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Neighbours Episode 0420 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0420
Australian airdate: 06/02/87
UK airdate: 16/06/88
UK Gold: 10/06/94
Writer: Marie Trevor
Director: Mark Callan
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Daphne reads the letter to Des from Lorraine Kingham, his ex-fiancée and is dismayed that Des would betrayal her.
Des's Bank
Mrs Mangel walks forcefully into the bank and is about to knock on Des's office door just as Des opens it and nearly hits Des on the nose. Mrs Mangel announces that she realises that she doesn't have an appointment but feels that the matter is extremely urgent. Des invites her into his office; and asks her what he can do for her. Mrs Mangel tells him that she wants her account transferred to another branch immediately. Des is dumfounded and wants to know what the problem is. Sarcastically Mrs Mangel replies to a confused Des that she would have thought that it would have been perfectly obvious. She has been a customer at the Pacific Bank for a number of years and she had come to expect some kind of respectably and honesty from the people who manage her affairs, but after reading that disgusting article... Des interrupts her and says that the article was a figment of Scott's imagination; it is clap-trap, hoo-ha and baloney.
Mrs Mangel is not convinced and feels that Des would deny it. She wants to know how his superiors are going to react to that kind of publicity. Taken a little aback Des asks what publicity...then goes on the say that the bank wasn't mentioned, in fact no one was mentioned specifically and trails off. Mrs Mangel feels that there is no need to mention names absolutely everyone in Erinsborough knows that it is him. Who else in the district had a series of rather public affairs? And who else married an....um....exotic dancer. Angrily Des raises his voice and says "Stripper" then lowering his voice again continues "The word is Stripper Mrs Mangel Stripper. If that is the way you feel I am glad you are closing your account. You can take you business elsewhere" He then gets up and shows her the door. Mrs Mangel starts protesting about her never being so insulted before. Des sarcastically suggests that she should get out more.
The phone is ringing as Des shuts the door on Mrs Mangel; he mumbles that Mrs Mangel only had a few bucks in her account anyway. He picks up the phone and barks down it his name. It is Daphne who says that there is no need to bite her head off. Des apologises and explains he is having a bad day. Daphne tells him that she is not having a good day either, she couldn't take being in the shop with everyone looking and whispering at her so she had decided to pack up and go home. Des replies that he wishes he could do that but assures her that things will calm down and they should just try to forget it. Daphne feels that is easier said than done, very tearful, she continues that they is a letter for him from Hobart and asks if she wants her to open it. Des loudly says NO, and then calming his voice assures her that whatever it is it can wait. Daphne suggests that she thought it might have something to do with the bank seminar and she could bring it over to the bank for him. Des assures her that there is no need, it really isn't important. Daphne says if that is what you want. Rather formally Des thanks her for ringing and puts the phone down.
Clarke House
Daphne slams down the phone, walks into the kitchen opens the kitchen draw and gets out a stick of glue. She puts the letter back into the envelope and glues the flap of the envelope back down and places the envelope prominently on the work surface up against the spice rack.
Paul's Office
Helen is giggling away at Scott's article; Paul thinks that it isn't bad and that Scott might just make a journalist after all. Calling Jane into the office, Helen feels that Scott will as he has a lovely sense of comedy. Helen continues that she shouldn't laugh; Paul doesn't know why not, he enjoyed it. On entering the office Jane says that a few people on the street didn't, Mrs Mangel thought it was scandalous. Paul jokes that he thought she said that she didn't enjoy it. Helen warns Paul, who says that he was only joking. Jane feels that Des and Daphne were absolutely furious, but Paul thinks it is because they took it too seriously. Jane wants to know why they wouldn't; Paul tells her that it is just a story. Paul argues that Scott took and characters from real life how are people to know where facts stop and fiction starts.
As Paul smirks Helen feels that she has a good point. Paul replies that a minute ago she was laughing her head off. Helen says that she may have had a giggle but Des and Daphne are their friends so they know it isn't true but just the same the paper circulates further than Ramsay Street and if they are really upset..... Jane interrupts and says that they are more than upset they are really hurt. Helen continues that she doesn't think it is fair and that Scott needs to take a serious look at what he is doing. Paul is dismayed and feels that he doesn't know where everyone's sense of humour has gone; Scott is just having a bit of a joke. Helen feels that a joke cesses to be funny when it is at someone else's expense. She wants to know how he will feel if the article had been written about him. Paul feels that Scott couldn't but he could take a joke like everyone else. (Mmmm... only time will tell about that!)
Clarke House
Daphne is vacuuming as Des comes in and is surprised to see him. There is a bit of tension in the air as Daphne wants to know what he is doing there; Des replies that he thought it was 28 Ramsay Street, seeing the key fitted the lock. Daphne replies that she just didn't expect him. Des explains that he was just on his way to a business meeting so he thought he would stop by in case the letter was important after all. Daphne questions him saying that she thought he said it wouldn't be important. Des says that it might be...mightened it. Daphne replies off hand "How would she know" Des want to know what is up but Daphne assures him nothing is wrong and nods towards the coffee table where the letter has now appeared. Des picks it up and whistling heads to the door with it, as he passes Daphne he kisses her lightly on the cheek. Before he gets to the door Daphne stops him by asking if he is going to open it. After all if he thought it was so important that he had come all the way home to collect it, why doesn't he open it and read it here unless of course they is some reason why he shouldn't.
Walking away Des stands with his back to Daphne so she can't see what he is doing. He opens the envelope and pulls out the letter without reading what it says he waits a few moments then puts the letter back in the envelope. Des walking back towards the door as Daphne asks if it was worth the trip. Des assures her that it was nothing exciting and kisses her on the cheek again and turns to leave. Daphne wants to know what the letter was about but Des assures her that it was just about business. Visibly upset Daphne wants to know why she didn't send it to the bank. Des wants to know what Daphne had said. Daphne repeats herself and asks again why she didn't send it to the bank. Des suddenly demands to know why Daphne opened his letter. Daphne replies that she did, Des is incensed that she would do such a thing. Daphne shouts at him how dare he carry on with his ex-fiancée behind her back.
Hurt Des says if that is what she really thinks, he is her husband she should faith in him. Daphne says that he thinks that he can just lie to her face and she will believe him. She thinks he is a hypocrite if he was in her place he would do exactly the same thing. Des shouts "The hell I would. You have misjudged me Daphne I am not a hypocrite and I am not a liar" Daphne says that he is acting like one. Des angrily replies "The only lie going on around here is the one you have made out of my marriage. Does she realise that...Thank You Daphne...thank you very much " As Des storms towards the door Daphne shouts "And Thank you Des" Just as Des goes through the door Des tells her to go to Hell!
Daphne throws the vacuum cleaner hose across the room after Des and then walks into the living room and half lies on the couch, crying into one of the pillows.
Coffee shop
Clive is sitting at the coffee counter looking very forlornly as he stirs his coffee with a spoon; Mike returns to behind the counter having actually served some customers and asks Clive if he is trying to drill his way to China. Mike continues that his mother used to say that, in fact it was the funniest ting his mother ever said. Clive is concerned about Daphne; he doesn't feel that it is like her to throw Scott out of the coffee shop. Mike feels that Scott had it coming to him and Mike himself got pretty "Agro" about it as a result Jane wasn't very impressed. Clive wants to know if Jane wasn't impressed with him or the story. Mike replies despondently that she wasn't impressed with him and that no one is really impressed by the story. Clive thinks that the writing itself is good for a rank amateur; the story itself is just rank (bad). Clive continues that all he knows is that he better not write anything about him and Susan or he will have his guts for garters. Having realised what he just said he continues "What am I saying I am a pacifist, don't tell the guys at Greenpeace or they will have me court marshalled at sundown" Mike thinks that as soon as everyone stops talking about the Erinsborough News the sooner that it will be forgotten. Clive agrees saying that today's newspaper is tomorrow's wrapping paper. Mike doesn't care what happens as long as Des and Daphne get back together.
Clarke House
Daphne is still vacuuming as the doorbell goes and Clive arrives, giving her a spiel about representing the Venus vacuum cleaning company of London, Paris and Erinsborough and offers her a free home demonstration. His Venus vacuum cleaner is a miracle cleaner and will suck up all your problems including troublesome old newspapers. Daphne wipes tears from her eyes and says sadly that she wishes that that damn newspaper article was the only thing she had to worry about. Clive wants to know what the problem is. Daphne bursts into tears and blurts out that she has just had the most awful row with Des and she doesn't know what to do.
Daphne explains that she couldn't stand it at work today and so she came home. When she arrived back there was a letter from Hobart, it reeked of perfume and she couldn't stop thinking about it. Crying and distressed she continues that she couldn't stand it any longer so she steamed it open and read it. It was from Lorraine Kingham Des's ex-fiancée, she had met him while he was in Hobart and Daphne thinks that they had an affair. Clive wants to know if the letter had said so. Daphne cries that the letter had said that Lorraine had wished that she had married Des. Distraught Daphne continues that here she is about to have Des's baby and he is already off with one of his ex-girlfriends.
Clive tries to reason with Daphne pointing out that she is assuming he has had an affair but that she doesn't really know. Daphne wails that she doesn't know, Des wouldn't say. Clive replies that he trusts Des even if she doesn't. Daphne whimpers that of course he is a man. She continues that if there was nothing to it why didn't he tell me what was in the letter. Clive feels that there is a point in every good marriage where one partner or the other decides that it is better to be discreet about something. He suggests that Des knew how she would react and he didn't want to hurt her. Daphne weeps that she is hurt. Clive thinks that Des is probably too, she didn't really give him the benefit of doubt. Daphne cries that she was too upset by the tone of the letter; she wishes that she hadn't opened it now. Clive suggests that she tells him that when Des comes home from work.
Paul's Office
Helen is doing the filing in the outer office, as she had nothing better to do, although Paul says he could do it as Gerard Singer walks in. Helen is obviously not pleased to see him but introduces him to Paul and Jane. Helen wants to know what he is doing in this neck of the woods. Gerard explains that his exhibition opens tonight and he is going crazy sitting in his hotel room hoping that it isn't going to be a complete flop and he hoped that he could take her out to lunch. Helen tries to make an excuse that she is too busy, but Paul points out that not five minutes ago she was complaining she had nothing to do.
Rather reluctantly Helen agrees to go with Gerard she walks into the inner office to get her bag. She takes her time while Paul twitters on in the outer office to Gerard about wedding dates and plans saying they all want to be there. In the inner office Helen is taking deep breaths and trying to delay the inevitable lunch with Gerard, she finally gathers her bag and coat and returns to the outer office. Helen agrees that they all want to be at the wedding and she unenthusiastically goes off with Gerard for lunch.
After they are gone, Paul says what a nice guy he is and Jane replies that she wouldn't mind going to lunch herself with Gerard. Paul reminds her not to forget who he is marrying; the head of the business and that is one apple cart neither of them can afford to upset.
Des's office
Clive is sitting on the edge of Des's desk asking him to give him one good reason not to come to lunch with him. Des replies that he is too busy and that he doesn't want to. Clive says that he only asked for one and if he wants to be boring that is up to him. He feels that it is a pity as he wanted to have a chat about Daphne. Des looks up at him and expressionlessly says that Daphne didn't waste any time running to him, he expects that the whole of Ramsay Street knows by now that they have had a blue. Defending Daphne Clive explains that she didn't come running to him, that he had gone to her because he was worried about her. He continues that Daphne had told him about the letter that that she is really sorry she opened it. Des shrugs and says that it wasn't the impression he got. Clive thinks that it was probably a combination of events, the article, his trip to Hobart, the letter. Des angrily says that he doesn't care what it was there is no excuse for the way Daphne has been behaving; if she loves him then she has to trust him. Clive says that Daphne knows that, but the letter obviously sounded pretty damning. He reasons that Daphne is pregnant her body is going through a lot of changes; Daphne needs him now more than ever. She feels insecure and threatened by Lorraine. Des scoffs and says "She is jealous you mean" Clive continues "So haven't you felt a twinge of jealousy over any of Daphne's old boyfriends" Des shrugs his shoulder, so Clive starts to list Daphne boyfriends...Shane...Philip Noland. Des admits defeat and says that he will go to lunch with him is he happy now. As they go to the door, Clive nods his head up and down like a pleased child in a sweetie shop!
Mangel Front Garden
Bouncer is sniffing around Mrs Mangel's garden digging up her flowers for her. Mrs Mangel comes out and starts to try to shoo him away with a broom, but Bouncer thinks she is playing with him and starts playing with the broom.
Daphne comes out of her front door shouting for Bouncer, she sees Mrs Mangel and Bouncer across the road and runs over to put the lead on him telling him he is a bad boy, but not that severely. Daphne apologises but Mrs Mangel points at her flowers and says just look what he has done. Daphne looks at them and says that she thinks that they look alright. Mrs Mangel feels that that "animal" shouldn't be allowed to roam around the street. Daphne explains that Bouncer must have sneaked out when she wasn't looking.
As Daphne puts the lead on Bouncer, Mrs Mangel suggests that Daphne should put a restraint on her husband. Daphne demands to know what exactly what that is supposed to mean. Mrs Mangel tells her that his behaviour at the moment leaves a lot to be desired. Des had been extremely rude to her this morning, when she went down to the bank to transfer her account to another branch. Daphne replies that you could hardly expect him to be pleased. Mrs Mangel replies that she intends to report him to his superiors. She expects that it is a guilty conscience, it always makes them aggressive. Daphne is shocked and tells her that she doesn't like her tone of voice. Haughtily Mrs Mangel says that she is sure that she doesn't like all these rumours either, such a nasty affair.
Daphne tells her that if she is referring to the newspaper story then it isn't true. Mrs Mangel replies "I know dear and full marks for putting such a brave face on it. But as they say you can fool some of the people all of the time or all of the people..." Daphne interrupts her and tells her that she just can't help making trouble. Indignant, Mrs Mangel insists that she doesn't make trouble, but she recognises it when she sees it. She would have known what to expect marrying a man with a history like that. Daphne informs her firmly that Des's history as she puts it is none of her business and she would appreciate it if she would stop putting her marriage on the agenda of local gossip. As Daphne and Bouncer walk away, Mrs Mangel shouts after them that she would appreciate it if she could keep that horrible mongrel off her garden. Daphne retaliates by asking why, is she frightened that he will dig up her long lost husband!
Coffee Shop
Gerard apologises to Helen for turning up like he did, but he had to see her. He has been doing a lot of thinking and feels that there is only one way out of the mess. He loves her and he is going to have to tell Rosemary that. Helen begs him not to, she thinks he needs more time and once he gets back to America will think differently about things. Gerard assures her that he will feel exactly as he does now. He goes to his breast pocket and pulls out a letter and asks Helen to read it. He continues that he has tried to be as kind as he knows how. Helen reads the letter and is dismayed that he is going to break off his engagement like that. She feels that he hasn't even been honest about his reasons for not wanting to marry Rosemary. Gerard says that he doesn't think he has the right, as Rosemary is her daughter he thought that she would want to tell herself in her own way. Helen whispers that she doesn't want to tell her at all. Gerard says that none of them wanted this to happen but it has. He loves her and he knows she loves him and if he marries Rosemary then all three of them will be unhappy....Can't you see that. Helen whispers that she can but it doesn't make things easier. Gerard insists that he is going to have to break it off with Rosemary no matter what happens between them. Helen replies that he must but not to send her the letter as it is too cruel. Gerard takes back the letter from Helen and agrees that the letter would be the easy way out and that he will tell Rosemary the next time he sees her.
Clarke House
Daphne is dragging a suitcase of clothes into the hallway, the suitcase has been hasty packed and bits of shirts and underwear are sticking out of the case. Des comes home holding a couple of carnations and asks Daphne what she is doing. Sarcastically she says that she is playing the piano, what it looks like I am doing. Pointing at the suitcase, Des says that is my stuff. Daphne replies "That is very good" She then tells him he is moving into the spare room. Des says "Hang on a moment you aren't supposed to be carrying heavy things" Daphne immediately drops the suitcase with a bang on the floor. Des wants to know what has got into her.
Daphne says what has got into her is that not only does he have an affair behind her back but he leaves her to find out about it in the local paper. Des tells her that he has told her before he is not having a affair. Holding back the tears, Daphne tells him that everyone in the street is laughing at her. He can't even own up to the fact when he is found out. Des starts raising his voice and replies that he is not owning up to it because he is not guilty and if she wasn't acting like a jealous housewife.... Daphne interrupts him shouting that she is not jealous. She has every right to know if he is being unfaithful and she absolutely refuses to share the same bed with him until he can tell the truth.
Des replies calmly that he refuses to discuss this with her until she settles down and starts acting like a rational human being. Daphne shouts that if that his attitude than he can take his suitcase and sleep elsewhere. Des picks up the suitcase and tells her that is the most sensible thing she has said all day as he goes out the door, he tells her that she needs to remember that it was her idea not his and slams the door after him. Daphne is left standing looking at the broken carnations.
Gibbons House
Clive opens the door as Des walks in; Clive wants to know what the suitcase is for. Ignoring his comment Des tells him that as a Psychologist he is a complete failure. Des starts ranting about Daphne being sorry she opened the letter...well I have news for you. Clive insists that she is sorry, she had told him so. Des says that it is Bull; he had gone home to talk to her only to find that his stuff has been thrown out of the spare room. Clive says that he didn't get it she had calmed down when he had spoken to her. Des replies that she is hoping mad again now. Clive picks up the suitcase and says that he won't achieve anything by... Des interrupts him and says that he isn't going back. Clive tries to calm him down by suggesting that he takes some time for himself, go for a long walk and get things into perspective. Des thinks it is a good try, but he has had enough of his bad advice for today. He has a job to do and that is what he is going to do and whether he likes it or not he has a boarder and he will see him when he has finished work and he leaves.
Clarke House
Daphne is sitting on the couch with Bouncer crying. She asks Bouncer if it is really her fault.
Paul's Office
Helen and Gerard arrive back from lunch; Paul tells them that he has a surprise for them. Rosemary had called from the airport and she will be there tomorrow. Helen looks worried and says that will be wonderful, Gerard doesn't look pleased at all...
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Nell Mangel, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0420
Nell Mangel, Des Clarke

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0420
Daphne Clarke

Helen Daniels, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0420
Helen Daniels, Jane Harris

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0420
Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0420
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0420
Clive Gibbons, Daphne Clarke

Paul Robinson, Gerard Singer, Jane Harris, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0420
Paul Robinson, Gerard Singer, Jane Harris, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0420
Helen Daniels

Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0420
Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke

Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0420
Nell Mangel

Daphne Clarke, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0420
Daphne Clarke, Bouncer

Gerard Singer, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0420
Gerard Singer, Helen Daniels

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0420
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0420
Clive Gibbons, Des Clarke

Helen Daniels, Gerard Singer in Neighbours Episode 0420
Helen Daniels, Gerard Singer

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