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Neighbours Episode 4914 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4914: Seize Mister Postman
Australian airdate: 02/03/06
UK airdate: 10/05/06
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Junkmail Deliverer Richard Swanson
- "Suzi Q" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Linda/Elin
Sky "stripping" at the uni radio station.
Lou not letting Paul intimidate them.
Steph denying treatment.
Ramsay Street
Close up of Paul's beautiful letter box. A mysterious gloved hand rips off the "No Junk Mail" sticker and pushes it (along with a letter) into the mailbox.
Cut to Sky and Dylan having a quite a heated discussion about The General Store and Lucindas...
SKY: Oh us bludgers will be getting the customers who are sick of your pretentious decor, bad coffee and Izzy's so called singing.
DYLAN: Until they taste the food!
SKY: Ahh, better than some Jamie Oliver wannabe who just throws herbs into everything. Coriander Dylan? Get over it!
DYLAN: Maybe you should try actual flavour sometime.
SKY: Oh no, I'm going with lateral thinking. I'm gonna throw in a free sketch to everyone that spends over $10.
DYLAN: Yeah well, I don't need pictures to sell me cookin, it speaks for itself!
SKY: Ooh I know, prison food. It's so good.
DYLAN: Ooh, this rivalry?
SKY: Yes?
DYLAN: Is it turning you on as much as it's turning me on?
Now Paul has come outside and of course checks his mail. That letter someone left him reads:
Ooooh sinister music cue. ("Dark Fear" by Greg Mills) He sees Dylan and Sky mucking around, and turns to see a person with a blue beanie (and gloved hands!) walking around the corner.
Paul beckons Sky over, as she may be interested in this bit of paper.
Scarlet Bar
Noticing Steph is looking a bit tired, he happily suggests a holiday! He's thinking a tropical island, white sand and drinks with silly umbrellas. Well it ain't no proper holiday without the crazy umbrellas. Steph isn't so sure right now is that great, besides she can't fly this pregnant. No worries, they can just drive down somewhere... She is still hesitant, and Max points out the health farm made him feel better, so why no now? Yeah Steph, why? He'll check out the travel agency later.
Ramsay Street
Dylan carefully watches Paul and Sky talk. Rachel asks where Stinger is, and he waves her off inside.
Sky furiously denies her grandfather had any part in the letter! He finds this very hard to believe, as they are obviously very desperate to keep their business running. In fact, he should just go and call the cops right now. Have Harold for attempted murder with Lou and her as accessories. He is just sooo tempted to put them out of their misery already.
Calmly, Sky asks Paul to think about the other people who hold grudges against him. Should he solely go after Harold, the real letter person will get away with it.
SKY: And then...they'll get you.
Paul shrugs this off and walks away. Meanwhile Dylan has a weird expression on his face.
The General Store Kitchen
Lou accidentally-on-purpose drops a plate of bacon. He finally admits to Harold that seeing Angie killing the beast right then and had a real impact. He just can't face it. Harold grins, as he knows all the signs. Lou is now a vegetarian. Lou looks almost horrified at the revelation.
Janae surprises Boyd at uni, and jokes about the nerdy med students. He mentions they are around...although the girls are still ignoring him. But now that Janae is here...perhaps he could introduce her, therefore it would seem like he's not some guy on the hunt. Ahh...Janae suddenly remembers she should get to school, and quickly scoots off.
The General Store
Paul holds up the letter and wants some explaining done! Harold and Lou both deny and are quite put off by these accusations. Glaring, Paul wants them to know he has enough of playing fairly and will have to play much lower. Just like them.
Scarlet Bar
Steph sits looking fairly ill and is surprised with a bunch of brochures in her face. Max asks her to pick any place because his credit card is raring to go. (quite a rarity!) He goes to fix a leaky tap, so Steph uses this opportunity to speak to Karl.
Upon hearing the news of the holiday, he strongly advises against it. She needs to stay close to her specialist. Steph knows...but mentions how keen Max is. Karl shakes his head, it's not ideal to travel. Why is that, Max asks?
Scarlet Bar
Steph finally admits that...she feels tackling a road trip would make her feel too uncomfortable. Oh. Max doesn't mind, they can simply go to a closer place. She asks Karl on his opinion... Karl doesn't know and quickly excuses himself.
Max asks what's up with the doc, and Steph lies in saying it's just Susan. Ah yes. Captain Can't-Get-Over-It so shouldn't have dropped "that Jenny girl". Max also notices that Karl conveniently forgot to pay. Steph will take care of it, and he goes to take care of that leaky tap again.
The General Store
Lou is furious Paul came in guns blazing however Harold can understand.
Dylan comes in and hands Harold a menu sheet. He is putting it together and wanted to make sure they didn't clash. Impressed, Harold is confused at the honesty but Dylan points out that in the long run no one will benefit from clashing menus. Paul put him as co-manager and he'll run it the way he wants. Well, they won't have any problems in clashing here as their menu is quite elaborate. Cheers guys!
When he goes, Lou scans the menu. He thinks they need some sort of edge. Harold doesn't think they need one, but Lou points out Paul is going to play lower.
Glancing at his friend, Harold asks if he didn't, you know, send Paul that letter. Of course Lou denies. Sighing, Harold thinks that the person who...well, did the plane thing could be back. Uh oh...
Uni Radio Station
Sky does the close credits for Tuba Electrica with "Earth Sweet No. 3" and leaps straight into Sky's Mail-Bag. Boyd is also hanging around, fiddling with CDs. Sky wants to read this amazing email she got from a listener. It's a health and safety alert! Apparently some scrubber threatened her and her mates with actual violence if they looked at her boyfriend. The poor guy doesn't even know it! Cue to Boyd seeing Stinger outside the glass and they muck about. Sky reads out the description - blonde, pretty, 166cm and a bogan. Everyone should keep out for this jealous maniac.
Haha, Boyd has no clue. He does however see the guys Rachel is hanging about with and points them to Stinger.
When they leave, Rachel asks who those guys were. And if they knew how old she is. Ahh, well Rachel was just actually thanking her dad's former students for the memorial board. She is miffed at all the questions, but Stinger just wanted to keep a look out. He takes her for a milkshake, then back to school.
Scarlet Bar
Steph is looking mightily pale and Max makes her sit and tells her to go home, despite her assurances she is perfectly fine. He asks if she picked a place and she nods...she wants to go to Lassiter's. It's just that she'd rather be close to HER hospital. It will be a holiday! They can order room service and watch sports all day long.
Karl comes back to pay the bill, and Max leaves again to fix that blasted leaky tap. Noticing how awful Steph looks, Karl wants her to get help. And if she does insist on being foolish, then please in future do not put him on the spot. Just leave him out of it.
Dylan asks Janae if he has cleaned his room yet. Disgusted, Janae is adamant NOT to clean his dirty undies. Oh well...than Dylan may just have to make a little phone call to Boyd. That's enough for Janae to run home.
Paul comes in, and Dylan enquires about spending more money for the menu. He just has a few ideas...Paul is all for it, he doesn't mind the cost but just wants this place to have the best food. Anything to run Harold and Lou into the ground. Yeah about that...Dylan asks if this is personal, or business? Before he can answer, Harold storms in.
Harold denies all knowledge about the letter (Dylan has let them have a word by hiding behind the curtain) but advises Paul to go to the police and get protection. Unconcerned, Paul congratulates him on the act but he won't be made to cower in fear. Not this time. Harold leaves and warns Paul last time innocent people were murdered. He hopes he takes care.
From behind the curtain, Dylan looks perplexed.
Outside The Garage
Stingray quickly puts something on a red sporty-looking car's license plate. He runs over to Rachel who is impressed and wants to do one too! He doesn't think it's the greatest idea and suggest they head back to school. She doesn't understand why it's fun for him, and destructive for her. Well, Stinger isn't hopping into strange boys car now is he? He just doesn't want to see her get hurt.
Rachel doesn't like him sounding like Susan and he laughs, because he does. But, this is why she needs Bree! She won't let her get away with stuff like he does. She really cares for Rachel. He recognises that the two are the same. They have Suse as a second mother, have Bree there, and both have older siblings shaking things up. Smiling, Rachel agrees. And furthermore, he knows things seem hard with Susan and Katya but he believes she won't have to choose between them.
A guy hops into the red car and drives off. We see Stinger stuck a huge TOOL sign on his license plate.
Max and Steph eat fried chicken and watch the cricket in bed. Excellent. She declines the extra chicken, still looking quite sickly. This doesn't stop Max coming in for a mouth-filled chicken pash. He notices she is a bit warm, and Steph shrugs it off. She is fine! Suddenly Max sits up as he has a craving for gelato. Once outside he quickly rings Karl requesting to see him right now.
Rachel picks up a war movie Stinger has (as part of the movies he has to watch) - "Battleship Potemkin" and mentions that it was a favourite of Alex's. Stinger is excited, but lacks much enthusiasm when he finds out it is a)silent b)there is no action. Janae walks out and asks what they're watching but immediately loses interest at Russian battleship.
In the kitchen, Janae lets Dylan know his room is clean. He is pleased, and asks her to do the dishes now. She refuses but Dylan reminds her of their deal.
Boyd walks in and Stinger beckons him to the kitchen. He overhears Janae and Dylan.
Dylan says Boyd could be lying to her, and in fact putting the moves on those uni chicks. Janae doubts this, as he doesn't have what it takes. She can read him like a book. Well okay then, Dylan will just call Boyd and tell him how Janae scared off the uni chicks.
Hearing enough, Boyd storms off.
Lassiter's Reception
Max asks Karl if anything is going on, but Karl refuses. He is bound by that patient confidentiality thing. Pleading, Max just loves Steph and wants to know if she is alright.
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 in Neighbours Episode 4914

Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4914
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4914
Paul Robinson

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4914
Steph Scully

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4914
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4914
Lou Carpenter

Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4914
Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4914
Boyd Hoyland

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4914
Harold Bishop

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4914
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4914
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4914
Dylan Timmins

Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4914
Stingray Timmins

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4914
Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4914
Paul Robinson, Dylan Timmins

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