Des arrives Harold tells Des he needs an assistant. Paul overhears and recommends someone who applied for some work at Lassiters.
Daphne is looking at the reference Paul passed onto them. The man in question is a gourmet chef named Gino. Daphne isn't happy about it and would rather be back at work herself. Des has already arranged an interview and before Daphne has a chance to respond Gino arrives.
Helen is bored, as all the housework has been done! Jim tells her dinner has been taken care of too which makes Helen feel even more redundant.
Gino is doing his best to convince Daphne he is the best man for the job. She doesn't understand how he has so many qualifications at such a young age. He explains that with a family full of Italian chefs cooking has been part of his life. Des and Daphne explain that The Coffee Shop duties include waiting tables and washing up as well as preparing food. Gino is still insistent that he wants the job and decides to make Daphne lunch to prove his worth.
Gino prepares a salad in three minutes and whilst Daphne tucks in he tells her about his big family. He says he has a responsibility to get a job and if the answer is no he won't waste anymore of her time.
The Coffee Shop
Charlene greets Harold who is thrilled to have her back. Harold says he respects she and Henry for taking matters into their own hands and starting their own businesses. Gino arrives and starts to chat up Charlene. She shows her wedding ring and tells her to back off. Gino introduces himself to Harold and tells him he is his new assistant.
Ramsays Backyard
Helen arrives to see Madge working in the garden. Madge sees Helen is down and tells her the family are just trying to give her time to herself. But Helen says their efforts have only made her feel like a token member of the family who no longer has a use. However she says she will go on the trip and maybe she won't come back.
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Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0538
Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0538
Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0538
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

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