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Neighbours Episode 0517 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0517
Australian airdate: 23/06/1987
UK airdate: 31/10/1988
UK Gold: 25/10/1994
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
The Office
Paul and Gail are talking about ideas for the complex when Henry arrives. Paul has some odd jobs for him and first on the list is a clean out of the cellar in The Waterhole.
The Waterhole
Madge is giving Mrs Mangel a tour of The Waterhole. Mrs Mangel wants to go to the church dance and asks Madge if it would be ok to go alone. Madge tells her some men need the push and suggests that Mrs Mangel take the risk. Mrs Mangel thanks Madge and says it's lovely to have a female friend who gives such good advice. Madge asks who the lucky man is but Mrs Mangel remains tight lipped.
The Coffee Shop
Mike is manning the shop as Des and Daphne are at the solicitors. Harold and Henry are getting lunch and Henry suggests Harold come over for dinner one night. Harold assures him there is no need to match make any longer as he and Madge have settled their differences and are friends again. Henry asks Mike if he has any ideas for Scott's bucks party but Harold stops them in their tracks. Henry says it will just be a few mates sharing drinks and promises there will be no strippers.
The Office
Jane and Gail are talking about Charlene's hen night; it's going to be a quiet one. They decide to go shopping to buy Charlene something nice. Paul has received a call from the archaeologist who says the bone is ancient aborigine. They are sending out someone else to look at the site, as there is a chance of finding more bones. Paul tells Gail if Lassiters is a sacred site they could claim the land and stop the development.
The Coffee Shop
Daphne is taking her anger out on the plates. The solicitor said they could be in court for months. Mike tries to calm her down but Daphne is worried that they may lose the house. Mrs Mangel arrives and Daphne asks her to leave.
The Office
Mrs Mangel tells Jane she should have warned her Daphne owned the Coffee Shop. Paul tells Mrs Mangel to discuss the matter in her own time. Jane explains to Paul that Mrs Mangel is suing Des and Daphne and asks Paul to talk to Mrs Mangel. Jane says she doesn't know what to do because everyone is arguing and she feels caught in the middle. The phone rings and Paul and Gail are told that the site inspector as arrived.
The Waterhole
Harold gives Madge his acceptance for Scott and Charlene's wedding. He also tells her he is moving back into Ramsay Street and is still very fond of she and Charlene, so much so that he wants to help pay for the wedding. Madge thanks him but says between she and the Robinsons they have it covered. Madge says it will be a pleasure just to have him at the wedding. Harold says seeing as Kerry will never get married he would to witness Charlene's wedding.
The Cellar
Madge comes to see what Henry is doing as the beer has run out. Henry is talking to her about Harold and is glad they are friends again. Madge asks Henry if he thinks she did the wrong thing breaking off the engagement. Henry says he can't answer that but thinks it wouldn't take much to make things right. Madge thinks maybe she should take Harold to the church dance Mrs Mangel was talking about.
Paul, Gail and Lucy meet with the site inspector who has been involved in aborigine welfare for years. Gail asks her if she suspects a burial site but the inspector says there is a site a few miles away which means there may be other bones in the lake. She tells Paul that she and her people would rather the whole lake remained undisturbed.
The Office
The site inspector says she will not be taking any legal action, whether the site is touched remains up to Paul. He asks if he can just have a minute with Gail. Paul says he respects their findings but hopes they can come to a compromise. The inspector talks to Lucy about the burial site. She says when people die they bury them and then leave them in peace. They don't go back to visit the site. Paul is about to show the inspector the plans but has a change of heart and tells the lake will remain undisturbed.
Outside Lassiters
Harold is packing his stuff in his car so he can move back into Mrs Mangels. Mrs Mangels arrives and asks him to the church dance. He accepts with great pleasure and informs her that not so long ago they did the tango together!
The Coffee Shop
Daphne is drawing up a list of menu specials. Jane arrives and tells Daphne and Mike she doesn't want to argue over the court case. She says she has to support her gran but doesn't want it to come between their friendships. Daphne and Mike agree with her and Jane invites Daphne to Charlene's hen party. However as it's been held at Mrs Mangels house Daphne won't go.
The Office
Lucy is still excited about her bone finding. Paul tells her she should be going home, as she has to pick up Victoria and Albert. Gail asks who they are and Paul informs her that are mice! Lucy is looking after then for her friend Emma. Gail tells Paul it was nice of him to agree to leave the lake undisturbed. He tells her he believes in good PR and is thinking of putting a memorial garden near the lake and selling a few boomerangs. Gail is horrified until Paul tells her he's teasing her.
The Waterhole
Mrs Mangel arrives and tells Madge she took her advice. She asked out her gentleman friend and he accepted. Madge is horrified when Mrs Mangel announces the gentleman is Harold!
Henry teases Madge and says Harold and Mrs Mangel could very well be made for each other. However he thinks Madge should fight for her man.
<<0516 - 0518>>
Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0517
Jane Harris

Daphne Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0517
Daphne Clarke, Mike Young

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0517
Nell Mangel

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0517
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

<<0516 - 0518>>
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