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Neighbours Episode 0432 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0432
Australian airdate: 24/02/87
UK airdate: 04/07/88
UK Gold: 28/06/94
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Gaye Arnold
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Paul is being interviewed for Disclosure magazine. The reporter pushes Paul for information about his involvement in Terri's suicide. He threatens to publish the article without Paul's agreement. Paul retaliates saying that if his private life is mentioned he will wish that he never started the magazine.
Robinson House
Lucy is trying to convince Helen that she must go to France with Bradley. As soon as Jim enters she runs to him shouting that he has to let her go. He looks baffled until Helen explains that Bradley and his family want to pay for Lucy to go over on holiday when Rosemary delivers some papers to Jack Lassiter for the sale of a complex. Rosemary struggles with her telephone conversation because Lucy repeatedly pleads loudly to be allowed to go.
Jim tells her it is a long way and to slow own because he does not want to be stampeded in to a decision. She runs off to her room to practice her French as Rosemary tells them that the journalist had links with a self-motivation outfit called Maximise. Jim reminds Helen that it was run like a pyramid selling scam and a lot of people got their fingers burnt even though it was not strictly illegal. Rosemary continues that the idea of the magazine is to expose any scandal in the private lives of prominent business people ostensively so that small investors know who they are investing in.
Robinson Driveway
Scott is cleaning out his car when he is interrupted by a man wanting to know where he can find Scott Robinson. He introduces himself as Derek Morris of Disclosure magazine (the same man who has just interviewed Paul). He asks Scott if he was copping a bit of aggro over the articles in the Erinsborough News. He explains that Scott's editor had shown him the articles which were very good. A good journo has to call the shots as he sees them and that may mean treading on some toes. Scott admits that he stomped all over them. Derek thinks Scott may have a future with him and asks him to get in the car to talk.
Paul's Office
Paul is on the phone to Rosemary. She tells him that the magazine is on a tight budget and they are desperate for a big story for their first issue. Paul admits he was too busy throwing Morris out to say anything incriminating. Rosemary is disappointed since Morris may use that as guilt. Paul tells Rosemary that he is more worried about damage to the Daniels Corporation and she tells him that it has to be "No Comment" from here on.
Robinson Driveway
Morris tells Scott that it is the magazine's first issue but market research indicates a big market and if it goes well he would be interested in hiring someone like Scott. Flattering Scott he says although he is a bit too involved and rough around the edges he will improve with experience. Scot admits that his editor said he needs to be more detached. Morris pushes Scott to find out how much was made up about Paul and Terri. Scott is confused because that story was never published. Morris replies that Mr Cutler showed him the file copy and although sees that he has got Scott's back up he continues to push. Morris asks if Paul visited Terri in prison. Scott is suspicious when he realises that they are no longer talking about his work. Morris admits that he is writing an article. Scott angrily tells Morris that he will not get Paul's side of the story from him and storms out of the car, slamming the door.
Paul's Office
Jane stops Scott from bursting into Paul's office explaining that he is on the 'phone and it sounds important. Scott whines that it is all because of the stupid stories that he wrote. Looking flustered Paul appears and tells Jane she can go home. Scott follows him back into the office. Paul assures him that it is all under control but Scott drops the bombshell that Mr Cutler has shown Morris Scott's unpublished article that covers just about everything you ever did. "Oh Scotty"
Robinson House
Jim tries to tell Lucy that going to France is more than just packing a bag and jumping on a plane. There's schoolwork for example. Lucy immediately says that Bradley has a tutor who could help. Exasperated Jim admits she has an answer for everything and turns to Helen for support. She smiles and replies that actually it is a wonderful opportunity. Rosemary talks about broadening horizons. Rosemary will be there to look after her. Realising that he is outnumbered three to one he reluctantly agrees that Lucy can go. Lucy runs from the table to go and pack straight away. Jim thinks that Bradley will not know what has hit him.
Paul and Scott arrive. They explain that they are in trouble. Scott's article contained "some pretty spicy stuff". Jim calms the situation by asking Scott if he still has a copy of the article so they can see what they are up against. Paul does not think that "No comment" will cover it.
The Coffee Shop
Jane is explaining to Mike how angry Paul was with Morris but Mike is not really listening as he is wrapping a present in newspaper. Jane offers to take over and the parcel falls open to reveal food scraps! He says that they are for Bouncer. Jane asks him if he misses him. Mike tries to deny it, thinking about Bouncer weeing on the rug, tearing up Des' shoes and papers- "Sure do..." He felt he had to give Bouncer to Lucy after what happened to Basil. Jane chides him for being too kind. She continues that he only asked her out because he was being kind. Mike disagrees saying that it was because he liked her an actually he was hoping they could go to a movie tonight. He had been waiting for the right moment. They agree to met back at the coffee shop at 7.00
Mrs Mangel's House
Jane is looking very smart in a grey dress. She asks if her Gran is ok with it because she had seemed a bit funny when she mentioned it earlier. Mrs Mangel admits that it is something else and reluctantly says that interest rate rises have made the mortgage more expensive and she only has her own money coming in now. Without money coming in from Mr Mangel she cannot possibly meet the new payments. All her savings went on the house deposit. Jane offers to increase her board but her Gran refuses saying that Jane gets paid little enough. Mrs Mangel is afraid that unless she can think of something they will lose the house.
Robinson House
Helen is astounded that Scott could have written some of the items in his story. Jim calmly insists that apportioning blame is not going to help anyone. The doorbell rings and Mrs Mangel walks in wanting to talk to Paul but clearly he is not in the mood to talk about work. She continues saying she needs a raise but Paul replies that she has not been there long enough for him to justify paying her more than the award wage she earns. He asks her to respect his private life with his family and leads her back out of the front door despite her protests. Returning to the family Paul suggests that they contact their lawyers and sue if there is anything in the article that they do not like.
Rosemary warns that would be just the publicity that Disclosure needed. Helen reminds Paul about a dodgy redevelopment case with a man who turned out to be a criminal. She turns to Rosemary saying that Morris will have great time writing about Gerard.
Rosemary decides to call their American lawyers. Scott picks up the article and gets up. He snaps at Paul not to give him his opinion about what a creep he is; he has heard it all before. Scott is clearly upset about the effect this is having on his family. He knows he was nave but could not have foreseen Morris when he wrote it. Paul tries to calm him, stressing how important it is for the family to stick together. "With the full force of the Robinsons about to come down on his head this slime won't know what's hit him, eh!"
The Coffee Shop
Jane explains to Mike her reason for being late was Mrs Mangel being upset, but not because of them. She lets him know about the mortgage and Paul's refusal to even discuss a raise. Mike wishes there was something he could do to help. Jane tells him that listening to her has helped; she doesn't deserve much after the way she has treated him. Mike admits fighting with Shane didn't help but Jane tells him that is history. Nervously Mike asks her if they might be more than just friends and when Jane, equally nervous, agrees, they kiss tenderly. (Awwww!)
Mrs Mangel's House
Derek Morris knocks on the door, introduces himself and asks Mrs Mangel if he could have a chat. She coyly suggests they are just ordinary folk and would be of no interest to the magazine. When he mentions the story in the Erinsborough News she tries to push the front door shut. He says that what was said in the story does not fit in with what he has been told about her by locals. He tries flattery saying that she is very well thought of in Erinsborough. She relaxes her hold on the door commenting that she has always tried to do her best by other people. Seeing his chance Morris enters and starts on about the Robinson's having something to hide and being able to get away with it. He tells her that he is going to teach them a lesson by writing an article and he would like her help by telling him what goes on, especially after the way they have treated her. More flattery follows about seeing justice being done. Mrs Mangel is unsure as Paul employs her. Morris retorts by offering to pay for information...
Robinson House
Lucy is rushing about concerned only for herself and is packing summer clothes, not the winter ones she will need. Helen distracts her to get her out of the room. Rosemary explains the lawyers' view that more bad publicity is likely from suing Disclosure especially if American papers pick up on the story. It could affect the moral majority of small investors there and bring down the Daniels Corporation like a pack of cards. Rosemary urges them to sit tight and see. Paul insists that will not happen as he is going to resign. Both Jim and Helen defend him saying that he cannot do that as the Corporation would not be the success it is without him. Paul is not going to let the Daniels Corporation go under simply because of a muck-raking journalist wants to print sordid details of his life. If his resignation is the only way out then Rosemary understands it just as he does...
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Rosemary Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0432
Rosemary Daniels, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Lucy Robinson, Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0432
Lucy Robinson, Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson

Derek Morris, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0432
Derek Morris, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0432
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0432
Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Jane Harris, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0432
Jane Harris, Mike Young

Jane Harris, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0432
Jane Harris, Nell Mangel

Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0432
Rosemary Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson

Nell Mangel, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0432
Nell Mangel, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0432
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0432
Mike Young, Jane Harris

Nell Mangel, Derek Morris in Neighbours Episode 0432
Nell Mangel, Derek Morris

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0432
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Rosemary Daniels

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