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Neighbours Episode 5504 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5504
Australian airdate: 24/07/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Ben Michael
Director: Lewis Fitzgerald
Guests: Nicola West: Imogen Bailey
Ty Harper: Dean Geyer
Angus Henderson: Jonathon Wood
Summary/Images by: Emily
Nicola reveals to Toadie that she has feelings for brother-in-law Steve.
Drunk Miranda is sure Steve and Nicola are both keeping a secret, and is determined to find out what it is.
Rebecca calls Paul.
Kirsten reveals the true extent of her burns injuries to Ned.
Rachel visits Angus in prison, accompanied by Susan.
Warrinor Prison, Meeting Room
Angus is glad that Rachel has come to visit; he wasn't sure she would. Asking to speak with Rachel alone, Susan warns him that it's not going to happen; he is lucky she is there at all.
Suddenly Rachel jumps up, as the concept of being there all becomes too much, and she decides she can't do it anymore. Angus apologises for everything he's done in the past. He promises Susan that he won't hurt Rachel, but turning to leave, Susan warns him that he already has by asking her to visit. Confessing his love for her, he asks a shocked Rachel, if she feels the same way. However, Rachel doesn't get a chance to reply, as Susan leads her away.
Warrinor Prison, Outside
Once outside, Susan apologises to Rachel for her rational behaviour. Having been overwhelmed by the whole experience, Rachel doesn't blame her; the guards and the guns were freaking her out too. She comments how drained Angus looked, and confides in Susan that she thought she would know how she felt when she saw him, but the feelings just didn't come.
RACHEL: I thought that by seeing him I would just know, and I don't. I have no idea how I feel.
Susan reminds Rachel that she doesn't have to know; she doesn't owe him anything. Rachel however feels she should've been able to give him a simple yes or no answer when he asked if she still loved him. Susan points out that Angus is still holding onto the idea of love to help him get through prison, and it would seem Rachel has been doing the same. With Rachel becoming tearful, Susan reminds her that as her first real love (what about Stingray?) she will always feel something for Angus.
SUSAN: It's time to let it go.
Charlie's Bar
Ty points out to Rebecca that watching her phone isn't going to make it ring. Laughing off the idea, she returns to staring blankly at it. However, she doesn't need to, as Paul comes by. He thought it best if he responds in person. Rebecca seems shocked to see him, and he admits he's missed her. Ty watches on as they share a kiss.
Drunken Miranda is still keen to get to the bottom of Steve and Nicola's secrets. Taking a serious tone, Steve admits that he has got something to spill.
STEVE: I'm embarrassed, I've let you down, I've let myself down, I've let the family down and I'm ashamed...
A wave of panic spreads across Nicola's face. Steve continues.
STEVE: ... and I just want to say I'm sorry, but when I saw those last few Belgium chocolates last night, I had to have them. They called me.
Steve starts laughing, but Nicola isn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Miranda laughs along with Steve, but still isn't convinced. Steve suggests they leave it till the morning, when she's a little more clearly headed. Miranda decides to head off to bed. Nicola hopes she will have forgotten about it by the morning.
STEVE: Secrets aren't good
NICOLA: Some things are best left unsaid.
Charlie's Bar
Over at the bar, the alcohol is also having its effect on Rebecca. Paul doesn't want to take advantage of her, but Rebecca insists that he's not; she wants to be with him. Paul isn't so sure they should take it so fast, but admits the other part of him would like to. Rebecca likes the idea of the latter, and they kiss. Over at the bar, Ty and Steph watch on.
TY: I think Rebecca's about to do something, she's really going to regret.
STEPH: Not if I can help it.
Asking Rebecca to come with her to the desk to 'pay', Steph drags her off, leaving Paul with Ty. Behind the random wall that stands on it's own, that clearly isn't soundproof, Steph asks Rebecca if she is sure she wants to go home with Paul. Cheerfully, Rebecca says yes, but it seems she hasn't really thought it through, as it dawns on her what she is doing.
STEPH: So you want to wake up tomorrow morning with Paul do you?
REBECCA (realising): Oh God, Steph, Oh my God. No, no, of course not. What was I thinking?
STEPH: You weren't.
Steph offers to let her sneak out the back of the pub, though Rebecca isn't sure about leaving Paul at the bar by himself, but Steph offers to deal with him. Rebecca thanks her once again, and makes a stumble towards the exit.
STEPH: Sorry Paul, Rebecca's off the menu.
Ty comes over to find out what is going on, but Steph explains that Paul was leaving; quickly sending him on his way. With Paul heading out the bar, Steph and Ty high five one another.
Cuddled up on the sofa, Susan informs Rachel that she's proud of her for what she did today; letting go was the right thing to do. Rachel isn't so sure though; she doesn't feel she can let go until she knows the full story. She wants to go see him again, but this time on her own. Susan doesn't like the idea at all, and getting up from the sofa, decides that enough is enough, it won't make a difference.
SUSAN: I'm trying to protect you, can't you see that.
RACHEL: Of course I can, and I love you for that, but you can't protect me from him.
Rachel admits to her mum that Angus is constantly in her head. If she could flip a switch to block him out, she would've done it ages ago, but she can't. She doesn't believe she can move on until she speaks to him one-on-one. Susan can't believe what her daughter is saying.
SUSAN: You scare me when you talk like that.
RACHEL: I'm scared too.
They hug.
Later on that evening, Libby arrives to chat to her mum. She suggests that maybe it's Susan who has the issues, not Rachel, and reminds her mum that Angus will be free in a few months and there will no longer be anything illegal about seeing one another. Susan can't bear to think about it, and still stands by her argument that he is doesn't know what he wants.
LIBBY: He declared his love for Rachel, in front of her mother, in a prison! I'm thinking, maybe he does.
Susan points out that it's Rachel she's looking out for in all of this, and she doesn't think she's mature enough to handle it. Libby suggests that maybe she needs to learn that part of it for herself.
Resorting to the chocolate from the fridge, Susan enquires as to why Libby is over at their place anyway; she was supposed to be on a date. Turning to the choccie biscuit, Libby claims there was no chemistry, and it turned out to be a dud date, so it's not the end of the world. Susan doesn't look so convinced.
General Store
Rebecca is suffering from the night before. She explains to Carmella how she nearly ended up going home with Paul last night, but Steph managed to put a stop to it.
STEPH: It's all part of 'Charlie's Don't Go Home With A Creep' service.
Rebecca admits she's still wondering if she did the right thing or not.
Over in the kitchen, Ned explains to Harold and Lou about Kirsten's condition. He explains how they are still waiting on the specialist from Perth to come over, but Lou suggests he takes her to Perth instead. Ned doesn't have the cash, and besides, Kirsten wouldn't accept it. As Ned looks glum, Lou realises that Kirsten has her pride to think about.
And pride links us straight back to Rebecca, who is wondering if it is only her pride that is stopping her from giving Paul another chance. Carmella recons that if she really loves him, it might be worth over-riding the pride, though Steph isn't so sure.
No.28, minus Karl
Over breakfast, Susan asks if either Rachel of Zeke would like to join her when she visits Kirsten. Zeke doesn't feel he could handle seeing her, but Rachel recons it must be the pshycological side that's harder; Kirsten has been on her own most of her life, and is probably finding it hard to let Ned look after her. Susan is impressed by Rachel's interpretation of the situation. Rachel continues, in a reflective mode:
RACHEL: She's probably wondering if she can trust her feelings. It's hard letting somebody into your life.
Susan agrees, and decides to let Rachel go and visit Angus. Zeke explodes, but Susan warns him, and tells him to be quiet. She tells Rachel she has to act like an adult.
RACHEL: I'll try my best.
SUSAN: No, you have to. This is your future we are talking about Rachel, don't throw it away.
A sleepy Miranda makes an appearance in the kitchen, where Nicola and Steve are already up and about. She apologises for the previous evening and admits that everyone has something that they don't wish to share. Heading off to get dressed, Nicola seems relieved, but Steve has decided that he wants Miranda to know the truth. Nicola asks that he lets her tell her, but Steve wants to be there too. Nicola points out that he is going to look bad, but Steve doesn't care.
STEVE: Miranda finds out tonight, end of story.
Ramsay Street
As Rachel heads to catch a taxi to the prison, Declan tells Bridget he doesn't want her to come; not because she won't be able to handle it, but because he doesn't want another reason for her parents to hate him. Climbing into the cab, she asks him to take care of Rachel.
General Store
Ned and Carmella are brainstorming ideas to raise money. Ned isn't so sure of her idea of a chook raffle, so she suggests a Men of Erinsborough Nudie Calendar. Cringing, Ned advises her to 'get out of the 90's', and come up with a better idea. Carmella jokes that she is just warming up and will be proposing genius ideas by lunchtime.
CARMELLA: We will help Kirsten, okay, I promise you.
Ned isn't so sure Kirsten will accept the money, even if they manage to raise it.
Over at another table, Paul is trying to brainstorm ideas to Elle. Given that Toadie caught Jay, Paul recons they should take a photo of him presenting an over-sized cheque to Toadie. Is it me, or is that another 90's idea? Elle just smiles and nods at her father, before picking up her bag and walking out.
This gives Rebecca, who has meanwhile been skulking in the background, the chance to come over and approach Paul. Paul reveals that he thought they missed out on a chance of a good night the previous evening, but Rebecca points out they have to live with the decisions that they make.
PAUL: I know; I'm a monster; I don't deserve you, etc, etc.
REBECCA: Well you said it.
She reminds him that they split up for a very good reason, but Paul reminds her that it wasn't what she was thinking at the bar. Rebecca doesn't take kindly to him joking about her being drunk, but he points out that the wine made her relaxed, and therefore honest about the situation. Rebecca can't believe that Paul is talking about honesty, but he insists that he knows they have something special, and last night showed that Rebecca believes it too; when she forgets about pride.
With her bags packed, Nicola takes a quick look at the family photo before heading for the door. However, she bumps into Miranda returning home, who is keen to know why her sister is up and leaving without even saying goodbye.
Miranda can see that something is up with Nicola, and asks her what's bothering her. Pacing around the room, Nicola feels she's outstayed her welcome, but Miranda reminds her she is family and so welcome to stay. She asks what is really going on.
Nicola reveals that during the fire, Steve kissed her, having got caught up in the moment. A shocked Miranda can't believe what her sister is telling her. Nicola tries to explain that it was completely innocent, and they didn't want to tell her as there is nothing going on. Miranda suggests that her sister leaves.
Warrinor Prison, Meeting Room
Rachel asks Declan to leave her alone. She thanks him for accompanying her. Angus arrives; surprised to see Rachel back. Rachel admits that Susan wants to see an end for it, but she isn't sure.
ANGUS: It's pretty simple Rach.
RACHEL: Nothing about us is simple.
ANGUS: Either you love me or you don't?
She asks why he sent back all her letters. He explains that it was the only way he found to cope inside.
ANGUS: I've come to realise that it was my actions that were inexcusable; not my love.
He tells her that loves her, and would like to give their relationship another chance. Rachel doesn't see how it's possible when he's in prison, but he reveals that he's getting out in a few days, on good behaviour. He hopes they can start over, as equals. Spotting that she is still wearing his ring, he is keen to know if it could work.
ANGUS: I just need to know if you love me too.
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Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5504
Angus Henderson

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5504
Rachel Kinski

Nicola West, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5504
Nicola West, Miranda Parker

Steph Scully, Carmella Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5504
Steph Scully, Carmella Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5504
Ned Parker

Ned Parker, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5504
Ned Parker, Lou Carpenter

Miranda Parker, Nicola West in Neighbours Episode 5504
Miranda Parker, Nicola West

Nicola West, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5504
Nicola West, Miranda Parker

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