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Neighbours Episode 0422 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0422
Australian airdate: 10/02/87
UK airdate: 20/06/88
UK Gold: 14/06/94
Writer: Ian Smith
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Scott returns from the newspaper office and tells Jim much to his dismay, that he wants the next story to remain in. Helen says that she admires his conviction seeing as the next story is about the Mitchell's. It suddenly dawns on Scott that it will affect Charlene.
Ramsay Street
The next morning Scott collects the milk and then proceeds to run up and down the street stealing all the newspapers. As Clive comes out of his house, he meets Scott trying to nick his newspaper and wants to know if he has a new job. Scott is confused but Clive continues that he is either delivering newspapers or has a new job at a fish and chip shop. Scott laughs nervously and says that he was just passing by and gives Clive the milk and then runs off again. Clive calls after him that he doesn't have his milk delivered, Scott shouts back that they must have been a mistake at the dairy that they do it to them all the time. Clive looks very confused and goes into his house
Gibbons House
As Clive comes in he shouts up the stairs that Des' milk has arrived, turns the music on loud and starts to do exercises. Des almost crawls down the stairs carrying a pair of dark glasses and informs Clive he is mad. Des turns the music off and tells Clive that he is out of his tiny little mind. Clive comments that he looks awful, his eyes look terrible. Putting on the glasses Des tells him that his eyes feel more awful that the rest of him and does he want to know why. Clive doesn't really but Des continues it is because he hasn't had a wink of sleep because some maniac was banging on the bongos at 2.30 am in the morning. Clive corrects him and says that it was at 2.45 am, he said that he had to stop at 3 O'clock as the movie started.
Des grumpily says that he knows, the movie had cannons and machine guns and was incredibly loud. Clive tells him that it was a great movie the "Guns of Navarone" that he had almost given him a shout, he would have loved it. Des wants to know if he does this every night Clive says he doesn't as tonight he has to do the vacuuming. Des is confused and says that he is talking about the night, normal people to the vacuuming during the day. Clive goes off to make the breakfast and wonders why "us" bachelors bring out the mother instinct and comments about Eileen the previous evening. As Des starts to read the paper, he says that it is probably because Eileen is his mother.
Des, who has been lying on the couch suddenly gets up and walks into the kitchen saying that stupid idiot Scott Robinson has done it again. Clive wants to know if it is another article about Des and Daphne. Des replies that it isn't this one is about Madge Mitchell and Mrs Mangel. The same deal, Scott hasn't mentioned any names but it them all right; Madge is going to kill him!
Ramsay House
Madge has thick white face cream all over her face, as she irons a skirt. As the kettle whistles away to it's self she curses the iron and goes to sort out the kettle shouting for Shane and Charlene to get up. There is a knock at the door and she wants to know what now. Eileen comes in and tells Madge, who didn't know she was back, that she will fully support her. Wiping the face cream off her face Madge is confused about what she is talking about. Eileen suddenly realises that Madge hasn't read the paper yet and wishes the ground would open up and swallow her. Madge demands to know what she is going on about. Eileen starts to read the article:
Trouble for Mavis Matthews and her beautiful daughter Charlotte, not only did Frank the husband run off with another woman, but now Horace the son has been jailed for stealing. It really isn't fair!"
Seeing the look on Madge's face Eileen asks if she wants her to go on. Madge says that she doesn't.
Robinson House
Scott is hiding all the newspapers in the laundry. Coming out he tries to take Lucy's toast. Lucy takes the toast back and tells him that he is in trouble, he was going to get the milk and that Jim had to go without his cup of tea. Helen comes in carrying the washing and wants to know where he has been, it doesn't take twenty minutes to....then walking into the laundry sees all the newspapers. Scott makes a lame excuse that the thought milk might have been delivered to someone else...Helen interrupts and says so you accidentally picked up every paper in the street. Scott says that he had to he couldn't sleep last night for thinking about what Jim had said about exploiting people. Helen says that she understands that but did he really think that it would solve anything? Despondently Scott says that he couldn't think of anything else to do.
The doorbell rings and Lucy goes to answer it. Helen insists that Scott takes the newspapers back stealing them isn't going to help the situation. Lucy comes in all excited with Gerard to tell Helen that he is coming to the airport with them. Helen and Gerard greet one another, Scott make's his apologies that he has to go and do something and Helen sends Lucy off to put on her shoes. Helen wants to why Gerard didn't tell them that he was coming. Gerard replies that Rosemary would expect it. Helen sarcastically says "Oh yes the ever loving fiancé." Gerard feels that this is in poor taste and Helen apologises and wants to know when he is going to tell Rosemary that the engagement is off. Gerard says that he did say he would tell her as soon as he can but he can hardly tell her the minute she steps off the plane. Helen feels that it is a shame that he has to break it to her at all and wants to know if he has decided what he is going to say. Gerard replies "Sort of, I don't know how she is going to take it.
Ramsay House
Madge opens the door to Scott, and says that he is nice and early and invites him in. Scott thanks Mrs Mitchell but declines. Madge grabs the shoulder of his shirt and drags a protesting Scott in the house. Madge demands to know what happened to Mavis Matthews....you know Mavis the barmaid who conned a business man into buying her a house...the destitute Mavis who was left for a younger woman who was a bit more fun. Scott starts to smirk as Madge continues...the pathetic Mavis who tried to buy her husband's illegitimate child. Scott squirms and says "Ah...you have read it, that is why I am here, the reason I took your paper" Madge tells him that she doesn't need a paper she already has half of Erinsborough knocking on her door telling her how famous she is! They even read it for her. Scott is astonished that they know it is her as he changed the names. Madge is dismayed the name changes were hardly startling; Scott tells her that he can see that now and he apologises. Madge says that she doesn't believe a word of it, telling him that she can't believe that anyone can be so nave and insensitive. She continues that "us" Mitchell's have been through rougher times than this so they will survive his poison pen effort. As Scott protests that it isn't fair, Madge replies that he wouldn't know what fair is, look what his delinquent diary has done to Des and Daphne. He should go over and tell them about fair and see how he gets on. Scott protests and asks if he can see Charlene. Madge tells him that after the way he has acted that he is not to see Charlene again; Scott protests some more but Madge is firm and Scott finally storms out the house in a huff slamming the door behind him
Gibbons House
As Eileen prepares breakfast for Des; Clive is reading the paper out to them:-
Jean Harper hasn't been very happy lately and who can blame her living with her grandmother must be very hard. Especially if all the rumours are true and she has killed her husband Ben after all.
Clive thinks that there really will be a murder in Ramsay Street if this keeps up; Eileen says that he wouldn't joke about it if he had seen Madge's face. Clive wants to know if she was all right, Eileen says that Madge will bounce back it is the children she is worried about. Des says he is too but he is a little more concerned about his pregnant wife. Clive and Eileen both talk at the same time and tell him to go over and talk to Daphne. Des wants to know if this is get Des Day and reminds them that he didn't walk out, he was kicked out. Eileen feels that it is a load of nonsense and that Daphne has done nothing but cry since he left. Des is shocked and says he is upset too; he didn't sleep a wink last night. Eileen doesn't believe it, despite Des protests to the contrary and tells her that she can ask Clive. Clive insists that Des is not dragging him into any family argument. Des says "Thanks a lot, you wait until it is your turn" Clive doesn't think Scott will write about him but then changes his mind and isn't so sure. Des looks at his now very drained face and asks him what's wrong, has he been eating the kippers Eileen threw out?
Paul's Office
A tearful Jane comes into the office, Paul comments on her being late. As Jane apologises Paul asks her where the Bank file is, Jane is rather dithery as to where she put it. Paul gently asks her to sit down and tell him what is wrong; he then concludes that the problem is Scott's article. Paul tells her that it is just a bit of fun in the local rag. Jane doesn't see it that way; she thinks everyone is laughing at her. Paul assures her that they aren't and it wasn't quite what he meant. Jane asks if he read that bit about her parents not wanting her so they dumped her at her grandmothers. The reason she was late this morning was because people kept stopping her in the street and telling how sorry they were for her and they were people she didn't even know.
Jane rushes into the inner office as Helen comes in with Rosemary and Gerard. Helen wants to know what the problem is and is about to go to Jane as Paul stops her saying that Jane needs a minute to herself. Paul greets Rosemary and apologises for Jane, saying that he has a little problem with his secretary and it isn't even his fault this time. He then apologises for not being at the airport to pick her up buy he had a client at 7am this morning, sometimes he thinks he should have a bed installed at the office. Rosemary feels that he can't disappoint a client. Looking around she comments that the place looks wonderful and she trusts it is as efficient as it looks. Paul teases her that it is all for show for the visiting brass and that it all goes back on Monday. Rosemary thinks that he has wasted his money then. Putting her arms around Gerard she continues that she has everything she needs right here, a wonderful man and the best mother-in-law. Helen and Gerard look very uncomfortable.
Ramsay House
Madge has the newspaper spread out on the kitchen table and is re-reading Scott's article "Diary of a Teenager" as Clive comes in via the back door. Madge moans that he could have used the front door but Clive replies that he thought too many people might be watching. Madge says that he is talking to the person who has pulled the plug on her phone and wants to know if he has come around to tell her it is all just a big laugh and not to worry about it. Clive thoughtfully tells her that he would have done twenty minutes ago and then someone pointed out he could be in the next issue. It is funny how you change your mind. He wants to know how Charlene took it. Madge tells him that she doesn't know, as she has a job interview today and she didn't want to upset her. Clive thinks it is good thinking she would never pass an interview with a face as long as Madge's.
Madge bites back that he has read it, what is she supposed to do, jump for joy? Clive thinks she should come out fighting, like she always does. He has always considered her the Rambo of Ramsay Street. Madge isn't convinced, she thinks she will "cop" a few digs in the Waterhole especially about Henry. Madge then says "Who is she kidding, Scott has hung her dirty linen up for all to see she will never live this down" Clive assures her that she will and that he is sure Harold will understand when she explains it to him. Madge replies that Harold is a very nice man but there is a limit to how much she can expect him to accept. Clive argues that if Harold is as nice as she says that he will be in there throwing mud right back at them in Madge's defence. Madge thinks he is a very clever doctor and should have done Psychology; Clive replies that they wouldn't let him it would have been like letting the lunatics take over the asylum! He pats Madge reassuringly on the back and leaves by the front door this time.
Ramsay Front Garden
Scott is hiding in the shrubbery as Clive walks past and calls out to him. Clive says that he won't talk to him as his mother told him never to talk to strange shrubs. Scott emerges from his hiding place; he wants to know if Charlene is there. Clive tells him that she isn't and that he should make himself scarce. Scott tells him that he can't he has to explain to Charlene about the article in the paper.
From the veranda Madge shouts down at them and tells Scott to stay away from the house she isn't going to warn him again. He is not to send Clive in either to sweet talk her. As Madge goes back into the house Clive gestures to where Madge has been and says "See what you have done she is completely paranoid now" Scott thinks that Madge is going to make life pure hell for him and Charlene now. Clive agrees and suggests that they go for a cup of coffee so he can give him a few lessons in constructive journalism.
Robinson House
Rosemary is wittering on about all the things she has to do, Helen suggests that she takes some time to unpack as she has only just arrived. Rosemary says that when she is busy she is happy and when she is happy she is busy. Helen tries to make her excuses to leave but Gerard stops her. Rosemary feels that she might be making Helen feel guilty as Rosemary is always so busy. Helen assures her that isn't the case, she just doesn't like to leave Paul and she could see how upset Jane was today. She feels it would be a bit irresponsible for her not to return to the office. Rosemary understands but asks Helen if she could just wait a few minutes as she has something she wants to ask her. Turning to Gerard she says that it also concerns him.
Taking a deep breath Rosemary says that she has been thinking about this for weeks and she would like Helen to be her Matron of Honour. Helen is taken aback and says that it would be different she supposed, but without accepting starts to make excuses why she couldn't. She feels that clothes might be a problem how could they co-ordinate. Rosemary says that it will be easy she has bought cutting of the material she is going to have and as she goes off to get them, urges Gerard to make her say Yes.
Helen and Gerard look uncomfortably at one another as Rosemary leaves the room. Gerard jumps up and says that he has to tell Rosemary now before this goes on for any longer and asks Helen to leave. Helen wants to know if he is sure and he replies that he has never been so sure about anything. Helen is reluctant to go obviously concerned on how Rosemary will take her absence but Gerard begs her. Helen picks up her bag and giving Gerard a lasting look leaves the house.
A little later Rosemary has in her hand lovely wedding lace and is asking Gerard who the other woman is and why did he not tell her in the States, why did he have to humiliate her in front of her family. Gerard replies that it isn't important who she is and he doesn't mean to humiliate her. Rosemary not really listening feels that it would have been so ugly there. Gerard thought she would need family around her not just friends. Rosemary says family...do you realise how ridiculous she feels in front of these people. She had sent them a photo of the church they would have been married in, a list of likely dates. Gerard starts to get irritated at her and feels that they are her family and that they will understand they love you.
Rosemary feels that the word LOVE has become a bit of a joke in the last ten minutes so they better drop it. Gerard looks increasingly uncomfortable as Rosemary then wants to know where Helen went and what he had said to her. Gerard just says that he told her that he had something he had to discuss with Rosemary and he had to do it now. Rosemary looks lost and wants to know if Helen knows. Gerard replies that Helen knows something is wrong and he imagines that she is waiting to hear it from her. Rosemary turns her back on Gerard and asks him to leave, she doesn't believe in the lets be friends bit she feels it doesn't work, Gerard agrees and starts to leave. Just before he gets to the door, Rosemary begs him to tell her who the other woman is.
Gerard refuses to tell her it won't make any difference. He isn't leaving her because of the "other" woman he is leaving her because the other woman made him realise that what he is feeling for Rosemary isn't love. Rosemary is obviously hurt by this, Gerard tries to soften his words by continuing that he didn't want to say that and he apologises. He wants her to know that he isn't running from Rosemary to her. The truth is that "she" might not even have him. Rosemary isn't impressed she feels that he is giving up on what they have together for something which might turn out to be nothing! Rosemary demands that he get out, who ever she is she deserves him...she just wants to get out. Gerard turns and leaves.
Paul's Office
As Paul finishes off some dictation with Jane, he says that will be all unless she wants him to write a nasty letter to the Erinsborough News. Jane smiles telling him not to or she will start crying again. Helen comes back in and Paul asks her if Rosemary has settled in alright, Helen seems preoccupied with her thoughts and doesn't hear him. Paul repeats himself again to get Helen's attention. Helen assures him that Rosemary is fine but Paul thought that Helen would have been at home for the rest of the day. Helen makes an excuse that Rosemary was pretty tired and she was concerned about Jane.
Jane says that she hopes that Helen didn't come back because of her as she would feel very silly. Helen feels that anyone would have reacted that way she did and she is sure that Scott didn't expect things to turn out the way they did. Jane offers to make some coffee as the phone in the outer office rings and she rushes off to answer it. It is Rosemary on the line for Helen, Jane puts the call through. Rosemary tells Helen that she has had some very bad news and that she isn't handling it very well and asks Helen to come home. Helen tells her she will come right away.
Paul wants t know what is wrong but Helen just tells him that she will go home, Jane seems to be coping alright with things and she didn't sleep very well last night. Helen rushes out of the office quickly to avoid any further questions from Paul.
Outside the Coffee shop
Scott is looking around nervously as Clive returns with the coffee; Scott wants to know if Daphne knows he is there. Clive tells him that he had neglected to tell her. Scott wants to know what he is going to do, one mistake and the whole place is against him. Clive tells him that there is not a lot he can do except say he is sorry and promise never to do it again. Scott scoffs that he had already tried that with Mrs Mitchell and he was lucky to get out of there alive.
Clive says that he has his sympathies but he can't really blame her. Scott agrees but he can't understand why it is different for him. All his favourite authors write about real people and this didn't happen to them. Clive agrees but says that the Scott's favourite authors treated their real people with a lot more respect made them almost like heroes. The way Scott did it has made Madge into a gold digger, Mrs Mangel is a crazed murderer, and Jane was left on the doorstep with a note. Scott looks uncomfortable and says that he has made his point and asks if he is going to tell him to grow up, other people have. Clive feels that that is not going to help; he tried it a few years ago and got into all sorts of trouble.
Robinson House
Helen comes home and calls out for Rosemary...after a few moments of calling her name, a devastated Rosemary appears, she tells Helen that she doesn't know what to do Gerard has told her that she doesn't love her and has left her. Helen gives Rosemary a big hug and tells her she is so sorry, so very very sorry...
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Scott Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0422
Scott Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0422
Des Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0422
Eileen Clarke, Madge Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0422
Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0422
Madge Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Eileen Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0422
Eileen Clarke, Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0422
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Gerard Singer, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0422
Gerard Singer, Rosemary Daniels

Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0422
Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell

Clive Gibbons, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0422
Clive Gibbons, Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0422
Madge Mitchell

Gerard Singer, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0422
Gerard Singer, Rosemary Daniels

Rosemary Daniels, Gerard Singer in Neighbours Episode 0422
Rosemary Daniels, Gerard Singer

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0422
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jane Harris

Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0422
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

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