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Neighbours Episode 6029 from 2010 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6029
Australian airdate: 21/10/10
UK airdate: 25/11/10
Writer: Perri Cummings
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ruby Rogers - Yesse Spence
Poppy Rogers - Gabriella Darlington
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Natasha not liking her dad and Ruby seeing one another
- Andrew reminding Donna that Ringo's death is Steph's fault
- Summer upset that Steph has hidden herself away from the world
- Donna making up with Kate after yelling at her
- Andrew telling Summer to stay away from him
Number 26/Number 22
Summer walks into the empty kitchen and finds a note taped to the cereal box from Lyn. She calls out to Steph that she's putting the kettle on but there's no response.
Andrew also walks into his empty kitchen where Rebecca has left an elaborate cooked breakfast for him. He calls out 'thank you' to her.
Summer leaves a voicemail for Andrew, asking if they can talk about what happened. Meanwhile Andrew is on the phone to Donna, checking up on her and letting her know she got some magazines in the mail. Andrew sees the missed call from Summer but chooses to ignore it.
Ramsay Street
Michael brings out Natasha's lunchbox for her after she forgot it inside. He gets a SMS from Ruby and asks Natasha to decipher some text talk for him, but Natasha pushes him away and says he's being gross.
Erinsborough High - Exterior
Natasha sits down next to Andrew and complains about her dad and Ruby but Andrew ignores her. When Summer approaches them and asks to talk, Andrew ignores her as well and heads inside. Natasha asks Summer what's going on but Summer doesn't want to talk about it. Michael and Lucas stroll past them.
MICHAEL: So what's this mean?
LUCAS: CMU, crack me up. It means you made her laugh.
MICHAEL: Really?
Yeah, really? CMU's a thing? God I feel old. Michael then asks if Lucas could supervise the Pirate Net shifts for the day - Zeke and Libby are both taking the day off. Lucas says it's going to take a while for the family to get over Ringo's death but Michael says you never really get over something like that.
Number 28
Zeke saunters out in his PJs and goes to pour himself some cereal but realises he's not hungry. He flicks through the channels on the TV then lays back on the couch to stare at the ceiling. There's a knock at the door - Declan has brought India over to visit Donna, but Zeke says she went for a run with Kate. Zeke asks Dec to stay and play the Wii with him and says he'll put Pirate Net on too. But when he goes to the PN website it says the station's offline.
Pirate Net
Probably because Lucas has no idea what he's doing at the control panel - even with the instruction manual. Sophie and Callum hover next to him giving him 'helpful' hints. Lucas presses a random button and eventually gets the music playing. Callum tells Sophie to grab some CDs from the shelf and cheekily moves a dial so Lucas doesn't know the microphone's on. Cal almost gets Lucas to say how annoyed he is with Mike about lumping him with radio duty until Lucas realises what's going on.
Number 28
Zeke realises that they may need him at the station today after all and Dec offers to drive - right after Zeke changes out of his pyjamas.
Erinsborough High
Natasha's sick of Andrew and Summer ignoring one another so she tells them to build a bridge and get over it. Summer calls Andrew a hypocrite - his own family is far from perfect.
ANDREW: I'm trying to be there for Donna because your step- mum just ran over her husband.
SUMMER: You're choosing sides. I have always stuck up for you.
ANDREW: Yeah like when you stood up for me when you thought I pushed my dad off a building. I remember you standing up for me all the way to the police station.
SUMMER: That was different. You're blaming me for something I didn't do.
ANDREW: You're standing up for someone who did.
SUMMER: You know Steph was in a bad way, you saw her at Woody's. You know what you are unbelievable. I have always stuck up for you and after everything Paul's done to Steph and Toadie...
ANDREW: Oh, so now my dad has something to do with this does he?
SUMMER: If he didn't bug their stupid phones and play that stupid tape none of this would have happened!
ANDREW: None of this would have happened if Steph didn't sleep with Libby's husband!
SUMMER: I have always been there for you when your dad was in hospital.
ANDREW: My dad didn't kill anyone.
He walks off, as does Summer who is trying not to cry. Natasha just looks stuck in the middle as always.
Today's nostalgia photo is from 1988 and is of Harold dressed like he's in some weird Erinsborough Players production of Grease.
First Commercial Break
Erinsborough High - Exterior
Natasha finds Summer crying on a bench and offers her a crumpled up tissue from her pocket (after saying she has a red nose like a clown). Natasha admits that if it was her dad in the firing line instead of Steph she knows she'd stick up for him just like Summer is. Sum's thankful but also a bit weirded out that Natasha's being so nice. Natasha feels the same and says this isn't going to turn into a hugging moment, but still ends up gently patting Summer on the arm.
Number 22
Natasha bursts in and calls Andrew a jerk for being so callous with Summer. She doesn't get why he cares so much - he didn't even like Ringo - but Andrew says it's because he cares about Donna. Natasha gets annoyed and wants to know what it is with him and Donna but Andrew tells her to get over herself. He thinks she's annoyed because all the attention isn't on her and tells her to grow up.
Pirate Net
Callum is hogging the microphone. "OK that was some song by some band, but back to pranks!" He explains that one of the best tricks is to spread Vegemite on a doorknob, but jam can also work as well. Outside of the booth Dec (and Indy) look on as Zeke gives Lucas a lesson in Radio 101. Lucas asks how Zeke's coping but Zeke says it's nice to have a distraction. Sophie prepares herself for her half of the show but Callum has decided to hog the airwaves some more by 'interviewing' India (who cries on cue like a little champ). Sophie is pretty annoyed and storms off.
Zeke finds Sophie around the side of the booth and sits next to her. Sophie can't believe Callum can just clown around after everything that happened with Ringo, but Zeke says everyone has their own way of dealing. He asks what her idea was before Callum interrupted and Sophie says she wanted to do a tribute show where everyone could ring in and dedicate a song to people they miss. Sophie thinks she sounds lame but Zeke says it's a great idea and offers to be her assistant DJ. He smiles at her and Soph looks like she has the beginnings of a crush. Aww.
Second Commercial Break
Pirate Net
Zeke and Sophie have managed to gain control of the booth from Callum.
ZEKE: Alright that was 'I'm In London Still' for my sister Rach who's a long way from home.
Sophie puts on a piano track and dedicates the song to her mum. Callum walks in while the song is playing and puts in a serious request for 'Who Let The Dogs Out?' to be played because he misses Rocky. When Cal leaves Zeke suggests Sophie go outside and chat with him to clear the air. In the corridor Cal apologises to Sophie for taking over the show - he just wanted to cheer people up with a few laughs.
SOPHIE: Zeke reckons people deal with this sort of stuff differently.
CALLUM: I guess.
SOPHIE: Plus it wasn't all lame; me and Zeke laughed when India grabbed the mike.
CALLUM: Yeah that was pretty funny.
SOPHIE: Zeke reckons we should do this tribute thing again next year. He reckons we'll have a bigger back catalogue by then.
CALLUM: (trying not to smile) Does he?
SOPHIE: Of course we're going to have to work on our skills if we're ever going to be as good as Zeke.
CALLUM: Right...
CALLUM: What's with all the Zeke?
SOPHIE: Nothing!
CALLUM: You said his name like fifty times.
Sophie tries to say that Zeke's just been really helpful today but Callum still thinks she's being weird. Zeke smiles at Sophie through the booth and Soph looks like she's one step away from drawing 'SR + ZK 4EVA!' on her school books.
Erinsborough High - Exterior
Natasha finds her dad while he's on yard duty at lunch time.
NATASHA: Am I selfish and immature?
MICHAEL: Yeah. Next question?
Mike wants to know why his daughter's so mopey so she explains the Andrew and Summer situation. She adds that just because they're new to the street doesn't mean they don't care about what happened to Ringo. Michael says Tash is smart and has a big heart (even though she hides it well) so he knows she'll figure out a way to fix everything.
Erinsborough High
Natasha drags Summer to Michael's office on the premise that her dad needs to speak with her but it's all a ruse because she's cornered Andrew in there as well. Natasha locks them in and says they're not leaving until they've sorted everything out. Cut to later and they're all just sitting around, staring into space and listening to Pirate Net. Summer gets a text from Chris (Let me know if you need help) just as Zeke plays the last dedication on the radio for Ringo. Summer eventually speaks up.
SUMMER: I hate what Steph did, but she's my family and she's been there for me when no one else has been. Andrew you can hate her for what she did, and I understand that you do, but you can't hate me for still loving her.
ANDREW: I know that you've got to stick by Steph but you didn't see Donna. I don't even know how she's coping. If that was me, if my dad hadn't have made it I don't know what I would have done.
SUMMER: You deal with it because you have to.
ANDREW: This doesn't change anything, alright? Steph still did what she did.
SUMMER: I know but I don't want it to wreck our friendship.
ANDREW: I just can't be around you at the moment.
Natasha realises this is as good as she's going to get for now and reluctantly unlocks the door to let them go home.
Third Commercial Break
Ramsay Street
Michael assures Natasha that any progress is good progress - Summer and Andrew just need some time to work things out. The duo find Ruby and Poppy lurking in their driveway - Michael made plans to have dinner with Ruby, leaving Tash to have a DVD night with Poppy. Natasha looks oh so thrilled. While Michael and Ruby chat Natasha makes her feelings clear to Poppy about the situation, aka 'sometimes people should just remain friends'. When her dad and Ruby head off, Natasha sends Poppy inside and makes a call to Summer, "I need your help".
(Tomorrow on Neighbours)
(Natasha isn't impressed when Michael gets home late)
MICHAEL: I like Ruby and it's been ages since anyone's made me feel so...
NATASHA: I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
(Natasha runs into Ruby & Poppy)
RUBY: You don't like the idea of me going out with your dad, do you?
(Natasha hatches a plan with Summer)
NATASHA: Operation deportation is go.
(Toadie confides in Lucas about Steph)
TOADIE: She hasn't been herself, mate, not since she had Adam. I don't know what to do to get through to her.
(Lucas goes to Libby for help)
LIBBY: Lucas what's going on?
LUCAS: She's given up, she's not fighting her court case.
LIBBY: No... (Libby decides to see Steph)
LUCAS: Are you sure that's a good idea?
LIBBY: She needs help. I'm going to help her.
(Steph's lying on the couch when Libby walks in)
LIBBY: I accept your decision, you don't have to explain it to me. But you do have to explain it to your son.
(Libby takes Steph to see Charlie - who is hanging out with Sonya)
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Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6029
Summer Hoyland

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6029
Andrew Robinson

Michael Williams, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6029
Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6029
Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams

Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 6029
Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald

Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 6029
Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski

Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones in Neighbours Episode 6029
Lucas Fitzgerald, Sophie Ramsay, Callum Jones

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6029
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6029
Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6029
Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson

Callum Jones, Declan Napier, India Napier in Neighbours Episode 6029
Callum Jones, Declan Napier, India Napier

Zeke Kinski, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6029
Zeke Kinski, Sophie Ramsay

Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 6029
Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay

Natasha Williams, Michael Williams in Neighbours Episode 6029
Natasha Williams, Michael Williams

Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6029
Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6029
Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland

Andrew Robinson in Neighbours Episode 6029
Andrew Robinson

Ruby Rogers, Poppy Rogers, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6029
Ruby Rogers, Poppy Rogers, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6029
Natasha Williams

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