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Song Lyrics:

You learned
The way things should be
To hate your sweet body
And to love what you think you need
And when the time comes will it all be in vain
Will you catch it in your small hand
Wash it clear in the cool rain

You think you're losing this
Tell me what I missed
Looks liek it's just falling down
You don't have to hit it so hard now

You live with things I don't understand
That taste you never swallow
A gravel burn from a cold hand
And when the time comes will it all still remain
Or will it slip through your fingers
Washed out in the cool rain

Things I miss
Your calm and your kiss
All the damage has been bound
Lost at sea, gone to ground

Hitting It Hard
Cindy Ryan
(Commercial track)

Album: Love Hate Tattoo
Publisher: Wow Records
Release date: 2005

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 5050 from 2006
Episode 5100 from 2006
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