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Neighbours Episode 1847 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1847
Australian airdate: 09/02/93
UK airdate: 13/12/93
UK Gold: 30/11/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: (Incorrect credits on episode)
Narelle: Lyn Shakespeare
Customer: Donald Hirst
- "50 Years" by Uncanny X-Men
- "Accidentally Kelly Street" by Frente!
- "Head Above Water" by Hunters And Collectors
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Lou tells Beth and Cameron that he and Annalise are finished, as he caught her cheating on him with another bloke. Lou says it's his own fault for thinking a young beautiful girl would be interested in an old fogey.
- Debbie and Rick vow to live their lives to the full after hearing of the death of Terry.
- Julie admits to Jim that she's scared of what's happening to her, and she agrees to see a doctor.
Number 30
Annalise tells Cameron that she's invited him over so that she can show him how grateful she is! She starts to kiss him and Cameron looks very uncomfortable.
CAMERON: Ummmm, Annalise, can we talk about this?
Annalise is confused - she's just trying to repay the favour her did for her. Cameron tells her that he's flattered, as she's very attractive, but he doesn't want to sleep with her. Annalise is stunned - no-one's ever knocked her back before!
CAMERON: Sorry. First time for everything!
ANNALISE: (sceptically) You really mean it?
CAMERON: Yeah, I do.
She slaps him across the face and storms out.
CAMERON: (to himself) That girl has a problem.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Stephen are talking about the prospect of Annalise moving in. Phoebe is keen, but Stephen isn't. Stephen tells Phoebe about Beth nearly having a fight with Annalise over how Lou was treated. Phoebe tells Stephen it's not a problem - if it comes to a fight, Phoebe can lick Annalise with one hand tied behind her back!
Stephen says that they don't need the aggro. Phoebe admits that she initially felt the same, but Cameron has told her that Annalise needs help. Phoebe points out that Annalise hasn't got anyone else to turn to. Stephen relents, agreeing to take Cameron's word. Phoebe says that it'll only be a temporary measure until she finds somewhere else. Stephen thinks that the cash will definitely come in handy!
Number 30
Annalise has been hiding in her room. Cameron eventually gets her to come out.
CAMERON: Now, what on earth made you offer yourself to me like that?
ANNALISE: Because you're so nice.
CAMERON: Oh, I know that(!) It usually doesn't make such an instant improvement to my sex life, though!
Cameron thinks there must be more to it, but Annalise insists that she was just thanking him for his help! Cameron is amazed. Annalise says that other blokes would appreciate it. Cameron says that he does appreciate it - but he wouldn't take advantage of her. Annalise says that it's her choice to make the offer.
ANNALISE: You've got to pay your way in this world. Nobody gets anything for nothing.
Number 32
Philip and Michael are playing backgammon. Debbie is reading and Julie is banging (very violently!) the ornaments around on the mantelpiece as she cleans. Philip tells her to stop and sit down, but she insists that it needs doing and he should concentrate on his game. Julie eventually halts and asks Philip if he wants to have dinner with her - just the two of them - tomorrow night. It's clear that he's started focusing on the game and isn't really listening, as he just answers with, "Mmmmm."
Julie takes this as a yes and enthuses about how she's already booked them a table. She starts clearing up where they're playing and ends up breaking a cup. Debbie rushes to help, and Julie snaps a little at her. Philip tells Julie that Debbie was only trying to help. Julie is upset because she can't seem to do anything right.
PHILIP: Why don't you leave that and go and lie down for a while?
JULIE: I don't want to lie down!
PHILIP: You were going to see a doctor.
JULIE: I will!
PHILIP: When?! In five years time?!
Philip wants to make an appointment for Julie, but she refuses to let him.
PHILIP: (sternly) Will you do it, please?
Julie says that she will and leaves.
DEBBIE: Why do you want Mum to see a doctor?
MICHAEL: Because the grog's making her crack up-
PHILIP: (upset) Michael! It's not that bad.
MICHAEL: (darkly) I hope you're right.
Number 30
Cameron and Annalise are talking about them both coming from single parent backgrounds. Cameron says that his father spent as much time away from Faye as he could. Annalise says that at least Cameron met his father.
ANNALISE: I never met mine. Not that I remember, anyway. You know, maybe... Maybe he didn't die. I think maybe he just shot through on us and Mum just made up that story. I mean, why would he stick around? I was a pretty awful kid.
Cameron says that he doesn't believe her. Annalise insists that she was - she was always getting into trouble, and she didn't do well at school. Stephen and Phoebe arrive home. They talk about Annalise staying, and then they both go off to feed Hope.
Cameron comments that some people are cut out to be mothers! He asks about Annalise's mother, and she says that she's ok - but then she cuts the conversation short and tells Cameron that she's got some stuff to do. Cameron goes to leave and Annalise stops him to tell him that he's an okay guy.
Number 32
Julie answers the door to Helen, who's popped around to see how everyone is. Debbie is packing her stuff for school and Michael joins her, both of them bickering away. Helen thinks that Julie looks down.
JULIE: It's Philip. I've been dropping hints like crazy but I'm sure he doesn't remember that it's our anniversary.
HELEN: (laughing) Typical of men! It'll probably come to him in a flash later on today!
Julie and Helen sit down. Helen guesses that there's more to it than just the anniversary. Helen suggests that they go into the kitchen to talk as Rick bursts in. They leave.
Rick raves about a popstar filming a new video. Michael isn't impressed and walks off! Debbie and Rick decide to skip school to witness the filming.
Car Yard
Lou is trying to sell a car to a woman. She's more interested in the colour and whether it has a sun roof and it's clear that Lou's getting wound up! He shows her some white cars, but she isn't keen and leaves. Lou doesn't care less! Benito, however, sprints over.
BENITO: What's going on? She's getting away!
Lou doesn't care about the sale, as he doesn't think the customer was serious. Benito thinks that it's Lou's job to talk her into it. He tells him that his attitude is wrong, and Lou admits that he's out of form. Benito warns him that he can't afford to be out of form because it costs them money, and Lou owes the business a heap! Benito can't believe that Lou's the same guy who used to roast him for not making a sale.
LOU: I suppose I could've tried a bit harder.
BENITO: A bit?!
Benito throws his hands up in anger and walks off. Lou shouts after him that he'll try better next time. Lou angrily puts his shades back on.
Number 32
Now the kids have gone to school, Helen and Julie are back in the living room.
JULIE: Oh Gran, what's happening to me?
HELEN: I don't know, darling. (incredulously) Your father told me you'd developed a drinking problem, but I can't accept that!
Michael reappears, claiming to have forgotten a textbook. Helen warns him that he'll be late. Julie wonders if he picked up the apple she left for him - which he did. He goes off into the bedrooms.
JULIE: I think Philip's right. Everyone's right. I'm losing it.
HELEN: I doubt it!
JULIE: Is there a history of it?
HELEN: History of what?!
JULIE: *It*, y'know? (low voice) Insanity.
HELEN: No! Not as far as I know.
JULIE: ...but, there was someone?
HELEN: Oh, darling, that was a distant cousin, not immediate family.
JULIE: I knew it!
Julie sighs. In the background, Michael comes out of his bedroom and starts eavesdropping.
HELEN: Julie, you just can't go on like this. I want you to make an appointment to see Doctor Dawson today.
Michael goes over, and says that he couldn't help but overhear. He suggests that all Julie needs is a good rest. Helen tells him that although he means well, she really wants Julie to see the family doctor. Julie starts to agree with Michael but Helen puts her foot down and insists that she go.
HELEN: (seriously) I want a professional opinion on what's been happening to you.
Michael glowers and then stalks off - obviously very annoyed!
Number 30
The house is pretty bare now that Dorothy's stuff has been moved out. Phoebe and Stephen tell Annalise that they haven't bought anything yet as they couldn't find anything that they liked. Stephen says that they can still check out a discount place down the road, but Phoebe says they can't take Hope with them. They start to decide who should go and who should stay when Annalise offers to look after Hope for them. Phoebe and Stephen are very pleased.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Rick finish eating and Cathy sends Rick home to do his homework! Debbie and Rick go to get a drink and they talk about skipping school to see the video shoot. Debbie wants to see the shoot but is reluctant.
RICK: You're not scared, are you?
DEBBIE: Aren't you?
RICK: Rick Alessi scared?! Come on! No way! Look, just leave it to me, ok?
Debbie agrees.
Over on the other side of the Coffee Shop, Lou and Benito are eating. Benito is astonished that Lou's asked for a holiday! Lou tells him it's not a holiday - it's a buying trip, as they need to stock the cars up and they're always cheaper in the country. Benito agrees as the way Lou's been selling recently, he won't miss him!
LOU: Oh, grazie for the vote of confidence, Benito!
Lou decides to go back to the yard. He pays for his meal and Cathy worries that as his is half eaten, there's something wrong with the food. He tells her that he's just a bit off his food.
Number 32
Helen and Michael are sitting in the living room. Helen remarks on Michael working hard with his homework and he says that it's not easy when you switch to a new school. Helen observes that it's a difficult year for him, and he agrees.
Julie arrives home from the doctors. She says that Dr Dawson told her that she was under a lot of tension and stress. Helen scoffs - she could've told Dr Dawson that herself!
JULIE: And he says I'm probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Michael looks up sharply! Julie says that she's been prescribed lots of rest and some pills. She takes them out of her bag and Helen doesn't look too impressed with them. Julie is upset as she doesn't know how she'll manage the family.
MICHAEL: Don't worry, Mum, I'll help.
HELEN: There you are. And I'm sure the rest of the family will help too.
MICHAEL: Don't worry about a thing. You can rely on me - no problems.
Julie smiles.
Number 30
Annalise is reading a magazine whilst looking after Hope. She hears Lou's car drive up Ramsay Street and looks through the window to see him get out. She looks at Hope, thinks that the baby will be ok and goes across the street!
Number 24
Lou chats to Cameron about getting organised, explaining that he's going into the country to get some stock for the yard. Lou's still very distracted. There's a knock at the door. Cameron answers it to Annalise, who wants to talk to Lou. Lou brushes her off, insisting that he's far too busy as he has to iron his clothes so he can go to the country. Annalise begs him and Cameron offers to set up the ironing board for him whilst he chats to Annalise. Cameron goes into Lou's room.
Annalise starts by calling him Louey, but he tells her to call him Lou as she needs to have respect for her elders! Annalise tells him that she didn't want to hurt him and she apologises for what she did. She admits that she's always been an airhead where men have been concerned. Lou looks very very hurt throughout this whole scene.
ANNALISE: I never know how to relate to them.
LOU: You do all right, Annalise(!)
ANNALISE: Sometimes I do. Sometimes I just stuff things up. Look, I just wanted to see you face to face and say I'm sorry. And I truly hope we can be friends. So, I guess this is goodbye. ...for now.
LOU: No, Annalise, no. As far as you and I are concerned, it's goodbye for good.
ANNALISE: Maybe when you get back we could start a new friendship?
LOU: Maybe.
ANNALISE: Lou Carpenter, you're one of the nicest guys I've ever known.
She leaves. Lou looks unhappy.
Number 30
Hope is crying in Phoebe's arms. Stephen comes back from checking the house for Annalise and is fuming - he thinks that she's got no sense of responsibility. Phoebe can't believe that Annalise left Hope alone. Annalise walks in, and Stephen angrily asks where she's been. Annalise indignantly tells him that she was saying goodbye to Lou!
Stephen and Phoebe are really angry, but Annalise insists that she only left Hope for a moment! They point out that you can't leave a baby by itself at any point. Stephen tells her that it's lucky they came home when they did - they could hear her crying from outside!
Phoebe tells Annalise that she can't stay. Annalise is upset, but goes to pack, yelling that she's got heaps of friends she can stay with - although it's fairly clear that she hasn't got any!
Number 32 - Living Room
Philip is briefing Michael and Debbie on Julie's illness. He explains that she's very unwell and she needs them to be gentle with her. He asks them both to be grown up about things, and tells them that Hananh will be staying with Jim and Helen. Debbie wants to look after Hannah but Philip thinks that although Debbie would do a good job, it would be better for Hannah to be with Jim and Helen.
Philip says that Gaby will be helping him in the office, and admits that it's very good of her given the way he's treated her of late. Michael tells Philip not to worry, and promises that they'll look out for Julie.
Number 32 - Hallway
Julie walks into the hallway and overhears Philip asking the kids to tell him if they see Julie do anything strange - and they should call him at the office if they need to. Michael assures him that they will. Julie looks very upset at what she's heard.
Lassiter's Lake
Annalise is sitting on the bench with her cases. She looks troubled.
Number 26
Debbie answers the phone and takes a message about a cancellation of a limousine for Home James. Debbie tells Rick that the guy wants to pay even though he's cancelled, as it's such short notice. Rick points out that it means there's a Home James limo going spare.
DEBBIE: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
RICK: A ride in a luxurious limousine!
They're uncertain for about 0.5 seconds and then decide to go for it! Debbie grabs the note that she wrote for Helen and takes it with them.
Lassiter's Office Reception
Annalise walks in, dressed in fine clothes, a big hat and sunglasses! She calls out for Mr Martin, and Philip answers. She explains - in a very posh voice - that she's Mrs Hartley-Jones and asks if he's heard of her. Philip gushes that the name is familiar(!) Annalise says that as he's heard of her, he'll be sympathetic to her problem - that she can't pay her room bill and the girls on reception haven't been at all sympathetic.
Philip invites her to sit down and says that the receptionists will only be doing their job. Annalise explains that she's just waiting for some finances to be paid into her account, as she's had her bag snatched with all of her credit cards in it. Philip looks uncertain, but when Annalise tells him that he can check with the police, he admits that it shouldn't take long for her credit to be re-established.
PHILIP: I tell you what, why don't I give you one of our "cosier" rooms and you can stay there overnight until you can get sorted out?
Annalise is pleased. Philip tells her that if her finances are resolved, they can always upgrade her room. He writes a note for reception so that they'll look after her.
ANNALISE: Thank you, Mr Martin.
PHILIP: ...haven't we met before?
ANNALISE: (faltering slightly) Oh, no, I'd remember if we had...thanks again!
She breezes out. Philip picks up the phone.
PHILIP: Pru, it's Philip. I'm sending Mrs Hartley-Jones back to you. Er, give her room 17 and put her down for a continental breakfast only.
Number 32
Michael is sitting in the living room. Julie, who is dressed up, wanders in and looks through the curtains. She's upset that Philip's not back. Michael offers to get them both some food and Julie guesses that she ought to cancel the dinner reservation. Michael quickly pops into his room and then back again.
MICHAEL: I know how special today was.
JULIE: (upset) Our anniversary!
MICHAEL: I guess Dad's forgotten all about it.
Michael gives Julie a box. He says that he was going to hang onto it for her birthday, but now seems to be a good time. She opens it, and there's a beautiful gold watch inside - the same watch he stole from Lou's car. Julie is overwhelmed and hugs him tightly.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is still unsure about taking the day off school. Rick says that sitting in class isn't going to help the situation with Julie.
DEBBIE: Yeah, but if my dad finds out, he's going to be *so* upset with me.
RICK: Yeah, and if *my* dad finds out, my life is over, finito, say goodnight, Rick!
Rick says that they just have to make sure their parents don't find out. He urges her to go along with it as it's fate - everything has fallen into place for them with the limo being available on the day of the video. Debbie stalls, but Rick reminds her of what they agreed after Terry's death.
DEBBIE: I suppose.
RICK: All right! Deb, you are going to have a day to remember tomorrow! Full of mind blasting, mega serious, totally awesome fun!
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Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1847
Annalise Hartman

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1847
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb

Cameron Hudson, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1847
Cameron Hudson, Annalise Hartman

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1847
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin

Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Hope Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1847
Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright, Hope Gottlieb

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1847
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin

Debbie Martin, Michael Martin, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1847
Debbie Martin, Michael Martin, Rick Alessi

Lou Carpenter, Narelle in Neighbours Episode 1847
Lou Carpenter, Narelle

Benito Alessi, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1847
Benito Alessi, Lou Carpenter

Julie Martin, Michael Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1847
Julie Martin, Michael Martin, Helen Daniels

Annalise Hartman, Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1847
Annalise Hartman, Stephen Gottlieb, Phoebe Bright

Debbie Martin, Cathy Alessi, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1847
Debbie Martin, Cathy Alessi, Rick Alessi

Helen Daniels, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1847
Helen Daniels, Julie Martin

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1847
Annalise Hartman

Annalise Hartman, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1847
Annalise Hartman, Lou Carpenter

Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1847
Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Annalise Hartman

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Michael Martin in Neighbours Episode 1847
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin, Michael Martin

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1847
Annalise Hartman

Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1847
Rick Alessi, Debbie Martin

Annalise Hartman, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1847
Annalise Hartman, Philip Martin

Michael Martin, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1847
Michael Martin, Julie Martin

Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1847
Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi

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