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Neighbours Episode 6770 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6770
Australian airdate: 08/11/13
UK airdate: 06/12/13
Writer: Nick King
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Rhiannon Bates: Teressa Liane
Jackson Bates: Finn Woodlock
Rachel McKee: Danielle Blanch
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Having learned Georgia is The One™, Sheila passes Kyle a family heirloom - an engagement ring
- Kyle drops the ring in a bin to hide it from Georgia, but Bossy seems interested in it
- Matt is critical when Rhiannon takes Jackson to work, and leaves Mason to sort out childcare
- Rhiannon gets a visit from the Human Services Department after a report about Jackson's welfare
No 32
Mason and Rhiannon wait in the back yard, while the social worker interviews Jackson alone. Rhiannon's frantic with worry that Jackson will be taken away from her, but Mason assures her it won't come to that.
Matt comes outside and Rhiannon immediately accuses him of being the one who reported her to Human Services, as revenge for her failing to testify against Paul. He says he had nothing to do with it, but that she did leave Jackson alone in a hotel - and anyone could have seen him. However, Rhiannon is convinced Matt is responsible. Jackson comes into the yard, saying the social worker wants to speak to Rhiannon now, and she goes inside. Mason hugs Jackson.
No 26
In the back yard, Chris is cooking Kate a 'thank- you barbecue' (presumably for thank her for helping to reunite him with Hudson, rather than to thank her for being generally awesome). They joke about Paul's election campaign - Kate's decided she wants nothing to do with it. Kyle arrives, and Chris goes inside for some oil. He's bought her a DVD of a film he remembered she liked. She's touched that he remembered, and offers to give him money, but he claims it was from a 'bargain bin'. She watches fondly as he takes his top off and heads for the spa.
Harold's Store
Mason has brought Jackson in for a milkshake. He reassures him that everything with the lady from the Department will be okay. However, Jackson says he's not scared. He told the Department lady that Rhiannon was with Mason, and that they're like a real family - so he's convinced everything will be okay. Mason looks worried.
Ramsay Street
Jackson runs up to Rhiannon and gives her a hug. She tells him everything's okay. Jackson's worried she'd be mad with him, as he didn't stay in the staff room all the time when he was at the hotel. But Rhiannon says the lady from the Department realised it was a misunderstanding. Mason looks awkward as Jackson tells Rhiannon he's been looking after him.
Jackson goes into No 28, and Rhiannon explains there'll be a follow- up meeting next week with the Department, but that it's just a formality. However, Rhiannon still thinks Matt is responsible, and says it was disgusting what he tried to do. Mason agrees, and Rhiannon adds that telling the social worker she was with Mason made all the difference. They hug, and Mason again looks uncomfortable.
No 32
Mason confronts Matt about reporting Rhiannon to the Department, saying they could have taken Jackson away. Matt insists it wasn't him, but adds that the incident proves Rhiannon has a lot to learn about being a parent, and a lot of growing up to do. Mason tells Matt that Rhiannon thinks the Department only let her keep Jackson because she's in a stable job and relationship. Mason's clearly worried about that, but tells Matt he's going to find out who did report Rhiannon, if it wasn't him.
No 28
Mason tells Rhiannon that he doesn't think Matt's responsible for reporting her, but she's not convinced. She mentions that the woman from the Department asked if she'd ever 'you know' for money, and Mason is perplexed as to why she'd ask that.
Rhiannon explains that a hotel guest gave her a massive tip for sneaking in some pastries for him, and that other staff may have thought she'd been performing additional services. Rhiannon admits that her supervisor Veronika saw her with the money, but doesn't think she reported her, as she was so understanding about Jackson. Mason insists they have to go and ask her. As they leave, Mason reminds Rhiannon that Jackson's still there - and she shouts to Karl to look after him. They've left before Karl can agree.
Mason asks one of the hotel maids, Rachel, about Veronika. Rachel claims that Veronika doesn't like Rhiannon, and that while she has no proof she called the Department, she has dobbed staff in for things before. Back outside, Rhiannon seems sad that it looks as if Veronika is responsible, as she thought she liked her. Rhiannon decides to call Veronika, but Mason warns her against it. He also tells Rhiannon she'll need to apologise to Matt for accusing him of reporting her.
No 26
Kyle is cleaning up after the barbecue, when Sheila comes in and starts pestering him about the engagement ring she gave him - and whether he's going to propose to Georgia. Kyle says things are going well, but that he's not going to push it until he's sure they're ready. Sheila accepts this, and asks him to give her the ring back, so she can keep it safe until he is ready to pop the question. Not wanting to admit he's lost it, Kyle makes excuses - and promises to give it to her later.
Later on, Kate is watching TV, when Bossy starts digging in the sofa, leading Kate to find Sheila's ring. She tries it on her finger, but then can't get it off again, and starts to panic! Soon, Georgia arrives - Kate has called her to help get the ring off, explaining that she thinks it's Sheila's.
GEORGIA: Oh, good - I knew you had better taste than that!
Georgia says that if they can't get it off at the hospital, they'll have to cut it off - but Kate says they can't ruin Sheila's ring.
GEORGIA: Do you often try her stuff on while she's out?
Joking aside, Georgia tells Kate to be honest with Sheila, but Kate begs her to keep quiet. Kyle comes in to look for the ring, and Kate hides her hand behind her back, saying Georgia came to help her with a wardrobe malfunction. Kyle pretends he's looking for a contractor's business card, and Kate and Georgia run giggling off to Kate's room, leaving Kyle to search for the ring. Bossy has found the case it came in, and brings it to Kyle. But of course it's empty - leading Kyle to believe that Bossy has eaten it!
No 32
Rhiannon apologises to Matt for accusing him of reporting her. She explains Veronika has confessed to ringing the Department, which Matt implies was Rhiannon's fault for leaving Jackson in the first place. Matt admits he's still bitter about the way Rhiannon let Paul get away with bribery, in order to 'line her own pocket'. But Rhiannon insists she only took the job from Paul to make a better life for Jackson, and reminds Matt of how he turned a blind eye when his own kids broke the law.
RHIANNON: You did what you had to, right? Anything to protect them.
MATT: You're right. I shouldn't be so judgemental. I'm sorry - I've never had to deal with being a single parent.
RHIANNON: Look, I'm trying my best to not be the kind of girl I was back in Isa. Because I know that'll never be good enough for Jackson. And Mase, he's around not because he has to be, but because he wants to. And for the first time since being a single mum, good things are happening for me. Can't you just give us a chance?
MATT: ...
RHIANNON: Whatever. You'll see - I will make something of myself.
MATT: Yeah. Maybe you will.
No 28
Karl is giving Jackson a lesson on the drum kit, but Mason begs for them to stop as he can't take any more. It's Jackson's bedtime, and Mason tries telling him to go to bed - but Jackson just keeps banging the drums until Mason shouts at him. Karl demonstrates a more successful approach, telling Jackson he won't be able to play the drums tomorrow if he doesn't go to bed now. So Jackson strops off to bed. Karl tells Mason you learn how to deal with these things when you've had kids of your own. Since Mason hasn't, he'll have to learn the hard way.
No 26
Kyle and Bossy are in Sheila's veggie patch, as Kyle tries to coax Bossy into showing him where she's done her 'business', so that he can check it to see if the ring's there! Sheila emerges into the yard, and demands to know where her ring is. Kyle says he hasn't had a chance to get it yet.
SHEILA: Now I know you're up to something.
KYLE: Why do you always think that?
SHEILA: Because you're acting shifty, Kyle Eugene Canning.
KYLE: I was just about to go in the spa.
KYLE: I was gonna go starkers.
SHEILA: As if the spa isn't unhygienic enough! Still, don't let me stop you.
KYLE: I didn't plan on an audience.
SHEILA: Oh, come on. I used to change your nappies when you were a baby.
KYLE: Yeah, a few things have changed since then!
They stare each other out, Wild West- style, until Kyle strips to his undies - and then finally whips them off too! Beaten for now, Sheila disappears back indoors, looking thoroughly unimpressed.
No 30
Sonya is writing her blog when she gets a message from a reader called 'Sleepless- in- erins', who's wanting parenting advice on their newborn baby that won't stay asleep. Sonya suggests singing to the baby, but Sleepless is 'not convinced the sound of cats being strangled would soothe him.' Sonya asks: 'Do you have a partner to help?' but the reply comes back 'Unfortunately single. He's crying again. Gotta go.' Sonya asks Sleepless to keep in touch, and gets a smiley face in return. Sonya tells Nell they've made a new friend.
No 26
Chris arrives back from visiting Hudson at the jail. Kyle is chopping up leftover steak from the barbecue, which Chris had hoped to have for dinner - but instead Kyle's feeding it to Bossy, to try and get her to 'do her business' again, and thus retrieve the ring he thinks she's swallowed. Kyle admits all this to Chris, explaining that the ring's an heirloom, and that Sheila will kill him if she finds out.
CHRIS: You are such a coward.
KYLE: You've seen Gran on the warpath, mate. She's like the wolf out of Little Red Riding Hood.
Kyle tries to enlist Chris's help with Operation Bossy Business.
CHRIS: This is your mess. You clean it up. Literally.
KYLE: Oh, good one.
He starts feeding Bossy the steak.
No 28
Mason asks Karl for advice on being a dad; Karl says it's tough, but that Mason's doing fine with Jackson. Karl says Jackson needs to respect Mason's authority, not be just his friend, and that parenting is a lot of hard work. Karl heads to bed as Rhiannon comes in - she thanks Mason for everything he's done today, and begins to clamber on top of him now they finally have some alone time. But an obviously uncomfortable Mason makes an excuse to leave, claiming he said he'd hang out with Matt.
RHIANNON: You're turning down me, for your dad?
But Mason insists, and tells her she'll see him tomorrow, before leaving.
No 26
It's night- time, and Kyle gets back from his walk with Bossy. Sheila is waiting on the sofa and again demands to know what he's up to. He's finally forced to admit that he lost her ring, and thought Bossy might have swallowed it. Kate appears in the doorway, looking worried, and decides to fess up to the fact that the ring's still stuck on her finger. She explains she tried it on and couldn't get it off again.
At this point, Sheila says she gave it to Kyle so he could propose. An annoyed Kyle says he hasn't decided whether to propose to Georgia yet, but admits he's considering it. Kate is taken aback, but he begs both of them not to say anything to Georgia. Kate agrees, and Sheila and Kyle head into the kitchen to find something to help get the ring off. Kate looks concerned.
Monday on Neighbours
- Lauren's dreaming about Brad again, and has another awkward sketch encounter at the Willises'
- As they fight to get the ring off her finger, Kate seems tense about Kyle proposing to Georgia
- Gem encourages Georgia to 'fulfil a lifelong dream', but Georgia asks her to keep it quiet from Kyle
- Kyle tells Kate and Sheila that he won't be needing the engagement ring after all
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Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Rhiannon Bates in Neighbours Episode 6770
Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Rhiannon Bates

Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6770
Chris Pappas, Kate Ramsay

Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6770
Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay

Jackson Bates, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Jackson Bates, Mason Turner

Rhiannon Bates, Mason Turner, Jackson Bates in Neighbours Episode 6770
Rhiannon Bates, Mason Turner, Jackson Bates

Mason Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Mason Turner, Matt Turner

Rhiannon Bates, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Rhiannon Bates, Mason Turner

Rachel McKee, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Rachel McKee, Mason Turner

Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6770
Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning

Kate Ramsay, Bossy in Neighbours Episode 6770
Kate Ramsay, Bossy

Kate Ramsay, Georgia Brooks in Neighbours Episode 6770
Kate Ramsay, Georgia Brooks

Rhiannon Bates, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Rhiannon Bates, Matt Turner

Karl Kennedy, Jackson Bates, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Karl Kennedy, Jackson Bates, Mason Turner

Sheila Canning in Neighbours Episode 6770
Sheila Canning

Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6770
Kyle Canning

 in Neighbours Episode 6770

Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6770
Sonya Rebecchi

Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6770
Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning

Karl Kennedy, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Karl Kennedy, Mason Turner

Rhiannon Bates, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6770
Rhiannon Bates, Mason Turner

Sheila Canning, Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 6770
Sheila Canning, Kate Ramsay, Kyle Canning

Kate Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6770
Kate Ramsay

<<6769 - 6771>>
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