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Neighbours Episode 0333 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0333
Australian airdate: 03/09/86
UK airdate: 16/02/88
UK Gold: 09/02/94
Guests: Susan: Gloria Ajenstat
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Karen (Katie)
Edna arrives and is not happy to see Dan that Dan is there too.
Madge said she lied to Edna for a reason - she wanted to get her and Dan together. Edna is pleased to see Tom though and greets him happily saying he always took after her side of the family(!) Madge suggests a cup of tea but Edna won't hear of it - she wants Dan to leave. Madge reasons that they can spend a couple of days under the same roof. Dan says he can manage - he's made new friends. He says that just tonight he's got a date with Helen Daniels - a "real" woman!
The Office
Zoe is showing Susan the ropes and Paul is still grumpy.
Des comes in and says he needs private word with Zoe. They agree to meet in the Waterhole during her coffee break.
Madge has made herself, Edna and Tom a cup of tea. Edna shows Tom a photo of his new granddaughter - Moira's little girl. Tom is shocked because he didn't know! Edna turns on Dan demanding to know why he didn't tell Tom he was a grandfather. She says Dan never thinks of anyone but himself and "that creature at the bowling club"!
Tom goes all gooey over the baby photos. Madge goes to work and Dan tells Edna that Madge has become a barmaid at the local pub.
EDNA: Madge! How could you sink so low!
Dan is reading his newspaper while Edna and Tom are having a pleasant conversation in the kitchen about Tom's daughter and the baby. Edna tells Tom that Dan has made her the laughing stock of the bowling club hanging round Rosie Jacobs like a lovesick teenager. Dan says that Edna nagged him to take up an interest, but she meant something they could do together! She's only been in Erinsborough for five minutes and Dan is off with Helen Daniels. She tells him that she doesn't give a damn anymore.
The Office
Paul is still grumpy and calls Susan in for some dictation. Zoe couldn't meet Des at the Waterhole. He's rung and left a message insisting that she meets him in the Coffee Shop at lunchtime.
The Pub
Madge suggests that Tom buys his new granddaughter a present. He says he is going to, but he's going to deliver it in person. He's rung Moira and made up with her over their past differences and he's going up to Ipswitch tomorrow. Madge is not pleased - she'll have to cope with Dan and Edna all on her own! Tom says Dan doesn't even talk to him, so it won't be any loss.
Clive has had an idea about Dan and Edna.
The Coffee Shop
Zoe has finally turned up to meet Des. Head Office has been on the phone - Zoe is well overdrawn. Des says Zoe is irresponsible and it's not fair to the bank - the account is $300 over. Des asks her to get the money from Tony, but she's too embarrassed to ask him. Des says he'll try to get a repayment scheme going, but she might be credit blacklisted.
The Office
Clive comes to see Helen and tells her that Edna has arrived. He tells her that Dan and Edna's marriage is on the rocks. Helen says she'll change the arrangments for her date. But Clive says he still wants her to go, but to give him such a horrible time he'll realise how good Edna is!
Tom is looking forward to seeing Holly the baby. Edna says she's sad that while a new member of the family has been born she and Dan have been fighting. Madge says it's ridiculous for her and Dan to separate after so many years. She says that Dan has his faults, but he does love Edna. Edna says that people change and she has to accept that - and so has Madge.
Dan and Helen are on their date. Dan says they could go on to a club later(!) Helen is doing her best to be argumentative and argues about the state of Australian politics. Dan laughs and says that Helen is quite different to Edna - he likes a woman with a mind of her own.
HELEN: You do?
Dan says he likes it very much and Helen looks a bit worried!
Clive and Susan have been having dinner. Susan tells Clive that he's very good with Sam. He sends Susan off to have a bath. She tells Clive that he's a wonderful person.
Zoe comes round to see Des with a list of her expenses. Des says it's terrible! He looks at her expenses and says she can cut some things out like having her nails done. Then he gives her a scissors to cut up her credit card.
Ramsay Street
Edna is anxious as to where Dan has got to. But she decides to go off and have a long soak in the bath.
Just after she's gone, Dan and Helen arrive home. Helen tells Madge quietly that their plan backfired.
Dan comes back with some port and makes a toast to Helen saying it could be the start of something for them.
Edna comes out and shouts at Helen calling her a jezebel and a marriage-wrecker!
EDNA: I want a divorce! And the sooner, the better!
<<0332 - 0334>>
Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels  in Neighbours Episode 0333
Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Edna Ramsay  in Neighbours Episode 0333
Helen Daniels, Edna Ramsay

<<0332 - 0334>>
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