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Neighbours Episode 5910 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5910
Australian airdate: 23/04/10
UK airdate: 11/06/10
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Naomi Lord - Kate Bell
Christian Doran - Adrian Woolcock
Summary/Images by: KiKi/Emily
Toadie believing that Lucas is taking advantage of Sonya's problems, to get back at him.
Kyle telling Andrew that Rebecca sacked him.
Cal telling Toadie that him having a baby with Steph is fine.
The teens toasting Bridget's 18th birthday; Andrew asking what they're celebrating.
Ringo challenging Andrew to leave.
Number 22
Ringo can't believe that Becca kicked them out, and Kate tells him he didn't help the situation.
Number 24
Returning to the Ramsays, Andrew thanks Harry for helping him out, and Sophie asks what's going on. Summer explains.
Number 22
Kate points out that Andrew didn't know it was Bridget's birthday; Ringo counter- argues that once he found out he should have kept his distance. Ringo points out that Andrew is a bad influence on Harry.
Number 24
Andrew says that Ringo's a jerk; Harry wonders if perhaps they're all jerks. Andrew doesn't like that response.
Number 22
Kate thinks the whole issue could have been avoided, but Ringo believes Kate's sticking up for them because they're family. She defends herself - she can see both sides, whereas Ringo is too involved. Ringo challenges Declan: what does he think? Declan thinks Andrew's an idiot, and Harry's an idiot, too.
RINGO: Kate, if you know what's good for Harry, you'll keep him away from Andrew Robinson.
Number 24
Harry reiterates that it was wrong to keep pushing it earlier, but Andrew can't accept responsibility. Sophie thinks perhaps they all need a big group hug - but not in front of her.
Number 22
It's morning, and Andrew tells Declan he's more mad at Ringo than him. Declan suggests they just ignore each other; he doesn't want to talk. Declan leaves the house for a run, and Andrew goes into the kitchen where Lucas is having breakfast. Andrew asks him if he has any plans, and Lucas wonders why Andrew's being so nice to him.
ANDREW: I'm not exactly popular around here at the moment, am I?
LUCAS: I've noticed.
ANDREW: Yeah, and I figured you're the only one who doesn't really hate me.
LUCAS: Doesn't mean we're mates.
Andrew thinks perhaps that he and Lucas are the same, but Lucas refutes that: he's a loner because he wants to be, whilst Andrew's a loner because no- one likes him. There's a knock at the door but Andrew completely ignores it, leaving Lucas to answer to Callum who has a flat on his bike. Callum explains that Steph and Toadie are busy - plus, he's not talking to them.
LUCAS: Why not?
CALLUM: (pragmatically) I think I hate them.
LUCAS: Okay, I'll take a look.
Harold's Store
Lou asks Toadie how he went with Callum, and Toadie says it wasn't too good, so Lou suggests he could have a word; Toadie refuses.
Over at a table the Kennedys are having breakfast with Ringo in his paramedic uniform. Libby thinks he looks very grown up in it. Susan hopes that Ringo won't get into a fight in an ambulance, whilst Karl thinks he'll be a shining light on duty!
LIBBY: You'll be great.
RINGO: Thank you, Lib.
LIBBY: Seriously, you've worked so hard.
SUSAN: We're all very impressed with you...except with the fighting thing...
The Ks pounce on her, and Susan promises she won't mention it again. Harry approaches, asking to speak to Ringo, and apologises for what he said about Donna. Ringo apologises, too - but he's angry at Andrew, no- one else. Karl interrupts to take Ringo to work, just as he's telling Harry to think about who he's friends with.
Kate also comes in, wanting to talk to Harry about Andrew. She gets straight to the point - she doesn't think they should hang out any more.
HARRY: You can't choose my mates.
KATE: No, I can't. But you can.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl waits with Ringo for the start of his first shift, and Ringo's all pumped up for it. Christian comes along - who Ringo has observed before - impressed that he's followed through and started his study. Christian makes it clear that Ringo's day will be observing and shadowing only, assisting with transfers etc, nothing else. Ringo's okay with that, and Karl wishes him well as he leaves.
Ringo buckles himself into the ambulance, looking a very little bit apprehensive...
Number 22
Lucas is showing Callum where his puncture is, and shows him how to fix it. Callum asks if he still sees Sonya, and Lucas says he does: they're good mates, just like Cal and Sophie. Callum tells Lucas he overheard his dad and Steph talking about Sonya, but he couldn't hear what they were saying.
Callum admits to Lucas how he feels about the baby - his dad didn't tell him for ages, and now there's going to be a screaming baby throwing up everywhere. Lucas tells Callum that they'll still need him around, even with the new baby.
LUCAS: They still need you around.
CALLUM: (crossing his fingers) Dad and I used to be like this! Now he's always hanging out with Steph, and he tries to buy me off with bacon and footie games.
LUCAS: Look, I'm not a fan of Toadie's...
CALLUM: I know you hit him.
LUCAS: But mate, he loves you, and when this baby comes along he's going to need your help.
CALLUM: Yeah...
LUCAS: You can count on it.
They get on with repairing the bike.
Somewhere in Erinsborough
(Otherwise known as: round the back of the set) Ringo and Christian arrive at a shout where a guy appears to have fallen from a ladder. Ringo gets the bystanders to move away whilst Christian treats him, but then zones out whilst he watches the treatment. He misses the request to go get a leg splint and collar, and when he finally goes to help, he can't find the requested items. Christian tells him to switch on and pay attention.
Erinsborough Hospital
Ringo stands concerned, as Christian returns from the resus room - the guy's gone to surgery but will be okay. Ringo apologises for zoning out, and Christian accepts the apology, telling him it will be alright next time.
Number 28
The Ks are flirting over the mayonnaise; the use- by date is 2001. Karl thinks it smells okay.
KARL: Oh come on...waste not, want not.
SUSAN: Well, I want not.
LIBBY: Is that dad's face mask?
KARL: Funny.
Ringo returns home and says he totally stuffed up - Christian needed an air splint and he couldn't find one. He goes into his usual, mournful self- pitying diatribe of how he can never get anything right. Karl and Libby try to reassure him - their first days were awful, too. But Ringo's not listening.
Number 22
Lucas is watching footie, whilst Kate wonders if Declan is really going to ignore Andrew forever. Declan suggests he move back in with Kate, but she points out that they'll never get any work done. Declan answers the door to Susan who tells him that Ringo had a bad day at work, and wonders if they could cheer him up to take his mind off it. Kate and Dec agree, but only when Becca gets back to look after India.
Lucas volunteers to look after Indy for them, even though she's grizzly.
Cut to later when Dec has gone, and Callum and Sophie rush in. Lucas explains that he desperately needs their help, as there's no- one else around - plus, Cal owes him for fixing the bike. He asks Sophie to get the washing in, whilst Callum can help prepare India's bottle. Cal says he knows what Lucas is doing.
CALLUM: You're trying to get me to like babies and feel needed and stuff.
LUCAS: Yeah, as if.
CALLUM: Come on, it's the kind of lame trick dad pulls all the time.
LUCAS: Okay, I'm not as lame as him.
CALLUM: You are if you don't admit it.
Lucas tells Callum to stop whinging - he's got to get used to a baby being around, like it or not.
Harry comes in to the bar, and spies Andrew chatting with a guy. He stares until his reverie is broken by Toadie, wondering if he's seen Callum - perhaps he's with Sophie? Harry hasn't seen either of them.
Listening in, he hears Andrew promoting one of Rebecca's bar staff to a job outside Charlie's, without her permission. Harry asks what that was about, and Andrew tells him he got the guy a regular DJ gig - which means that Kyle will get his job back with Becca. Andrew says his only motivation is that he likes Kyle, and it will get him more brownie points with Rebecca. Harry leaves; Andrew smirks.
Harold's Store
Lou is telling Toadie that he hasn't seen Callum either, when Harry comes in, finding Summer at a table, reading. He's upset, and she wonders what's wrong. Harry explains that he can't tell whether or not Andrew's being genuine about things or not. He just doesn't buy that his cousin is turning over a new leaf.
Summer sticks up for Andrew, and Harry says he knew she'd take his side - after all, she and Andrew are practically boyfriend and girlfriend. She asked him to stay in Erinsborough, and he did.
Summer tells Harry that the reason Andrew stayed was for him, not her. Harry's the best mate he's ever had. Well, now Harry feels guilty...
Harry finds Andrew playing darts, and apologises for not realising the truth. They agree they're cool with each other, and get to a game of darts. Kate, Dec and Ringo come in and sit at a table. They ask Ringo how his day was, but he doesn't want to talk about that, so they agree to get some drinks.
Toadie comes in to find Kate, and asks if she knows where Callum is: she does, and he's at Declan's, with Sophie, looking after India...
Number 22
Sophie can't complete level 4 of the computer game without Callum - but she'll have to, because Cal is sitting in the playpen with India, waving soft toys in her face, whilst Lucas watches from the stair doorway.
Toadie comes to the door, looking for Cal, and Lucas lets him in. They tell Toadie they've been here all day, helping, and run off for another bike ride. On the way out, Callum asks his dad if perhaps they can watch the 2009 footie final, and get ready for Anzac Day. Toadie agrees, and Cal thanks Lucas on the way out.
After the kids have left, Lucas picks up India, and Toadie thanks him for helping Callum. He then asks after Sonya, and Lucas tells him she's doing fine.
LUCAS: Have you got any other messed up people in your life I can help out?
TOADIE: I guess I'd better go.
India stares up at the out- of- shot boom.
Outside the bar, Ringo says he has to go home, he's pretty wrecked. But outside Harold's Store there's a woman collapsed, seemingly suffering from anaphylactic shock. Susan stands over her, and Lou calls for an ambulance. The teens run over, and Kate looks as though she's about to laugh.
In a scene as contrived as it can be, Ringo leaps into action, telling Susan that the woman should have an epi- pen or something in her bag. Susan hands the pen to Ringo, and he immediately injects the adrenalin into her arm and takes her pulse.
The ambulance sirens can be heard - because the response rates in Erinsborough are REALLY fast. Ninja- ambulances.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl appears, and asks Ringo what exactly made him diagnose anaphylaxis. (YAY! I was right. Years of watching 'Casualty' not wasted after all. I bet I could even perform a caesarean if required. Anyway.) Ringo explains the symptoms - and Karl congratulates him, it was an excellent diagnosis. He probably saved her life.
Christian appears at that moment, too, and tells Ringo he did really good work - he heard what happened. Ringo asks to go and see the patient, say hello to her. Karl lets him in, and he tells the patient (Naomi) she's looking heaps better. She thanks him for what he did, and pulls him into a hug. Karl comes in and kicks Ringo out - Naomi needs her rest. Alone in her room, PsychoNaomi pulls out the paramedic identification tag that she stole from Ringo when she hugged him, smiling evilly to herself.
(The biggest moment of her life)
Donna walking and crying.
(Donna finds her father)
Donna still walking and crying
DONNA: Hi dad.
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Andrew Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5910
Andrew Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5910
Lucas Fitzgerald

Harry Ramsay, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5910
Harry Ramsay, Lou Carpenter

Christian Doran, Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5910
Christian Doran, Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown

Callum Jones, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5910
Callum Jones, Lucas Fitzgerald

Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5910
Karl Kennedy, Ringo Brown

Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5910
Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay

Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5910
Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay

Callum Jones, India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5910
Callum Jones, India Napier

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5910
Toadie Rebecchi

India Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5910
India Napier, Lucas Fitzgerald

Ringo Brown, Naomi Lord in Neighbours Episode 5910
Ringo Brown, Naomi Lord

Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5910
Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy

Ringo Brown, Naomi Lord in Neighbours Episode 5910
Ringo Brown, Naomi Lord

Naomi Lord in Neighbours Episode 5910
Naomi Lord

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