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Neighbours Episode 0416 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0416
Australian airdate: 02/02/1987
UK airdate: 10/06/1988
UK Gold: 06/06/1994
Writer: John Upton
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Helen confirms that Jim's suspicions are correct; she has fallen in love with Gerard Singer her daughter Rosemary's fiancé.
Robinson House
Helen isn't surprised that Jim is shocked, Jim thinks she better tell him everything. Sitting down at the kitchen table Helen sadly tells Jim what happened. It had started so simply, Rosemary had been preoccupied with business, one of the oil companies had commissioned a painting from Gerard which he had finished so he had plenty of time. Gerard had felt as Rosemary's fiancé that it would only be good manners to show Helen around so he had taken her to all the large art galleries and dozens of the smaller ones in Greenwich Village. Gerard is a lot older than Rosemary so they had a lot in common.
Helen suddenly looks around and wants to know where Lucy is. Jim tells her that she is in her room and Scott is competing with William Shakespeare. Helen takes a deep breath and continues her painful story. One afternoon she was to meet him at the Whitney Museum; he was late...not just a few minutes but forty minutes late! When she realised that he wasn't coming she had felt so let down. Then a lot of people parted and there he was, and then she knew, she was amazed horrified even, but it didn't seem to matter it was her secret and something very private to bring home with her. Getting more distressed Helen continues that a few days later Gerard was bringing her home in a taxi and he took her hand and they had looked at each other and she knew that he felt the same way. (Aww bless) So she had packed her bags, without even consulting him and ran away, she thought that would be the end of it. Even more distressed Helen says that Gerard keeps writing and ringing and keeps insisting that he loves her and she knows that's true.
Jim, confused, asks about the wedding, Helen replies that Rosemary thinks it is going ahead, but Gerard is as hurt as she is and she knows he is stalling. Jim suggests that Helen should see Gerard and try to resolve the situation but Helen replies how do I choose between Gerard and my own daughter.
Ramsay House
Madge talking in a rather put on "posh voice" and putting on airs and graces, she offers Harold more coffee or Gateau which he declines, but says the Gateau was lovely. Madge then offers Harold some chicken casserole; Harold is surprised that Dan hadn't told her that he had turned vegetarian. Harold complements Madge on her coffee sets, Madge just dismisses it saying it is very old and they just use it all the time. Madge takes the coffee things out tot the kitchen, Shane offers Harold some port. Harold declines this as well saying that he doesn't drink, never could get use to the taste of it. Coming back Madge asks Harold how long he is staying in Erinsborough. Harold explains that it is in the lap of the gods, but now that he has sold the stock and stationery business he is looking for something different so he may staying in Erinsborough.
Madge looks pleased and as Harold makes his excuses to leave asks him where she is staying. Harold explains at Lassiters, although he thinks it is rather expensive. Charlene pipes up that is Paul Robinson, but you can't complain as Madge works there. Harold wants to know what she does, Madge side steps replying by saying that she is in retail and that Paul does charge that little bit extra in to maintain the clientele.
As Madge shows Harold to the door she suggests that he comes to lunch as there isn't much to do in Erinsborough on a Sunday other than go to church. Harold jumps at the chance of going to Church with Madge; a little taken back Madge arranges to meet him the next morning.
Following Harold's departure Charlene and Shane tease Madge about going to Church; reverting back to normal Madge tells them it would do them any harm to go with her to church once in a while. Charlene says that Harold must be very special for her to get out the good china; Madge feels that it doesn't hurt to make a guest feel welcome. As Madge goes off to change she shouts at them to be careful washing up her good china!
Robinson House
Pacing around the living room, Helen feels that the simplest solution would a few days away on that trip she has been promising herself in the mountains. Jim feels that she is worrying over nothing; if Rosemary has set the wedding date then Gerard will have made up his mind. Helen disagrees because of Gerard's letter she is certain that he will contact her. Jim feels that she has no alternative but to see him. Helen begs Jim to see him for her, to make him understand that it is over and to go on with the wedding. She is the one who is coming between Rosemary and Gerard. Reluctantly Jim agrees, but says that he can't promise anything. Helen says that she will try and find where he is staying; she is convinced that he will listen to Jim, he has too.
Outside Robinson House
The obsession of the Robinson males continues as Scott this time is washing his car. Charlene returns from the shops with a shopping basket and asks how the writing is going. Scott replies "Great" but Sunday is his day off even writers need a break. After finishing washing his car he asks Charlene what she thinks of his car, sarcastically she says that there was once a guy who married his motorbike maybe he should do the same. Scott then asks how long she is going to be as he has the spot lights and just needs to get them fitted. Charlene is disappointed as she was hoping to go to the beach. Scott replies "Yes we can, as soon as you have fitted the spotties". Charlene suggests that maybe they could ask Jane and Mike to the beach as well. Scott thinks more the merrier and then asks Charlene about the oil change on his car. Charlene agrees as the sooner they get it done the sooner they can get to the beach.
Madge comes out of the house and starts shouting at Charlene about the groceries. Seeing Harold approaching she turns into "Posh" Madge and sweetly asks Charlene if she would mind putting them away. Charlene introduces Harold to Scott, Harold noticing Scott's car says that he remembers his first car which was in the same condition. He feels that Scott is a smart boy to buy a car in a price range he can afford then he will get a real sense of achievement when he moves up. Madge coughs and reminds Harold that she is ready and sweetly mentions to Charlene about the cream in the basket of groceries. As they go off Scott comments that Harold seems a nice guy and she thinks they will hit it off, Charlene hopes so and goes to get changed into her overalls.
Ramsay House
Shane is busily sweeping the floor, he looks around to make sure no one is looking and then sweeps all the dust and floor dirt under the rug and flattens it with his foot. Charlene comes in and teases him about his house cleaning; Shane wants the news paper as he had a flutter yesterday. Charlene tells Shane about Madge's Jekyll and Hyde performance which had just occurred. Shane thinks that every man needs a woman in his life; Charlene corrects him and says that every woman needs a Harold in her life not a Shane Ramsay. Shane slams the paper down having not won anything. Charlene tells him that some people never learn and not to forget to sweep in the cupboards, Madge will have a fit if Harold sees it.
Shane wonders what she is up to this afternoon; he was going to go over to Clive's but has to go down the greenhouse to do something urgently. Charlene suggests that Clive can come with them to the beach, she then reminds Shane about the cupboards again. Shane picks up the broom and chases Charlene out of the kitchen with it.
Gibbons House
Clive is writing a letter to his brother Graham. He writes that Susan and Sam were great company but now they have left he can finally get around to doing some of those jobs he has neglected, like writing to them. He also hopes to get around to doing some of those jobs he had put off around the house like laying a new carpet which is hard to do with a baby around.
There is a knock on the door and Charlene and Scott come breezing in and ask Clive to come to the beach with them. Clive makes an excuse that he has to clean the house and catch up on some correspondence with his family who have probably forgotten him. Charlene and Scott offer to help clean so he can come but Clive declines. Scott feels that Clive is always telling them not to brood on their problems. Clive replies firmly that he is not interested so not to push it. Charlene and Scott rather hurt suggest that maybe he can come next time; Clive says that he will look forward to it. After they have gone Clive returns to his letter, re-reads it, rips it off the pad, crumples it up and throws it on the floor.
Robinson House
Jim comes having just finished the weeding, Helen tells him that they are having lamb casserole for lunch; she has also done one for Clive. Jim feels that Clive will appreciate it but he won't be around for lunch as he and Ross are talking a client to the Golf club. Helen has managed to ring around the hotels and find the one which Gerard is staying at, she hands Jim a piece of paper with the name on. As she urges Jim again to speak to him Lucy comes in with Basil.
Lucy asks if she can take Basil to the park. On smelling Basil Helen insists that Lucy give him a bath. Lucy argues that they will be running down at the park and she can give him a bath after that. Jim and Helen insist on a bath now, Lucy mulls it over and suggests that if she gives Basil a bath now and they don't go down to the park could she watch television. Jim replies that she is to give them a bath first and then they will talk about television. After Lucy has gone he says that he thinks Lucy will end up as an international diplomatic she never does anything without getting something in return.
Helen wants to know when Jim is going to speak to Gerard. Jim is reluctant to cancel his meeting it could lead to a big contract but suggests that he phones him. Helen says that she couldn't bear to listen and on the phone things can be misunderstood and she needs to be certain. Jim agrees to get changed and go straight away and he will report in before he goes to the golf club. Helen thanks Jim and says that she knows she is being a terrible sook.
Outside the Robinson House
Scott puts the covers on his new spot lights as Charlene is busily under the car fixing it. As Jim passes in his car he stops and sarcastically asks Scott if he is busy. He replies that he is just flat out. Scott wants to know where he is going; Jim says that he just has some business to attend to. In the background Charlene is calling for Scott to give her the socket spanner.
Harold and Madge approach discussing the sermon, Harold is wittering on about how we have to just roll our sleeves up and noticing the "lads" working on the car remarks like these two here. He is rather surprised as Charlene pops up from under the bonnet. Madge wants to know what on earth she is doing and replies that she is changing the oil on Scott's car what did she think she was doing. Charlene informs Harold that she is going to be a mechanic; Harold laughs and says that she certainly looks like she is making a good start at it. Madge quietly tells Harold not to take any notice, that Charlene is just playing around, Charlene is very insistant that she is not, much to Madge's disapproval.
Madge suggests that she and Harold go inside as she needs to start lunch and suggests sweetly to Charlene that she washes up and changes before lunch. Charlene tells Scott that she hopes Harold sticks around she hasn't had it this good from Mum.
Ramsay House
Madge comes into the house and seeing a half eaten apple and a spread out newspaper on the table complains about the mess and that Shane had promised to clean it up. Madge gives Harold the paper and suggests that he reads it, but he says that he would prefer to talk to a charming lady (What a smoothie!) Madge says that she thought she would cook a nice green salad and pumpkin jardinière. Harold is pleased and says that it is one of his favourites; Madge replies that he will be able to tell her if she cooks it right.
Harold thinks Madge is so feminine, but Charlene is...Madge cuts him off and says that she did have her doubts about her wanting to become a mechanic but it at least she knows what she wants to do which is a plus as a lot of kids don't have a clue. Harold absentmindedly brushes the crumbs from the loaf up into his hands and says that he hopes that she finds what she wants. Garages and workshops are a world of their own...nude calendars, foul language, tattoo's, pub after work. Taking the crumbs from Harold, Madge agrees that had crossed her mind as well but she is such a head strong girl and she is very good with her hands. Harold wonders if Charlene has thought about computers, that she should give her plenty of options, Madge agrees and replies that she will have a serious talk to Charlene about it and be firm with her this time.
Robinson House
Jim arrives home to find smelly Basil lying on the couch; Jim picks him up and taking him outside calls for Lucy to give him a bath and to stop fooling around. Going back into the kitchen Jim explains to a rather depressed looking Helen that he had gone to the hotel to call on Gerard but they had told him that he had gone out and they had no idea when he would be back. Jim says that he couldn't wait as he had to get to his luncheon appointment. Helen is worried that Gerard might call at the house; Jim feels that she is not acting like she normally would. Helen replies that she loves Rosemary and she loves Gerard and no matter what decision comes out of it she knows it is heart break for her and she is prepared for that, she is the intruder. Seeing how distressed Helen is he says that he will ring Ross and cancel his appointment, but Helen stops him saying that she is just being silly and talking it through has helped. As Helen feels that that she will be alright, Jim goes off to his appointment saying the children will keep her company. After he is gone Helen burns her hand on the casserole dish and bursts into tears.
Ramsay House
Madge still in "Posh mode" is telling Harold that she doesn't get much practice cooking vegetarian since her lot are the original barbarians. Harold replies that she is doing splendidly not even Mavis could have done as well "God rest her soul" Madge thinks it must have been terrible for him being left with two young children. Harold feels it was similar to Madge's situation except that he had been careful with money so he could afford the extra help.
Shane comes in with even more vegetables and Madge says that is just what she wants for the salad. Looking into the large pumpkin Shane wants to know what happened to the baked dinner. Madge explains that they are going to have something healthy instead...a high fibre diet exactly what he needs, Shane is far from impressed.
Charlene comes in and Madge asks her to get changed for dinner, seeing the pumpkin Charlene is also not impressed and tells Madge that she is off t the beach with Scott and will get something on the way. Madge is not pleased but Harold says that she should let her go. Walking over to Shane, Harold comments that it will just be more for us and hands Shane a carrot. Shane looks at the carrot in total disgust.
Gibbons House
Helen arrives with the casserole, Clive tells her that he is just turning his hand at a bit of spring cleaning by the end of the week there won't be a spring which has been cleaned...door springs, bed springs. Helen interrupts him and tells him to save his jollity for the kids. Clive thanks Helen for the casserole but says that he is eating fine and wants to know if there is any exciting news from the Robinson house. Helen doesn't reply to the question but notices a record on the table and says it is one of her favourites. Clive says that it was on of Susan's as well and offers it to Helen otherwise he was going to throw it out. Helen suddenly tells him that Gerard is in town with an art exhibition.
Clive asks if anyone else knows and Helen replies that she has told Jim. Helen continues that she can't bear to face him, she couldn't say what needs to be said, she doesn't have the strength to handle it. Helen apologises for burdening Clive with this as he is the only one she can talk to. Clive replies that he has been so damn miserable; he has forgotten other people have problems and what is she going to do. Helen tells him that she has asked Jim to see Gerard and she hopes that will convince him it is over. It isn't the only reason she doesn't want to see him, she knows if she sees him she won't be able to stop herself telling him how much she loves him.
Ramsay Street
Shane peers around the side of his van to make sure the coast is clear, he then goes into the back of the van and starts to eat a meat pie. Helen comes up behind him and asks if he is alright making Shane jump. Shane explains that Auntie Madge is cooking vegetarian and he needed a pie before he could face that. Helen questions why vegetarian, Shane replies that she is trying to impress Harold. Helen wants to know what Harold is like; Shane thinks he is ok except for being a vegetarian. Charlene has already slithered out so he will have to eat it all otherwise he will never hear the end of it. Helen tells Shane they are having lamb if he wants to pop over later, she will save him some. Shane thanks her but thinks the pie will see him through. Scott comes rushing up and tells Helen that she has a visitor... It is Rosemary's fiancé and he had told him to tell her that he can't wait to see her....
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Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0416
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0416
Charlene Mitchell, Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0416
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0416
Madge Mitchell, Harold Bishop

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0416
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0416
Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0416
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

Basil in Neighbours Episode 0416

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0416
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0416
Harold Bishop, Madge Mitchell

Harold Bishop, Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0416
Harold Bishop, Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Clive Gibbons, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0416
Clive Gibbons, Helen Daniels

Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0416
Shane Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0416
Helen Daniels, Shane Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Shane Ramsay, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0416
Helen Daniels, Shane Ramsay, Scott Robinson

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