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Song Lyrics:

Are you in the next town, waiting for me
Or in the next room, speaking softly
Are you in the driveway, your motor running
Or in the hallway, calling I’m coming
‘Cause you’re nowhere to be found
Where are you now?

Are you in the garden, reading the paper
Or on the phone, saying ‘see you later’
Are you in my bed, sleeping beside me
Did you go out walking and just forget to tell me
‘Cause you’re nowhere to be found
Where are you now?

Are you in a movie, waiting for the ending
Are you really leaving or is that just pretending
Are you in some bar, drinking for two
I’m sorry baby if it was all too much for you
‘Cause you’re nowhere to be found
And I’ve looked all around
Where are you now?

Where Are You Now
The Audreys
(Commercial track)

Album: Between Last Night And Us
Publisher: ABC
Release date: 2006
Artist's Website: The Audreys Official Website

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 5256 from 2007
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