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Neighbours Episode 3504 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3504
Australian airdate: 06/04/00
UK airdate: 11/05/00
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Carrie Clark: Vanessa Rossini
Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Aggie Lyons: Maureen Andrew
Greg Mast: Roy Thompson
Gordon Collins: Chris Waters
Simone King: Denise Briskin
Ned Cochran: Dean Barton-Ancliffe
Jim Higgins: Kevin Grove
Bud Hopgood: Matthe Molony
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew tells Joe and Karl to put their differences aside for the good of the team - otherwise they're going on strike.
Karl and Joe make peace.
Cricket Ground
Karl is cleaning his boots.
Joe is smelling a cricket ball(!) and reading a book called "Never Come Second".
Toadie and Joel are getting their cricket and Lance is washing up. Toadie takes the washing-up brush and uses it to clean his groin guard, much to Lance's disgust.
Lyn tries to interest Joe in some breakfast, but he's engrossed in his book. He tells her the coach has to lead the team to victory.
Later, the whole team have gathered in the Scully living room. Joe gives them a pep talk - all the games they've played so far mean nothing if they don't win today. They put their arms around each other and Joe tells them to visualise their moment of triumph. Flick and Michelle spy on them in amusement. Joe tells the team that they must never give up and the team take this on board. They head off to the cricket field.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn and Susan are chatting about the cricket match and hoping that Our Heroes will win. They're picking up some drinks and nibbles for the guys to have during the launch. Susan asks Lyn about the land argument, but Lyn is clearly stressed about the whole thing. Susan invites her to sit down and talk.
Cricket Field
Our Heroes are warming up. Gordon Collins (the guy Phil used to work for) comes up to Lou who is not pleased to see him. He tells him he's president of the cricket club as well as the country club. He offers Lou a wager on the result. Lou suggests $100 but Gordon suggest $1000. Before Lou can answer, Drew drags Lou off and warns him he can't afford to lose $1000. But Lou won't lose face and takes the bet.
The Coffee Shop
Lyn is telling Susan that Ivan takes money out of the till without putting it through the books. She has to make up the staff wages shortfall from her own pocket. Susan says that she'll have to stand up to Ivan, but Lyn is worried she'll lose her job. She asks Susan not to tell Joe. Susan is very surprised she hasn't talked to Joe about it, but Lyn says there's lots of things she doesn't talk to Joe about.
Cricket Field
Our Heroes are fielding and the Eden Hills team score is racking up slowly as they continue to hit fours. Karl reminds Joe to "Never Give In" but things aren't going too well.
Tad and Simone are hanging out and she sees a leaflet about DJing - Tad says he's going to give it a go. Tad tells Simone that there's a problem with Paul - he's gone to Port Lincoln to go fishing with his dad - apparently he didn't tell Simone. Tad says it was all very sudden, but Simone said he could have rung, she's supposed to be his girlfriend - sort of, anyway. Simon gets up and leaves. Tad is not impressed with Paul by the look on his face.
Tad is telling Flick about the situation with Paul and Simone. He says Paul was trying to make Flick jealous. Tad thinks Paul could have let Simone down lightly.
Flick has sold the Rockets ticket but now is feeling a bit guilty. Tad suggests she redeems herself by coming to the cricket to support her Dad. She isn't keen, but Tad makes her see reason.
Cricket Field
Eden Hills are all out for 230. Drew tells Joe about Lou's $1000 bet. Joe says he wants to change the batting order - Toadie and Steph are up first.
Flick and Tad arrive, much to Joe's pleasure. He goes off to the field. Lyn tells Susan that Our Heroes got a lot of runs to score - it won't be easy, and she doesn't like Steph facing fast bowlers.
On the field, Steph is first at the crease. She is hit on the shoulder and falls over, but manages not to break the wicket. After a look-over by Karl, she goes back to the crease, saying it's just a bruise. Lyn says she hopes Steph gets out - it's too dangerous. But just then, STeph hits a four and everyone claps.
The Coffee Shop
Tad and Flick come in and update Harold on the score - Steph made 82 runs! They think the team is in with a chance - they just came away to get some milkshakes.
Cricket Field
Drew is batting and now they need 6 to win off two balls. Unfortunately, the ball goes in the air and Drew is caught out. Now it's up to Karl to make six off the last ball(!) Joe raises his eyes to heaven and prays(!) Gordon Collins torments Lou and says he doesn't fancy Karl's chances.
Karl steps up to the crease and Joe advises him - "Never Give In"(!) The ball comes and Karl hits it, but it isn't hit for six. However, a series of fielding errors ensues - they run two and then the ball goes over the boundary and gives them and extra four. Our Heroes start shouting excitedly that they've won, Joe kisses Karl(!) and Lou tells Gordon Collins that he'll take cash or cheque!
Joe is toasting Karl for his winning shot. Karl says it's really Joe "Never Say Die" Scully who won the match for them and they all cheer. They also toast Steph, the courageous opening bat.
The phone goes and Flick quickly drags Tad off. Noone notices them slip out.
Harold is giving Simone an address for Paul where she can write to him. Tad and Flick come in as Simone is leaving. They tell Harold he should go over to the Scullys to celebrate with the cricket team. When he's gone, Flick says they've got calls to make - she wants Tad to ring Paul and get him to talk to Simone.
The cricket team, Lyn and Susan are singing raucously and generally having a good time. Joe tells Karl that for a doctor, he's not a bad bloke. They agree to forget their feud. Joe starts shouting that he loves Ramsay Street(!)
Flick tells Tad that she's got to go out tonight and needs him to cover for her with her parents.
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