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Neighbours Episode 0498 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0498
Australian airdate: 27/5/1987
UK airdate: 4/10/1988
UK Gold: 28/9/1994
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Donna (glittergal)
Charlene is home from the hospital and Madge is fussing over her. Scott is looking after her while Madge goes into work. Madge tells Charlene that they'll have to go shopping to replace her burnt clothes, much to Charlene's delight.
When Madge has gone, Charlene says she doesn't know how she's going to tell Madge that she and Scott are moving in together.
Outside Lassiter's
Jim and Helen are having lunch when Mrs Mangel comes up. She tells them that Gail and Jeremy are spending a lot of time together - evne moving back in together. Helen subtly tells Mrs Mangel off for gossiping, but she doesn't pick up on it(!)
When Mrs Mangel has gone, Helen suggests sending Lucy to private school. Jim says that he and Anne agreed that all the kids would go to the same school and there's nothing wrong with Erinsborough High. He agrees to give it more thought though.
The Office
Mrs Mangel is getting on Paul's nerves. Helen comes in and talks to Mrs Mangel while Paul answers the phone. It's Rob - he tells him that Jeremy is dead. Gail is in the background looking numb. Paul breaks the news to Helen and Mrs Mangel and leaves to see Gail.
Gail is coldly angry about the accident. She stalks off to her room.
Paul comes round to see Gail. She's quite pleased to see him but seems numb - she isn't even crying. Paul suggests calling Clive but Gail says she's fine. She goes off to have a bath.
When Gail has gone, Paul tells Rob that Gail seems so detached - she must be in shock. Rob blames himself - the car wasn't ready to be driven. He starts to cry himself and Paul comforts him.
Scott and Charlene are looking in the paper for flats to rent, but there's very little available within their budget. Also, Scott needs to get a job. Charlene says he'll have to finish school if he wants to be a journalist one day.
Harold comes in to see Charlene - he tells her that insurance will cover her clothes. But Charlene says that she may not be covered by Paul's insurance. Also she lets slip that Madge doesn't have any insurance at all. Harold is appalled.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Helen is telling Madge about Jeremy's accident. Mrs Mangel comes up and starts gossiping about Jeremy but Helen tells her bluntly not to speak ill of the dead. Helen sees Madge's ring and says the glass looks very authentic. Madge admits that things are not too good with Harold - she's having second thoughts about marrying him.
Rob is crying on the sofa when Gail comes back from her bath. Gail has been packing up Jeremy's things because she has to work tomorrow(!) Rob tells her to stop bottling things up. Gail says she never had a chance with Jeremy - between her and the car he'd always choose the car.
Outside Lassiter's
Madge and Harold are discussing Jeremy's accident. Harold asks Madge if she's taken out insurance for her engagement ring, and she admits she hasn't. Harold makes her give him the ring so he can get it valued.
Jim tells Lucy that it's great to have his little girl back. Lucy says she's excited about school - her teacher wants to bring in her slides of France. She seems to have gone off the idea of private school!
Helen comes in and breaks the news to Jim about Jeremy's accident.
Outside Lassiter's
Madge is forced to admit to Harold that she lost the diamond out of the ring.
Jim has come to condole with Rob who blames himself. Gail says that it doesn't matter - Jeremy brought it all on himself by buying the car. He was obsessed by it and it killed him.
Charlene and Scott have been to the estate agent but had no luck at all. Madge and Harold come in and Madge sends Charlene and Scott out. Harold tells Madge that she broke his trust by lying to him. Madge says that it was only a temporary measure but Harold says she was deceitful. He tells her that he wants a hiatus on their engagement. He walks out.
Jim is telling Helen that Gail is very bitter and she's put the shutters down.
Madge comes round to see Helen and tells her what's happened with Harold.
Jeremy's brother is on his way. Gail sits down, starts to cry and says that she loved Jeremy. She asks Rob to leave her by herself for a while. When he's gone, Gail picks up a koala that Jeremy gave her.
There's a knock at the door and it's a woman who introduces herself as Meredith Lord. She's looking for her husband, Jeremy!
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Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0498
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel

Gail Lewis, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0498
Gail Lewis, Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0498
Rob Lewis, Paul Robinson

Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0498
Gail Lewis

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0498
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

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