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Neighbours Episode 0456 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0455 - 0457>>
Episode title: 0456
Australian airdate: 30/03/87
UK airdate: 05/08/88
UK Gold: 01/08/94
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Barney/David
Madge telling Paul about Dean stirring up the staff.
No 26:
Jim is on the phone assuring Ross that he is reasonably mobile and that there is no reason why he can't be in the office the next day. He pauses to listen then says that he doesn't care what Helen said. He'll be there. Right? Helen comes in, holding a glass and something in her cupped left hand. Jim says, hurriedly, that he has to go.
JIM: That was Ross.
HELEN: The answer's no.
JIM: No, what?
HELEN: No, you can't go into the office tomorrow or any other day until the doctor says you can. Now, (points to the couch) down!
JIM: (sighs) Helen, it's our busiest time at work! Ross is working sixteen hour days!
HELEN: Ross is just as worried about your health as we are!
JIM: Ross's wife is threatening to come round here and break my other leg. I'm going stir-crazy, cooped up here! (Helen holds out her cupped hand) I don't want that today.
HELEN: Come on.
JIM: They make me sleepy.
HELEN: (sighs) Take the tablet and I'll consider asking Ross to send out a courier with some paperwork for you. Deal?
JIM: (takes the tablet and drink from her) It'll be like working at Grand Central Station.
HELEN: (sighs) No wonder they call nursing a vocation! (Goes to answer the phone) Hello, Robinsons.
Lassiter's Office:
Paul is scrabbling through some papers on his desk. Gail is perched on hers.
GAIL: Gail Lewis here, Mrs Daniels. Just one moment.
She holds out the phone to Paul, who takes it in exchange for a red folder, telling her to do the logistics and find out how many people they need.
PAUL: Gran, I've been trying to contact you for fifteen minutes.
HELEN: Your father was hogging the phone. What's the problem?
PAUL: We've got a strike on our hands and the chauffeurs have gone out in sympathy, too.
PAUL: Later, Gran. The important thing now is that someone has to pick up Mr Elliott from the airport. Do you mind?
HELEN: (resigned) No.
PAUL: Great! His plane gets in at five o'clock, and, look, could you buy me a little time, please?
HELEN: A full, guided tour. Leave it to me.
PAUL: Sure. Good on ya, Gran. Thanks. Bye.
GAIL: (who has been checking the file and sucking the end of her pencil) Paul, this is not going to work.
PAUL: It has to. (Leans on her desk) Do you realise how much extra business we'll get from this Travel Agent's Association?
GAIL: Why don't you tell Mr Elliott the truth? I'm sure he'll be sympathetic.
PAUL: (waves hands about) Sure, sure. Then he'll just start advising his members to stay somewhere more reliable. (His voice tightens in frustration) Gail, I'm on trial!
He walks through to the outer office as Madge comes in.
PAUL: Any luck?
MADGE: No. The entire staff seems to have gone!
PAUL: (as Gail comes through) Wonderful!
GAIL: There's a simple solution.
PAUL: What?
GAIL: Swallow your pride and give Mrs Mangel back her job.
PAUL: I will not give in to blackmail. Look, I've got to cover this for 24 hours, somehow. Now will you go over to Reception and put out the "No vacancy" sign? The last thing I need is extra guests to cater for.
GAIL: Sure. (She leaves)
MADGE: Oh, Paul, the supplies for tonight's banquet have been delivered to the service area. I'd better put them ...
PAUL: No, no, that's a job for a man (takes off his jacket) - unless you think that's sexist?
MADGE: (looks innocent) Never crossed my mind.
PAUL: Listen, will you round up as many staff as you can for a meeting?
MADGE: (as Jane comes in) Oh, perhaps Jane should phone around the temporary agencies. I know it's short notice, but ...
PAUL: Oh yeah. Great, great. I'd do that and then that maniac chef of mine would start a picket line outside the pub. No thanks. (He hands his jacket to Jane and leaves.)
JANE: But what's going on?
MADGE: We've got a strike on our hands, thanks to your grandmother.
She walks out, slamming the door behind her, leaving a blank-faced Jane holding Paul's jacket.
The Coffee Shop
Charlene, Scott and Henry are sitting at a table near the juke box, giggling. Mike is behind the counter. Henry gets up and suggests to Mike that he'd call in the bomb squad ... Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick ... before walking back to the table and sitting down. Scott stands up and shoulders a bag before telling Mike that he might as well cop it sweet, and at least he doesn't have a car she can send to the scrap heap. He drops some coins on the counter and leaves.
Mike goes across to the table, greeting Eileen on the way. He is cautiously looking under an upturned teacup when she makes him jump by calling his name. He almost drops the cup, and she apologises to him. He says it's ok, but he wishes they'd hurry up and get it over and done with. Eileen is bewildered. He explains that Charlene is going to play a practical joke on him, then asks if he can get her anything.
She asks for Daphne, but Mike says she has gone home. He says if she will sit down, he'll make her a cup of tea, but she declines, saying she has already had tea with Mrs Mangel. Mike says Mrs Mangel is lucky to have Eileen to talk to, as most of the other Neighbours aren't too impressed at the moment.
EILEEN: Well, she wasn't exactly thrilled when I pointed out the results of her meddling. That magazine article could have ruined Paul.
MIKE: But you're not on her side, though, are you?
EILEEN: Oh, of course not! He was exactly right. I mean, look what Scott's article did to Desmond and Daphne. However, Nell Mangel assures me she'll be back within the week.
MIKE: Well if I know Paul, I don't think so.
EILEEN: Oh, but you see, she says the chef is on her side, more than ...
She is interrupted by Madge erupting into the Coffee Shop.
MADGE: Hello, Eileen. Mike, if any of the staff show up, would you tell them that Paul would like to see them in the office, urgently?
EILEEN: Madge, could I ...
MADGE: (interrupts as she leaves) Gotta rush, Eileen.
EILEEN: (puzzled) What's going on here?
Lassiter's Office
Gail is sitting at Paul's desk, reading a file. Jane is leaning against Gail's desk, also reading a file.
GAIL: It's impossible. We're going to need at least eight people, just to look after the banquet. (A door slams) Jane, can you handle the main switchboard?
JANE: Yep. I think so.
GAIL: Madge! (Madge comes in) How do you feel like cooking a banquet for a group, hot off the plane from Fiji?
MADGE: Are we that desperate?
GAIL: That's the tip of the iceberg.
MADGE: (Groans)
GAIL: We can shunt all the regular guests off to the Royal Hotel. That's no problem (she glances at her watch).
JANE: Well, I'll get on the switchboard.
MADGE: Jane, I'm sorry that I snapped at you before. It wasn't fair. None of this is your fault.
JANE: I'll have a talk with Nan. She's gotta stop this.
GAIL: Even if she was prepared to tell Dean the truth, it's too late for tonight, I'm ...
She is interrupted by Paul arriving back, in his shirt sleeves.
MADGE: Paul, I couldn't round up any of the staff. I'm sorry.
PAUL: (buttoning his shirt sleeves as he speaks): Oh, it's ok. The job's done. I managed to corner Jan and Nancy in the car park and they've agreed to stay on and cover house maid duties.
GAIL: (sits back in the chair) Well, that's something, but what about the banquet, Paul? We can't fake that.
PAUL: Yeah. We sorta need a miracle, don't we.
MADGE: (thoughtfully) Maybe. A Ramsay Street miracle.
PAUL: Ah now, hang on ..
MADGE: (talking over his protest) Paul, Daphne and I can handle the cooking, Charlene and Henry will help, and Scott's had experience in the Coffee Shop.
PAUL: But this is a gourmet banquet, not hamburgers and chips.
MADGE: (almost speechless) Hamburgers and ... Don't be so negative. (Leans on the desk towards him) It's only for one night.
GAIL: (as Paul does a floppy, lost movement) Have you got any suggestions for us?
MADGE: Jane, get on the switchboard and contact everyone (Jane goes). I'll sort out the kitchen. (She turns to go, then turns back) And don't worry. It'll all work if we all pull together. (She leaves)
Gail smiles as Paul moves to sit on the edge of his desk.
PAUL: One problem. When Ramsay Street pulls together, they normally pull in five different directions.
No 26
Jim is asleep on the couch. Enter Henry, Scott and Charlene, giggling. Scott asks if she saw the look on Mike's face. Charlene replies that she doesn't have to do anything to him - it's more fun this way. She sees Jim asleep, and Scott assures her that it's ok - the pills knock his dad out like a light. Charlene exclaims that it's disgusting that no-one's signed his plaster cast. She picks up a pen from the desk while Henry rubs his hands together with glee and Scott tries to stop her. She says that it's traditional and he lets her carry on.
Henry asks Scott to tell his folks that they might get a phone call from the used car lot on Erinsborough Road. He's had an interview for a job and has given this number as well as their own as he doesn't want to miss put because no-one is home. He asks if Jim will mind, and Scott reassures him.
Charlene gets to her feet, putting the cap back on the pen before handing it to Henry. She is disheartened because she wants to be a mechanic, and has as much right as any boy, but can't get a job. She's been laughed at in the service stations and she doesn't think it's very funny. Scott says he is counting on her getting a job as his allowance won't pay for a rage.
CHARLENE: Oh, so I'm supposed to take you out, am I?
SCOTT: Well, if that isn't equal opportunity, what is?
Henry gives a laugh as he finishes his art work on Jim's leg, and announces, "What a beauty!"
SCOTT: (reading)
"Roses are out, but violets have lasted.
I hope it's not just your leg that gets plastered.
Good on you, you ... "
(He breaks off and turns indignantly to Henry)
You can't write this on my dad's leg!
HENRY: It's great! He'll get a laugh out of it!
SCOTT: Have I told you about my dad's sense of humour lately?
CHARLENE: Err, yeah. He's right, Henry. White out the last bit, anyway.
HENRY: It spoils the whole effect!
CHARLENE: (hands the Tippex to Henry and turns to Scott) And I will take you out, so there! As soon as I get my first dole cheque.
HENRY: The dole? It's a death wish. Mum's gonna kill her.
Scott moves to answer the phone as Charlene tells Henry that her mother can like it or lump it.
HENRY: Sure, sure. She's a reasonable woman. She'll give you a fair hearing and then she'll kill ya.
CHARLENE: But I've tried to get a job. Everyone's been biased against me. If I'm on the dole, then I won't be sponging off Mum.
HENRY: Charlene, where's your self-respect?
CHARLENE: Self-respect is money in your pocket. I've learned that very quickly.
Henry stoops to white out the offending words as Jim stirs and Charlene bids him a good afternoon in a very loud voice. Jim raises his head and asks, very sleepily, "Henry, why are you painting my leg?" Henry doesn't answer.
Scott hangs up and comes back to tell Charlene that he has just scored work for all of them starting right now. The other two are keen and Scott says that he will explain on the way. They leave, and Jim decides that it was all a bad dream.
Lassiter's Office.
Gail is sitting at Paul's desk, busy with pen and notebook and Paul is leaning over her. Madge is at Gail's desk, busy with the phone. Paul asks, what about Scott and Charlene? Gail tells him and adds that Mike is closing the Coffee Shop as soon as he can and will be able to help, too. Paul reminds her that they will need one of the guys to help with baggage, while in the background, an indignant Madge, in a loud voice, tells someone she doesn't care what 'her' name is, and that it's an emergency.
In the pause, Paul murmurs to Gail, then Madge says, "All right, All right. As soon as you can." before putting the phone down and coming to the other two. Putting her earring back in, she says that Shane will be here in about half an hour.
Des and Daphne come in and Paul tells them he appreciates their help. Des assures him that they are happy to pitch in, then, to Daphne, says he's just remembered that they are supposed to be having dinner with Helen and Jim. Paul apologises that they haven't, as Helen has gone to the airport to pick up Mr Elliott.
Daphne says she doesn't want to back out, but wouldn't it be better if he brought in professional caterers. Paul says not, as it's too short notice. Madge assures her that the two of them can handle a group dinner, which causes Daphne to ask, "How big a group?" Madge turns to ail to ask how many, floating 30 or 40 as her idea, and Gail, looking sheepish, tells them that actually, there are 150. Madge and Daphne are shocked, then Madge, turning to Daphne says, never mind - they'll cope, as it's a buffet and there's a menu laid out. She turns to pick it up as Daphne says she'd better have a look.
Des, clapping his hands together, says Paul just has to name it and he'll do it. Paul asks Gail what Des's job is and after checking the list, she says that he is kitchen-hand / dishwasher. Des's face drops.
Meanwhile, Daphne, having looked at the menu, says she thinks it's not impossible, as after all, Madge's seafood wins prizes. Not to be outdone in encouraging, Madge replies, "Not to mention your Pavlova." Daphne tells Paul they'll give it their best shot, and Paul says he'll never forget it and thanks them.
MADGE: Right! To the kitchen. (She and Daphne head for the door) Come on Des!
DES: (Leaning on the back of the chair and looking at Gail) Dishwasher???
MADGE: (coming back and taking his arm) Come on. Get your pinny on, pet!
He looks back at Paul and Gail, with a dismayed look on his face and Madge turns him and gives him a gentle push out of the door.
Gail says that Helen should be collecting Mr Elliott at about this time. Paul says that gives them about 45 minutes, if they are lucky, and Gail, gathering up her lists, says she needs to go and organise the uniforms. As they are leaving the office, Paul slightly ahead, she asks, disbelievingly, if they are going to get away with this. Paul turns and says, "Forty-five minutes and counting."
Home James Limousine
Helen pulls the car up in a park. In the back, Mr Elliott, a kindly-looking, grey-haired man in a business suit, is busy with papers, but as the car stops, he leans forward to open the screen and asks why they are stopping. Helen replies that Mr Robinson wanted him to have the most relaxing drive to the hotel. She begins to tell him about where they are. Mr Elliott interrupts and reminds her that it has been a long flight and he'd much prefer to relax in his room. Helen responds, then says that she hopes he found Fiji enjoyable. He says that the Association was most impressed and that Lassiter's has quite something to live up to.
HELEN: I'm sure you won't be disappointed, Sir.
MR ELLIOTT: I was also most impressed that a chef with the qualifications of Dean Bartholomew was running the kitchen.
HELEN: Mr Robinson insists on the best, Sir.
MR ELLIOTT: Very wise. I'm looking forward to seeing Mr Bartholomew. Looking forward to it quite a lot.
He leans forward to close the screen.
Lassiter's dining room
There are tables with deep red cloths on them. Paul is there. Madge and Daphne are talking, and Henry, Charlene, Scott and Mike are milling around. Someone says that the uniform is no good - they've got the wrong one. Paul wipes his face with his hands then, lifting his arms, yells at them all to shut up.
PAUL: I'm sorry I yelled, but this isn't going to work unless you all do as you're told and stop messing around!
SCOTT: Just remember that we're doing you a favour, mate.
PAUL: (pointing a finger at his brother) And just remember you're all being paid for it.
MADGE: (indignant) Now come on, Paul! I'm sure none of us is doing it for the money!
PAUL: (quietly, hanging his head) I know, I know. I'm sorry.
He goes on to explain that if these people like Lassiter's the hotel will be upgraded and will be included in their package deals. He tells them that they are talking international deals and the stakes are very big. Can the understand that? They say they do. Daphne says yes, they all understand and no, they won't let him down. She looks at the others and says, "Agreed?" They all agree.
Gail comes dashing in to tell Paul that they have problems - Helen rang and they are about ten minutes away. She tells him that Mr Elliott knows all about Dean Bartholomew's reputation and expects to meet him. Paul, running his fingers through his hair, is despairing. Gail suggests that someone will have to be Dean - what else can they do.
Off camera, Des calls Madge's name. He comes in, wearing a blue pinny over his blue shirt, and holding a half-peeled potato and the peeler, to ask how many potatoes he has to peel. Madge replies, enough for 150 people. Des, muttering that's what he thought, turns and walks away while Madge sighs.
GAIL: Des! (He turns) It'll have to be Des! The boys are too young!
Paul gallops across to Des.
PAUL: (earnestly) You're gonna have to be the chef!
DES: Yeah, whatever ya .. (he realises what Paul has said)
MADGE: (to Daphne) What's he like?
DAPHNE: He burned water once.
PAUL: (to Daphne) He doesn't have to cook! (Turns back to Des) All you have to do is talk about it when you meet Bernard Elliott, right?
MADGE & DAPHNE: Crash course!
To the sound of der-dah-der, der-dah-der crisis music, they dash for the kitchen. Des asks hopefully if this means that he doesn't have to peel the spuds. The teens follow the others through to the kitchen.
MADGE: Just get out of your pinny, Des, and get into your chef's outfit.
Paul and Gail go the other way, parting at the back of the room.
GAIL: Paul, where are you going?
PAUL: Just going to find a brick wall to hit my head against.
She pulls him after her.
Lassiter's Kitchen:
Everyone is busy, and Daphne is coaching Des in what to say to Mr Elliott.
DAPHNE: Now repeat after me. French cuisine needed new direction, but Nouvelle Cuisine went too far.
DES: French cuisine needed ... What's it supposed to mean?
DAPHNE: (stirring something in a saucepan) You don't have to know what it means. It sounds very stylish.
She tries the content of the saucepan from a wooden spoon while Des looks lost, then tells him that Mr Elliott wants to be impressed.
DAPHNE: So what's a roux?
DES: (looking up from his potato peeling to look at her, amazed) A marsupial!
DAPHNE: (as to a five year old) It's the base for a sauce.
Madge comes across with some chopped meat on a board which she tips into a pan. She tells him to listen. When Mr Elliott gets here, there'll be a pot of sauce bubbling on the stove. While Des is talking to him, he must give it a stir then tell one of them that it needs more ... (she pauses to think) ... texture. She returns to the table as Des murmurs his instructions.
Charlene has been trying to fold serviettes, and says she can't do them properly. Madge tells her to forget about it - they'll use napkin rings instead. She turns.
MADGE: (looking at some papers) Daphne ...
MADGE: What on earth's Chicken Lassiter?
DAPHNE: (shrugs and continues stirring her pan) Beats me. Must be one of Dean's secret recipes. We'll fake it with my lemon sauce.
MADGE: (shouts) Scott! Fifteen lemons, please.
Scott says, "Coming up" and turns to the larder. He picks up a basket of lemons and takes one out, and is about to lob it across the room. The camera cuts to the service door, which opens as Scott counts, one, two, and Paul and Gail come in. The lemons are tossed from hand to hand down the table and Paul puts his head on his hands against the door jamb.
PAUL: Oh, perfect! Now they're working on a floor show!
GAIL: Look, they're all working, and that's what matters.
She claps her hands to attract their attention and calls Charlene and the boys to take their places as 'they' will be here any minute. The teens scramble away.
PAUL: (hyper-anxious) Look, is everything all right?
DAPHNE: It'll be all right on the night.
GAIL: (takes Paul's arm) Paul, let em got on with it.
PAUL: (looking distraught, lifting a despairing hand in the direction of the cooking team) I've gotta be out of my mind.
Gail drags him away.
Lassiter's Reception
Jane, very smart in a blue uniform jacket and skirt, hands some vouchers to a couple, he in blue suit, she in pink shell suit, and says to enjoy their meal at the Royal Hotel. They thank her and walk away. She ticks a book as Henry, resplendent in his uniform, comes in. She asks if he is having a good time. As he buttons his jacket, Henry says he is and that Gail reckons "these business guys tip like crazy."
Jane turns back to the desk, Henry walks away and Eileen, in blue summer dress and carrying white handbag, comes in and taps Jane on the shoulder, saying, "Excuse me..." then, shocked, asks Jane what she is doing at Reception.
EILEEN: Has the whole place gone mad? I go to the Coffee Shop. It's locked. I go to Paul's office and he's gone. The whole complex looks like a morgue. What is going on here?
Paul and Gail come in through another door.
EILEEN: Paul! What is happening?
PAUL: (exasperated) Eileen, could you go somewhere, anywhere? I haven't got time ...
EILEEN: Why is the Coffee Shop locked? Where is Daphne?
PAUL: She's in the hotel kitchen.
EILEEN: What!!!
Henry interrupts to tell them, "They're here."
EILEEN: Who???
PAUL: Not now, Eileen!
He and Gail leave her and she turns to Jane, and demands an explanation. Jane smiles, sheepishly.
Lassiter's outside
Henry, his footsteps crunching on the gravel, moves to open the door of the limousine. He and Helen move to the boot as Paul greets Mr Elliott, saying it is a pleasure to meet him, and introducing himself and Gail.
MR ELLIOTT: (shaking hands with Gail) My pleasure, Miss Lewis.
GAIL: We hope you'll enjoy your stay with us ...
MR ELLIOTT: We-ell, that remains to be seen, doesn't it.
Henry approaches with the bags and Gail tells him that Mr Elliott is in the Arcadia Suite. Henry moves off as Mr Elliott remarks that Mr Robinson has made some changes and he approves. Paul says that he feels the future is there to invest in and asks if he would like a brief inspection of the facilities.
MR ELLIOTT: My inspection of Lassiter's will be exhaustive. When we place our seal of approval on an establishment, we like to be right.
PAUL: (nods) Of course.
Enter Eileen, who bustles up and shakes Mr Elliott's hand.
EILEEN: (still shaking his hand) Dear Mr Elliott! May I say what an honour it is to have you and your association as our guests.
Mr Elliott thanks her as Paul and Gail look thoroughly discomfited.
PAUL: Mr Elliott, this is Mrs Clarke.
EILEEN: (obsequious as ever) Oh, yes. I'm the housekeeper at Lassiter's. I think we'll show you a few surprises.
MR ELLIOTT: Oh! Really?
As she leads Mr Elliott away, Paul turns to Gail and asks, pleadingly, "Why me, Gail? Why me?"
Lassiter's Reception
Mr Elliott is signing in, with Gail beside him. In the background, Eileen is looking on. Jane, behind the desk says, "If there is anyway we can make your stay more pleasant, please don't hesitate to call." Mr Elliott looks up, takes off his glasses and thanks her. He turns to Gail and comments that they seem to be a little light on staff.
GAIL: Oh, at Lassiter's, we prefer to keep the service unobtrusive, but complete. Guests can feel overwhelmed if the staff is overly attentive.
MR ELLIOTT: But our clients like to be spoiled. At least, I hope that's what you meant.
GAIL: Oh, naturally. Which is why we spared no pains to attract a chef with the reputation of Dean Bartholomew. Tonight's menu will be very special.
MR ELLIOTT: Yes. Well (slaps the desk with his hand), I'd like to see the restaurant.
He picks up his briefcase and they leave. Eileen moves to leave, too, but Paul bounces up and grabs her arm, saying that he wants an explanation, and he wants it now.
EILEEN: Now, when I heard the whole street was pitching in, I decided to give you a hand. Now even though Nell Mangel is my friend I do not approve of what she's done. So (lifts her chin) I am your stand-in housekeeper.
PAUL: Oh, all right, all right, but just ... (wrings his hands together) try not to talk to Mr Elliott. He knows this business inside out, so let us handle him?
EILEEN: Paul! (with shocked look, puts hands to chest) Would I interfere?
Paul walks away with a cross between a sigh and a groan.
Lassiter's Restaurant.
Mike, Scott and Charlene are setting the waiter's station. Scott piles the cutlery onto the table and moves off. Charlene grabs him and shows him how it should be done. Mike wants to know how she knows all this 'posh stuff'. Charlene replies that it was Madge, before she gave up trying to make her into a lady.
Gail and Mr Elliott enter and the boys move aside, Scott buttoning his jacket. Gail says that they like to think they can give the same care to a dinner for 150 as they can for a dinner for two. Paul catches up with them. Mr Elliott says that a buffet seems to be a little inelegant for their guests. Paul hastens to reassure him, saying that naturally every dish will be of gourmet quality, it gives them a chance to sample a variety of Mr Bartholomew's cuisine, and at the same time, not imposing a set menu or amounts of food on tired guests who may already have dined on the plane.
Mr Elliott is impressed, pronouncing it excellent, and that he likes that degree of care. He looks at the boys and goes on to say that the staff seem to be a little inexperienced. Paul replies that his view is that young people add to the attraction of a meal well-presented. He adds, with emphasis, under the correct training and supervision, of course. Mr Elliott says he thinks it's risky, but they will find out tonight. He then asks to speak to the chef. Paul agrees and says he will show him around on the way to the kitchen. As they leave, Mr Elliott says that gourmet food is something of a hobby of his and he regards men like Bartholomew to be artists.
Gail stops to tell the three teens, "Well done!" Charlene asks anxiously if there is just the three of them there tonight and asks where Mrs Daniels is. Gail explains that Helen is holding the fort back at the office as they can't double up the chauffeur as a waitress. She says sorry, but they are on their own.
Lassiter's Kitchen
The scene opens with someone's hands clumsily chopping an onion. The camera pans out as the 'someone' sniffs, and turns out to be Des. Madge is crouched by the oven and Daphne is busy beside Des at the table.
DES: Classical French Cuisine ... Classical French Cuisine is ...
DAPHNE: Classic, not classical. Madge, how's the lamb?
MADGE: It's all right.
DAPHNE: Everyone gets lucky!
Charlene enters by the staff door to tell them that Paul is giving Mr Elliott the Grand Tour and they've got about two minutes. Scott bounces in and says everything is set up outside and asks Daphne what else can he do? Daphne tells him to take over the onions and offers Des a tea towel and tells him to wipe his eyes.
DES: Classic French Cuisine ... Classic French Cuisine ...
MADGE: (pats his arm as she goes past) Come on Des, you can do it. The worst is over.
Enter Eileen.
EILEEN: (at the top of her voice) DON'T PANIC! DON'T PANIC! I'm here.
MADGE: Eileen, out!
EILEEN: (leaning towards her) Don't get high-handed with me. I am the stand-in housekeeper, you know. Desmond, you look WONDERFUL as a chef!
DAPHNE: (putting a dish of cherries on the table) Eileen, please, we've got it all arranged. You'll be much more help out in the restaurant.
EILEEN: (picking up the Pavlova) These Pavlovas should be refrigerated for a start!
DAPHNE: I haven't finished decorating ...
EILEEN: (passing the dish to Charlene) Put these in the fridge. They shouldn't be left out in the heat.
Daphne leans forward to take the dish from Charlene, telling her to put it back All three are holding the dish and Eileen tells Daphne not to be stubborn as the staff door opens. Mike comes in, and Charlene, now holding the dish, turns to move towards the fridge and they collide, leaving a creamy mess on Mike's jacket. He promptly accuses her of doing it on purpose, and Charlene angrily denies it. While Scott is putting on a pinny, Des and Madge look on as they begin to squabble.
DAPHNE: QUIET! (They turn, shocked) Eileen, take Mike and clean him up and the rest of you (deep breath) stay calm.
Giving Daphne 'a look', Eileen takes Mike out.
Outside Lassiter's
Gail is walking a little behind as Paul and Mr Elliott talk. Paul tells him that he intends to build on the wonderful beginning that Jack Lassiter has already made. He says that the guests already look on Lassiter's as something of a tourist attraction. Mr Elliott replies that's all very well, but development means bulldozers, and so forth. As they walk over the wooden bridge, Paul assures him that the improvements would be done selectively, out of season. He believes that the guests should see the magic, not the machinery.
MR ELLIOTT: (leaning back against the bridge rail) You're very glib, Robinson. However, I must say this. So far, the substance (glances over his shoulder) matches the image.
PAUL: Well, maybe a stroll through the office area?
MR ELLIOTT: (beginning to sound impatient) For the third time (turns to face Paul), I want to see the kitchen, and I want to see Dean Bartholomew.
PAUL: (blusters) Yep, well, perhaps after dinner this evening ...
GAIL: (interrupts) Dean's very temperamental, Mr Elliott. As you said, an artist. He won't have people in the kitchen.
MR ELLIOTT: (laughs) Dean may complain, but I don't think he'll throw me out. We go back too far together.
PAUL: (stuttering badly) You go ... You go back ... You know Dean personally, then?
MR ELLIOTT: Yes. (Paul glances at Gail) As I told you, food is my hobby. I met Dean .. ooh, five years ago. We've been close friends ever since. Now. Where is the kitchen?
Paul, looking rather fish-like as he opens and closes his mouth, points over his shoulder ...
<<0455 - 0457>>
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0456
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0456
Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0456
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell

Mike Young, Henry Mitchell, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0456
Mike Young, Henry Mitchell, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Mike Young, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0456
Mike Young, Eileen Clarke

Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0456
Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Madge Mitchell

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0456
Jim Robinson

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0456
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Jim Robinson

Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0456
Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0456
Madge Mitchell, Daphne Clarke

Bernard Elliott in Neighbours Episode 0456
Bernard Elliott

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0456
Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Henry Mitchell, Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0456
Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Henry Mitchell, Paul Robinson, Daphne Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0456
Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0456
Des Clarke, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0456
Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0456
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Jane Harris, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0456
Jane Harris, Eileen Clarke

Bernard Elliott, Eileen Clarke, Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis in Neighbours Episode 0456
Bernard Elliott, Eileen Clarke, Paul Robinson, Gail Lewis

Gail Lewis, Bernard Elliott in Neighbours Episode 0456
Gail Lewis, Bernard Elliott

Paul Robinson, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0456
Paul Robinson, Eileen Clarke

Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Gail Lewis, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0456
Scott Robinson, Mike Young, Gail Lewis, Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0456
Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young

Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0456
Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Des Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0456
Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young, Eileen Clarke

Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0456
Gail Lewis, Paul Robinson

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