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Neighbours Episode 3722 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3722
Australian airdate: 13/03/01
UK airdate: 09/04/01
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Tad tries to ask Jess about the bomb threat but she distracts him by kissing him
Karl tells Madge that she has a tumour. She'll have a CT scan. He tells Madge she's in for a bit of a battle.
Outside Madge's room
Tad arrives and sits down with Paul. Paul says Madge doesn't look very good.
Madge is crying. Harold says that cancer isn't the death sentence it once was - they have to stay positive. Karl says that he'll get Madge all the information she needs.
Harold calls Paul and Tad in. He looks devastated.
The Coffee Shop
Susan bumps into Jess in the Coffee Shop. She says she looks a bit stressed. Jess goes on about the bomb threat. Susan tells her exasperatedly that there's no point them talking. Jess thinks the bomber is having a good laugh and she's glad. Susan is appalled at her attitude but Jess doesn't care.
Tad is telling Paul that it doesn't have to be the end for Madge - loads of people get through cancer. Paul is pessimistic. Tad says they won't know how far it's spread until they have the CT scan. Paul goes off to his room to think.
Jess knocks at the door and rants that Tad stood her up at the Coffee Shop. Paul closes the door in her face.
Ramsay Street
Tad runs after Jess and explains that Madge has cancer. Paul is freaked out - his mum died of cancer. Tad apologises for standing Jess up. She tells him not to do it again and drives off.
Lou is sick of people telling him to take it easy. Susan says she can take the hint(!) Lou says he isn't ungrateful - he just doesn't want to be helpless. He keeps overdoing it out of boredom. He tells Susan that the painkillers aren't really working.
Karl comes in and tells them that Madge isn't very good. He says they should talk to Harold. Karl asks Lou how he is. He says he is in pain. He asks Karl to write him another prescription for painkillers. Karl says he only wrote one for him a few days ago, but Lou says he accidentally put them through the washing machine in his shirt pocket. He is insistent about the prescription and Karl says he'll drop it over later.
Tess and Dee's (No.32)
Tess is trying to decide what to wear for her date. She's worried about what Joe said about Richie. Dee says she should form her own opinion. Tess still can't decide what to wear, but Dee says she has an idea.
Madge can't believe how quickly cancer has come down on her - it's always something that happens to other people. She asks Harold how the boys are coping. He says they're staying positive and so is he. He says that Madge must be too.
Karl comes in and tells her the CT scan machine is broken. Harold is upset, but Madge says she can wait.
Tess and Dee's (No.32)Dee has found Dee a dress in an op shop - Dee will just have to take it in a bit. Tess isn't sure, but Dee runs off to get her sewing machine.
Harold tells Paul and Tad that the CT scanner was broken. They ask if they can call Madge. Harold says she's sleeping now, but she can later. They haven't got any dinner organised. They suggest going out for fish and chips, but no-one is very hungry. Tad goes off to make some toasted cheese sandwiches. Harold sits on the sofa and looks devastated. Then he tells Paul he's going to his bedroom for a while.
Tad asks where Harold has gone. Paul says he's gone to his room - probably to pray.
Tess and Dee's(No.32)
Dee has done a good job on the dress. Tess is just off on her date. Dee tells her that she looks great.
Tad is on the phone to his mother. Harold has gone back to the hospital. Paul hasn't rung his dad yet - he's going to wait until they get some more news.
There's a knock at the door and it's Karl and Susan. They've brought them some pizza and soft drinks. Paul and Karl go to get the food ready while Tad and Susan sit down in the lounge. Karl tells Paul that Madge is very tough - a real fighter while Susan sympathises with Tad. They all sit down together to eat.
Lou is visiting Madge. Harold comes in and Madge asks how the boys are. Lou tells Madge he's off now and not to give the nurses a hard time!
Harold says he wants to stay at the hospital overnight if they'll let him.
Tess and Dee's(No.32)
Tess comes in humming contentedly. Dee comes out in her dressing-gown and Tess tells her that it went very well. Tess says Richie is funny and charming and didn't try to sell her any Beauty Tree(!) Also he likes marine animals, adopted a dolphin and waterpolo. Dee thinks Tess is really into him, but Tess laughs it off - it's only one date.
Tad and Paul are dressed for school but are seriously considered skiving off. Jess knocks at that moment and says she could join them in skiving - she could take them out in the car. Paul isn't keen but reluctantly goes with them.
Harold is looking exhausted, but they are waiting for the CT results. Susan says she'll keep her eye on the boys at school. Karl asks Madge how the pain is and she says that she actually feels quite good. She says she is feeling quite positive.
The Beach
Jess is getting Tad and Paul to whack golf balls into the sea to release their stress. They are doubtful, but they try it and they find it helps. Jess said that she came and did it too when her grandmother died.
Madge beating Harold at Scrabble.
Tad and Paul continue to hit golf balls into the sea.
Madge is resting. Harold looks terribly worried.
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