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Neighbours Episode 6006 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6006
Australian airdate: 06/09/10
UK airdate: 25/10/10
Writer: John Davies
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Sonya Mitchell: Eve Morey
Dr Doug Harris: Mahesh Jadu
Detective Mark Brennan: Scott McGregor
Tony Mitchell: Alex Borg
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
This week on Neighbours
Toadie and Sonya arguing.
Kate regretting being with Declan.
Diana accusing Andrew of being Paul's pusher.
Tash getting herself into trouble.
Andrew upset and angry.
Rebecca telling Paul she hates him.
Paul wakening up.
There is a change to the titles too - Ben has been removed from the cricket shot, its just Callum and Sophie now.
Donna and Ringo returning from honeymoon.
Andrew heading off to confront Andrew.
Ramsay Street
Tash and Summer rush after Andrew reminding him that he doesn't have proof but the fact Declan's always hated his dad is enough for Andrew. He admits that he doesn't know what he will do when he finds him, and ignoring the girls, he heads off to find Declan, giving some guy in a car an evil look as he passes. As the girls wonder if Andrew is right about Declan, the guy in the car then starts the engine and begins to follow him.
Doug updates Declan on Paul - they are going to begin bringing him out of his medically induced coma now he has stabilised but does add it's too early to make any promises on his recovery. Declan stands looking at Paul after Doug leaves and Andrew catches up with him and confronts him over the DVD. He is quick to inform Andrew that he wasn't responsible for Donna's accident, that it was Paul who covered up his tracks very quickly too and adds that he can ask his dad when he wakes up after mentioning that they are bringing him out of the coma.
Summer and Tash find a deflated Andrew coming out of Paul's room, relived that he didn't do anything stupid but are then stunned when he tells him that he got it all wrong as regards the DVD and asks that they let it go.
Hospital exterior
Declan finds Andrew outside to reaffirm that what he said was the truth. Andrew thinks that Paul framing him gives Declan even more of a reason although when Declan mentions he's got Indy to think of and thus wouldn't do anything like that, Andrew asks if he has an alibi. "Have you?" Declan answers, deflecting the question and I think we can take Andrew's silence to mean no.
The two boys then come to some sort of 'truce', both agreeing to help each other to get this sorted out. first on the agenda is working out who was following Andrew after he spots the guy driving past the front entrance of the hospital.
Number 22
Donna isn't impressed with Lucas' help as she begins the job of moving her belongings over to #28 and is relived to be off moving duties when Ringo turns up. She is also beginning to fret about moving there but Ringo reassures her.
Number 28
And a bit later than planned, but finally Ringo gets to carry his bride over the threshold as they enter #28. Susan welcomes the latest stray to the Kennedy house and so does Zeke too when he enters the livingroom (the newly weds are getting the room Zeke shared with Ringo, Zeke had Ben's old room) and as if to make Donna feel even more at home, Susan has cooked her favourite dish for supper (camembert chicken).
Donna reluctantly hands her washing over to Susan - she's very protective of her clothes, almost refusing to hand them over at one point because Susan wasn't going to hand wash some of her clothes. Eventually they agree to a deal - Susan will follow the instructions on the labels if Donna will show her how her new mobile works.
Harold's Store
Lyn and Lucas chat about the happy news of Steph's baby, relived to have something positive to talk about for a change, and as if to try and spread the happiness, Lyn goes over and gives glum Andrew a bit of a pep talk.
Andrew then spots Susan and asks if she's heard anything about his dad thought the paper (she hasn't) or who might have done it (no but often the last person you'd expect) but she tells him not to take matters into his own hands.
Lassiters Complex
Andrew runs into Tash and Summer who are no further forward trying to figure out who is the one and tells them not to rule anyone out (although they did rule Ringo and Donna out due to being on honeymoon). Tash comes up with a possibility - Sonya who has the motive too but that goes out the window when Andrew spots the guy who was tailing him. He's all set to go over and confront him when Sum points out that it's a police detective who has been following him.
And today's trip down memory lane is to 1993 and a picture of Annalise Harman, Rick Alessi and Debbie Martin.
Sum and Tash ponder why the police would be following Andrew. "Because I'm one of the main suspects" Andrew tells the girls and as much as Sum reassures him that he didn't do it, he can't but help worry given he has no alibi.
Tash decides to take the bull by the horns and goes over to subtly quiz Toadie and Sonya. She begins by saying how different Charlie's looked at the wedding and they both agree although do add in that they were only in Charlie's for a wee bit. Next up is subtly asking about alibi's and Sonya reveals she was at home because she had a training session the next morning.
While Tash has been away, Sum again has been trying to reassure Andrew and their hopes are raised when Tash returns to tell them that Sonya doesn't have an alibi.
Harold's Store
Sum drags the other two into Harold's so they can continue chatting without risk of Sonya or Toadie overhearing them and their accusations! She then seeks refuge at the counter revealing to Lyn their theories when she gets frustrated at the other two. Lyn tells her to put a stop to them suggesting Sonya.
LYN: This is not a crime novel, its real life and it's serious.
Sum agrees with her Nan and admits that Sonya is the last person anyone would suspect. As soon as Sum said it, Lyn has a look on her face and she tells Summer about Sonya having go at Paul but does add that she is sure that Sonya is innocent. Lyn asks Summer to keep quiet about what she has just revealed or it may make Sonya look guilty.
Donna is still on edge about her washing (as well as trying to figure out Susan's iPhone) as she and Ringo enter the store. He wonders if she is having second thoughts about moving in, but she reassures him that isn't the case, she just feels that Susan shouldn't be doing her washing.
Number 28
And talking of washing, Susan admires Donna's clothes as she sorts them out.
Harold's Store
Lyn brings over the lovers drinks and when they get chatting the washing comes up and Lyn innocently remarks that Susan bought some fabric conditioner when she was in. Donna is now freaking out at the thought of it being used on her silk clothes! "You're stressing about nothing," Ringo tells her.
Number 28
Since she is alone, Susan sneaks a try on of one of Donna's tops, asking the pets for their verdict! Oh no though, when she takes it off we hear a dreaded ripping sound and when Susan checks it, right enough there is a tear in the fabric.
Blokes Club HQ
The trio are still discussing Sonya as they make their way to the shed where Lucas is loading up his Ute (he's decluttering the place). They subtly ask Lucas about Sonya on the pretence of a health studies assignment for school but he sees right through them and pointedly tells them that whatever they are up to stops right here. Andrew is happy to comply as long as he finds out what everyone was doing when Paul took a header. Lucas tells them that Sonya didn't have anything to do with that and adds that dragging up her past will do more harm than good. "More harm than a coma?" Andrew asks.
LUCAS: Keep hounding Sonya and its going to end in tears... your tears.
Harold's Store
Lucas tells Lyn about the teen's suspicion when he collects some flat pack boxes from her.
The teens then enter the store and Lyn calls her granddaughter over to ask if she told the others what she revealed earlier. Sum replies no but does feel that they have a right to know, which Lyn feels otherwise, and Sum agrees to let it rest.
Sum goes over to where Andrew and Tash are sitting to try and convince them to drop it. Lucas butts in too, to say the same thing. Andrew says all the right things and Lucas departs but as soon as he is out of the store, Andrew tells the others to stop looking, Sonya is the one. He then heads over to where Declan is sitting to ask him to pull a few strings at Lassiters to get a police check done.
Number 28
After a delicious meal, Donna is now much more relaxed (although the same can't be said for Susan!) and so much so, she's totally happy to let Susan loose on her washing. A quiet Susan then suggests that since Donna is now married, that she does their washing. "It's for the best," she quietly adds before leaving the table with her plate. Donna thinks she's upset Susan and that she is now hated.
Number 28 (next day)
Susan stops the apologising Donna to admit she's the one who should be doing the apologising, then confesses what she did. Donna doesn't fly off the handle, instead tells her its okay for her to try things on. A relived Susan then properly hugs Donna telling her:
SUSAN: Welcome to the family.
The teens arrive to find Doug wrapping up a chat with Det. Brennan, wondering why he is there. "Don't do anything stupid" are Tash's words but too late as Andrew confronts the detective to ask that he stops following him. Det. Brennan reminds Andrew he's a suspect but he's got nothing to worry about if he isn't hiding anything and doesn't seem too impressed at Andrew's outburst (that he's going to keep working to find out who did it and hopes the police are around when that happens).
Declan hears the commotion and asks what's happening and Andrew explains the identity of the person who was following him. He wonders why but Andrew is more concerned about finding out about Sonya and is told the bad news - it would have taken 2 weeks and he'd need a copy of Sonya's ID to run a police check. However Declan has had his thinking cap on and called one of Sonya's old bosses on the pretence of asking for a reference and discovered that Sonya has a criminal record for assault!
Ramsay Street
Sonya and Toadie are tidying up the garden when Andrew (with the girls in tow) storms up Ramsay Street demanding to know where Sonya was the night his dad was pushed and why she hasn't been brought in for questioning yet. Toadie tries to send him packing but Andrew is determined, and drops into the conversation that Sonya has a criminal record. He wonders what Andrew is going on about, and thinks he is just trying it on, but as he turns to ask her about it, we hear then see a police car enter Ramsay Street. Toadie isn't impressed at Andrew calling the police but he denies it was him and Tash pipes up to say it was her.
SONYA: What have you done?
Tomorrow on Neighbours
Rebecca being interviewed again by the police.
Andrew and Declan fighting.
Tash surprised Andrew is letting it drop.
Michael warning Tash off.
Rebecca reassuring Andrew.
Sonya rejecting Toadie as she is interviewed by the police.
And as the credits begin there is a change - Ben's name has been removed.
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Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6006
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6006
Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, Doug Harris in Neighbours Episode 6006
Declan Napier, Doug Harris

Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6006
Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson

Donna Freedman, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6006
Donna Freedman, Lucas Fitzgerald

Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 6006
Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Susan Kennedy, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 6006
Susan Kennedy, Donna Freedman

Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6006
Lyn Scully, Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6006
Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Tony Mitchell, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 6006
Tony Mitchell, Mark Brennan

Natasha Williams, Sonya Mitchell, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6006
Natasha Williams, Sonya Mitchell, Toadie Rebecchi

Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6006
Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 6006
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Audrey, Dahl in Neighbours Episode 6006
Audrey, Dahl

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6006
Susan Kennedy

Lucas Fitzgerald, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6006
Lucas Fitzgerald, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6006
Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 6006
Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Donna Freedman, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6006
Donna Freedman, Susan Kennedy

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 6006
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Declan Napier

Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6006
Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6006
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell, Andrew Robinson

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