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Neighbours Episode 5449 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5449
Australian airdate: 08/05/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Nicola West: Imogen Bailey
Jim Parker: Roger Oakley
Samantha Fitzgerald: Simone Buchanan
Ty Harper: Dean Geyer
Kirsten Gannon: Nikola Dubois
Melody Jones: Robyn Arthur
Jane Cosi: Rebecca Bauert
Summary/Images by: Shona/ShadowDan
Rebecca announces she and Paul are getting hitched
Kirsten assures Paul she won't tell Rebecca about them
Paul receives some CCTV pics of him pashing Kirsten
The General Store
Paul demands to know what it is Kirsten wants from him. She tells him she doesn't want anything but Paul shows her the photos, knowing it was down to her as she has access to the security tapes. Kirsten is shocked - what if Mickey saw these? Paul is worried - who could've done it then? Kirsten asks rhetorically who does he think?
Number 26
Rebecca asks Miranda to help her with her wedding. Lou is almost chokes on his cereal as Miranda congratulates her and asks how Declan is taking it. Rebecca says he's dealing much better with things since Steve started mentoring him. This is news to Miranda but she's delighted to hear of Steve's success - she has a great guy and who'd have thought it!
Rachel and Didge are dress shopping in a boutique and annoy the shop assistant (who just happens to be Melody Jones, Nina and Janelle's former agent) by trying on a hat and laughing. Melody takes the hat from a shamefaced Didge and becomes exasperated by their vague ideas of what they're looking for. She presumes they're going to try everything on then leave without buying and makes a sarcastic comment on their lack of thought. Rachel thinks her attitude stinks and leaves.
Number 26
Nicola listens as Miranda tells Steve he's a top sort for his work with Declan. Nicola asks Riley if he wants a coffee but he says no. In the living room Rachel and Didge return and tell Nicola and Miranda about the rude shop assistant. Miranda says she won't let anyone talk to her daughter like that!
NICOLA: Is this an intervention?
Melody isn't pleased to see the girls back but then Miranda and Nicola walk up and ask for some assistance. Only they don't want Melody's help - they choose her coworker, who will be getting the commission should they choose to buy.
Ty presents Libby with a plate of Chicken Parma, perfect for her dancing muscles. Steph appears and asks Ty why he neglected to tell them it was his birthday today. Libby says he can't let it slip by unnoticed but Ty says he can - there it is, gone. He'll see her at dance practice.
Steph asks Lib how dance practice is going. Libby says it's fun and sweaty and there's no problem with Ty.
Elle has a brain like porridge today and tells Rebecca not to involve her in anything of importance. It just happens that Rebecca did want to ask her something important; would she be her bridesmaid? Elle doesn't say anything and Rebecca says she doesn't have to but Elle hugs her and says she'd love to. Paul arrives just as Rebecca leaves to take a call. Paul thinks this is all part of Elle's plan - cosying up to Rebecca while blackmailing him. Elle denies it and asks why would she try to ruin his life when he's doing a damn good job of it all himself. Paul takes this in and she asks if there was a note. The blackmailer must want something.
Rebecca arrives back. Her friend in Sydney has been in a car accident and she has to go up and look after her. Paul encourages her to take all the time in the world as Elle shoots him a look.
Number 26
Lou is looking forward to the fishing trip but Steve hasn't had much luck catching anything before. Lou has a secret - corn kernels. Riley's too busy to come along as he's working on a story with Heather.
Ned and Mickey arrive home and they're not alone - Jim Parker walks through to door and Steve isn't one bit happy.
Later and Jim asks Riley about the paper. He has to dash off though and Lou and Jim have a chinwag. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Steve berates Ned for springing this on him. Ned knew if he asked he would've said no and Jim wanted to come. He'd asked his dad about the incident and he gave a very different version from Steve's. Steve asks if he's calling him a liar. Ned says he just wants them to sort it out. Mickey runs in with a plane Jim built for him and runs about making airplane noises as Steve grumbles at his dad buying his way in already. Jim appears, asking Steve if he wants to grab a coffee but Steve makes an excuse and walks off.
JIM (to Ned): Just like old times.
Rachel and Miranda aren't having much luck with their suggestions for Didge. Nicola asks the assistant to get a dress for Miranda to keep her occupied for a while so Nicola can help Didge out. Later and they're buying the dresses when Miranda is shocked by the price. Nicola offers to pay but Miranda's unhappy about using their mother's money. Nicola encourages her to live a little, then tells the assistant that she's well earned her commission as Melody looks on snootily.
Erinsborough High
Ty and Libby dance. Libby laughs as he twirls her round and asks who taught him how to dance. He says he isn't from a performing family; in fact they're the opposite. He confesses he was given an ultimatum - law school or leave and he chose music. They haven't spoken since. Libby is sure they'll come around but Ty thinks they're too stubborn. Libby tells him he's brave then they get back to the dance.
The General Store
Elle, Kirsten and Paul try to solve the blackmail mystery. There's a security tape missing and whoever took it must have all areas access. Oliver? But he would've told Rebecca already. And there are some disgruntled employees out there. Paul thinks that covers anybody. Elle asks Kirsten who else she told - she must think she's pretty smart and Kirsten thinks she's implying she's trying to sleep her way to the top! Paul tells them to calm down but Kirsten's even more worried when she realises they might know where she lives. She wants to go to the cops but Paul says that means everyone finds out and Ned won't be that supportive. That shuts Kirsten up. Paul suggests they sit tight and wait for further contact.
The Parkers are having a drink. Didge admits she doesn't really know her grandad but luckily for her here he comes now, with Riley. However Jim mistakes Rachel for Didge and Miranda gets the girls and Nicola to clear off. Jim shouts them some drinks but Steve leaves. Jim thought he would've stayed to chat to him but Miranda says his appearance has thrown him. Jim says he's come to set the record straight. Miranda can't believe that he's suggesting Steve made it up. Jim confirms this and admits he liked to drink but he's not the monster Steve thinks. He explains that Steve did see him with another woman but he misread it and ran off before Jim could put him right. Hours later he found him in a shed. Riley asks if he locked himself in there and Jim says he must've done. Riley and Miranda don't look convinced. Jim says he'd never do such a thing and for Steve to think him capable of it almost breaks his heart.
Karl, Libby, Rachel and Steph present Ty with a cake and sing 'For he's A Jolly Good Fellow'. Karl watches Libby as Ty asks her if he organised this because she felt sorry for him. She says there were loads of reasons - like how stupid he looks in the hat she plonks on his head! Karl looks at them with interest before remarking to Steph that Libby's gone to a lot of trouble for Ty. They all seem to becoming close. Steph tells him to come out with it. She admits that Ty had a little crush but Libby made it perfectly clear it wasn't reciprocated. Karl thinks she's giving out the wrong signals with the party but Steph has warned Ty off.
As Libby laughs at Ty, poor Rachel looks morosely into her drink and Fitzy stares at the scene before him. Sam comes in and catches him. Fitzy suggests they get a bottle of champers and have a night in. Sam says she'd like that.
Number 26
Steve can't believe Miranda is questioning his account of what happened that night. Jim was too off his head to know a thing. Once he's gone, Miranda tells Riley that they should leave it to Jim and Steve to sort out and they shouldn't interfere.
Miranda gone, Nicola comes in and eats an apple, standing very close to Riley. She says he's been ignoring her all day but Riley says he's not ignoring her now. Too bad - no one gets away with ignoring her. She says goodnight and slinks off, leaving Riley to sigh.
The next morning and Steve is getting packed up for the trip as Miranda coaxes him top talk to Jim. Steve refuses and Riley joins them. Jim appears, also dressed and ready and Steve discovers that Riley decided to ask him along. Jim says he's not here to cause trouble - he simply wants to sort things out. Riley and Jim go to get him a rod and Steve isn't pleased with being ambushed again. Miranda says they're trying to help him and he seems to be doing the opposite of that. Steve just wants Jim to leave. Miranda asks him what he has to lose - it could help or change nothing.
MIRANDA: Or do you want your anger to eat away at you for the rest of your life?
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Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5449
Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker

Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Rachel Kinski, Melody Jones in Neighbours Episode 5449
Bridget Parker, Miranda Parker, Rachel Kinski, Melody Jones

Miranda Parker, Jane Cosi, Melody Jones in Neighbours Episode 5449
Miranda Parker, Jane Cosi, Melody Jones

Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5449
Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Nicola West, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5449
Nicola West, Bridget Parker

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Kirsten Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5449
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Kirsten Gannon

Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5449
Rebecca Napier, Miranda Parker, Lou Carpenter

Miranda Parker, Jim Parker in Neighbours Episode 5449
Miranda Parker, Jim Parker

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