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Neighbours Episode 0475 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0475
Australian airdate: 24/04/87
UK airdate: 01/09/88
UK Gold: 26/08/94
Summary/Images by: Flinkerbell/Liquid Beauty
Rob, Harold and Jim are celebrating their ownership of the garage at the Waterhole. Harold announces that he doesn't intend to be a silent partner and plans to have an office within the garage.
The Waterhole
Rob tries to tell Harold that it isn't a good idea to have an office at the garage as it is far too dirty. Harold doesn't think this is too much of a problem as it can get cleaned up easily enough. Still waiting to take their drink order, Madge asks what they are having.
ROB: Make mine a double.
HAROLD: Pardon.
ROB: I said... no trouble. A lovely lemon squash thanks Madge.
Harold, turning back to the subject in hand, states that as he is financially involved, he wants to be physically involved. Jim tries to assure Harold that Rob is grateful. Madge thinks these are just the sort of minor details they should be thrashing out before they get down to it. Rather pleased with himself, Harold compares it to digging out the old foundations before pouring the new ones.
No. 24
Charlene is stirring the dinner when Madge walks in from work, and comments on the delicious smell. Lennie thinks she needs the practice for when she moves out. Madge has to tell Charlene that she hasn't had much luck finding her a flat, and uses this opportunity to see if her daughter may change her mind. By the look on her face it is a definite no. Charlene says to leave it to her to find a flat, but they agree to both look.
Henry walks in through the back door dressed as a clown with a bright blue curly wig. He is not a happy clown though; in fact Madge thinks he looks like he has been hit by a truck! Charlene asks him if he has had a tiff with Parker. Henry walks away claiming she doesn't give him any trouble. Madge wants the feud between her two children to stop as Henry needs his sister's support. Madge reminds Charlene that Henry has always given her plenty of support when she needed it. This gives Lennie something to think about.
The Waterhole
Rob and Gail are in the waterhole having a drink. Gail, discussing the issue of Harold interfering with the garage, really doesn't think it can be that bad. But oh, according to Rob, it is.
GAIL: Ok, so Harold's a little more meticulous than you are, pays a little more attention to detail.
ROB: A little!? It's like letting Mary Poppins run a "strip club.
Rob is worried that once Harold has his little office in the corner he will be watching him like a hawk. Gail reminds him that although he built the business up from scratch, he would have been forced out of it if it hadn't been for Jim and Harold. Being the business woman she is, she explains to her father that partnership means compromise and he may have to adjust a little. Drinking his pint, Rob plans to savour every last drop of it as Harold doesn't approve. Gail has a thought that maybe Harold doesn't trust her father and that maybe they have been going about it all the wrong way.
Standing at the bar are Paul and Des. Paul agrees to have just one more as, after Gail has finished talking with her dad, they are going out with Mr Udugawa. Paul talks excitedly of Mr Udugawa, telling Des he is a pretty big investor and the Yen is looking pretty good too. Des is hoping he may need a bank in Australia, to which Paul promises to give trade relations a nudge in that direction. Paul and Des raise their glasses as a toast.
PAUL: To Mr Udagawa.
DES: Yeah, Bonsai!
Paul almost chokes on his pint.
DES: What, it's Japanese isn't it?"
Charlene, Madge and Henry are all just finishing off the meal Charlene cooked. Madge goes to run a bath and leaves the two of them to clear up. Charlene asks Henry why he is ignoring her. He explains how he used to have a little sister who he liked a real lot, but now she has changed. Charlene tells Henry it is only because she loves him that she cares who he goes out with. What's really upsetting Henry though, is that Charlene is leaving home. He tells her to forget it but she swings back his arm and demands he talks to her. If she moves out he may only see her once a week or month, like visiting day when he was in prison. Charlene is sure that she'll still see him. He wants her to appreciate what she has; a home and a family, somewhere nice to be with people she loves. He throws down his napkin and not meaning what he says, tells her to go ahead and turn her back on it anyway.
No. 26
Scott is in his bedroom studying whilst listening to loud music. Charlene knocks at his door, asking if he has a minute as there is stuff they need to talk about. She tells him of her decision to move out as she needs to get away because everything is such a mess at home. Scott asks what he is meant to do about and ask why she ian't running to Warren about it, asking what he thinks instead. Lennie explains for the umpteenth time that Warren is just a friend and that she is doing it for them - her and Scott. She thinks they need some distance between them - Scott suggests Perth!
CHARLENE: Scott, I don't want us to break up.
SCOTT: No, you want a nice secure boyfriend who's happy about you going out with fifteen other guys. Lots of luck.
Scott gets back to his studying and Charlene leaves the room but not before telling him that whatever happens to them, it will never be her who is the one finishing it.
No. 24
Harold is enjoying a massage from Madge on the sofa in her living room. He says it is helping as much as it can be under the circumstances. When she begins to hit his shoulders quite hard with the sides of her hands he grabs the arm of the arm of the chair. Madge laughs to herself but apologises. Harold apologises too, for prattling on about the garage when she has problems of her own. Madge reminisces of coming home to peace and quiet but now prefers the chaos at work.
HAROLD: What would you say to a little Russian canasta?
MADGE: I don't know. I can't say that I've ever met one.
(Two minutes later Harold gets it!)
Rob knocks at the door and lets himself in with a box of wine and some tinnies as his way of setting things right after he and Harold got off to a bad start. Rob assures Madge the wine is non-alcoholic and the beers are low alcohol - he is trying to adapt to Harold's way of doing things. Harold remains unconvinced! Trying to butter him up more, Rob mentions what a snazzy tie he is wearing. Madge announces that they were just about to settle down to a nice quiet game of cards.
ROB: You sly old fox you. Must be true what they say about still waters eh?
He then settles down into the armchair waiting for Madge to crack open the bottle so they can get on with it.
No. 32
Charlene is round at Jane's house. Her mate is contemplating sharing a place with her and although she would love to, she can't just leave her Nan stranded. Mrs Mangel relies on her not just for the money but the company too as Jane is the only family member who will put up with her. Jane suggests maybe in a year or so, when Charlene will be really set up, and ponders over how they have all changed so much since leaving school - herself, Charlene... Mike. Charlene can sense that something is wrong and asks if her and Mike are having hassles too. Jane explains that Mike has been making lots of new friends at uni.
The door bell rings and it is Scott looking for Charlene. As soon as he arrives, Charlene heads out the door claiming she has to get going. Scott calls her back but to no avail. Jane tries to reason, telling him it is a tough time for her, she knows what she is doing and it is her decision but Scott can't believe Jane agrees with her. She tells him that if he really loves her, which he does, he has to let go. He should let her get out; fall flat on her face if she has to, but as long as she does it herself. Scott is worried that she may get into some sort of trouble or lose her job but Charlene is going to do it with or without him.
Paul's Office
Paul has just finished talking to Rosemary over the phone and she seems very happy at the way things are going with Mr Udugawa. Gail jokily complains about the Japanese businessman showing them so many photographs of all his relations. Paul, pouring out coffee, stops to impersonate Mr Udugawa but then admits that he actually likes their sense of values and the way in which they treat their staff like family over in Japan. She mentions to Paul how he hedged around the subject of his own marital prospects. Paul couldn't tell Mr Udugawa what he really thinks. He is adamant the only aisle he'll be walking down is the one in the supermarket! Gail considers that Paul could end up feeling lonely. But Paul, reaching his arm around Gail, doesn't think he has to be married to avoid this. He pulls Gail in closer to him and she doesn't look impressed.
PAUL: Um... force of habit.
GAIL: Well you've got a choice; either you break the habit or I'll break the arm.
They both go back into the office with their coffee.
No. 24
Madge, Harold and Rob are making their way through the non-alcoholic beverages. Rob is going on about the business which causes Harold to nod off. Madge apologises for his rudeness but Rob doesn't think it is necessary.
ROB: There am I looking for a silent partner; looks like I finally got one! Hey... there's the answer. Whenever he starts sticking his bib in I'll just have to bore him back to sleep again!
No. 26
It is morning and Scott has just woken up. He rolls over in bed and the first thing he focuses on is a picture of him and Charlene. He holds it in his hands and just looks at it.
No. 24
Madge, Henry and Charlene are having breakfast together and Charlene is looking through the paper for property to rent. She can't get her head around the weird codes all the adverts are written in and more to the point they are all far too expensive. Madge makes the mistake of telling her that Paul said she could be looking for weeks and how he mentioned the caravan down at Lassiters lakes. Charlene jumps for joy but Madge soon sets her straight that she is not going to allow her to stay there, as she is much younger than Shane was when he stayed in it. Charlene can't see how she will ever be able to afford a flat on her own and the only way round it is to share with someone. Henry suggests Sue, as she is looking for somewhere at the moment. Charlene is horrified by the idea and tells Henry exactly what she thinks. Deciding he has had enough of his sister being rude about his friends, he disappears to finish his breakfast in his room.
Madge isn't happy that Charlene just won't let up about Sue, even suggesting the two of them are actually quite similar. They are both young girls, slightly misunderstood, who are trying to make a fist of things.
MADGE: You expect a second chance from everybody, but there will be snow on Ayres Rock at Christmas before you extend the same courtesy to Sue Parker.
A cheery Harold walks in to pick Charlene up for work. Madge ignores him and goes off into the kitchen.
HAROLD: Something I said?
CHARLENE: It's called a Ramsay dust-up, you'll get used to them.
Charlene hurries off to brush her teeth as Harold not only wants to be on time, he wants to be early. Madge is still rather angry with Harold for nodding off in front of Rob the night before. She expects Harold to apologise to him, but he doesn't see why he should just because he had the good sense to nod off while Rob droned on. Rob was boring him so much and only took a breath when he stopped to have another gulp of beer.
HAROLD: That man's got all the social graces of a garden snail.
The Garage
Des has just had his car seen to at the garage. Rob tries to put him off settling the account right away and tells him he will put the bill in the mail, leading Des to realise that Rob is avoiding the bookkeeping. He also mentions to Rob that his staff at the bank aren't too impressed by his deposit book either as he keeps leaving cheques out, filling the forms in wrong and sometimes it doesn't even add up. By now Harold and Charlene have arrived and Harold is very concerned by what Des has just been saying. Rob explains that he is a motor mechanic not an accountant and asks Harold if he'd know how to change a fan belt. But paperwork is Harold's expertise and mechanical work is Rob's. This makes sense to Rob, and Harold apologises for nodding off the night before. It finally looks as though things have been sorted.
Paul's Office
Paul finishes off dictating a letter for Jane to type up. She goes off to get it done and Madge turns up looking for the float. As Paul unlocks the cabinet to find it for her, he asks how the flat hunting is going. On hearing that everything is too expensive Paul mentions the caravan again as it is cheaper. Madge tells Paul how she made the mistake of telling Charlene about it.
MADGE: Her eyes lit up like a pinball machine.
Madge appreciates Paul trying to help but she wants to see Charlene in a nice clean flat. Somewhere she knows she will be safe. Paul comes to the conclusion that the only reason Madge is going along with Charlene is because she knows how headstrong she is and deep down she wants her at home. After realising Paul is right they decide to try some reverse-psychology. They agree to let Charlene take the caravan and then see how she handles the wind and the rain and the feeling of isolation down by the lake. Madge is thrilled with Paul for coming up with the plan as hopefully Charlene will want to come home in no time.
The Garage
Charlene is touching up one of the cars when she notices Scott standing over her. He needs to talk to her and it's important. Scott realises he has been acting really dumb recently and has been thinking about all that Charlene has said. If she wants to carry on seeing Warren and other guys then that is fine. If it's the difference between losing Charlene or having her, then it's a pretty easy decision to make. He just wants to make her happy. But Charlene doesn't want that. They remember their good times but even so, there is a lot Charlene has to sort out. Scott starts to head off back to school leaving her staring into space with a loved-up look on her face. He calls out to her to get back to work as she doesn't want to lose this job too. Both Scott and Charlene carry on with their day feeling a whole lot happier.
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Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0475
Harold Bishop, Jim Robinson, Rob Lewis

Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0475
Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0475
Paul Robinson, Des Clarke

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0475
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0475
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0475
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0475
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Rob Lewis

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0475
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell

Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0475
Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0475
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0475
Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0475
Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0475
Charlene Mitchell, Rob Lewis

Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0475
Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Jane Harris

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0475
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

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