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Song Lyrics:

Either side of a thin blue line
Is a collection of satellites
Singing circles
Singing words that don't mean anything
But they keep me in orbit
And they keep me sure
Ooh, i can see you
Ooh, on a clear night
High up in the window
You're an astronaut
You're amnesia, you're a joke
Fingertips against the windscreen
You're on your way (x2)
But you can't look at both sides of the coin at the same time
And you can't make up your mind
Ooh, I can hear you
On a clear night
I can see you
Singing circles away
Yeah, I will blow you out of the sky
If you won't get yourself down here
Yeah, I can hear you
On a clear night
I can see you
Singing circles away

The Astronaut
Something For Kate
(Commercial track)

Album: Beautiful Sharks
Release date: 1999
Artist's Website: Something For Kate Official Website

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 3612 from 2000
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