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Neighbours Episode 2528 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2528 (Mark Gottlieb's departure; Susan Kennedy confesses to Brett Stark that she helped her mother to die)
Australian airdate: 29/11/95
UK airdate: 23/07/96
UK Gold: 10/07/02
Writer: Helen MacWhirter / Bill Searle (African Scenes)
Director: Geoff Hunt / Peter Dodds (African Scenes)
Guests: Adrian Ewart: Jeremy Kewley
Kate Cornwall: Christie Sistrunk
Hamish Dwyer: Stuart Fenton
Vince Hayworth: David Strudwick
Kenya Cast: Mumbi Kaigwa, Kapaito ole Seleka, Scott Kelleher
- "Give In To My Love" by Paul Kelly
- "Dont Throw Roses" by The Badloves
- "Getting Away With Murder" by Paul Norton
Summary/Images by: Chloe
- Karl telling Kate that you can't always grab freedom, because it could hurt other people.
- Cody being told that it would be time consuming and expensive to take any further action regarding Adrian.
- Danni realising she's failed her exams
- Brett not being allowed to go hunting
Number 22
Danni and Mal come in, Danni's shouting about being a failure. Cheryl and Lou go over to her and she tells them that she had a sure thing at an art college but not anymore. Cheryl tries to console her, but Danni tells her she's not listening - no life, no future and no nothing. She storms out and Cheryl follows her leaving Lou and Mal looking a bit stunned.
Brett's narrating the return of the hunters, who are back. Everyone is celebrating with some traditional African tribe singing and dancing.
BRETT'S VO: Here they come, the conquering heroes. They've chased old Leo far enough away. Could have been me soaking up all this adulation too. Ahh well.
Vince and Hamish can't believe that the university haven't done anything about Adrian. Cody says she doesn't have him next year, and now the university know he's "suss", they'll keep an eye. Vince thinks there are more students; they can all keep an eye on him. Cody thinks it would be good for everyone to know what a sleaze he is. I can hear the sound of cogs whirring and a plan being formed...
Number 28
Karl pours Kate some water. Kate apologises for coming round, but she thought Karl's company might make her feel better. Plus, you know, his wife is out of the country. I can hardly see her popping round for a cosy chat when Susan's about, can you? Anyway, all that aside...! Kate admits she's not too good. She's been feeling weak, tired and all the things you'd expect when you're nearing the end. It's a very sad moment. Karl feels it too and holds her hand. They make eye contact and it seems that something's about to happen, but Mal bursts through the door!
MAL: Hey dad! Remember that car you said you'd buy me if I passed my exams...?
Karl gets up and looks at he results. He's very proud of his boy and gives him a hug. He then introduces Mal to Kate as his friend. Mal shakes her hand.
MAL: You know the saying, any friend of Dad's is...not too choosey.
Karl recommends they crack open the champagne that Aunt Hazel had sent them, but Mal takes a rain check - he's off out to celebrate with friends.
KARL: Just one thing. I don't remember saying I'd buy you a car if you passed year 12.
MAL: Yeah, well, it was worth a try wasn't it?
Everyone laughs.
Scott and Brett are chatting about the "welcome home" the hunters got. Susan asks Scott if they have to leave right away in the morning and he says no. She simply says "good" and walks off. Brett comments that perhaps she's sad that she's not going to see Rachel anymore. Scott then says "maybe" and Brett replies with "me too".
Number 22
Linda's come to ask Lou down to Lassiter's, but she can see it's a bad time (Danni looks upset and Marlene's sitting with her, staring at her cup of tea). Lou thinks that's a good idea, he was going to head down to the pub anyway - leave the women to chat. Lou says he'll get takeaway on the way back and him and Linda head off.
CHERYL: Well, how long are you going to be?
LOU: Oh, I don't know love, about 5 ft 9.
Oh, Lou, you are witty. Cheryl doesn't look too impressed though.
CHERYL: That man's acting very strange.
Lou's returned with the takeaway and Linda. Danni's gone out, and Lou thinks there's enough for the three of them. Cheryl almost has a heart attack there and then. Linda picks up on this and says she'll leave, but she'll see Lou in the morning. Linda leaves and Cheryl wants to know what she meant. Lou said he offered to show her around his radio show.
Cheryl wants to know what's going on. Lou says Linda's changed, she's like the woman he first met.
CHERYL: Are you trying to tell me you're falling in love with her all over again?
LOU: Don't be ridiculous! The day Linda takes your place is the day I grow scarlet hair and another nose on my face.
Cheryl bites into a prawn cracker. Yum!
Number 30
Mark says he's proud of what Cody's doing, as she rolls up a poster saying "don't let it happen to you". Cody says she's has a lot of people come up to her asking questions but it's been worth it, she never lets anything get the better of her! They reminisce about the time she dressed up as a guy so she could get on the cricket team.
CODY: Bet you never thought I'd look so good in a beard!
They laugh.
MARK: I'm going to miss you when I go to Sydney.
Cody agrees - he's been a good friend to her through all her dramas lately. Mark admits that things have been a bit of a rollercoaster lately too for him and the sooner he gets up to Sydney the sooner he can sort things out. She thinks he just wants to see that harbour-side apartment! Mark agrees, as long as the show doesn't flop. Cody doesn't think it will, it's got him - superstar chef! Cody tells him not to forget her when he's famous. Mark asks who she is, so Cody beats him up.
The Pub
Kate and Karl are talking. She's been thinking about what he said regarding family and she's been thinking of giving her parents a call and seeing them soon. She misses them and hopes they'll forgive her for her selfishness. Karl and Kate are sitting a bit close, in my opinion! Karl also gives his opinion - he thinks she's doing the right thing. She says she couldn't have done it without him, but Karl disagrees. Staring into one another's eyes:
KARL: I really do care about you Kate.
KATE: I know. (pause) You're a doctor; it's your job to care.
KARL: I wasn't speaking as a doctor.
Number 30
It looks like a leaving party for Mark. Cody makes a speech.
CODY: OK, I know not everybody's here, but I think I speak for everyone when I say I think you've been a great friend, and neighbour. And I wish you all the best with your new TV career.
They hug, while the others shout "hear hear". Mark's turn next:
MARK: OK, well I don't know what to say. You've said all the good bits! No, seriously, seriously I want to thank you all. Not just for the farewell breakfast and the prezzies, but for everything. You guys have stood by me through the good times and through the bad times. Although I'm happy about this move to Sydney and the new television show, I...I'm also very sad about leaving Ramsay Street. You see, you guys are not just friends, you're all more like family to me. And there's not much more to say except I'm going to miss you, ok.
They toast followed by a rendition of "for he's a jolly good fellow...". Cody answers the ringing phone, it's Vince who wants her to get to the uni ASAP. The urgency of the phone call goes well to the crowd bellowing "and so say all of us, and so say all of us" in the next room.
Cody puts her head into Adrian office, he's packing away his things and leaving. He got offered a job elsewhere. Cody says she'll let the student union at his new place know exactly what he's like. She walks out smiling.
Susan's sat up in bed, having a flashback of the dream she had the previous night in Episode 2527. She sighs and gets up.
(A little while later)
Susan is setting a fast pace, with Brett hot on her tail. They're up to see the dawn. She's fairly snappy, telling Brett to hurry up and he can sleep when they get home.
BRETT: Are you as cruel as this to your own kids?
SUSAN: Worse.
The walk some more, up a fairly steep hill. It looks like it should be in Lord Of The Rings, to be honest. Mount Doom in the background and all. Susan spots a little hut on stilts and her and Brett sit in that.
They sit in silence, both deep in thought. This scene is very quiet, tranquil. Only the sound of the breeze and what the two of them are saying. It's amazing. Brett speaks first.
BRETT: I was just trying to imagine what it would be like if mum came instead of you. I love her of course, but...
SUSAN: She's your mother.
BRETT: Not her fault, I guess.
SUSAN: Mothers. Can't live with them, can't live without them.
BRETT: I think you can do both, there's a trick to it. I'm working on...
SUSAN: (looking away from him and interrupting) I killed my mother, Brett.
Brett turns to stare at her and looks a bit shell-shocked. Susan turns to face him.
SUSAN: I helped her to die.
More silence.
SUSAN: You know what? You're the only other person that knows. You can't imagine how it feels to finally say it.
BRETT: You never even told Karl?
Susan shakes her head, she hasn't told anyone as it was what she'd agreed with her mum. She thinks this is the first time she's realised what a big commitment it was.
BRETT: Well, I don't know what I think about euthanasia or anything. But you must have done it...you must have really loved her.
SUSAN: Of course I did. And I did it because I couldn't stand to see her suffering. She was in such pain. It was terrible pain. (pause) And I'm still not sure it was right. (she sighs) That's not what I mean. Sometimes I think the only reason that she didn't want anyone else to know was because she was frightened that they'd think she was a coward. That she couldn't take it. It was always very important to mum that people thought she was the rock of Gibraltar, you know, that she could cope with anything.
Her voice is beginning to break.
SUSAN: But she said it's because she didn't think anyone else would be strong enough to help her. (She pauses) Or to forgive her.
BRETT: Forgive her?
SUSAN: And I think I finally know what she meant now.
BRETT: Have you forgiven her?
SUSAN: (crying) I think that's what's just happened. I think I have forgiven her. She made me carry this thing on my own. And the truth is I resented her for 20 years for doing that to me. (crying more) Sometimes...sometimes I think I even hated her for it. But I could never admit that, even to myself. I let her have this dreadful hold on me this whole time...
Up until now the whole scene has been done in silence, enter a little bit of soft piano music.
SUSAN: ...and now it's gone. I feel...I feel different. I feel lighter.
She turns back to him, teary, after spending most of that looking out into the distance.
SUSAN: Does that make any sense?
BRETT: Yeah.
Another pause.
SUSAN: It must be this place.
BRETT: I'll have a word to management.
Susan thanks him, and he gives her a small smile in return.
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Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2528
Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 2528

Hamish Dwyer, Cody Willis, Vince Hayworth in Neighbours Episode 2528
Hamish Dwyer, Cody Willis, Vince Hayworth

Kate Cornwall, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2528
Kate Cornwall, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2528
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Kate Cornwall in Neighbours Episode 2528
Kate Cornwall

Marlene Kratz, Linda Carpenter, Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2528
Marlene Kratz, Linda Carpenter, Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter, Danni Stark

 in Neighbours Episode 2528

Cody Willis, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2528
Cody Willis, Mark Gottlieb

Karl Kennedy, Kate Cornwall in Neighbours Episode 2528
Karl Kennedy, Kate Cornwall

Adrian Ewart in Neighbours Episode 2528
Adrian Ewart

Brett Stark, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2528
Brett Stark, Susan Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 2528

Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2528
Brett Stark

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2528
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2528
Susan Kennedy

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