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Neighbours Episode 0435 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0435
Australian airdate: 27/02/87
UK airdate: 07/07/88
UK Gold: 01/07/94
Writer: John Upton
Director: Gaye Arnold
Summary/Images by: Graham
Henry threatening to thump Wheels but discovering there's a bank robbery taking place. Henry chasing the thug and dumping the bag of cash in a pond. Clive telling Des he's called the police. At No. 28, Brody hearing police sirens.
No. 28/Coffee Shop
The sirens fade away and Brody lets go of Daphne, muttering as he does so that it's just as well. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Brody reminds Daphne that his mates have got her husband. Daphne answers the 'phone tentatively and Brody picks up the other handset on the kitchen counter, to listen in. Mike comes on and tells Daphne that he wanted to ask her a favour: could she look after the Coffee Shop for a while? He goes on that he'll make the time up, but it seems like such a nice day that he'd like to go to the beach. Daphne says in reply:
DAPHNE: Is this Scott Robinson's idea?
MIKE (glancing at Scott next to him): Well, Scott did drop over, yeah.
DAPHNE (sounding upset): Mike, I pay you to do a job, not to go running off to the beach with Scott. Now, I'll be busy all afternoon.
With that, Daphne hangs up sharply.
At the Coffee Shop, Mike hangs up and tells Scott that Daphne jumped right down his throat. Scott sighs that Daphne hasn't forgiven him for that newspaper article, then. Mike points out to him that he did apologise to her. Scott mutters that she'll *never* change her mind. Mike insists that Daphne doesn't hold grudges - they just need to talk about it and sort it out. He suggests to Scott that he go over to No. 28 now, as Daphne said she'll be there all afternoon.
Pacific Bank
Clive is checking Des's head for injuries: there's a bandage on the back of Des's head. As he does so, he whispers to Des that he should tell the police about Daphne. Des, however, retorts;
DES: They've left a bloke with Daphne. He's got a gun. There's no telling *what* he's gonna do.
CLIVE: If his *mates* don't come back, there's no telling what he'll do.
DES: Look, he'll leave, he'll go away. With any luck, he's already gone. Once he gets the money off Henry...
A detective walks over to them at that moment and asks Des how he is. He mutters that he's fine. The detective asks Clive if Des is OK to answer a few more questions, and Clive nods that he seems to be. The detective says to Des:
DETECTIVE: A few things don't seem to fit. I'm sure you can sort them out for me.
No. 28
Brody looks at his watch as he paces the lounge room floor. Daphne comments to him coolly that his mates are taking a long while. Brody just retorts that however long it takes, that's how long they've got. He looks out the window. While he's momentarily distracted, Daphne leaps up from the couch and runs for the front door - but she's not fast enough, and Brody runs and grabs her arm and pushes her back onto the couch. He leans over her and warns threateningly:
BRODY: Don't. Just don't. Got it?
The doorbell rings suddenly and Brody snaps at Daphne to leave it. Daphne pants that it'll be her friends who were there before: if she doesn't open the door, they'll know something's wrong. Brody just hisses at her to shut up.
Out on the front step, Scott rings the bell again and then peers through the pane of glass in the door. He rings the bell again a couple of times, but there's still no response and so he turns and walks away. As he does so, he bumps into Eileen, who's coming up the path. She asks him tersely what he's doing. Scott tells her that there's no one in. He adds that it's really weird, and he explains about how Mike rang from the Coffee Shop and Daphne said she'd be in all afternoon. Eileen queries:
SCOTT (shrugs): It's probably nothing. I just thought I heard something - a bloke's voice.
EILEEN: Daphne probably went to the Coffee Shop and left the radio on. That's all it is. I have a key: I'll show you.
With that, Eileen puts her key in the lock and opens the door. She and Scott head inside - and quickly stop in their tracks as they find Daphne standing with a man. Brody hisses at Daphne that the two of them are old friends. Eileen looks at Daphne and smiles that they didn't think she was in, as she wasn't answering the door. Daphne tells Brody:
DAPHNE: This is my Aunty Edna and Mike, a friend of mine.
Eileen, however, looking puzzled, asks Daphne what on earth she's talking about, and she introduces herself to Brody as Eileen Clarke, Daphne's mother- in- law. Scott, however, realises that something's wrong, and he approaches Brody, saying he didn't catch his name. All of a sudden, Daphne hits Brody on the head with a cushion from the couch and yells:
DAPHNE: Scott, he's a thief!
Scott lunges at Brody and pushes him to the floor, where the two of them start struggling. Brody manages to get to his feet, but Eileen then runs at him and karate chops him on the shoulders and in the stomach, exclaiming as she does so that they did that in her self- defence class! Daphne grabs the cable from the kettle, where it's lying on the kitchen counter, and she throws it to Scott, who uses it to tie up Brody's arms. Eileen begins to read Brody his rights! Daphne, meanwhile, gets on the 'phone and calls the police. Scott and Eileen finish tying Brody up. As Daphne hangs up the 'phone, she says:
DAPHNE: They'll have a police car round here straight away. They've already had a call from Des's bank. I just hope he's all right...
Pacific Bank
Des is sitting in a chair in the counter area of the bank. The detective asks him curtly why he opened the safe if he didn't see any weapon. Des, looking dumbstruck, murmurs that he *assumed*. The detective goes on:
DETECTIVE: You said the thieves waylaid you.
DES: That's right.
DETECTIVE: Saturday morning. I guess you were at home.
DES (pauses then pants): Look, they've got my wife. I couldn't tell you; I couldn't risk what they'd do to her.
The detective tells Des that he knows it's difficult, but he should have said so in the first place. He goes to call the station - but at that moment an officer comes in and tells the detective that the station just radioed to say Mr. Clarke's wife is safe and sound. Des lets out a huge sigh of relief. The police officer continues that the man at the house is being held. He adds that Henry - who came in with him - apprehended the second man, and they have a call out for the third, who was the driver. The detective tells Des tersely that they're going to need another statement, as he seems to have overlooked a few things...
No. 28
Two police officers have turned up at No. 28 and are placing handcuffs on Brody. As they do so, Eileen tells them enthusiastically:
EILEEN: I've made a citizen's arrest - that's an arrest by a citizen! And I have given him a caution that anything he says will be taken down and used in evidence against him.
Brody cries at the police officers to get him away from the old windbag! Eileen asks tersely if she can have him charged with abusive language! The police officers escort Brody out as Eileen tells Daphne and Scott that she's seen it on TV: if they don't get the technicalities right, Brody will call some hotshot lawyer with an uptown reputation and their case will be dead in the water! She suddenly comes over all faint as she exclaims:
EILEEN: I could've been *murdered*, Daphne - by a bloke like *that*: I could've been *murdered*.
Daphne and Scott go to help her sit down, but she says quickly that she can't sit down! She heads over to the kitchen area to start cleaning up the mess. Meanwhile, Daphne says to Scott softly:
DAPHNE: Scott, I can't thank you enough.
SCOTT: Glad to help out! I just hope this makes up for what I've done...
DAPHNE (nods): *More* than makes up. That's all forgotten. I hate to think what would've happened had it just been me and Eileen here.
SCOTT: He'd have left pretty quick smart: I don't think he could've stood much more of Mrs. Clarke, actually!
The 'phone starts ringing and Daphne goes to answer it. Des comes on and Daphne cries at him that she's been so worried... Des assures her that everything's fine. Daphne cries:
DAPHNE: I thought I'd never see you again...
DES (gently): Hey, come on...
DAPHNE: I love you.
DES: I love you too, Daph.
DAPHNE: Say it again.
DES: I love you.
A smile of relief crosses Daphne's face.
No. 24
Charlene, Madge and Harold are sitting playing a card game at the kitchen table when Shane comes in through the back door. He hands Madge some cash, telling her that it's his share of the house repayments. Harold remarks suddenly that Henry's been gone for a while. Charlene glares at him and snaps:
CHARLENE: Will you get off his back, Harold?
Harold insists that he was only making a comment. Charlene points out that Henry is out of jail; he doesn't need a leave pass. Madge, however, remarks that he's been gone for hours: he hasn't got much money and he can't *still* be shopping. Shane tells Charlene that Henry isn't exactly reliable. Charlene, however, retorts that of *course* he's reliable. Harold tells everyone that Henry has just suddenly found that he can wander where he likes, and is enjoying his freedom. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Charlene leaps up to answer it. She listens and then nods that she'll hold on. Madge asks her who it is. Charlene hesitates before replying that it's Erinsborough Police: they're putting her through to some Detective Sergeant. Madge, a look of horror appearing on her face, cries:
MADGE: Oh no - I *knew* it.
Harold takes the 'phone from Charlene, who sits back down with Madge and points out that they don't even know what it's about. Madge, however, tells her curtly that of *course* they know what it's about. Shane mutters that Henry hasn't wasted any time, has he? Charlene retorts angrily that it's no wonder he's got problems if everyone's *against* him. Harold hangs up the 'phone at that moment, though, and says to Madge:
HAROLD: It would seem that your son is something of a hero!
Everyone looks at each other in surprise!
No. 26
Daphne is at No. 26, telling Jim that, for a hero, Scott is a bit bashful! Jim pats Scott on the back and smiles:
JIM: I'm proud of you, mate!
Scott says the main thing is that the police have rounded up the thieves and that Des and Daphne are all right. Jim suggests to Daphne that she bring Des over for a drink. Daphne, however, explains that Des is still at the police station. She adds that she'd better get home, as she wants to be there when he arrives. She heads out, leaving Jim to ask Scott how he's feeling. He sighs in relief:
SCOTT: It's great not being a social outcast. If Paul and Rosemary can only straighten out that creep Derek Morris, then I'd *really* be on a high.
JIM: Oh, don't worry - they'll soon put Morris back in his box. In the meantime, you'll have to satisfy yourself with being a *minor* hero!
He then adds that minor heroes still have to clean up the back yard...!
No. 28
Daphne is sitting with Eileen at the dinner table as Eileen finishes polishing the silver. Daphne smiles that it's come up beautifully - although she'd honestly prefer it if Eileen just gave it a rest. Eileen, however, beams that you have to be in the mood for that sort of work, and she's in the mood! Daphne stands up, looking worried. She heads to the kitchen counter as Eileen says uncertainly:
EILEEN: Daphne... do you think I was foolish or just brave?
DAPHNE (warmly): Just brave, Eileen! The bravest I've ever seen you!
Eileen admits that she was actually terrified: when she found herself - a woman of her age - attacking that desperado...! The front door opens suddenly and Des comes in with Clive, who exclaims that his patient's had a slight blow to the head. Daphne asks in concern if he's all right. Clive tells her:
CLIVE: He's fighting fit - so long as the fighting is kept very gentle and restrained!
EILEEN (beams): The fighting was very fierce *here*!
CLIVE (grins): Yes, I heard about your courageous effort: the Bruce Lee of Ramsay Street!
EILEEN: Oh, well, I only did what I had to do - although it did give me palpitations...
Clive, sensing that Daphne and Des want to be alone, suggests to Eileen that he should check her out, and he leads her away to the kitchen. When they've gone, Des smiles at Daphne:
DES: Mum will dine on this for *months*!
Daphne just stares at him and says longingly:
DAPHNE: My hero...
DES (softly): You're the best wife a man could ask for.
DAPHNE: Ditto.
DES: No!
DES: *Husband!*
DAPHNE: Oh! You're the best *husband* a man could ask for!
They hug, and Des murmurs:
DES: If anything ever happened to you, Daph...
Daphne puts a finger to his lips. The two of them then start kissing passionately...
No. 24
It's evening- time. Henry, Charlene, Madge, Harold and Shane are having dinner, Charlene exclaiming as they do so that she'd *love* to do something like chucking all the money into the lake! Henry explains that it was the only way to stop Parnell getting it. Charlene asks him if he felt a bit strange watching the money float away. In reply, Henry tells her:
HENRY: We're at the lake, right, and Parnell says to me, he says, "We'll split the bread, man, we'll split it," and I says to him, "No way, punk, you'll have to swim for it!"
Madge sighs at Henry to stop: he'll have Charlene believing every word! Harold, however, asks why Henry shouldn't enjoy his moment of glory. He tells Henry that he had his doubts about him - he thought he'd break his mother's heart again when he came back to live there - but he was wrong. Looking annoyed at all the attention Henry's getting, Shane stands up from the table. Henry tells his mother:
HENRY: I haven't made you proud of me before, mum, but I'm past that, now. Suppose I've grown up a bit.
MADGE (happily): I really think you *have*, love.
Harold adds that the fact that Henry could identify the driver meant the whole gang could be brought to justice. Henry sighs that that part was a bit harder: he's not a dobber, but when he heard they'd grabbed Daphne... Shane chips in and mutters that *he* wouldn't have given it a second thought: those blokes deserve everything they get. With that, he announces that he's got to take Kelly out, and he heads off to get ready. Charlene turns to Henry and grins that Mrs. Clarke giving that guy a karate chop must've been a scream! Henry remarks:
HENRY: And what about Scott, eh? Isn't *he* something else...?
CHARLENE (darkly): He was in the right place at the right time, that's all.
HENRY: If Daphne and Des are prepared to forgive and forget, maybe we should all do the same. What do you reckon, mum?
MADGE: Well... I don't know whether *I'm* ready to forgive him, but, um, if Charlene wants to see him, I won't have any objections.
HENRY: Well, Lennie?
CHARLENE: Well, we'll have to wait and see what happens, won't we.
No. 26
Scott is sitting on the couch, watching TV, when the doorbell rings. He gets up to answer it and finds Sue Parker standing on the step. He lets her inside and she smiles that she just came round to congratulate him: the whole neighbourhood's talking about what he did! Scott shrugs that it was no big deal really. Sue tells him not to put himself down: it was wonderful! She then asks him how he's planning to celebrate: is he going out raging? Scott shakes his head and says he isn't. Sue presses:
SUE: Lassiter's disco's on tonight. Why don't we go *there*?
SCOTT (shrugs): I just don't feel like going out. I'm sorry.
SUE: Ah well. Have you played my album yet?
SCOTT: Yeah.
SUE: Well? Scott...
SCOTT: Listen, can I get you a juice or something like that?
Sue accepts. Scott leads her to the couch and sits her down! He then dashes into the kitchen, where Jim is working. He asks who was at the front door. Scott replies:
SCOTT: Sue Parker. Dad, how am I going to get rid of her?
JIM (frowns): That's not a very nice attitude...
SCOTT: Yeah, well, it's not a very nice *situation*. She's been making trouble for years and now she's all over me like a rash.
JIM: Maybe she's changed? People *do*, you know - as Des and Daphne will be the first to admit.
Scott murmurs that he supposes his father's right. Jim insists that it's worth a try. Scott takes a glass of orange juice through to Sue and hands it to her. She smiles at him and then asks what made him realise the guy at Daphne's was a criminal. Scott explains that when Daphne introduced him as 'Mike', he knew there must have been something going on. Sue comments that it must've been really creepy. The doorbell rings again and Scott asks Sue to excuse him. He goes and opens the door - and finds Charlene standing on the step. She says to him hesitantly that she thought maybe they should talk. Scott lets her inside - where Sue smiles slyly:
SUE: Hi, Charlene.
Charlene glares at her and then mutters at Scott:
CHARLENE: Sorry - I didn't realise you had company.
She storms off. Scott calls after her, but it's no good and he slams the door shut in annoyance. Sue tells Scott that she's sorry: she guesses that was *her* fault. Scott, however, retorts:
SCOTT: Oh no, that was no big deal - I mean, she's always going off in a huff about *something*. I'm just sick to death of it.
SUE (smiles): You were telling me how you caught this guy...
No. 28
Des, Daphne, Mike, Eileen and Clive finish dinner and Clive smiles at Daphne that that was a culinary masterpiece! He adds that he couldn't have cooked anyway, as his pans are all packed away for the move tomorrow. Mike asks him if he wants a hand with the move. Des offers as well, and Clive nods that they start at dawn. Daphne stands up to do the washing up, but Clive tells her not to move a muscle: he and Mike will do it. Mike joins Clive in the kitchen, leaving Daphne to ask Des if he's 'phoned Head Office about the robbers yet. Des nods:
DES: Yeah. I spoke to a bloke called Gordon Hemmings. He's State Manager. There'll be an inquiry, but it should be all right.
DAPHNE (warily): *Should* be...?
DES: Well... I had a run- in with him a couple of years ago. I'm sure he'd like to see me get into strife. It's just routine - I did everything as per regulations. It'll be sweet.
DAPHNE: It had better be. What you did today was the bravest thing I've ever seen.
The two of them kiss happily. Clive and Mike wander over and Clive suggests to Mike and Eileen that they might like to join him for coffee at *his* place. Eileen declines. Mike tells her that Des and Daph might like some time to themselves. Eileen, however, insists that she's not blind: she merely said she didn't want coffee - but a nice walk to Clive's might settle her nerves! Clive and Mike escort her out, leaving Daphne to smile at Des:
DAPHNE: Isn't it wonderful to have friends and family?!
DES: It's even better when you get time to be alone...
They start kissing.
No. 24
Charlene slams a jug of milk down onto the kitchen counter, muttering as she does so:
CHARLENE: The nerve of Scott Robinson.
Henry is with her and reminds her that she doesn't *care* about Scott, remember?! Charlene retorts that of course she doesn't! She then snaps:
CHARLENE: Sue Parker makes me mad, the way she just moves on in.
HENRY: He's a hero, Lennie. Girls *love* heroes - especially if *you're* giving him the deep freeze.
CHARLENE (mutters): He's not a hero, he's a moron.
HENRY: Don't be a goose. *Ignore* Sue Parker.
Over in the lounge room, Harold is sitting with Madge, telling her that he's going to *stay* in Erinsborough, and on Monday he'll start looking for something more permanent. Madge smiles that she's so pleased. Henry and Charlene join them as she asks Harold what prompted it. Harold replies happily:
HAROLD: The warmth of this neighbourhood and especially this family. I just love the way people stand by each other.
MADGE: We do try! It's not always obvious, but we do try.
Shane emerges from his bedroom suddenly and asks Henry curtly if he can have a word. The two of them head over to the kitchen as Madge begins to tell Harold that there's a house for sale opposite the park. Harold, however, says he was thinking more of boarding at first, if he can find something suitable.
Over in the kitchen, Shane snaps at Henry:
SHANE: Hand it over.
HENRY (blankly): Eh?
SHANE: I had a hundred bucks in my room and it's gone.
HENRY: *I* didn't see it.
Shane shoves Henry against the wall and snarls:
SHANE: Don't give me that. You're sharing that room and you took my money. I want it back - *now*.
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Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0435
Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Brody, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0435
Brody, Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0435
Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Daphne Clarke, Brody in Neighbours Episode 0435
Daphne Clarke, Brody

Scott Robinson, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0435
Scott Robinson, Eileen Clarke

Daphne Clarke, Scott Robinson, Brody, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0435
Daphne Clarke, Scott Robinson, Brody, Eileen Clarke

Detective, Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0435
Detective, Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons

Eileen Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0435
Eileen Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0435
Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Daphne Clarke, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0435
Daphne Clarke, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0435
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke

Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0435
Henry Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Sue Parker in Neighbours Episode 0435
Sue Parker

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0435
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0435
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0435
Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young, Eileen Clarke

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0435
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Charlene Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0435
Shane Ramsay

Henry Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0435
Henry Mitchell

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