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Neighbours Episode 0478 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0478
Australian airdate: 29/04/1987
UK airdate: 06/09/1988
UK Gold: 31/08/1994
Summary/Images by: Flinkerbell
Charlene hears someone prowling around outside her caravan and rattling on the door on her first night staying there. She calls out Who's there.
Charlene presumes it is Mike playing a joke. She puts on her dressing gown, grabs a torch and opens the caravan door but no one is there. We see the view of Charlene's feet from under the caravan and scary music plays as she circles it.
Coffee Shop
Jane is at a table having a coffee and talking to Daphne who is spraying the plants. Daph is concerned when Jane says she regrets going to the film festival and back to Miranda's last night. Everyone had been going on about arty rubbish so she said what she had really thought; that it was boring. Cassandra had made Jane feel like she was stupid because she was a secretary and Mike just sat back and let them. She asks Daphne not so anything.
DAPHNE: He better not bring his stuck up uni mates back to our house. I have got claws of my own.
Charlene comes into the coffee shop with wet hair and a towel across her shoulders. Daphne laughs to herself and tells her that her mother had said she wouldn't have the patience to cook and would waste money eating out. She snaps and says she hasn't had time to get groceries yet but quickly apologises saying she didn't get much sleep. Charlene sits down at the table with Jane and tells her she has a bone to pick with Mike about freaking her out last night; rattling the door and disconnecting the power. But Jane assures her Mike was with her all night. Daphne overhears and suggests she tells the police or her mum. She asks her not to tell her mum so Daphne agrees as long as Jane tells Paul.
Jim pops into the office to tell Paul that Helen won't be in today as she is upset and embarrassed and feels double crossed. Jim admits that on this occasion he is on his side. He understands Paul was just trying to help his Grandmother get her confidence back. The phone rings and it is Rosemary.
The Bank
Des takes Helen into his office and offers her a tea as it is his new friendly bank policy. She apologises for turning up without an appointment. Helen tells Des she needs a loan to which he says shouldn't be a problem and asks what it is for. She tells him she wants to buy all of her company back including the shares held within the Daniels Corporation. Des looks very surprised when Helen tells him she needs $100,000 and she needs the money quickly.
Paul puts the phone down to Rosemary. He cannot believe it; Rosemary is going to sell his Gran her shares back. Jim thinks he should have spoken to Rosemary and put forward some sort of argument.
PAUL: How could I agree? She's as mad as Helen and is blaming me for the whole thing.
Paul wants to go and talk to her but Jim decides it would be best if he does the talking. Paul doesn't believe his Gran can even raise that kind of money.
The Bank
Des is confused and asks Helen how she came up with the figure of $100,000 and asks when she gets the other shares if she plans to run the business herself. Helen does plan to. He advises her as her bank manager that unless she is being forced to do this she will be better off keeping the company partly owned by the Daniels Corporation as it is a natural protection against bad times.
HELEN: I want Paul's hands off my company
Des gives Helen the bottom line. If she is determined to manage Home James by herself then the bank can't lend her any money. Des apologises but Helen tells him not to be sorry as she'll get the money.
DES: So much for a friendly bank.
A Nearby Street
Charlene is walking down the street and Henry pulls up in his ice cream van and asks if she is on her lunch break. He offers to buy her lunch but she is meeting Warren at the coffee shop. He asks if it is ok if he tags along. Charlene looks pleased and she gets a lift from him in the van. She asks if this is an apology and he says he shouldn't have given her such a hard time about moving out. Henry asks about a moving in party and when Charlene tells him she didn't have one he thinks it sounds sad that she was on her own.
CHARLENE: I don't mind being on my own. I can hack it.
HENRY: Whatever you say.
Jim is trying to talk to Helen about her decision regarding the Daniels Corporation as he feels he is entitled to know why. She says she has an ego like everyone else and in the same way Paul and Jim are proud of their businesses, she used to be just as proud of her paintings as they were a symbol of her self esteem. As Chris Wilton told her she had nothing to offer to the art world she now has to find herself something useful and her business is all she has. Jim wants to make sure it isn't a way of getting back at Paul. Helen tells him it is none of his business when he asks her if she has spoken to Des about the money. Jim can guess that he had turned her down and is now worried she will go to a loan company and get ripped off. She rushes off claiming she has people to see.
Coffee Shop
Henry, Charlene and Warren are having lunch at the coffee shop. Charlene invites Henry over for dinner that evening and he can even stay over if he wants to as there is heaps of room. Henry doesn't want to as he has had enough of tiny little rooms. Warren offers to stay over and Henry gets the wrong end of the stick. Warren meant just as a friend but Henry was just looking after Charlene's reputation. He decides that he will come over for dinner after all.
WARREN: How long is your lunch break? I wouldn't mind seeing the caravan if it's alright by your brother.
CHARLENE: My brother can pull his head in.
HENRY: Warren, one sandwich, one thick shake, I said I'd shout Charlene not you.
As Henry pays the bill Daphne asks him if Charlene had told him about the night before as she had a prowler.
Warren thinks the van is great. Charlene says she may make a garden. Henry walks over to where Warren and Charlene are and they presume he didn't trust them together. He tells them he has heard a rumour about her not having much fun last night. Charlene claims she just had the jitters, that's all and she didn't mention it because she didn't want him to laugh at her. Henry spots some cigarette butts.
HENRY: Someone smoked these very recently and do you know what I reckon they were doing Charlene; they were watching you. What are you gonna do about it?
Jane approaches Paul about the problems Charlene had at the caravan the night before. She informs him that she has checked up and if anything happens he can be held legally responsible. He says to tell Daphne he will get the security company to keep an eye out.
PAUL: If this turns out to be a permanent attack of female hysteria then Charlene's out.
JANE: She's not the type - and that was a pretty sexist comment.
PAUL: Enough of the women's lib - I'm copping enough from my Grandmother as it is.
Jim arrives and tells Paul that after speaking to Helen things aren't looking good and although Des won't lend her the money not every financial institution have the ethics of the Pacific Bank.
HENRY: Stray dog was it? Sure, stray dogs switch the power off, smoke cigarettes; they do it all the time. Perfectly natural.
Henry tells Charlene she can't stay there and she is taking a stupid risk. He leaves the caravan. Warren offers again about staying the night; obviously not to make a move but just so as she's not scared. Charlene's beginning to think she may as well take Henry's advice and move back home.
Jim suggests to Paul that he buys Helen out and then she could start another business but Paul can't do that as it would be like admitting he can't fix things with his own Grandmother. He wants the family back together again although still thinks he did the right thing submitting the painting to the McArthur award without his Grans say so. Jim suggests he just pretends he wants to buy her out to buy time. Paul seems as though he thinks this would be a good idea.
Coffee Shop
Jane goes to the coffee shop for a take out lunch. She tells Daphne that she is not only looking at a secretary but a potential business administrator. She just hopes Gail will talk Paul into helping pay for the tuition fees. When Daph asks why he shouldn't, Jane admits she is worried he won't think her good enough.
DAPHNE: You need about 14 gallons of self confidence.
Jane feels school was safe compared to the rest of the world and since leaving she hasn't been sure about anything. She doesn't want Daph to say anything to Mike about what she thinks of his new friends and just hopes that he'll adjust. She also thinks it is down to her to fit in too and she is sure within time she will.
Helen is hammering a piece of meat and tells Jim as he walks through the door that dinner is going to be late. She notices Paul and asks what he is doing there.
PAUL: I've come round to sort a few things out Gran. Would you mind putting the hammer down first though? (With a smile)
HELEN: Say what you have to say.
Jim wants things done in a civilized manner. Paul apologises to Helen claiming he never meant to hurt her telling her she is his Grandmother and he loves her. Helen is not accepting of his apology as words cannot solve everything and some things can't be taken back once they're done. Paul, realising it is clear she doesn't want to work with him anymore offers to buy her out. Helen is horrified, not only has he stuck the knife in, he has twisted it as well. He tells her she can't afford to buy them out and if she gets a loan she'll be paying interest at up to 30% and within 6 months won't have a business. When Paul accuses her of being crazy she turns on him, reminding him that he knows nothing about love. He's lost everyone who has ever shown him any because he doesn't know the meaning of it. Upset, he walks out and Jim has a go at Helen for treating his son in that way and in his house. Jim has had all the selfish narrow minded nonsense he can take. Helen has said things to Paul that can never be taken back and rather than being the force that holds the family together she is now threatening all of them. Because of this Jim tells her to do what she likes; she is on her own.
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Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0478
Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0478
Charlene Mitchell, Daphne Clarke, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0478
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0478
Helen Daniels, Des Clarke

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0478
Des Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0478
Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0478
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Warren Murphy, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0478
Warren Murphy, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Warren Murphy, Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0478
Warren Murphy, Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0478
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Jane Harris

Warren Murphy, Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0478
Warren Murphy, Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0478
Daphne Clarke

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0478
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

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