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Neighbours Episode 3883 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3883
Australian airdate: 24/10/01
UK airdate: BBC: 11/12/01
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Penny Whately: Samantha Stone
John Allen: Adrian Mulraney
Zack Shaw: Owen Lee
Josephine Mills: Elizabeth Thomson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou tells Susan that John Allen has a good custody case for Lolly. He wishes he'd never let him meet Lolly. Lou has already seen a lawyer about the situation.
Flick asks Tad to be straight with her - does he want to break up?
Tad asks Flick if she wants to break up. She says he's been so distant lately. He says that the letter threw him a bit. He says that Flick would never write stuff like that about a nerd like him anyway. Flick says he's not a nerd - he's the coolest person she knows. He's fun, he's good company, he's smart... Tad says she's not too bad herself. They decide that they're still together.
Lou is telling Drew that the family court's priority is maintaining the status quo for the child. Drew says to watch out - the only one who gains in these sorts of situation are the lawyers. Drew can't see how John Allen has any rights at all.
The phone rings and it's John Allen. He wants to have a DNA test to prove his paternity. Lou is furious - he doesn't want Lolly put through that again. He has no choice, though.
Steph is baking a vegan cake for Michelle. She says she wants to thank Flick and Michelle for being so well-behaved while Lyn and Joe are away.
Michelle tells Flick that she seems happier. Flick says she's sorted things out with Tad - they're still together. Michelle says she's not going to send the letter to Zak after she saw the way that Paul and Tad reacted. She says it's all very well in theory, but she's not as comfortable with guys as Flick is. She says she'll just wait for him to call instead. Steph and Flick insists that she calls Zak right now and dial his number!
Outside Lassiters
Lou and Lolly are just off for Lolly's DNA test and bump into Harold. John Allen comes up and Lou introduces him to Harold. He compliments Harold on his shelter project and offers him some tools to help with the renovation. Lou looks black and walks off. Harold thanks John Allen for his offer but says he won't be taking him up on it.
Michelle is talking to Zak on the phone. They are arranging to go out. When she gets off the phone, Steph and Flick probe her for details. Zak is taking her to see a late-night screening of some cult movie at 10.30pm tonight. Steph says she can't go to a late-night movie - she's in charge while Lyn and Joe are away. She'll just have to call him back and cancel. Michelle says she will in a little while, when she's had a piece of cake.
Lou and Lolly are waiting for the DNA test. Karl has been held up on a house call. Lou goes out to the Coffee Shop. When he's gone, John Allen sees Lou's medical records lying around, opens them and reads them.
The Pub
Steph is telling Drew that it feels good to be back at Moco. She tells him that another deposit has gone in to her account. Apparently it was deposited at a rural branch by a Steph Scully. She's a bit freaked out now.
John Allen comes in. Drew goes up to him and tells him that Lou isn't there. Drew tells John Allen that the tests and the custody case are very disruptive on Lolly's life. He also says that Lolly is a happy kid with Lou. He's not impressed with him walking into their lives and staking his claim. Drew says it's none of his business, but he thinks John Allen should stay away from Lou and Lolly for a while.
Tad wants to watch a music program on TV. Flick isn't keen. They almost kiss, but then Tad suggests they get something to eat instead.
Steph asks if Michelle has called Zak. Michelle says she has. She asks Steph if things are OK with her. Steph says they are - she's glad to be back at work. Steph goes off to bed.
Outside the Bishops
Flick is just leaving and bumps into Harold. Harold sees Lou sitting in his car outside his house.
Michelle sneaks out. Flick catches her in the act. Michelle says she didn't cancel the date after all and begs Flick to cover for her. Flick agrees to one hour and she'll be waiting up for Michelle.
Ramsay Street
Harold knocks on the window of Lou's car. Lou gets out and says he was just having a breather and some think time. He's upset about the tests. He wonders what he's done to deserve all this. Harold says he and the rest of the street will be there of him no matter what. Lou says he appreciates it.
Michelle is telling Flick that her date with Zak went well. Flick says both of their love lives are going great. Michelle is unenthusiastic about Flick's relationship with Tad, but Flick doesn't care what she thinks. At that moment, Zak walks past. He must have been enrolled at Erinsborough High.
The Coffee Shop
Steph has found out that Michelle sneaked out on her date but she tells Drew that she will keep it to herself for now. Drew asks if he's ready for the working bee tomorrow. Drew and Steph offer to help him to make up for the little "disturbance" at the meeting. Harold says it's not necessary, but he's grateful for the two extra workers.
Harold tells Drew that he's a bit worried about how the John Allen situation is affecting Lou. Drew is worried too.
The Pub
A lawyer comes in to see Lou. He invites her into his office.
Paul is worried about his exams. Tad says he'll be fine because he and Flick have tutored him(!)
Flick comes round to study. Tad says if they put in a full day of study today, they should treat themselves to a film tonight.
Michelle tells Zak that she's surprised to see him. He said he had to transfer to Erinsborough High. Michelle suggests that they meet up for lunch. Zak agrees and then runs off as soon as he can. Michelle looks a bit put out.
Lou's Office
Lou has finished explaining the Lolly/John Allen situation and says that it's a tangled web. The lawyer agrees. She thinks that Lou has a good case, but there are no givens. She says that Lou must tell her everything there is to know about him and Louise. Lou says that they are father and daughter. Louise is happy, well-adjusted and wants for nothing, especially love. Lou says it hasn't been easy being a single parent with a couple of businesses, but Lolly has always come first. Lou can't stand even the thought of losing her - it scares him to death.
Michelle is waiting for Zak. He has stood her up.
Lou's Office
Lou's lawyer says that the courts will be reluctant to upset the status quo. She thinks they should wait for John Allen to make the next move, but in the meantime, Lou should get a court order to give him interim custody of Louise. Lou can't believe it. His lawyer says as the non-biological father he has to do this anyway. As the biological father, John Allen could take Lolly right now and there wouldn't be a thing that Lou could do about it. Lou looks very sober.
<<3882 - 3884>>
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