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Neighbours Episode 0529 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0529
Australian airdate: 09/07/1987
UK airdate: 16/11/1988
UK Gold: 10/11/1994
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Ramsay Street
Paul asks Jim how the dinner party was. Jim says he doesn't want to talk about. Paul tells Jim he knows about the Rob situation and tells him that he is paying him back the money Rob owes the business. Jim is grateful and Paul says he is sure Rob isn't a thief and when it comes down to it he's family. Jim asks Paul to bring the cheque to the Coffee Shop in the hope of calming down Harold.
Henry is tucking into a big breakfast and Madge tells him he's going to be late for work. Henry tells Madge he's grateful for the work Paul is giving him, but ideally he wants his own business. Harold arrives and thanks Madge for a wonderful evening. Madge asks Harold for a favour and asks if he can ensure that Charlene won't lose her job at the garage. Harold says he doesn't want to disappoint she or Charlene and says he will do his best. However if Rob doesn't pay the money back a law suit looks possible.
The Office
Paul is writing the cheque for Rob and tells him the best way to make up for this mistake is to promise that it never happens again. Rob gives Paul his word and says he will cut back on the gambling and the drinking. He promises he will pay them back and tells Gail they are both lucky that she has Paul as her husband.
The Coffee Shop
Daphne is half asleep and tells Henry the baby kept her up all night. Henry tells her she should have taken the day off, after all that's one of the perks to running your own business. Rob arrives and gives Jim and Harold the cheque. Harold tells Rob things can't just go back to normal and says he can no longer trust Rob to be manager of the garage. Jim tells Harold they have to discuss the situation but Harold says he won't work with a criminal. He tells Rob he either accepts he is no longer part of the garage or the matter will be taken to the police.
Outside The Coffee Shop
Rob walks away from The Coffee Shop and bumps into Gail. He tells her he has been sacked and that Harold called him a criminal. Gail is furious and asks Rob what Jim said. He tells her he just sat there and let Harold take control. Jim arrives and tells Rob he is sorry, Rob leaves and Jim again apologises to Gail. She tells him Rob has never done anything like this before and probably never will again. She says he deserves a second chance. Jim says Harold gave him no choice but promises to try and change his mind.
Lassiters Complex
Paul tells Henry he's doing a good job and tells him he's just been let down by the man who was supposed to do the lawns. Henry says he can do the lawns but Paul reminds him that he doesn't have his own equipment. Henry asks Paul to give him a chance and Paul says if he can get his own equipment within the next few days then the contract is his.
The Coffee Shop
Madge tells Daphne that she keeps receiving Freds bills, she also tells her about the bounced cheque which he sent to Charlene. Henry comes in bursting with joy and tells Madge about his conversation with Paul.
Mrs Mangels
Jim tells Harold that losing his job has hit Rob hard. Harold says Rob has lost any right to be trusted and says he has no principles. Jim thinks Harolds animosity stretches back to his immediate dislike of Rob but Harold insists it's because he can't work with somebody he doesn't trust. Jim wonders what they will do without a mechanic and is worried about Charlene's apprenticeship. Harold tells Jim he can do what he feels is best as from now on he is withdrawing his investment from the business.
Henry needs $600 for some tools and tells Madge that he will make profit on them within no time. He says as well as Lassiters he will work on the neighbours gardens and will finally have a job that he likes. Madge says she can't lend him the money but agrees to put her name against the hire of the tools as Henry has a bad credit rating.
Daphne is asleep when the doorbell rings. It's Harold. He's looking for Des as he wants to transfer some funds. Harold tells Daphne he has dissolved the garage partnership with Jim and Rob. Daphne asks Harold what he is going to do, he says he only has one real option left and that doesn't make him very happy.
Paul and Gails
Paul and Gail are having dinner with Rob, who is still complaining about Harold. Rob says he might go back to the racing circuit to earn some money. Jim arrives and tells them all that Harold has left the business. Rob thinks it's wonderful news but Jim calms him down and tells him that they now have to pay Harold out. Rob tells Jim that he won't be able to get a loan and Jim says he will see what he can do.
Madge reads the hire form for Henry and warns him the payments are down to him. Madge tells Henry she's very proud of him. Harold arrives and Henry tells him the news, Harold congratulates him. Harold shares his own news and tells Madge that with Charlene's apprenticeship in mind he felt leaving the garage was the best solution. However the downside is that he's decided to leave Erinsborough. He says he has lost his job and the atmosphere at Mrs Mangel's leaves a lot to be desired. Henry leaves Madge and Harold alone and she is clearly devastated. She asks Harold what will happen to them and he says they will always be friends no matter where they in the world. Madge begs him not to go.
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Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0529
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis

Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0529
Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson

Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0529
Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis

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