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Neighbours Episode 5908 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5908
Australian airdate: 21/04/10
UK airdate: 09/06/10
Writer: Perri Cummings
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Kyle Canning - Christopher Milligan
Sonya Mitchell - Eve Morey
Pizza Delivery Boy - Samuel Leetham
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Andrew encouraging Kyle to make a move on Rebecca
- Donna and Nick agreeing to take a DNA test
- Steph telling Toadie that Sonya may wait for him
- Toadie seeing Sonya & Lucas kissing
Ramsay Street
Toadie is lurking in his front garden, staking out #22 for any sign of life. Steph wants to know what's wrong and gets her answer when Sonya and Lucas pull up in a taxi after a big night out. Steph's shocked and Toadie seethes before declaring that he needs to go for a walk.
Number 22
Sonya teases Lucas about his 80s dance moves while they head upstairs. Andrew tries a cheery hello on Lucas, then Donna (who is working on her assignment) and Declan, but none of them share his joviality. Rebecca walks in with India and suggests that Declan go for a walk with them. He's not really in the mood but Rebecca drags him out anyway. Andrew gets a SMS from Kyle asking him to meet up at Harold's for breakfast.
Harold's Store
Andrew tells Kyle he should go to Charlie's to check out his roster - and his boss. Harry can't figure out why his cousin is spending so much time with Kyle and starts to fill Summer in on what a tool Kyle was at school.
Steph finds Toadie and gently asks if he's calmed down. She reckons Lucas and Sonya could just be hanging out as mates, but Toadie drops the 'I saw them kissing' bomb, which surprises her. Toadie's angry because he believes Lucas is taking advantage of Sonya. He stands up with gusto to go and speak to Lucas, but Steph stops him, getting the attention of Summer and Lyn. Toadie eventually leaves, followed closely by Steph, which concerns Lyn.
Summer finds Lyn in the kitchen on the phone to Oscar, but the conversation is short as per usual. Summer can see her Nan's upset and thinks that she needs some companionship in her life, before deciding that internet dating is the way to go. Lyn protests and says no, but you can tell the idea intrigues her.
Bus Stop
Rebecca is rambling on about the Lassiter's renovations but Declan just wishes they could go home already. Rebecca makes him walk a bit further and he's surprised when (Ninja) Susan appears out of nowhere. The mystery of the walk is revealed when Ringo gets off the bus that has just pulled in, dressed like he mugged a cliché version of a rock star. Declan and Ringo grin and do the man hug thing.
Charlie's Bar
Declan wonders if Zeke knows Ringo's back. Susan says he does but he'll have to catch up with him after work. Rebecca and Susan head outside with India while the guys talk.
RINGO: Man I can't believe how much she's grown.
DECLAN: India? Yeah I know, tell me about it. It feels like only yesterday she was born.
RINGO: That was a crazy day.
DECLAN: (wistful) Yeah.
Kate walks in and is surprised to see Ringo, giving him a hug. She says he's looking great and wonders how long he's back for. Ringo says for good - he's already teed up some work experience with Karl at the hospital and transferred his course.
DECLAN: For a sudden decision you sound pretty organised.
RINGO: Well it's a long bus ride, I had plenty of time to think.
KATE: I thought you loved Sydney?
RINGO: I do. I just got this random phone message and it made me realise that this is where I belong.
KATE: What did the message say?
RINGO: Let's just say it made me remember the people I love.
Number 22
Kate drops in to tell Donna that Ringo's back in town for good. Donna's amazed - but she's even more amazed when Kate relays the phone message quote and Donna tells her that she left Ringo a message yesterday about her dad. Both girls are convinced that Ringo has come back to reconcile with Donna and Kate pushes Donna upstairs to glam herself up.
Charlie's Bar
Donna tentatively walks in wearing a long, but low- cut dress, and looks around for Ringo. Rebecca sees her and lets her know he just went to the bathroom. Andrew and Kyle walk in and immediately make a beeline for Donna.
KYLE: Freedman, you look hot.
DONNA: Go away, Kyle.
KYLE: Don't be like that. We had a thing.
DONNA: We never had a thing.
KYLE: (smug) We had a thing... Oh, but you two had an even bigger thing!
DONNA: OK I'm waiting here for someone and I really don't want him to see us all...
Too late. Ringo spies them from across the bar and looks a little unnerved. Donna quickly drags him aside and promises that she never talks to the guys - usually - that was just supremely bad timing. Ringo is surprisingly Zen about the whole ordeal and says the past is in the past and he wants to move on and be friends. Donna's slightly put off by the f- word, but soldiers on and tells Ringo about Nick. They chat casually for a bit until Declan returns and Ringo says he has to go - but maybe they'll catch up later.
Harold's Store
Kyle and Andrew are loitering around while Rebecca shops. Kyle says he feels like he's stalking her, but Andrew says he's just maximising their time together. He tells Kyle to offer Rebecca a lift home - but Andrew will come too so it's not too suss. Rebecca gladly accepts and Kyle helps her with her bags, which doesn't go unnoticed by Lyn. She calls Summer over, who had been having a milkshake with Harry, and says she wants to try the internet dating thing after all.
Ramsay Street
Toadie is still being a creepo out the front, staring down #22 with his death- ray vision. Steph tells him he's already used the 'checking the mail' excuse five times now, so Toadie decides to go for another walk. But before he does a pizza delivery car pulls up and Lucas strides out in a tank top and shorts to get his food. When he notices Toadie staring at him he gives him a smirk and a salute.
Number 24
Donna is trying to debrief the 'I'd like to be friends' conversation with Kate. Donna's fretting because Ringo doesn't seem all that keen to spend time with her, but Kate just reckons he's building up to a big D&M session. She tells Donna to send him a text to meet up for a drink later.
Five minutes later Donna is still staring at her phone waiting for a reply. She practically leaps on it when it beeps but she's disappointed when all the message says is "OK". Kate tries to remain positive and says that OK is good - Donna's in.
Number 22
Sonya (wearing a pair of Lucas's shorts & his t- shirt) and Lucas are tucking into their pizza when Toadie bashes on the door and just lets himself in. He berates Lucas for kissing Sonya to get back at him and demands that he leave her alone. Sonya jumps in before they start fighting and Toadie is stung when he realises what she's wearing.
TOADIE: He's using you.
SONYA: No he's not.
TOADIE: Right, so you're going out now are you?
SONYA: It's time you heard the truth, Toadie.
Number 22
Lucas tells Sonya he'll be in the lounge room if she needs him. Toadie says he knows about the kiss, but Sonya bites back a sigh and says that nothing's going on. Lucas let her have her "moment" when she kissed him then broke it off and said it wasn't a good idea. Then they went dancing and she crashed at his place just as friends.
SONYA: You know what? Even if something did happen it's none of your business because you decided to leave my life when you got with Steph. And now there's the baby... (she laughs bitterly) Oh God, I just flew off the wagon after that one. But he stuck by me, he kept me safe.
TOADIE: (ashamed & upset) I know I have no say at all. Just... Take care of yourself, OK.
Sonya quietly replies "OK", almost as if she wished Toadie still was making a fuss because it would mean he still cared, while Toadie walks out.
Ramsay Street
Steph chides Toadie at first when she sees him return from #22 but softens when he says that Sonya *is* moving on, but at least it's not with Lucas. He links arms with Steph and says they should head home.
Declan and Ringo (woah, those "rawk" jeans are way too tight), emerge from #24 after visiting Zeke. They see Kyle drop off Rebecca and Andrew in his ute, which is cause for concern for Dec. Andrew and Kyle head inside while Dec's all, "WTF mum?" but Rebecca's just like, "Chillax, Kyle's fine". Declan goes home leaving Rebecca and Ringo to have a serious chat.
REBECCA: How's he doing?
RINGO: Still not ready to talk about it yet.
REBECCA: Well it's great that you're here, it makes a big difference, I know it does.
RINGO: Has anyone spoken to Kate about this?
REBECCA: I don't know, I don't think so.
RINGO: Do you think someone should?
REBECCA: Yep leave it with me.
Number 24
Donna parades yet another new outfit for Kate before heading out to meet Ringo at Charlie's. Rebecca pops in and asks Kate if anyone's told her about tomorrow.
KATE: Tomorrow? No, what have I missed?
REBECCA: (awkward) It's Bridget's birthday. She would have been eighteen.
Kate's body slumps but she gives Rebecca a small smile and a nod. Rebecca says that Declan probably should have told her himself, but Kate at least understands now why he was in such a quiet mood last night. Rebecca then tells her that Ringo came home especially for Declan after she sent him a text message. Alarm bells ring in Kate's head and she quickly races out to try and stop Donna.
Charlie's Bar
Donna sidles up to Ringo and can't stop grinning at him - everything feels right. Ringo looks a bit uneasy and asks if she wants to play pool, but Donna wants to sit and chat.
DONNA: I've missed you. I've really missed you. I'm so glad you're back. I never thought we'd get another chance to start again...
RINGO: Donna...
DONNA: ... And if I knew all I had to do was make a call I would have done it so much sooner.
RINGO: (gently) I don't know where you got this idea from but I'm not back to get back together with you.
DONNA: But I left you a message and you came straight home?
RINGO: Yeah...
DONNA: What?
RINGO: I'm back because tomorrow's Bridget's birthday. Dec's going to need us.
DONNA: (the news sinks in) Of course.
RINGO: I meant everything that I said before, I really do want us to be friends.
DONNA: Yeah, friends, sure. Um... I have to go.
She makes a hasty retreat just as Kate races in, but it's too little too late.
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
(Declan is having breakfast with Rebecca & Kate)
DECLAN: It's just a normal day.
(Donna looks on from the kitchen)
DONNA: We all miss her, Dec.
(Kate puts flowers at Bridget's grave)
KATE: I'll look after him and India.
(Declan is watching from afar and doesn't look impressed)
KATE: Declan...
(Toadie is trying to get Callum to have a chat)
CALLUM: You're having a baby, that's fine. Can we go home?
(Andrew has made some sort of scene at Charlie's in front of Declan)
(Ringo tries to escort him out but Andrew jerks his arm away)
RINGO: Come on, mate, you're out of here.
ANDREW: Don't touch me.
DECLAN: Enough!
(Declan is driving somewhere with India in the backseat)
(Kate is telling Donna, Zeke & Ringo what happened)
KATE: And then he just drove off without another word.
DONNA: Well have you tried calling him?
KATE: Yes. Calling, texting... I think I might try calling one more time.
(Dec's mobile rings on the passenger seat - he looks down at it, misses a Give Way sign and looks set for a collision with another car)
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Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5908
Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier, India Napier, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5908
Rebecca Napier, India Napier, Declan Napier

Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5908
Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully

Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5908
Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland

Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy, India Napier in Neighbours Episode 5908
Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier, Susan Kennedy, India Napier

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5908
Ringo Brown

Donna Freedman, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5908
Donna Freedman, Kate Ramsay

Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5908
Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5908
Harry Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Kyle Canning, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5908
Kyle Canning, Rebecca Napier

Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5908
Lucas Fitzgerald

Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5908
Kate Ramsay, Donna Freedman

Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 5908
Sonya Mitchell

Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5908
Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Declan Napier, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5908
Declan Napier, Ringo Brown

Kyle Canning, Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5908
Kyle Canning, Rebecca Napier, Andrew Robinson

Rebecca Napier, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5908
Rebecca Napier, Kate Ramsay

Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman in Neighbours Episode 5908
Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman

Ringo Brown, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 5908
Ringo Brown, Kate Ramsay

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