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Neighbours Episode 0418 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0418
Australian airdate: 04/02/87
UK airdate: 14/06/88
UK Gold: 08/06/94
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Mark Callan
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Lucy begs Mike to come and help, Basil has been playing with the seagulls and jumped into the water and is drowning. Lucy and Mike run along the pier calling and looking for Basil. Unable to find him, Mike dives into the sea.
The Beach
As Mike comes up from under the waves Lucy shouts if he can see Basil. Mike shouts back that he can't see him anywhere and swims under the pier and dives down under the water again.
Clarke House
Des is watching the cricket on the TV as Daphne struggles into the Living room carrying a large box, she asks Des "What is this?" Without looking up Des tells her it is the semi-finals. Putting the box down Daphne walks over to the TV and switches it off; Des complains that there has been a middle order collapse. Daphne sarcastically says that his middle order isn't looking too good either! She thinks that he should stop being an armchair athlete and get some real exercise and clean the bedroom cupboards. Des thinks that Daphne has the nesting instinct and is feathering her nest; he had read it in an article. Daphne thinks it is a load of nonsense she is just catching up on things she should have done months ago. Des follows Daphne and says the article also said that women don't know they are doing it. Carrying the large box into the living room Daphne asks if the article had said anything about expectant fathers. Looking into the box which contains a large amount of toys and sporting equipment, Des remarks "Ah you found it" Daphne replies that it had almost fallen on her. Des says that he didn't think she would find it at the top of the cupboard, Daphne replies that she wasn't looking for it she was trying to clean.
Daphne says that they had agreed no more toys until after the baby is born. Looking ashamed Des tells her that the Happy Elf was having a New Years Sale and he thought he would stock up for the baby. Astounded Daphne pulls out a cricket bat and a rugby ball.
Des assures Daphne that HE will grow into it. Daphne says that she hates to be the one to tell him this but not all babies turn out to be boys. Des says that he knows that, he doesn't mind it is a girl but he has a feeling that it is going to be a boy. Daphne suggests the feeling might be indigestion.
Swinging cricket bat, Des says that if it is a girl he will give the bat to Bradley. Daphne pulls a remote controlled jeep kit out of the box and asks if this is for Bradley as well or some other little boy that he had in mind. Des looks at the box lovingly as Daphne remarks that about a month ago they had seen another little boy at the shopping centre with one and Des couldn't keep his eyes off of it. Des looks embarrassed and asks Daphne to help him put it together. Daphne says no it is his baby. The telephone rings and she picks it up. It is an STD (long distance) but on hearing her voice the caller rings off. Daphne thinks it is strange but Des says that if it is important they will ring back.
Des hands Daphne the instructions to the kit and tells her that she can read them and he will find the pieces. Daphne starts to read them and then informs Des that they are in Korean. Des rolls his eyes and says that there is a translation in the back. Daphne replies "Oh...right...find main chassis strut A" Des finds the piece.
The Beach
As Charlene and Scott wander down the beach, Scott feels that Charlene should be more supportive of his stories. Charlene wishes that he had written something else; if she can figure out where he got the stories from, so will other people. Scott says that there is nothing they can do about it now the first one has gone to print and he had promised the editor one for every issue. Charlene shrugs and says that it is his funeral. Scott starts to tease Charlene saying that she is just worried about what he might say about her with his special knowledge of her. He tickles her and Charlene starts to run away into the sea chased by Scott. Coming out of the sea Scott teases Charlene some more that she should be "nicer" to him or she might find out when he is a rich and famous journalist that she will have to wait in line for him. Charlene playfully threatens to break his arm if she does.
Lucy comes running up the beach screaming his name, she tells them that Basil had fallen off the pier and that Mike had jumped in to save him but he might drown. The three of them race down the beach to see Mike walking out of the sea with limp Basil in his arms. Mike shakes his head from side to side to let Scott know that Basil has died. Mike tries to explain to them that he was stuck under one of the posts there was nothing he could do. Scott cradles a hysterical Lucy in his arms and pulls her away as she screams Basil's name.
Robinson House
Helen and Jim are trying to comfort Lucy, as Scott, Charlene and Mike look on. Crying Lucy feels that it isn't fair; Basil was the best dog ever. Jim reassures her that Basil wouldn't have suffered but Lucy continues that Basil never hurt anyone, he never bit anyone and he didn't do anything like that. She wants to know why; Basil had been swimming loads of times before. Mike tries to explain that there is a very strong undertow under the pier, you can't notice it from up above, Lucy interrupts him and accuses Mike of letting him drown, because he wouldn't come with her straight away.
Scott tries to reason with Lucy, assuring her that Mike had done everything he could; Mike could have drowned himself with that undertow. Lucy just repeats Mike let Basil drown. As Scott tries again to support what Mike had done, Jim feels it is better to leave it for now. Mike looks guilty and devastated at Lucy; Jim tells him that they really appreciate everything he did. Crestfallen Mike says that he is sorry and leaves, Scott is about to go after him but is stopped by Charlene who feels that he needs a bit of time.
Scott feels that there must be something they could do; Jim replies that he can help him bury Basil, Charlene offers to help too. Lucy pipes up that it has to be done properly; she knows he was only a dog, but it still has to be done properly. Jim tells her that it will be the best funeral any dog ever had.
Robinson Back garden
They all gather around a large hole in the garden under a tree. Jim and Scott gently lower a sack containing Basil into the hole. Helen tells them that Lucy has something she wants to say. Taking a deep breath Lucy throws a picture of her and Basil on top of the sack. Talking to Basil she says that it is a picture of the two of them at the cricket match. Do you remember you got grass seed in your coat and it took me ages to brush it out? She wants Basil to have it to remember her by as she has plenty to remember him by and even if she didn't she would never forget him. You were the best dog ever and God knows that. She knows he will be alright up there but she wishes he was down here with her. She says good-bye and runs off, Helen runs after her to comfort her. Jim picks up the spade and starts to fill in the grave.
Clarke House
Mike is staring into space not really taking in Des and Daphne still trying to put the kit together. Des feels that they should do it systematically; Daphne sarcastically replies that's what he had said the first time. Des asks her to hand over the instructions, he will read them. Turning to Mike he tells him that you can't trust a woman with anything mechanical, some things just weren't meant to happen. He reads the instructions looks rather confused and asks what does "attaching with continuous under indication and holding back" mean. Daphne tells him that she wouldn't know she is just a woman.
Des says that it doesn't make sense, Daphne replies that that was what I was trying to tell you the translation isn't very good, which is probably why the Happy Elf was selling them so cheaply. Des decides he will just use the diagrams and starts looking for the "Y" shape piece. Searching through the pieces he complains that it was here two minutes ago, Daphne teases him about the systematic approach. As Des looks up he sees Mike absentmindedly twiddling with the piece he wants, Mike apologises and says that he wasn't really listening.
Des suggests that Mike gives him a hand but Mike says that he isn't really in the mood. Daphne feels that no one is blaming him for Basil's death. Mike replies that Lucy is. Des thinks that Lucy will get over it; kids are resilient at that age. Daphne suggests the Mike should think back to when he was a kid; things always get blown out of proportion. Lucy is probably feeling guilty for taking Basil to the beach in the first place and she has to lash out at someone so Mike would be the logical target. Mike thinks that if he had gone straight away he might have been able to save him. Des is not convinced and thinks with what Mike had said about the undercurrent Basil was a goner the moment he hit the water. Mike wishes that there was some way he could make it up to Lucy. Des suggests that he should buy her another dog. Daphne is shocked she doesn't think it is like changing socks...goodbye Basil...hello Basil Mark 2. Lucy was very close to him it won't be the same with another dog.
Des starts reminiscing about his dog which he had as a kid called "Buster" which got flattened by a semi-trailer. He was shattered, Daphne smiles and says so was Buster. Des looks hurt and Daphne apologises but reminds him that he had always said how much he hated that dog. Des replies that his Mum had bought him another dog "Bouncer" to get over losing Buster. Mike doesn't think it is such a bad idea and Des suggests the Pet section in the Sunday paper. They look around for the paper and then Daphne sits down on the couch and pulls the paper up, despite a major protest from Des, sending the remaining parts of his kit flying.
Robinson House
Lucy is looking sadly at Basil's chain and lead, she throws it down and angrily says "Stupid dog couldn't even swim" Helen comes in and says that she doesn't really mean that. Lucy wants to know why he had to die; Helen feels that it is just the way things are. She reminds Lucy that they had talked about this when Mrs York died. When someone dies and you love them very much it is natural to be terribly upset, but we are only unhappy for ourselves because we won't see them anymore. She thinks that she should be unhappy for Basil, remember he had a very happy life with a family who loved him and a little girl who took very good care of him. Jim agrees. Helen doesn't know why these things happen they just do; nothing stays the same for ever. She feels that when it does that it is better to put it all behind us.
Lucy cries that she doesn't ever want to forget Basil; Jim doesn't think she will forget but to remember all the things he taught her. How to look after him, how to feed him, bath him, Basil relied on her...it is called responsibility and Basil taught her a lot. Jim asks her if she remembered giving Basil his bath, Helen laughs and says it was a toss up who got the wetter. Lucy smiles and says that he wouldn't stay still. Jim suggests that she remembers the good things; Lucy cries that it isn't the same as having him here.
Clarke House
Mike is circling advertisements in the paper as Charlene and Scott come in asking how he is. Mike says sadly "Just great" and asks after Lucy. Charlene tells him that she is taking it very badly and that they have just buried Basil. Charlene assures him that no one else thinks it is his fault. Mike says that he knows and he then asks Scott if he could give him a lift this afternoon. Scott agrees and wants to know where they are going. Being evasive Mike says that there are a couple of places he wants to try and he will tell him on the way. He grabs the street map as the phone goes.
Picking up the phone it is STD again...the caller asks to speak to Des. Daphne comes in while Mike talks to the caller. Coming off the phone Daphne wants to know what the call was about, Mike explains it was just some woman who wanted to talk to Des and wouldn't leave her name or number. Daphne asks if it was an STD call, Mike confirms that it was, Daphne looks suspicious
Charlene asks if she is invited to go, Mike teases Scott and says that she better as they may need a mechanic on the way, the way Scott's "heap" was sounding today. Scott teases him back that he isn't too proud to ask for a lift though.
Clarke's garage
Des is opening cupboards and banging draws, as Daphne arrives, he tells her that something funny is going on around here. Looking annoyed Daphne replies that was exactly what she was going to say. Des replies that he is looking for the small screwdrivers which he used to fix the light fittings with. Daphne looks around and says that she doesn't know how he could find anything in this mess. Des looks sheepish and says the place wasn't a mess until....he started looking. Irritated Daphne says that she hopes he isn't going to leave it this way, Des promises that she won't even know he has been there when he was finished.
Des starts ranting about the instructions saying that it came with its own toolkit that was the only thing in them that made any sense. Looking at Daphne he continues...."I know...I know that is why the Happy Elf was selling so cheaply. Happy, I bet they are laughing all the way to the bank." Daphne replies that at least they have something to laugh about; Des wants to know what is wrong. Daphne tells him that there was another STD call and that SHE wanted to speak to you. Des coughs and walks away; rather evasively Des asks who it was. Daphne hopes that he was going to tell her that, she wouldn't leave her name.
Des isn't sure who it was that called; Daphne demands to know how many women he knows who call him STD. Des insists that it could have been anyone. Daphne replies "What!" Des feeling uncomfortable retracts and replies that what he means is that he can't think of anyone specifically. Changing the subject he says that the screwdrivers are in the hall cupboard as Des walks off in search of the elusive screwdrivers Daphne shouts after him and mutters that she is going to kill him.
Charlene and Scott are stroking to adorable Labrador puppies, Charlene is saying how cute they are. Scott replies that Charlene doesn't scratch his back like that. Charlene tells him that if he grows long floppy ears then he is on. Scott makes a silly face and pulls his ears forwards with his hands a looks at Charlene and makes woof noises. Charlene suggests that he should give the puppy a pat. Scott doesn't want to he says that the last time he did it wet itself all over him and it took three weeks to get the smell out of his best jumper. Charlene thinks that he is being mean and doesn't know how Mike can walk in and choose just one they are all so cute. It isn't fair none of them want to be left behind. Scott thinks that the puppies know a soft touch when they see it and she shouldn't get too attached to them because Mike will be finished in the office then they will be going home. Charlene begs Scott to buy her one of the puppies but Scott dismisses it saying do you know how much one of these puppies costs. Charlene reminds Scott that he has just sold one of his stories. Scott says that he has to live on that money and despite which Jim would have a fit if he didn't bank the next cheque. Charlene argues some more but Scott still says no as Madge would not be happy either if they turned up with a puppy. They say good-bye to the puppies that look really sad as they walk away! (Aww ... I want one too!)
Clarke House
Daphne is wandering around the living room with a large feather duster, dusting Des's car parts off the coffee table to annoy Des. Having succeeded Des wants to know if she has to do that. Daphne tells him that after hearing about the article she thought she will give in to her nesting instinct. Des says that he knows that she is still mad at him over the STD phone calls but he did explain. Daphne replies that as a matter of fact that he hadn't explained but she is all ears now. As she finishes speaking the phone rings again...and rings and rings... as they argue over who is going to answer it. Des finally goes to pick it up...it is STD. Des says...I was just thinking of you ....Mmm I miss you too. Then turning to Daphne says that the caller wants to speak to her, Daphne feels it is a private call but Des insists. Reluctantly Daphne takes the phone it is Eileen at the other end. Des looks smugly on as Daphne talks to her. Daphne asks after Uncle Bob and asks why she didn't leave a message with Mike the last time she called, she then hangs up.
As she comes off the Phone Des sarcastically says "Oh I am so sorry Des, I forgot your Mother was spending a couple of days with your Uncle Bob...I should have trusted you, It will never happen again" Daphne wipes the smug look of Des's face by telling him that Eileen didn't make those other calls. She has been at an agricultural show with Uncle Bob all day. He could ask Mike if he doesn't believe her as he took one of the calls. Daphne wants to know who did phone.
Robinson House
Charlene and Scott are pushing Lucy into the living room saying that they have a big surprise for her. Lucy stubbornly tells them that she hates surprises. They make Lucy sit down on the couch and to close her eyes, just for good measure to make sure she isn't peeping Jim puts his hand over Lucy's eyes. Mike comes in carrying a big box and gives it to Lucy. Lucy opens the box and out pops a lovely cute Labrador puppy. Mike asks Lucy what she is going to call him but she stubbornly tells him that he isn't her dog, her dog is Basil. Helen gently says that Basil has gone away and Mike has got her another dog. Lucy shouts at them that she doesn't want another dog, if she can't have Basil then she doesn't want anything, she runs off into her bedroom. Mike looks devastated...
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Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0418
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0418
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young, Basil, Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0418
Charlene Mitchell, Mike Young, Basil, Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0418
Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0418
Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0418
Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Lucy Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0418
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0418
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Mike Young, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0418
Mike Young, Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Mike Young, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0418
Mike Young, Daphne Clarke

Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0418
Des Clarke, Daphne Clarke

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0418
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0418
Charlene Mitchell, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson

Lucy Robinson, Bouncer in Neighbours Episode 0418
Lucy Robinson, Bouncer

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