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Neighbours Episode 5941 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5941
Australian airdate: 07/06/10
UK airdate: 26/07/10
Writer: Stuart Page
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
This week on Neighbours
Lyn remarking to Toadie that Paul's dragged him into one of his schemes.
Libby commenting that it isn't every day her best friend marries her other best friend.
Kate warning Andrew off.
Paul collapsing.
Donna having trouble doing something.
Sonya making herself clear that she wants nothing to do with Steph or Toadie ever again.
Previously on Neighbours
- Tash becoming a mathlete.
- Ringo getting a job on a building site.
- Paul catching Declan fighting with Craig and sacking him.
Number 24
Kate lovingly hands Declan some breakfast...
Number 22
...Rebecca on the other hand begrudgingly gives Paul his... well the crockery and cutlery for it!
Number 24
Over brekkie, Kate points out to Declan that she doesn't need anyone looking out for her, she can manage herself.
Number 22
Paul worries if Rebecca is going to throw the cuppa she's just sat down with over him but thankfully she isn't. He tries to take the cup from her and is firmly told to go and make his own!
Number 24
Kate is trying to talk Declan out of quitting working at Lassiters... especially as it's his work placement too. She reminds him that it isn't just Paul's business he's stuffed up but his mum's too.
Number 22
Rebecca is trying to talk Paul out of sacking Declan, reminding him about the numerous chances he's given Andrew. "Declan has to learn to work with difficult employees," is his stance but Rebecca isn't convinced especially when she points out that he keeps making Declan and Andrew work together then takes Andrew's side every time.
REBECCA: Declan cannot win.
Paul disagrees and doesn't seem to like it when Rebecca wants him to give Declan a second chance.
REBECCA: Paul I know you love Declan, but lately...
PAUL: He needs to learn.
REBECCA: He needs love and support.
Paul mulls it over for a few seconds before saying that Declan will need to apologise first.
Number 24
And over at #24 Declan tells Kate there is no way he will apologise, so she decides to employ a little of Rebecca's tactics... removing Declan's breakfast!
Number 22
Paul calls Declan just as he walks into the house. Paul explains why he was calling - to offer him his job back (but at a lower level... the same as Andrew) and likewise Declan - he was calling round to apologise. Declan isn't pleased at being demoted but he still thanks Paul.
Harold's Store
Declan is showing off his junior uniform (waistcoat instead of a suit) to Ringo and Donna in the store when Andrew comes in at the back of him and can't resist subtly gloating that he's now on the same level as him and that he's got some ideal jobs lined up for Declan!
Meanwhile at the other side of the store, Natasha is giving Lisa a hard time on the phone as she's mucked up the latest math's problem. She then gets it in the neck from Libby when she catches Tash at the store instead of where the maths competition should be held at and isn't taking it from Tash that she can help by chatting on the phone.
Andrew overhears Tash getting a tongue- wagging from Libby (she also tried to cover up her conversation to Lisa too when he caught her earlier) and asks if Libby is still hassling her. "Not for long," is Tash's reply.
Declan is hard at work clearing up when Andrew saunters in. He asks if Andrew is going to lend a hand and he cockily reminds him that he isn't his boss any more and can take it up with Paul if he isn't happy.
Meanwhile in the office Rebecca and Paul are going over the books and it isn't good news - they still need to make cuts and Declan's stunt didn't help either. Listening to all this is Declan, who just so happened to walk past the office when they began chatting.
Rebecca meanwhile notices that Paul's got a headache coming on and leaves to get him something for it.
Harold's Store
Mute Declan watches on as Donna feeds Indy, trying to keep Ringo out of the process as he's deemed too dirty to help given his new job. Declan gets his voice back when Kate comes in, and after taking her to the other side of the store, he admits his concern to her that Paul is up to something after what he heard in the office, adding that he is capable of anything too when he is desperate. Kate thinks he's over- reacting and asks for Declan to give him some trust.
Kate finds Paul in the office and hands him a cheque from the trust fund to help him out. Paul immediately rejects her kind offer but she makes it clear its there should he want it at any time. When she leaves, Paul becomes visibly upset as we head into the first commercial break.
And today's trip down memory lane is to 2005 and a set to with Izzy Hoyland and Susan Kinski.
Harold's Store
Lucas catches Michael as he comes in to do some shopping to find out about the job (the board couldn't decide between him and Steph so are having a practice class to help decide) but he's giving nothing away.
As he heads to pay for his shopping, Tash deliberately knocks her books to the floor to attract his attention. She moans at him that Libby is making her do extra maths work and its work for the year above her too, so wants him to have a word with her. Michael does indeed call Libby... to thank her for the extra work she's giving Tash!
Number 28
Lucas now tries to get the inside news on the job from Libby, handing her a bunch of flowers to go with the box of chocolates she got from Steph when she tried too. When she confirms that she hasn't heard anything, he then reveals that the flowers aren't from him. Lib is mystified as to who sent them and when she reads the card isn't amused to find out that it was Michael who actually sent them! She quizzes Lucas if he knew about it but he denies all knowledge.
Libby decides to pay Michael a visit to ward him off of any future contact on a personal level between them as she finds it intrusive and inappropriate. Michael is totally bewildered about this news and Libby is finding it hard that he is denying it.
LIBBY: You don't have to be embarrassed.
MICHAEL: No, I'm not embarrassed, I think it's hilarious.
LIBBY: So you don't have the guts to admit it?
MICHAEL: As if I would send you flowers.
LIBBY: What?
MICHAEL: You're not my type.
LIBBY: (gobsmacked) I'm not going anywhere until you admit it.
MICHAEL: Right... then can I get you a cup of tea 'cos you're going to be waiting a very long time.
LIBBY: (stunned) You're a pig!
MICHAEL: And you're up yourself!
Libby walks out of his office after that comment only to return a few seconds later with the said flowers and the card that came with it. "Getting your memory back now" she sarcastically asks him but as he reads the card, he knows who did send the flowers - Tash! Michael compliments Libby on getting through to his daughter given what she did and Libby leaves it in his hands to sort it out with Tash.
Declan overhears Paul chatting to someone about his money woes on the phone and the conclusion of the call is that Jim Dolan must be shut down somehow!
Once Paul finishes his call, Declan wants to know what he can do to help having overheard the call but Paul replies that he's done enough already and is told to keep his head down and his nose clean and more importantly stay out of Paul's way!
Commercial break later and Michael catches up with his daughter in the pub and wants to know about the flowers. She apologises to him and Michael adds that she's got to write a letter of apology to Libby too. He also adds they will be having a little chat about ground rules too when they get home!
Number 22
Kate swears she'll never let Donna drive her again when they enter #22. Sneaking a quiet chat with Declan while Donna nips upstairs, she tells him about Paul turning down the money she offered Paul because he said he was fine.
Kate heads off upstairs to see Donna (to look at new shrugs) as Rebecca comes home minus Paul. When Declan asks where he is, she tells him that he had stuff to do, which immediately causes alarm bells to go off for him and he heads out, on the pretence of helping Paul.
Building site
Paul breaks in and despite being in the full glare of CCTV cameras does some damage to the site - removing safety gear/notices and tampering with the supports/scaffolding. He then phones up the authorities to complain that the building site is unsafe and that they should send someone round to check it out.
Declan arrives just as Paul was calling and is told to go home, with Paul reminding him that he seen nothing and saw nothing. He isn't keen on doing that but Paul threatens to implicate him (despite it all being captured on the CCTV!) if he doesn't shut up and walk way now.
Charlie's/Building site
Paul signals over to Declan to be quiet when he spots him as he enters the bar. Declan then starts to panic big time when Ringo gets a call from Donna who is at the building site looking for him (she wanted to give him a lift home). They continue chatting the when Donna leans on the scaffolding it starts to move before it finally comes down on top of her. Ringo frantically calls out "Donna" but she's lying unconscious underneath the fallen scaffolding.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Donna being rescued.
- Ringo concerned he may have made things worse when he attended to her.
- Paul and Declan confronting each other.
- Paul wanting Donna to have the best medical care.
- Callum pleading his case to be Toadie's best man.
- Toadie finding out about Donna and Paul admitting it wasn't an accident.
- The medics rushing to a seriously ill Donna.
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Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5941
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Andrew Robinson, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5941
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Libby Kennedy

Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5941
Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier, Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5941
Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay

Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5941
Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald

Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 5941
Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5941
Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald

Michael Williams, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5941
Michael Williams, Libby Kennedy

Declan Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Paul Robinson

Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 5941
Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5941
Paul Robinson

Declan Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5941
Paul Robinson, Declan Napier

Declan Napier, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5941
Declan Napier, Ringo Brown

Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5941
Donna Freedman

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