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Song Lyrics:

The summer rain is falling like its never going to stop, it's been ages.
Puddles form on city corners, businessmen they leap between the edges.
Umbrellas take up battle spots but nature's fury always proves much stronger.
I've been sitting in my room wondering if I'm going to last much longer.

I've been so damn sure that I've been here before.
I'll give back what I borrowed
and start today tomorrow.

I've been watching over you, watching while you're sleeping.
Visions slowly come to me of you when you were sixteen,
standing in your neighbour's house, like the ones I've shown you.
Sometimes I get the feeling that I've always known you.

I've been so damn sure that I've been here before.
I'll rise above my sorrow
And start today tomorrow

The rain's gone, here come the swallows.
let's start today tomorrow.

Start Today Tomorrow
Youth Group

Album: Casino Twilight Dogs
Publisher: Ivy League Records
Release date: July 15th, 2006
Artist's Website: Youth Group Official Website

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 5376 from 2008
Episode 5753 from 2009
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