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Neighbours Episode 0439 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0439
Australian airdate: 05/03/87
UK airdate: 13/07/88
UK Gold: 07/07/94
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Rosemary Daniels – Joy Chambers
Summary/Images by: Graham
Mrs. Mangel telling Madge that Harold is moving into No. 32 as her lodger. Madge declaring to Henry that she won't have it!
Lassiter's complex
Paul is sitting outside the Coffee Shop, reading the newspaper, when Rosemary walks over and smiles that she hopes he's not looking at the Situations Vacant column - she'd hate to think the company had a morale problem! Ignoring this, Paul just asks:
PAUL: Did you fix it?
ROSEMARY: Well... yes and no.
PAUL: What's *that* supposed to mean?
Rosemary sits down as Paul reminds her that she tried to buy off Morris before and it didn't work. Rosemary says:
ROSEMARY: I know you're worried about Susan and Sam and about what might happen if the article gets printed - but don't give up just yet: it seems our Derek Morris hasn't been exactly honest with us. 'Disclosure' magazine *is* in his name - but the money behind it is a very different matter; so I've spoken to his financiers and I've made them an offer.
PAUL (grins): If *we* own the magazine, we can cancel the article!
ROSEMARY: And we can redirect the entire operation.
Paul smiles that it's the perfect solution! He then adds, though:
PAUL: Hang on - why did you say 'yes and no'?
ROSEMARY: Well, Morris's silent partners haven't agreed yet. I'd say we've got a fifty- fifty chance.
PAUL: So when *will* we know?
ROSEMARY: This afternoon - one way or another. My plans won't change, though - I'm still flying to France: the deal with Jack Lassiter won't wait.
PAUL: Yes, but Rosemary, I mean, what if the answer remains no? What if he decides to go ahead and publish that article anyway?
Rosemary tells Paul that he'll think of something: she has every confidence! Paul muses that he wishes *he* did...
No. 26
Scott is sitting at the kitchen table, trying to study, as Lucy comes in with Helen, who's telling her that there *is* such a thing as excess baggage! Lucy tries to protest, but Helen tells her just to sit down and eat her lunch. Lucy does as she's told and asks Scott if he's coming to the airport to see her off. Scott replies:
SCOTT: I'll tell you what: I'll make you a deal. Why don't you stay here and do my Year 12 for me, and I'll go to France.
LUCY: No. Way. !
Lucy then turns to Helen and asks if they have the same food as them in France. Helen smiles that that's the good thing about travelling: getting to eat lots of different *sorts* of food. She adds that, besides, she thought Lucy was going to see Bradley, not to feed her face. Lucy points out:
LUCY: Yeah, but I still gotta eat! Do they have Vegemite?
HELEN: I don't know!
LUCY: What if they don't?
HELEN: There are a couple of small jars in the cupboard - you can take them with you!
With that, Lucy dashes to the cupboard, grabs the jars and runs to her bedroom to pack them! Helen sighs at Scott that she gives up! She sits down at the table with him and asks if he's had a rough morning. Scott mutters that it looks like he's the school dunce. Helen demands:
HELEN: Says who?
SCOTT: Oh, most of the new Year 12 students. Gran, they don't know what it's like, that's their trouble. I hope they sweat like *I* did. You know what? I was the only one to go back; the only one.
Helen asks Scott in concern if the *teachers* are giving him a hard time. Scott, though, assures her that they've been great. Helen tells him that he was the only one to go back because no one else had that kind of courage - and she's sure that, once his schoolmates start 'sweating', she's sure they'll have no inclination to pick on him. Scott tells Helen that he can wear it; it's just that he feels like he's being left behind - and now that Mike's had to move back home... He sighs that it's not fair that Mike has to miss out on uni. Helen says she's sure his mother won't let him do that. She then tells Scott sincerely:
HELEN: We're very proud of you for going back - but if your work's going to be affected by these wretched juveniles singling you out...
SCOTT (sharply): You'll go to the Headmaster and embarrass me, right?
HELEN: Well, I wouldn't have put it quite like that...
SCOTT (snaps): I said I can handle it. After all the trouble I caused with those newspaper articles, I figure I'm just getting what I deserve anyway.
Lassiter's complex
Still sitting with Rosemary, Paul is saying that there must be some *other* way to apply a bit more pressure to force them to sell. Rosemary just shrugs that there isn't anything she can think of: she's spoken to just about everybody she knows. Mrs. Mangel walks over suddenly and apologises for bothering them. She asks Paul if Jane is in the office and Paul tells her to go on in. Mrs. Mangel thanks him. She then turns to Rosemary and wishes her a good flight before walking off. Paul mutters at Rosemary:
PAUL: If I could just find out who it was who told Morris...
ROSEMARY: Paul, we're lucky enough to *buy* our way out of this one. Don't start a witch- hunt. Let sleeping dogs lie.
Reception area at the Daniels Corporation
Jane is working at the reception desk when Mrs. Mangel comes in and tells her granddaughter that she's got some wonderful news! She declares:
MRS. MANGEL: Mr. Harold Bishop will be boarding with us from now on.
JANE (looking astonished): What?!
MRS. MANGEL: That bit extra might be just enough to keep the wolf from the door. Oh, the sleepless nights I've had...
JANE: You said you wouldn't take in boarders in a pink fit.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, not *those* kind of boarders - but Mr. Bishop is quite different: he's completely respectable. *And*, Jane, he comes from rural parts, where they still understand old- fashioned values.
JANE (tersely): Like *you* do...?
MRS. MANGEL: Yes. A kindred spirit.
JANE (coolly): That's interesting - about your respect for high morals, that is - because I've been wondering about that.
MRS. MANGEL (sharply): I beg your pardon?
JANE: Have you got your mail yet?
MRS. MANGEL: I've got some shopping to do, so I haven't been home. Why?
JANE: Well, I went home at lunchtime and there's a letter for you - from 'Disclosure' magazine. Now, why would such a scandalmonger be writing to *you*, nan...?
Mrs. Mangel stands there open- mouthed.
Henry is sitting at a table, looking at the newspaper, when Jim walks over and asks if he can join him. He sits down and tells Henry that he's still got a couple of hours' labouring work if he's still interested. Henry smiles that that's great - he needs the cash. Jim glances at the newspaper and Henry says quickly:
HENRY: You against a bloke having a bet, Mr. Robinson?
JIM: No, no, not at all! I punt occasionally myself - although I wouldn't rely on racehorses if I wanted money in a hurry, though.
Henry sighs that he's got to find *some* way to pay his mum back. Jim says:
JIM: My partner owns a couple of racehorses.
HENRY: Yeah?
JIM: Yeah. He's got one racing today. Mind you, he spends more time crying into his beer than he does cracking champagne!
Henry asks which race it is. Jim tells him that the horse is called 'Nightshade'. Henry finds it in the paper and comments that the odds are good at 15/1. Jim tells Henry that his partner said it's worth a bet either way, but that's his standard line! Harold comes into the Waterhole suddenly and walks over to the bar, where he says to Madge:
HAROLD: Madge, have *I* had a stroke of luck!
MADGE (coolly): Really...?
HAROLD: Yes. I've solved my accommodation problem.
MADGE: Oh. Good for you.
HAROLD: I'm boarding at Mrs. Mangel's. [After a pause] You don't look surprised...
MADGE: No, well, I had heard something to that effect - it's a very small neighbourhood, you know.
HAROLD: And you don't think it's a good idea?
MADGE: Oh, it doesn't matter what *I* think, Harold, it's what *you* think that counts. It's your f—; decision!
HAROLD: Yes - and I think I've made the right one too. She's a very stable woman; no nonsense. I would imagine her cooking will be up to scratch too.
MADGE: Yeah - so they say.
HAROLD: Just my cup of tea, the whole set- up.
With that, he says he's got to go and move his things in; he'll call in later if he gets a chance. Madge just mutters under her breath:
MADGE: Don't strain yourself!
Reception area/Office of the Daniels Corporation
Mrs. Mangel is exclaiming at Jane that she expects to be hurt by *other* people, but to be stabbed in the back by her own flesh and blood... Jane just retorts that she's giving her a chance to explain; she's got to decide what to *do* about this. Mrs. Mangel says quickly:
MRS. MANGEL: Well of *course*, dear, there's an explanation. It's obvious: this journalist wants information, so of course he'd write to *anyone* who knew *anything* about Paul, wouldn't he? I mean, it's not as if I'd written to *him*, is it, dear?
JANE: So if I asked everyone else, they'd all have letters too?
Jane heads into the office and Mrs. Mangel follows her as she says hesitantly:
MRS. MANGEL: Yes, well, they might - and who's to say that they'd admit it even if you did ask them?
JANE: There's an easy way to settle this: we'll just go home and open your letter together.
MRS. MANGEL (quickly): No! It's a matter of principle, Jane - and I'm shocked that you'd even *suggest* that you should read my mail.
JANE: Only a handful of people could have given that story about Susan to Mr. Morris. Now, Paul's been very good about it, even though he knows it could ruin his career. He employs me, nan; that means he trusts me. Now, that means I've got to tell him about that letter.
MRS. MANGEL: But he could jump to conclusions. I might lose my housekeeping job.
JANE: Paul could lose *everything*. Why did you do it, nan?
MRS. MANGEL: Well, he made it sound so straightforward; he said—
She breaks off as she realises she's put her foot in it. The two of them head back into reception as Mrs. Mangel pleads with Jane not to say anything. She goes on that if Paul knew it was her, it wouldn't change anything - and if she had another chance, she'd never talk to that man. At that moment, Paul comes in. Mrs. Mangel turns away from him. Paul asks Jane if there have been any 'phone calls for him, but Jane replies that there haven't. He then looks at her and Mrs. Mangel and asks if everything's all right. Jane just shrugs and nods. Paul heads into the office, leaving Mrs. Mangel to say to Jane in relief:
MRS. MANGEL: Thank you, dear.
JANE (warns): If that article goes to print, I'll have to tell him.
MRS. MANGEL: But *why*? What difference would it make?
JANE: I can't take his money and hide the truth from him.
MRS. MANGEL: But he might sack *you*.
JANE: Yeah, well, I've thought of that - and I wish *you* had before you did all this.
MRS. MANGEL: Oh, stuff and nonsense! Spilt milk, Jane. Silence is golden. You'll feel better about it after you've had time to think. And please don't be later for dinner: Mr. Bishop is a punctual man.
With that, Mrs. Mangel heads out, leaving Jane looking worried.
Garage of No. 26
Scott is with Helen in the garage, asking what makes certain paintings so much better than others. He picks up a painting, but Helen quickly tells him to take his hands off it as it's the prize of the bunch and she might get as much as $800 for it if she's lucky. She indicates the painting and explains:
HELEN: Bill and I were married in that church.
She adds that she wants things left just as they are: the rejects in the box on the left and the good stuff in the box on the right.
Office of the Daniels Corporation
Jane is working at the computer and she tells Paul that she's finished feeding in the rental and property figures. Paul asks her to feed in the additional investment information and says they should be able to work out a profit margin from there. Jane points out that it won't be exact, taking into account exchange rate fluctuations. Paul snaps:
PAUL: It will be a provisional figure, I'm aware of that, Jane. Now, just do as I say, will you? Look, when I need a High School economics lecture, I'll ask for one.
Jane turns slowly back to the computer, looking taken aback. Paul quickly says he's sorry. Jane tells him that it's all right. She then adds in concern:
JANE: *Nan* hasn't been upsetting you again, has she?
PAUL: No - why?
Before Jane can answer, though, the 'phone rings. Paul answers it and after a few seconds tells the person that the offer still stands. The call continues before Paul hangs up and beams:
PAUL: Ha! You beauty!
Jane asks if it was good news. Paul replies happily that those guys have just agreed to sell them 'Disclosure' magazine; that means they can kill the article. He asks Jane to start typing up a contract, as he wants to get their signatures on it before they change their mind.
No. 32
Harold is standing in the lounge room at No. 32 with Mrs. Mangel as she says:
MRS. MANGEL: Now, there *are* some house- rules, as I'm sure you'll appreciate.
Harold takes out a pocket notebook and the two of them sit down. Mrs. Mangel continues:
MRS. MANGEL: Now - visitors. I, er, would prefer 24 hours' notice, and I do not tolerate alcohol or parties. Silence is golden after ten o'clock at night, which is my bedtime; and... there is the bathroom.
HAROLD: Yes...?
MRS. MANGEL: If you could observe all the proprieties, please, Mr. Bishop? My granddaughter is young and very impressionable.
HAROLD: Of course, Mrs. Mangel! Of course!
Harold goes on that he does like rules and regularity; his routine is very important to him. He then says:
HAROLD: Now, I am a vegetarian, so no animal fats in the cooking, if that's all right?
MRS. MANGEL (nods): Certainly.
HAROLD: Good. And fresh fruit juice each morning - apple, orange, carrot, tomato... I find that variety is the spice of life, eh?
MRS. MANGEL: Er, fresh juice...
HAROLD: And I would like my meals cooked at precisely the same time each day - breakfast and dinner. Of course, I'll prepare my own lunch while I'm not working, but as soon as I start, well, naturally I expect it packed and ready for when I leave.
MRS. MANGEL (uncertainly): A cut lunch... Yes...
Harold then points to the record player and picks up an LP that's lying on it. He tells Mrs. Mangel that he's very tolerant of young people, but if Jane must play loud music, headphones are an excellent device. Mrs. Mangel says hesitantly:
MRS. MANGEL: I'll tell Jane...
Harold smiles that he thinks everything will work out very nicely. He adds that Madge did offer him accommodation, but people gossip and he had to refuse. Mrs. Mangel smiles:
MRS. MANGEL: Very wise - especially with that son of hers in the house; and I'm sure that a respectable man like yourself wouldn't want to be seen consorting with known criminals.
Harold sits on the couch, a firm expression on his face.
Henry is busy tidying up the storeroom at the engineering works. Jim comes in and tells him that he's done a top job. He adds that he can give him a lift, if he's going home. Henry nods that it beats walking. Jim carries on that pay- days are Thursdays, but he'll organise for Henry to pick his up now. Henry says grimly:
HENRY: Just as well - I'm broke: backed your partner's horse, didn't I.
JIM: Well, I warned you to stay away from the ponies!
Henry assures Jim that he's not blaming *him*. He adds that the top weight won by five lengths at 10/1. He murmurs:
HENRY: Always jumping the wrong way. Story of my life...
No. 24
Madge is sitting on the couch, rolling her eyes as Harold paces the floor and tells her that he was flabbergasted: Mrs. Mangel's household is one in a million; 'impressed' is not the word! Madge mutters:
MADGE: You think it'll do, then?
HAROLD: Oh, absolutely. I don't really know the granddaughter yet, but Mrs. Mangel strikes me as the kind of person who would know how to control young people.
Henry is listening from the kitchen as Harold exclaims that Mrs. Mangel is a remarkable woman and Madge muses:
MADGE: Yes... Sometimes I can't find words to describe her myself!
At that moment, Henry calls over to Madge that the kettle's boiling. Madge joins him in the kitchen - but notices that the kettle *isn't* boiling. Henry grins that he's rescuing her: he could hear her teeth grinding! Madge growls:
MADGE: If he'd said one more nice thing about Nell Mangel, I would've clocked him!
Henry assures her that after a couple of weeks of the Wicked Witch of the West, Harold will be back over their side of the rainbow at a hundred miles an hour!
Ramsay Street
Jim, Paul and Scott are loading Lucy's cases into the back of Jim's car. Scott mutters that she's got a kitchen sink in one of them! Lucy glares at him and warns:
LUCY: You dare mess up anything in my room while I'm gone—
Scott suggests to his father that they could have a big clear out and a bonfire in the back yard! Lucy snaps at Scott:
LUCY: You do and I'll pulverise you!
Jim appeals to them for peace! Paul gives his sister a hug and tells her to say hello to Jack and Andrea and Bradley for him. Lucy says she will. Jim tells her to get into the car. Paul walks over to where Rosemary is heading down the front path of No. 26 and thanks her for swinging the deal for him: she really did save his neck. Rosemary replies:
ROSEMARY: Yes, well, it wasn't easy: I had to promise to give Morris a job with the Publicity Department in New York.
She then suggests to Paul that he think about getting married, as it's the one asset he lacks at the moment: a clever wife. Paul muses:
PAUL: Thanks. I'll put that in my diary!
He gives Rosemary a hug and wishes her a good flight. Over by the car, Harold has wandered across and he remarks to Jim that it's quite a cavalcade. Jim tells him:
JIM: I'm exporting my daughter!
HAROLD (clearly not getting it!): Yes...
In the car, Scott turns the radio on and it starts blaring out loud pop music. Over by the driveway of No. 26, Helen is saying to Rosemary fondly:
HELEN: Your visits are very special. Let's hope the next one's happier.
ROSEMARY: Yes - but we survived, mum.
Rosemary gives her mother a kiss and a hug.
No. 32
In the lounge room at No. 32, Mrs. Mangel is telling Jane that Harold likes peace and quiet; she *can* manage to use headphones, can't she? Jane doesn't respond. Mrs. Mangel adds that Jane should appreciate regular mealtimes now that she's working. Jane just says:
JANE: With the money you're getting from Mr. Bishop and the money that journalist paid you, you won't be counting so much on your job with Paul, will you?
Mrs. Mangel stands there looking suddenly shifty. Jane, however, assures her that it's all right: she's off the hook, as the article won't be published. Mrs. Mangel breathes a big sigh of relief. She then says:
MRS. MANGEL: You wouldn't *really* have told him, would you? I mean, not *really*...?
JANE: I suppose not. I just hope that you've learnt your lesson.
MRS. MANGEL (sharply): Now just a second, young lady. Whichever way you choose to twist it, I only tell the truth.
JANE (retorts): You never change, do you? Well, I've heard *your* house rules and I've heard Mr. Bishop's house rules; now you can hear one of *mine*: don't you ever ask me about what I do at the office, because I won't tell you. I just can't trust you anymore, nan.
With that, Jane walks out, leaving Mrs. Mangel looking shocked.
Driveway/Garage of No. 26/Ramsay Street
Jim pulls up his car in the driveway and Scott climbs out and asks Helen what time dinner will be. Helen replies that it'll be in half an hour. Scott sighs:
SCOTT: Homework here I come.
He heads inside. In the car, Helen turns to Jim and tells him that he didn't *force* Henry to put his money on that horse. Jim replies that he knows, but he can't help feeling guilty about it. Helen muses:
HELEN: So now you want to file off my old paintings to salve your conscience.
JIM: Paul said Henry thinks he can sell them; now, that's initiative - I think we should encourage it. Besides, you're just going to paint over them, so you can't lose either way. *Think* about it.
With that, Helen climbs out of the car. Jim starts the engine and drives the car closer to the garage. He can only get so far, though, before he has to climb out and move one of the boxes of paintings out of the way: it's the box on the left, which he moves so that it's now the box on the right...
Out in the street, Helen is picking up the mail that's lying on the ground under the post box when Henry wanders over. Helen comments to him that word is out that he thinks he can sell some of her old paintings. Henry nods that he'd like to give it a go. Helen says:
HELEN: I'll tell you what: you give it a whirl and we'll go halves, fair enough?
HENRY: You bet!
Jane walks over and asks if Lucy got away OK. Helen nods that she did - and they're all exhausted! She then tells Henry:
HELEN: They're in the garage - the box on the left. Don't touch the box on the right under any circumstances.
HENRY: Got it. Thanks!
Helen heads off inside, leaving Henry to ask Jane how their new boarder is. Jane groans:
JANE: Don't ask!
She then remarks to Henry that it sounds like he's got himself a job! Henry tells her to come and take a butcher's: she's now looking at an art dealer! Jane asks him how he's going to sell them. Henry replies:
HENRY: Door to door, I guess.
The two of them head into the garage and Jane reminds Henry not to touch the box on the right. Henry takes out the painting of the church, which is now in the box on the left, and exclaims that it's terrific; imagine wanting to paint over something that good. Jane comments that Helen must be a perfectionist: artists are like that. Henry stares at the $800 painting and says:
HENRY: I reckon I can get *heaps* for this - $50 at least.
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Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0439
Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0439
Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0439
Lucy Robinson

Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0439
Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0439
Rosemary Daniels

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0439
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Jim Robinson, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0439
Jim Robinson, Henry Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0439
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0439
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0439
Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0439
Paul Robinson

Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0439
Jane Harris

Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0439
Harold Bishop, Nell Mangel

Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0439
Henry Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0439
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0439
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0439
Paul Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0439
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

Nell Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0439
Nell Mangel, Jane Harris

 in Neighbours Episode 0439

Jane Harris, Henry Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0439
Jane Harris, Henry Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Jane Harris, Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0439
Jane Harris, Henry Mitchell

 in Neighbours Episode 0439

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