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Neighbours Episode 3406 from 1999 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3406
Australian airdate: 04/10/99
UK airdate: 16/12/99
UK Gold23/03/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: David Myles
Guests: Teabag Teasdale - Nathan Phillips
Natalie Rigby - Nicki Paull
Liam Rigby - Damien Bodie
Robyn Dawson - Marisa Warrington
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Shona
Harold and Tad tell Anne and Bill about the noises around number 24.
Paul and Teabag have a confrontation and Teabag admits he was the one who was spooking Madge.
The Allotment - BMX-ing
Hannah and Tad manage to restrain Paul from hitting Teabag. As Teabag rides off with his BMX crew he promises Paul he'll be round his place - soon.
Number 24
Paul is angry that Hannah and Tad pulled him back from Teabag, but they remind him that if he had hit him that Teabag's mates wouldn't have stood back and watched it. Hannah thinks they should tell Madge that Teabag was the prowler. Paul says that Teabag thinks that he's Hannah's boyfriend now, which she denies. Tad says that if they tell Madge she'll go straight to the cops and Teabag might mess with Hannah, or Harold, or Madge. Hannah says she thinks they should tell her - just as Madge and Harold walk in and hear everything.
Lou's Place
Joel sits with Natalie. She thinks that it's better to meet away from the hotel - she doesn't want them to be seen to be fraternising in front of the staff. He asks what bands she's into - Blondie, Prince, INXS...and she's getting into classical music. Joel asks if she likes the latest bands - Catatonia, the Prodigy? Natalie has heard of them, although she doesn't know their songs. Lou appears, eavesdropping and goes on to tell them about who he liked - he was a 'rocker', back in the day. Joel doesn't even know who Little Richard is. Natalie feels better - at least her idols are mostly still alive.
Number 24
Madge is relieved it isn't the Coffee Shop robber coming to finish her off. Harold is going to the police, but Tad says it was him and Paul he was after - because they dobbed him in over the break-in at Bill's workshop. He doesn't think they should go to the cops. Paul adds that it's a personal matter and explains about Teabag's thing for Hannah. Hannah says she never ever had a thing for him and wants to go with Harold to hand in the BMX Teabag gave her. Harold is determined to go, despite Tad's protestations.
Lou's Place
Drew comes in - he wants to talk over the garage deal later with Lou. He's unhappy the way it's been split as it seems in Lou's favour. Lou is working late and there doesn't seem a time they can meet to discuss it. Drew goes off unhappily and Joel, who's ordered more drinks, is told by Natalie she has to get back to work. Lou asks about the age difference, but Joel says it isn't a problem - they get on very well. His face seems convey otherwise.
Number 28
Drew comes in and tells Libby about the garage deal. He's unhappy about Lou thinking he's still his slave and he's the boss. He's going to wait it out a bit. Libby's off to the pub to meet up with 'Dorky' Dawson aka Robyn Dawson, an old friend from school. They both fantasised about travelling and writing and she's been overseas a lot, working for Small World travel and knows about Libby's application there. She wants Drew to come with her.
The Hotel
Joel turns up and Natalie notices he's wearing a t-shirt a size bigger than she gave him. He thought the other one was too tight. Natalie tells him that that's the aim - if he has a body, she wants to see it and she wants the punters to be teased. She tells him to be a good boy and change. He's unhappy and Natalie takes on a frostier, unfriendly tone, telling him that when he's working for her he'll wear what she asks him to wear. Joel says 'sure', a little embarrassed and leaves to change.
Number 24
Tad has a brochure for some horror movies that Tim Harrison's brother is distributing. All R-rated. Paul thinks Harold would have a heart attack. Madge appears, and runs past an idea - flowing on from a promotional idea Tad stole from Grease Monkeys. She'll get in first and offer a drink or chips in a meal deal. Paul doesn't seem enthusiastic but Madge thinks it's great. Harold and Hannah arrive back - the police need more evidence and not just hearsay. Tad thinks they should just ride it out. Hannah leaves, after Paul shouts at her to shut up about not knowing something was wrong about Teabag, saying it's not about her. He tells Tad that this is between him and Teabag and he has to work it out.
Lou's Place
Drew orders champagne for them. Libby and Robyn sit down, and Libby tells her she looks so different - no longer dorky! Robyn fills her in - she'd been selling articles while she was going around the world and that got her the job at Small World. She tells Drew that at high school they all had great dreams - and they all knew Lib would be first to make a move - so where has she been and what's she done? Libby admits not a lot, not looking very happy.
The Hotel
Joel is at the bar. Natalie asks if he's angry and she's sorry about showing him up. But they have to act professionally at work. Joel thinks it sucks. She says it's the way it is - here, she's the boss and he'll do what she says. Joel says that she's made it pretty clear, once she's out of earshot.
Number 24
Tad thinks Teabag will come back tonight - so does Paul - and they should set a trap, like putting paint under the windows. Paul isn't convinced and Tad tells him to shush, thinking he's heard something. He's here! They go to the door and Tad finds another letter for Paul.
Lou's Place
Robyn can't believe Libby has never been outside Australia. Libby fills her in on working at the paper and Robyn asks if she's working for Packer or Murdoch. Libby tells her neither - just the Erinsborough news. Drew adds that she's one of their star journos - a C-grade, trying to bolster Libby's confidence. Robyn congratulates her - she could never settle at uni. She was off to another country all the time. She's really learned about other cultures, far more than she would've done at uni. Libby is depressed and ready to drown herself in champers.
Number 24
Paul knows the letter isn't from Teabag, although Madge and Harold aren't to be convinced at the start. It's a girl from school who wants to make a move on him once Hannah's gone to Darwin. Harold is disgusted at the lack of moral standards. Tad agrees. Paul looks embarrassed.
The Hotel
Joel is just about to leave and goes over to Natalie. He understands why she acted that way - he really appreciates the job, but he doesn't want to be treated like a school kid. She suggests they talk over a drink but he doesn't want to. She thanks him for his work and says she'll see him next time. As Joel walks off she looks on after him, a little worried.
Lou's Place
Robyn has to rush off. She's glad she's been able to share her stories with people who are so obviously not bored of them. She hopes to keep in contact and Lib says they'll catch up soon. Dorky leaves. Drew knows Lib isn't alright - she feels stodgy and boring, and a little envious of Robyn. Drew tries to convince her she has done big stories, and important work but Libby feels she's done nothing. He tells her she has her whole life ahead of her, and Libby says travelling is all she's ever wanted to do.
Number 30
The next morning, Drew is over, killing time before work. He tells Joel about the garage deal. He asks about work, but Joel doesn't need the hassle. He doesn't think he'll be seeing Natalie again, what with the age difference and all. Drew says he has to stand up for himself. Joel won't stand for her games.
The Coffee Shop
Hannah arrives, having chased Paul and Tad all the way over from Ramsay Street, thinking they were ignoring her. Teabag arrives through the other door and goes to the counter. Harold tells him that he should stop and the police are on him. Teabag tells him to relax - he won't now, ever since Tad and Paul dobbed him into the cops. He's learned his lesson. Madge handles his order.
Outside Erinsborough High
Joel is jogging next to the school when he notices Natalie pulling up in her car. He watches her hug and kiss a young man, looking confused.
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